dee cries



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(omfg is he wearing a boston shirt asjgfklt;jrsgdfl;jhgf also dogs)








“It’s been a long time since you’ve felt anything close to warmth, after all.”

“This is why it comes as a big shock, an unexpected surprise, to suddenly feel blazing heat just a small distance ahead.”

“It comes in the form of that excitable middle-schooler from a few months ago.”

“Loud and brazen, rude, are the words you use to describe him as you poke at him with your sharp tongue and smirks, getting off on the wrong foot with him right then and there.”

“You didn’t think you would come to regret as soon as you did, but you are.”

“You slowly start to add to the tags and labels you attach to him the longer to observe him. You do so carefully, but you do it nevertheless. You can’t help it.”

“You feel warm.”

He is the sun, the light that attracts the moth with never-ending curiosity and failure to realise it will always burn just as it reaches its prize. It never learns from its mistakes and neither do you.”

“You can’t help but watch, can’t help but bask in the heat he directs at you from burning amber.”

You want, need, him to look at you to feel that rush of pleasurable heat, chasing away the permanent chill inside you. But you can’t get him to, no matter what, so you finish what you started.”

“You can’t help it.”


                          Happy MiyuSawa Day, everyone! [2/18]


And Tweedle Dee is usually with Tweedle Dum or the other way around and they’re always in the back and if there’s a mirror… [That’s it!] they’re in there.

Wake Up!

REQUESTED BY ANON: Can you write something where Sam and Dean’s little sister’s dreaming and she’s stuck in her dream and Sam and Dean have to go into her dream to save her? Hope that makes sense! Thank you! :D

You went to sleep and never woke up.
When Dean went to wake you up, you didn’t even reacted. So, Sam and Dean went to the conclusion that you have the same thing that Bobby had. Bobby just woke up not long, and you three were relieved to know he is okay, but now you are the one trapped in a dream.
Though, they didn’t think about it right away. They freaked out and brought you to the hospital where they said that you were totally fine and like Bobby, couldn’t explain it.
“Okay” Sam said sitting on the opposite bed of Dean and hands him a drink “now we have (Y/N)’s hair in that”.
“Ugh” Dean grimaced “looks disgusting”.
At the count of three, they drink and fall asleep instantly.

You keep running, your breath picking up, not because you have been running for hours.
Because you are scared as hell by what is following you. You suddenly spot a whole in a tree and hide in it, hopping it won’t see you. You push yourself until you hit the back and hide in the darkness of the night.
You suddenly hear a voice, two voices, and way too familiar.
“Sammy, keep your eyes open, we never know”.
Sam and Dean? Your two older brothers? What are they doing there?
You get out of your hiding spot and run towards them, the voice kidding you. You finally see them and you jump in Dean’s arm, a dead grip on his jacket.
“(Y/N)!” Both of your brothers exclaimed.
“Dee… Sammy” you cried “get me out of here, please, help me… I need help… Sammy… Dee…. Please…. Please…”
“It’s okay, it’s okay” Dean said passing a hand in your hair”.
“(Y/N)!” You hear a deep man’s voice yell.
You shake harder in Dean’s arms “please! Take me away from here! We need to run away!”
Dean pushes you away, having a hard time with your hands. He looks at your face and stays shocks.
“(Y/N)? Who did this to you?”
Your face is colored blue and purple. Your lip has a cut and you half a huge gash under your eye.
“It’s… it’s him… it’s…. my….”
“(Y/N)! You better get your ass here! You deserve a punishment! I will beat your ass until you respect me!”
“Sam, Dean” you cried.
“It’s not him” Dean assured you, trying to keep calm “it’s not him”.
“You are dreaming” Sam added “you are asleep, like Bobby was, trust us”.
You stare at them, shocked at how stupid you feel that you didn’t think about this.
You close your eyes, ignoring the man’s yell. You repeat to yourself that it is not real, and that your brothers are here to save you.

You jerk awake in a room you don’t know and that doesn’t look good at all. You look around and understand where you are.
White walls, white bed and a beeping sound.
As you are about to rip off the IV from your arm, a hand stops yours and you scream.
“No! Dad! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
“Hey, hey, hey. It’s okay, it’s me”.
You look up, tears falling on your cheeks, but you feel a little better when you see Bobby standing there, and not your father.
You move up your hand on your cheek and sigh when there is no pain.
“It was just a dream, (Y/N)” Bobby assured you “you are back with us”.
“Bobby… he… he…”
“I know, your father was a bastard” Bobby sighed.
“No, he wasn’t” you shake your head “John Winchester was my father, not my real one, he was a jerk… John Winchester is my father”.
He smiles “he was not the father of the year, but he did save ya”.
You smile and lay back down on your bed.
“Where’s my brothers?”

RQ Secret Santa Claudia

for @queenmareena

Rise, red as the dawn and merry Christmas! I hope you like these^^

Part one:

Mare x Cal fan art

I have her hair cut like in my fan fiction. I felt like it …

Part two

Imagine Shade was still alive

Some ideas - maybe you’ll be better off not reading this … Just a warning. You might forget that this won’t happen … Fluff can be terrible …

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Confessions #1: I once got caught watching internet war in public.
  • *Walks into JCPenny*
  • Mom: I'll go try on some clothes, you stay there
  • Me: *sits on chair by change rooms*
  • Me: *looks around, pulling out phone*
  • *searches around again*
  • Me: *Begins to watch internet war*
  • *feels weird, looking up*
  • Me: *frightened to see a worker above me watching the video too*
  • Female worker: *smiles, nodding in agreement*
  • Me: *smiles, nodding*
  • *female worker walks away*
  • Me: Weird.....

anonymous asked:

will u ever post the adrenaline icons you use in RPS? I see a few you haven't posted and im just like wyehshdk

HERE’S A FEW ACTUALLY that are just only icons bc…..i didnt save the originals lmAO;;; HAVE SOME CUTE (mostly “fear’s” reactions bc……he’s happy……being with….. anger CRIES FFUKC)