Now hear me out.

Rex means ‘king’ in Latin. Rey means 'king’ in Spanish.

If we combine this with the fact that Rey has multiple parallels with Obi-Wan (she lived alone in a desert, she kicked the fuck out of a Skywalker, she screamed NO when a grizzled mentor type friend was stabbed through the gut, etc etc.) we can deduce who her parents really are:

She’s Rex and Obi-Wan gay love Force baby. There. I cracked the case. No other theories necessary.

Nohrian Festival: Selena and Nyx Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Here’s yet another conversation where Nyx shows the experience of her many years. I wonder how many times she’s encountered people like Selena to accurately deduce what makes Selena tick… 

Nyx has a pretty motherly side to her. She’s known to be the most understanding woman in the army. Here she seems to be comfortable taking a slightly parental relationship with Selena.

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‘Sherlock, your brother...

…and all the King’s men couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to.’

So…this is Jim letting Sherlock in on the fact that he was detained by Mycroft. Which is fine, because at that point in the game, with the story out there, Sherlock would already have deduced how Jim came by the information that allowed it to be written.

But it means that during the whole detention, Jim was counting on the fact that Mycroft wouldn’t tell his little brother, who it’s obvious he has a weak spot for, that he had Moriarty in custody.

Like, really? The ‘most dangerous criminal mastermind the world has ever seen’ just sits there in a cell, and thinks, ‘he won’t want to tell Sherlock he’s giving up all this personal info, so he’ll keep his mouth shut, yep, no problem there’. At no point does he consider that Mycroft might tell Sherlock, and they’d come up with a plan between them to foil whatever’s coming?


Here’s how I imagine a conversation might more realistically go.

Jim: I’ll only talk to Mycroft Holmes.

Mycroft: *put-upon sigh* *posture at each other a bit* Fine yes, I’ll talk to you about Sherlock if, and only if, you give me some information on your network.

Jim: Right, because I was born yesterday. You’ll tell Sherlock you’re doing it, and turn it against me. Sherlock doesn’t give a damn about his public image. I have watched this man for years, you think I don’t know that? You’ll get info on my web, and give up nothing that he cares about anyone knowing.

Mycroft: *sour face* Fiiiiiine. What do you want?

Jim: I want him to think I’m dead. You’ll make it happen. And in return, you can have…

Mycroft: …what?

Jim: …everything. The whole network. Give it to Sherlock to take down, he likes puzzles.

Mycroft: *thinks FOR ENGLAND and THE GREATER GOOD and such things, agrees*

Jim: *musingly* I’ve got a pet giraffe, y’know. He’s called Mycroft too.

Mycroft: *face*

ANYWAY, point is, Mycroft never sold out Sherlock because it was part of the plan. But if, as many of us suspect, there’s a lot more to TRF than we’ve yet seen…what would make Mycroft actually do something he’d want kept hidden? If Jim offered up the whole network in return for helping convince the world he was dead, would Mycroft say no? I doubt it. Gains outweigh the cost, and all that.

But the very fact Jim openly admitted at the end that he’d been detained by the government, means he knew all along that it would be obvious he’d been detained by the government. Which means he had to know there was a chance the government would use that confinement to help out its little bro, because Mycroft wouldn’t be able to hide that he did it. As soon as the story broke, Sherlock would know his brother sold him out.

Tl;dr Mycroft knows Jim’s alive.

(Of course, it might just mean that Sherlock would die having just discovered that his brother sold him out, which would have to suck even if they don’t get on that well. But it still means Jim would be counting on Mycroft not mentioning it, or thinking of ways to use it to his/Sherlock’s advantage. And I think he credits The Iceman with more brains than that.)


And without you I can’t be;
you’re the universe to me,
you’re the air in my lungs,
you’re the fields where I run,
you’re the sky where I’m floating.
It’s you.