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It absolutely helps, thanks! I followed everything else just fine, but that was something I just didn't get. And I was indeed referring to the 5 warprinces fic. They're all scandalized because the new guy kissed Maria on the neck and she allowed it. I wasn't sure what that action implied, but it clearly meant something to them. And since the only open spot in the triangle is consort, I did indeed think it was romantic/sexual. (I thought that meant that Tony had done Maria's Virgin Night) D.

Ahh. Okay. I didn’t remember that. I remembered the discussion being about dominance in the court, and the fact that Nate Grey has a claim on Maria that predates all of them, growing up in the Phoenix Court together.

The bit about Queens, Warlord Princes, and the neck-scent is most prominently found in the duology “Shadow Queen”/”Shalador’s Lady”. The bit about dominance and claim pre-eminence between the Warlord Princes of a Queen is most clearly seen in “Heir To The Shadows” when Saetan is meeting the unicorn Kaetien for the first time, although there’s a part in “The Invisible Ring” where Jared is realising that one of the company is a Warlord Prince and so should really be taking the dominant position in Lia’s informal “court”.

And the truth is that I have no idea who did Maria’s Virgin Night. It’s not relevant to the story except in that she came out of it with her web intact and could make the Offering to the Darkness for her adult strength, so I don’t really know or care. :)

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It's not any of those (admittedly awesome) stories. They actually reminded me of it, which is why I went looking for it again and found I'd lost my bookmark. It was on tumblr, a couple of different posts in the same AU. I think maybe 5 or 6, last time I checked. But thank you everyone, for looking!

Yeah, thanks everyone :)

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Okay, I have a question that's bugged me since I read your Queen's Court fic (last year?). I don't know the books, but I did try to google it and read through the wikia and couldn't find the answer... Since you just posted a bit I figure, now or never! So: What is the significance of a kiss on the neck? Stark does it to Maria and Pepper's shocked reaction struck me as odd, but I didn't get it. But I read your sequel and it happens again there and everyone was horrified. Please explain? D.

Okay, the kiss on the neck is something that’s referenced in the later books and is about the relationship between a Queen and a Warlord Prince.

In Blood society, a Warlord Prince who ‘belongs’ to a Queen will find a spot at the join of her neck that gives off a psychic scent that soothes him. It’s not a well-known thing, as evinced by several characters in-universe, and it’s not a sexual thing either (or it doesn’t have to be).

Depending on the familiarity of the Warlord Prince with his Queen and the degree of their relationship, he may either drop casual kisses on her neck, or hug her so his head is over her left shoulder, or even just stand in such a way that he can scent her.

So Maria, being Tony’s Queen, would give off a scent that he’d find fascinating. And being Tony and not having the same boundaries as others, he would let himself ‘taste’ that scent. And Pepper, not realising a) that Maria is Tony’s Queen and b) that Queens have that scent that intrigues their Warlord Princes, would see it as a sexual thing.

Although I’m not sure which sequel you’re referencing? IIRC, I haven’t written the sequel (yet), although I’ve written two more ficbits in that universe, and one was Five Warlord Princes and an argument, and the other was the one I posted the other day - of Fury and Maria.

Does that help any?

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Yeah, okay, fourth gif in [post/37040805676], the 'why would you advise me that' scene. Their faces kill me in that! Why does no one else notice that moment? He knew something was off! He could tell after all the conversations that this wasn't her and she couldn't lie, not even for his safety... And they just sit and stare at each other. I was expecting much more fanart from that moment... Also, completely unrelated, do you have a download link for 'hiding place'? Beautiful song! ~D.

Yeah I think because she was the one person up til that point that was so adamant that he was doing the right thing it was off for her to change her mind like that and he knew that. But I would expect there to be posts with that scene too, or does that mean I was slacking and need to make them? lol that is a possibility.

Here’s a link for the mp3 to the song and also side note this script lets you download mp3s from tumblr audio posts. It is awesome.