My copy came in the mail today! It’s beautiful, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Want to be a little bit more like Sherlock Holmes? The Deduction Guide will provide you with an alternate way of perceiving your surroundings, and allow you begin to make deductions about people and objects, in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes.

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A short, informative video on what nails can say about your health. Also, Hank Green. 

shotgun wedding

when the bride kills her husband, she says that it’s a “shotgun wedding.” a shotgun wedding is one that happens at the speed of a shotgun (ie, quickly) because the bride is pregnant.

the phrase “shotgun wedding” didn’t appear until around 1920 - 25 years after the Victorian stuff takes place. this could have been our first in-show clue that this was all happening in sherlock’s mind (similar to when mycroft says “the virus in the data” which is obviously not a 19th century phrase) OR it could be a reminder that, as @therealmartinsgrrrl has pointed out, Mary was pregnant during the wedding and it was essentially a “shotgun wedding”

Mary is definitely the abominable bride

Please don’t imagine little Remus getting some of the Sherlock books for Christmas and absolutely falling in love with them.

Don’t imagine little eight-year old Remus going round with a magnifying glass and a deerstalker hat that his muggle grandma had given him (BUT GRAAAaaaAAaaan, there isn’t a hat in the books!)

Don’t imagine little Remus trying to deduce people by looking at them and making his relatives fawn all over him for being so cute.

Don’t imagine little Remus starting to realise the implications of being able to deduce EVERYTHING.

Don’t imagine little Remus having a horrible nightmare about a real Sherlock Holmes deducing he’s a werewolf and telling everybody he loves.

Don’t imagine little Remus being terrified of the thought that anyone like Sherlock Holmes could ever exist, and shatter his life with one offhand deduction.

Don’t imagine little Remus stuffing his hat and magnifying glass and books at the bottom of his cupboard.

And please, don’t imagine little Remus never reading Sherlock again.

But d’ya know what you should imagine?

Imagine Sirius coming over one Christmas and snooping round Moony’s room like the dog he is and finding the books and props.

Imagine him asking Remus what Sherlock is and Remus telling him Sherlock’s story reminiscently, with a ghost of a smile

Imagine Sirius being super excited because “He sounds super smart - just like my Moony!”

Imagine Remus’ smile faltering, and Sirius realising that there’s something wrong, realising that there must’ve been a reason all the books were hidden.

Imagine Remus telling him why he doesn’t like Sherlock anymore and how bad it could be if people like Sherlock existed

Imagine how much Sirius doesn’t care and telling Moony that he’ll always be safe, because he has him, his family and Dumbledoor

Please, imagine Sirius telling Remus that if Sherlock could deduce Remus was a were wolf he would also know how completely harmless, human and amazing Remus is.

And please, please imagine Remus falling in love with Sherlock Holmes all over again, but this time, he has Sirius at his side.