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[[Not canon, but I had to]] -- After stepping through the waypoint to return to Camp Resolve as promised and greeting him, Edwina pushes a book into his hand. She has a cheeky sort of smile playing around her mouth, her eyes on the title. 'That Green Gentlemen' is printed neatly on the cover.

He snatches it, hurriedly pressing the cover to his chest. He takes a few moments to look around, assuring those pesky Blood Legion soldiers aren’t nearby to witness his shame. After this, he cants his head back to her, that same cheeky grin plastered on his features.

“Of course you’d know.”

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☱ Edward Saville

[Excerpt from a recent entry, sometime in Colossus, 1327]

Oh, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…..

Whatever will I do with you?  You get yourself into all sorts of trouble, and I don’t think you -mean- to but…Alas, you’re a young man who falls in and out of love as often as Adonya changes outfits per day.  Then doubled.

You have so much potential. I wish you would see that.

Underneath the drama and the lovelorn angst, there’s a bright, very caring, thoughtful, intelligent young man.  And I can relate all too well to his circumstances.  I was once in his place.  It’s not easy growing up in a prominent, noble family when there are better, bigger shoes to fill with relatives that far surpass anything we think we’re capable of.

He  may not be the black sheep of his family as I am, but I’m sure he’s starting to feel that way.

There are times I just want to grab him by the collar and pin him against the wall, tell him to see himself as I see him.  As others see him.   And then  maybe smack him a little, to wake him up.

He’s at a crossroads now, or at least I sense he is.   He can take a very wrong turn at this point.  Sometimes I wish I could plan a fishing trip for him to go out in the wilderness with the Gunslinger and my cousin Beau.  A little guidance from older men would probably do him some good.   He’s constantly surrounded by females and….I think he could use a break from estrogen.

Maybe it’s our pheromones that are driving him crazy…

Still, I’m very fond of him.  I hope slowly he finally realizes what an amazing young man he is, and starts to live up to it.  Not the Saville name.  Not any expectations.  Just…live up to his potential.   There’s so much he could give.

….and what the heck was he doing in Silverwastes anyway? With Edweebna, no less…