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Ok so dude this is me being the stupid idiot I am but omg bro what do you think Marina's sexuallity is? Dude lmao?! I think its bi but idek she never talks abt it I knoe shes had dudes (I mean bfs but yea)

Ok but srs bro all jokes aside I hope Merna/Marde gets better. Her health is more important, I mean dude yes I want new music but bro health first) Dude all I hope she gets better I have a few ppl from my mothers side of her family that have fautige so it makes me sadder that Marde has it :( :/

you’re not stupid nor an idiot!! she doesnt talk about it much, and rly didnt until the froot era. from this interview:

Are you aware of how many lesbians wish you were gay, though?

Actually, I’m not. Interesting! I’m afraid to disappoint.

:( i wish she were gay or bi but even then she’s 13 years older than me sooo asjgkfdgl. still lov her tho, and no one can stop our passionate love affair in my mind its totally serious

yeah, i have a few friends with chronic fatigue, its quite sad to see. i really hope she does get better, i miss her loads and loads, but her health definitely comes first. i think that when she releases new stuff it’ll be her best so far. i mean, aside from the lyrics on ‘electra heart’, she gets better with time. the wait sucks, but i have a feeling she’ll release something by the end of the year, or at least announce something.

Don't pay attention to this.

>:I  These are just my XS headcanons because Tiff has inspired me to post a few feely things this morning.  So excuse me while I choke my waffles down with a few tears.   Keep in mind, these are just my headcanons, and what I like to pretend. :3  I’m not saying any of it is true.  Most are based off rps/ideas from friends as well.  (Amanda, Tiff, Shayla)

Chase…oh my God, where do I begin.  My headcanon is he’s a Scorpio and was able to bend water (much like Omi) before he drank the soup.  He’s still able to bend it, but prefers his darkened powers instead.  He actually does give a damn about the baby monks…because I truly want to believe that not even he would actually kill one of them.  He does, however want to scare them into believing that he’s the worst thing out there in hopes that it’ll protect them.  (Evil mother hen)  I would’ve labeled him aromantic until Tiff introduced me to Chasecest… T-T  So that’s over with. 

Omi and Jack are descendents of Dashi and Wuya.  It’s why they’ve got such a fierce rivalry. 

Guan and Wuya could/still can bend fire. 

Guan actually said he’d destroy Chase to become a full-on dragon, but didn’t mean it truthfully, and bitterly regrets it now.  The elder monks asked him such because they had a feeling Chase would defect or they wanted to test him to see how badly he wanted it.

Dashi could bend air.

Jack is an earth/metal bender.  Decided this after I saw Good-Jack working in the garden.  Bad Jack is also great with robots and anything metal.  So why not? He’s also an Aquarius.

Wuya is a Capricorn.  She desires power and knows too much about people for her own good. She also still has a super crush on Dashi which she refuses to show.  …oh…and she was like Angelica (Rugrats) toward Dashi, Guan, and Chase (and any other of the monks at her temple) when they were young. 

Shadow (isn’t even an actual character yet and I’ve already got a headcanon about her) is more of a daughter to Chase.  (Thank you, Tiff)  He created her not only in his image, but in the image of a dear friend he’d erased after he’d turned to the dark side.  She’s also partially blind due to HRB smacking her across the face hard as he possibly could for getting in the way (as he was trying to kill Chase…again…).   She can also bend darkness.

Dashi is still alive.

The Sapphire Dragon was created after one of Dashi’s good friends was accused of being a witch and killed, orphaning her children.  Dashi took her children in and to preserve her memory, took her vengeful spirit and made a wu out of it. …an uncontrollable wu.

I have so many more I can’t think of right now because my mother is stressing me out so bad I suddenly can’t think straight 8D

Also…Chase’s alternate form isn’t a dragon, but a big fat iguana.

:3 Thank you for reading~