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It's not any of those (admittedly awesome) stories. They actually reminded me of it, which is why I went looking for it again and found I'd lost my bookmark. It was on tumblr, a couple of different posts in the same AU. I think maybe 5 or 6, last time I checked. But thank you everyone, for looking!

Yeah, thanks everyone :)

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Yeah, okay, fourth gif in [post/37040805676], the 'why would you advise me that' scene. Their faces kill me in that! Why does no one else notice that moment? He knew something was off! He could tell after all the conversations that this wasn't her and she couldn't lie, not even for his safety... And they just sit and stare at each other. I was expecting much more fanart from that moment... Also, completely unrelated, do you have a download link for 'hiding place'? Beautiful song! ~D.

Yeah I think because she was the one person up til that point that was so adamant that he was doing the right thing it was off for her to change her mind like that and he knew that. But I would expect there to be posts with that scene too, or does that mean I was slacking and need to make them? lol that is a possibility.

Here’s a link for the mp3 to the song and also side note this script lets you download mp3s from tumblr audio posts. It is awesome.