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Regarding the soundtrack for S4, I've noticed a new motif that originated in TST, a sombre violin piece that begins at 1:13 on track 6 'Running Away', used for the scene where John reads the letter Mary wrote about running away. So naturally I assumed this was Mary's theme, until today when I heard it again in TLD (track 7 of the TLD soundtrack 'No Charges' at 0:45), but slowed down. The scene in TLD is where John hits Sherlock, so it has nothing to do with Mary. What may we deduce of this?

Hi Lovely! 

Here’s “Running Away”:

And here’s “No Charges”

What struck me first of all, on Running Away, WAS THE GODDAMNED VIOLIN. A lot of us speculate that Mary’s letter is ACTUALLY Sherlock’s letter that he wanted to write to John when he left him at TRF. Alright, stay with me here for a second: Sherlock writes his “love songs” on violin, and they’re always melancholy and ALWAYS for John (sorry, but Irene’s Theme is FOR JOHN); I think this is ACTUALLY meant to represent Sherlock’s character and his pining for John, his apology for leaving him. It’s also tightly intermingled with hints of John’s theme sped up in it as well.

Then, in No Charges, you are correct – it’s DOES bear a terribly striking resemblance to Running Away, just played an octave or semi-octave down or on a different scale. Which causes it to sound SADDER. Because now Sherlock feels like he is getting what he deserves for leaving John, doomed to a life of infinite sadness and loneliness. Technically, it’s also relating to Mary since they are discussing Mary in that scene, but yes, I do honestly believe anything played by the violin in ANY of the soundtracks are a reflection of Sherlock’s feelings.

God I actually cried writing this. I hadn’t had the chance yet to listen to S4′s soundtrack, so I’m glad I got to for this. 

If you’re interested, there’s interesting meta about the entirety of the S4 music here by @holmesianscholar!

Brotherly Approval

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes X Reader

Requested: No

A/N: This is just a fun little idea I thought of and I like how it turned out! It’s a little different, the reader interacts a little more with Mycroft than Sherlock but it’ll (hopefully) make sense if you read it. I hope you enjoy!


You want to meet her?” Sherlock scoffs, rolling his eyes as his brother sighed, crossing his arms firmly, glaring at his brother who was curled up in his chair. “I’m rather shocked Mycroft.”

“Well, yes I would. Think of it as brotherly approval. To be quite honest, brother dear, I never would’ve imagined in a hundred years that you would be able to win someone’s heart, let alone get yourself a significant other.” Mycroft smirks, sipping his cup of tea. “Besides, I’d like to make sure you’re not just making this up in your head. Or, for all I know you could be dating a rather uninteresting and ignorant girl, I mean she did fall for you after all.”

“Don’t speak of (Y/N) that way-” Sherlock snaps as Mycroft’s eyes widen teasingly.

“Ah, so the imaginary girlfriend has a name.”

“She is a beautiful and intelligent girl. And for your information, she is very much a reality. She’s perfect.” Sherlock says completely ignoring Mycroft’s comments, smiling cheekily. It was Mycroft’s turn to roll his eyes. Sibling rivalry, annoying and a pain in the arse but well-meant and friendly all the way.

“I’ll meet her one day.”

“And for your ego’s sake, I hope that day doesn’t come anytime soon.”


Mycroft stood in the relatively empty tube, rocking gently from side to side as the train moved underneath the busy streets of London.
He was off to visit Sherlock for a very important matter and also to make sure he hadn’t blown off his face and decided that he wanted to travel like the little people for a change. Experience the wonders of cheap smelling leather seats and crowded transportations. It sucked. He should’ve taken his private car.

He looked around the compartment and his eyes fell on a girl who looked about Sherlock’s age. He examined her discreetly out of the corner of his eye, a move he had mastered since youth.

She’s pretty, he thought.

“I have a boyfriend.” the girl says suddenly, catching Mycroft completely off guard.

He blinks and clears his throat, “Excuse me?”

The girl laughs and smiles. Mycroft could see her eyes burning brightly with intellect.

“Oh, I noticed you were analyzing me, and don’t get me wrong I’m flattered but I’m already taken,” she says with a wink. Mycroft flushed from embarrassment and mentally scolded himself. How could he have possibly let himself be so careless? He had been confident that he was the best at discretion. However, for some reason he couldn’t deduce anything about the girl, she was a blank slate.

“I’m sorry, I’m not exactly interested. It’s just what I do subconsciously, it’s my second nature.” he explains, and the girl nods, still sporting a cheeky smile.

“I understand, my boyfriend is the exact same way…” she recalls, trailing off while glancing momentarily at Mycroft’s umbrella that was tucked snugly under his arm. “You don’t take the tube very often, do you?”

Mycroft eyes widened slightly. He had to admit, this girl was good.

“And why would you think that?” he inquires, raising an eyebrow. He was interested to hear what the girl would reveal.

“Well, for starters you’re wearing a pretty expensive suit, it’s very well tailored too and that alone is something that you don’t see normal people wear every day. So I would assume that you have a career that values formality, perhaps something government related. Am I getting warm so far?” the girl theorizes and Mycroft simply nods slowly, gesturing for her to continue. “Based on your posture, you also look like you’re not very fond of public places or people for that matter. Maybe you have trust issues, which might explain why your umbrella is actually a weapon.”

She swiftly tugs the umbrella out of his grasp and disassembles it, revealing the blade and gun in disguise.

“Or two.”

Mycroft hadn’t even noticed that she had approached him.

Idiot, he scolds himself.

“Now,” the girl jeered, using his own weapons against him, the blade dangerously close to his throat. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“My name is Mycroft Holmes,” he starts calmly, taking a breath to continue when he no longer felt the tip of his blade pressed against his neck. The girl had lowered the defenses and assembled the weapons back together in a blink of an eye, handing the umbrella back to him.

“Change of heart?” he questioned, raising his eyebrow.

She smiled and Mycroft glared at her, trying to decipher the unique girl but he didn’t have a single clue.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mycroft.” she extolled, raising Mycroft’s suspicions. She didn’t seem like a criminal or a bad person and he was definitely interested in finding out more about the girl, so he decided to play along. For now.

“First name basis already, it seems?” he commented, cueing for her to introduce herself.

“Ms. (L/N),” she replied with a smirk and Mycroft’s face fell. “And no, I’m afraid I’m the only one who gets to call you by your first name. A very interesting choice of name, I may add. Seems to run in the family…”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, nothing.”

The station bell chimes as the train starts to slow down, coming to a smooth halt. It was Mycroft’s stop.

“Well, this is where we get off.” the girl hums, grabbing him by the arm and practically dragging him out of the tube.


“Am I wrong?”

Mycroft sighed in defeat, he had hoped that he and this girl would be parting ways. Being around just made him feel stupid and degrading.


“I hope that umbrella of yours is actually capable of protecting us from the rain.” she surmised, dragging him up the stairs to the streets of London.

“Us?” he gulped.

“Why, yes. You’re off to Baker Street to visit your brother, no?”

“Yes, but how-”

“Well, so am I. Come on now! Open your umbrella I don’t want to get wet.”

“You’re a client?” he queried and she rolled her eyes.

“You ask too many questions. Now open the bloody umbrella!”

He definitely felt degraded.


“Mycroft what are you doing here?” Sherlock asks, looking quite annoyed, the girl slipping past Sherlock and into the flat with Mycroft staring after her with his mouth slightly agape.

“She just went into your flat.”

“Yes and?”

“A complete - but may I add extremely intelligent - stranger is sitting on your chair, brother!”

Sherlock looks back at the girl and laughs. He pulls Mycroft inside, still laughing while the girl and he exchanged smiles.

“So, it appears you’ve met.” Sherlock says, still chuckling madly.

“Met him on the tube. I might’ve scared him a bit.”

Sherlock looks at Mycroft. “You still haven’t figured it out, have you?”

“Hmm, I’m surprised, Sherlock. You did say that he was quite fast at catching on.” the girl giggled, extending her hand to Mycroft. “I’m (Y/N), Sherlock’s girlfriend.”

And it clicks in his head as all the pieces fall into place. Suddenly, he could easily deduce the girl.

“Brother, you’re getting rusty.” Sherlock smirks and Mycroft frowns. “Don’t worry too much about your lack of deductions, she probably made you feel flustered and clogged your head, happened to me too when I first met her. You’re perfectly normal. Or as normal as you can possibly be, that is.”

“Well now that that’s sorted out, why are you really here Mycroft? Sherlock’s told me that you’re not very fond of friendly visits, there must be something you want from us.” the girl questions, squinting her eyes teasingly at Mycroft. He felt himself shrinking away from the girl, he had already been humiliated enough for one day. “You’re hiding something, c'mon spill the beans.”

“Fine,” he grumbles, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. “I’ve been having difficulty solving this brain teaser and I’m rather ashamed of myself for coming to my younger brother to ask for help, especially after today’s events. I just can’t solve it and it’s nagging me, you know?”

Sherlock snatches the paper eagerly out of his hand and reads what’s written, his face contorting to a look of confusion. (Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the smartest people in London (and possibly even the world) were stumped by what was written on the slip of paper.

“I honestly have no idea.” Sherlock admits with a frown. “It’s not logical…”

“Exactly.” Mycroft agrees while (Y/N) takes the slip from Sherlock and examines the paper herself.

‘A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?’

She doubles over with laughter and the boys turn their heads towards her, looking slightly annoyed.

“(Y/N), what’s so funny? We’re trying to find the answer to this illogical question.”

“His horse is named Friday. It’s so simple!”

“What? Oh.” they both say, and at this point, the girl was practically rolling around on the floor.

“She fell in love with you?” Mycroft affirmed and Sherlock nodded. “And you fell in love with this?”

He gestures to the girl who was still giggling and Sherlock nods again, a smile present on his face.

“Even though she’s brighter than the both of us combined? I’m surprised, brother.”

“I’ve simply found someone who can keep up, and who I strive to keep up to.”

“Point taken.”

“Has your ego been hurt enough?”

“Yes, for the first time in a while.”

“Good. And has the brother approved?”

Mycroft takes one more look at the girl.

“He has approved.”


Thank you so much for reading! Requests are open so if you have any, please feel free to drop some in my inbox!

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My prompt: Neil and Andrew get lost in the woods and Neil twists his ankle, so Andrew has to carry him to safety (how and why this happens is the real challenge)

Here we go, anon. Also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Yes, Neil. Because I’m known for my practical jokes.”

Neil rolls his eyes as Andrew slams the hood of the Maserati back into place and crosses his arms, leaning against the front of the car. Andrew has deduced that the transmission is indeed shot to hell, and that this beautiful piece of Italian machinery will not be moving from its current location without the assistance of a tow truck.

He looks around at the deserted I-40, neither head nor taillight to be seen. It is nearly 3:00am, and they are somewhere between North Carolina and Tennessee. Neil had tried to convince Andrew to stop for the night a few hours ago, but Andrew will admit that he should have listened if hell happens to freeze over. He tilts his head back to stare at the dark sky above him. They’re far enough away from civilization that the stars are uninhibited by any city lights. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, it also means that he and Neil are, for lack of a better word, fucked.

Andrew turns his head to the right at the sound of Neil incessantly tapping his fingers on the hood of the car. Neil meets his gaze and then flits his eyes across the rest of Andrew’s face.

“Can you fix it?”


Neil watches him for a few more seconds before releasing a dejected sigh and pulling out his phone.

“No service. Of course. Because why would anything be working right now?”

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to roll his eyes. “Okay drama queen, take it down a notch. All we have to do is walk to the next town or until one of us gets service. It can’t be that hard.”

“The next town isn’t for like twenty miles! It’s already 3:00, and we have practice in the morning, Andrew.”

“Okay, well I guess we’ll just be late.”

Neil has no words. His mouth drops open in shock, absolutely aghast that Andrew thinks this is an acceptable solution.

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Do I hate asking people to review at the end of my chapters? Yes. I despise it. It makes me feel needy, whiny, ungrateful for the readers I have. 

Do I hate asking people to reblog instead of just liking? Yeah. It makes me feel like I’m forcing them to do it through a guilt trip. 

But here’s the thing. 

I consider myself a fairly well known author in certain fandoms. This isn’t me bragging, this is me looking at the number of readers I have on Fanfiction and AO3, the fact that I get requests in my inbox, and the fact that I’ve been mentioned in a couple different fic rec posts, and deducing that I’m a somewhat popular author. 

My most popular fanfiction I have posted on Tumblr has just over 800 notes. Only 18 of which are reblogs. Only 6 of which have comments or tags on them. 

The most popular piece of fanart (in this case, meaning a single piece of artwork, not a comic or series of drawings) that I’ve ever seen had over 100,000 notes. At least a quarter of them were reblogs, and every single reblog that I saw of it had comments in the tags. 

So I’m not going to stop asking for people to reblog. For people to leave comments in the tags. For people to leave comments on AO3 and Fanfiction. 

Because fanfiction writers are treated like pack mules and, for the most part, artists are treated like gods. Artists can get PAID for their fanart, and we get yelled at for not posting the next chapter of a 10K story within two days of the latest update.

And I’m kind of sick of it. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. 

If you have the ability to like it, you have the ability to reblog it and leave a three word comment in the tags. It’s not difficult. 

Sherlock's Daughter: Bullied


Pairing: there isn’t one for this due to the reader being the daughter of Sherlock Holmes.

Request: hello! just a random person who enjoys your one shots… 😅 sorry for just lurking & liking like nothing, but they’re just so good!! i also want to make a request; one where the reader is Sherlock’s daughter, but she gets bullied since she’s a replica of her father & when he finds out that she gets bullied, he snaps & does a surprise visit with uncle Mycroft & John? 🤔

A/N: firstly, I got rid of the gif thing at the start like I used to do because I wasn’t liking it. Secondly, I’m sorry that this has been a long time coming. Thirdly, thank you for your kind comments. Finally, enjoy! x

Warnings: bullying.

PS: I also stated in here that teachers are underachievers but I do not believe this. Most teachers are very hardworking and are highly intelligent but I just had to say something like that in here because I can imagine Sherlock saying something like this.

“Ugh!” Bianca Scott exclaimed as you walked past. “How annoying are smartarses?” She was addressing the ‘populars’ as you liked to call them. The ones that thought they were above all the rest. “Just the way they go on in class… No wonder they don’t have any friends.” This hit you like a truck. It was painful when she insulted you to your face but it injured you more when she did it indirectly. However, you kept your head down and ignored her.

“Pizza, please,” You said to the dinner lady, who then put a slice on your plate. “Thanks.” You went to pay and then sat down next to your friend Heather in the dining hall.

“Hey,” You greeted.

“Hello," Heather replied.

"How was history?”

“Dreadful. You know when I said Mr Ev-”

“Heather!” One of Bianca’s cronies shouted (you believed her name was Clarissa). “Come and sit with us!” The rest of the girls giggled.

You sighed. “You may as well sit with them. They’ll pick on you otherwise.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” She gave you a cautious look before leaving to sit with the people you despised. Well, you didn’t really despise them. You felt sorry for them in a way because they felt better about themselves because they were bringing you down. You knew they took Heather to isolate you from everyone. Heather couldn't help it though and you didn’t want her to be bullied like you.  



Your day went from bad to worse. They’d made your life a misery though the last two periods of the day and unfortunately Daniella Smith was in your form so after your two classes, she spread rumors in form time. Of course everyone believed her; they didn’t really have a choice but to make fun of you. On the way home, Bianca caught you again and began to shout colourful words towards you. Unfortunately, you’d made a snarky remark about her so she punched you. She was about to beat you to a pulp before someone called her over to offer her a cigarette. You walked to a safe distance before crying your eyes out. You received some strange, however some sympathetic looks, on the way home. You were in the middle of London so it wasn’t surprising but very inconvenient. You felt so lonely in a very busy city.



As you approached 221B, you hoped that your father wasn’t in. You especially hoped that he had no visitors in either, although you did love him to bits. You unlocked the door before heading up to your room. You already deduced that your dad wasn’t in even before you entered the flat. You did pick up your dad’s knack at deduction, which worked in your advantage occasionally. However, recently it hasn’t aided you in the slightest at school. Suddenly there was a ring. You picked up your phone.

“Y/N!” Exclaimed the person from the other end. That person was Sherlock. “I’m going to be late home. Cases call.”

“Okay,” You replied before mentally scolding yourself. Your voice had cracked and you knew that your dad would automatically pick that up.

“Okay we- Hang on. You’re upset. What is it?” You hung up quickly and threw your phone to the end of the bed before laying down and staring at the ceiling. You knew you should probably treat the bruise that was forming but there was a lack of effort.



“Y/N?” Sherlock called as he entered the flat but he already knew you wouldn’t reply and you were in your room. He opened your bedroom door and saw your pitiful state. “Fights? Really?” He had noticed the forming bruise. “Wait! Not a fight. There isn’t as much damage-”

“Shut up!” You yelled. “I don’t want to be deduced! I didn’t want the 'power of deduction’ as you so kindly put it! It’s that that got me in this mess!” You stood up an stormed out of your room and left the flat. He called out to you but it was no use.



You came back a few hours later. Your father was stood where he had recently been playing his violin. He stopped the music when he heard you enter.

“Y/N,” He said calmly. “We need to talk.” You looked at him with sorrow in your eyes and you looked like a fragile piece of glass that was about to break. However, you thought you’d already smashed. You sat down in what was John’s armchair and your dad sat opposite. You took in a deep breath and then told him everything…



“I assure you Mr Homes, that our school does not tolerate bullying in any shape or form,” Mrs West (the headmistress) informed.

“So my goddaughter coming home crying and having a black eye is something that normally happens at this school then?” John asked as anger was boiling in his blood.

“John, stop…” You said weakly.

“No, Y/N,” Sherlock said sternly. “John makes a perfect point and I don’t see why these people, who had to take the job as a secondary school teachers because they aren’t good enough to go any further in their career, get to express how against bullying they are but can’t be bothered to stop it when it does occur.”

“Mr Holmes, I assure you this situation will be taken care of.”

“No I don’t think it will.” The door to the head teacher’s office swung open and stood there was Mycroft Holmes.

“Ah!” Mrs West exclaimed and her face turned bright red, suddenly realising the relation. “Mycroft Holmes! I mean, Mr Holmes.”

“Yes,” Was his reply. “I do believe that I need to talk to you in private about this delicate matter involving my niece. I hope I won’t have to do anything to do something to the school that one may think is too rash…” The use of his authority threatening the future of the school was enough to change her mind. In fact, Mycroft turning up was enough.

“Yes, Mr Holmes…”



“I’m surprised you all did something about it,” You told John as you ate your chips as you walked away from the fish and chip shop during the walk home from your school visit. Your father had stayed behind with Mycroft to talk to the teacher.

“Why would that be?” John asked. “Ugh! I put too much vinegar and salt on these chips.”

“Tell me about it. I’ve drowned mine in ketchup. Anyway, I think it’s because dad had a hard time in school. Him being picked on because of his mind. I thought that he wouldn’t bother because there wasn’t anyone there for him. Also, he seems so emotionless. I thought he’d hate me for feeling some degree of sadness.”

He chuckled. “I once thought Sherlock was emotionless for a while. However, he had major turning points; your birth was one of them. I’d never seen him care for a person that much before. He’d move Heaven and Earth for you, Y/N. Trust me.” You nodded your head and smiled happily. You then knew that your father would protect you from everything, despite his reputation and persona.

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Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


NOTES: It’s been quite a long time since I updated, and I hope you’ll forgive me with this new chapter. As always, I love to hear your comments & thoughts. Thank you ♥︎

He had left a note addressed to the servants saying that he aimed to be back in a week or so. However, the master hadn’t stated the reason for his sudden departure, and I knew I was in no position to tell them of the actual motive of his journey.
In his note, Mr. Laufeyson additionally mentioned that he would manage to catch a ride on one of the public carriages from the village that was heading towards his destination, but I was wise enough to know that this was far from the truth.

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I couldn’t sleep. I did nod off for a moment but the nightmares were so vivid and I woke up… to the sound of Sherlock playing the violin. 

I’m sure that he somehow deduces that I’m having a nightmare and plays my favourite pieces of music to gently bring me back to reality. He’s been doing this the whole time. Ever since I moved in. He’s been helping me the whole time. He’s so much better than the world gives him credit for.

I’m downstairs now. He knows I’m here with him but he hasn’t stopped playing. That’s alright. We don’t need to talk right now. It wouldn’t be right. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to know that no words are needed.

How Do You Ask? (Pietro X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Pietro X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of sex and mild swearing


Request: Beauty, here my strange prompt: Reader is 22 but still the little princess of all the avengers. She is dating Pietro and he wants to take their relationship to the next level (have sex), as she is super nervous go to ask the other older avengers for tips to be more cool when it happens, which lead to the avengers freaking out telling her that she is still too young and confronting Pietro about leaving reader alone (because they dont want their little princess to grow up) Fluff and funny! Love ya

Originally posted by deanimagines67

When you joined the Avengers you were at the ripe age of 18, and being the youngest member, they babied you to say the least.

You’ve never been on a solo mission. Whenever Fury tried to send you on one, they would pipe up and not let you leave without at least one of them. Fury tried smuggling you onto a mission but they seemed to… appear…

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Missed (Sugar Daddy!Luke)

Summary: sugar daddy!luke goes away and surprises you with a toy you never knew existed 

Warnings: NSFW!! Skype sex, diiiirty talk and general smutiness

Requested? Yes

Word Count: 2.7k 

A/N: I’m a slut for any type of smut and sugar daddy!luke literally makes me go weak at the knees rip

Originally posted by irweicake

From the outside you and your boyfriend Luke appear to be a normal couple. Sure, with you working as a lawyer and him owning the largest bank of the country it was a fair assumption to guess he was considerably well off and you could manage on your own.

But it isn’t a rare occasion that you’d get home to see a magazine with Luke’s face plastered across the cover with his signature smirk and trademark rings wrapped around his muscled fingers. When he got home, usually around half an hour after you, he’d roll up the magazine and throw it in your direction.

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Banksy, whose name remained unknown for the past years, and from whom you might know a few artworks (such as the many rats that they painted all around the globe) might have had their identity spoiled in an interview two days ago.

On the news, the sun has said : 

“The latest rumour about Banksy was started by the bling-toothed rapper Goldie.The Sun revealed that the music hardman was so deep in discussion about Banksy that he called the artist “Robert”.Fans were quick to deduce Goldie was referring to Robert Del Naja – of hit group Massive Attack – as he said during the podcast Distraction Pieces: “Give me a bubble letter and put it on a t-shirt and write ‘Banksy’ on it and we’re sorted.“No disrespect to Robert, I think he is a brilliant artist. I think he has flipped the world of art over.”

You can learn more on the legendary artist on the link below :

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Shut Things Out (Draco x Sociopath Reader)

Sherlock/Harry Potter crossover. I’ve had this idea for a while, and idk if i really pulled it off. But this is Draco Malfoy x reader and the reader is Sherlock’s sort of adopted/taken in little sister, who also coincidentally happens to be a sociopath. 

Warnings; lots and lots and lots of angst.

         “Think of your happiest memory…”

         That’s what the famous Harry Potter had told you. ‘Your happiest memory will conjure your Patronous.’ You scoffed.

         You are (y/n) Holmes, the younger sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, not that you called yourself his sister -neither did Sherlock- but others did so you accepted the name. Sherlock took you in after meeting you in the orphanage, he had been investigating the strange disappearances of orphaned children all over London. You were eight when the accident that killed your family occurred, and nine when Sherlock met you and took you in. One whole year for you to completely have given up emotions. Not actual adoption, no, the orphanage had blown up before Sherlock had even considered it, everyone dead except you…again. You live with him on 221B Baker Street along with Mrs. Hudson and John Watson. He and you get along quite nicely, you’re both highly functioning sociopaths, (part of the reason for his decision to take you in). He often took you to crime scenes with John, and you caught onto his train of thought quickly. After two years, you now think almost exactly like your brother figure. It scared Mr. Watson sometimes, poor man.

         But all that ended when you got the letter. And pretty soon, you were sent on a train, given an owl, and sorted into Ravenclaw. Of course, you would visit every holiday, missing Sherlock and John and sweet Mrs. Hudson. Hungry for all the case stories you had missed out on, all the details that couldn’t possibly be sent via owl. However, you don’t have any friends at Hogwarts. You are the odd one here.

         It was now your fifth year, you are 16 years of age, and briskly walking down the Hogwarts corridors to the Great Hall for dinner after a meeting with Dumbledore’s Army. The Patronous spell didn’t work for you, obviously, you don’t feel happiness, so where would a happy memory come from? You tried Sherlock taking you in and showing you the flat, crime scene adventures, your first deduction, nothing worked. And “Life before Sherlock Holmes” was foggy except for the day of the accident.

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10 Reasons: Top!Sherlock

1. Right from the beginning, he established his role as the Alpha Male. When they got to the crime scene in the first episode, Inspector Lestrade asks, “Who is this?” And Sherlock repeats “He’s with me”. If Greg were also into men that would explain the subtle inflection that Sherlock isn’t losing his new flatmate to this dense detective; thus, being subject to John recounting their dates all hours of the day as a result. Also, at the crime scene when Sherlock says, “Shut up,” and Greg is all, “I wasn’t saying anything,” Sherlock was asserting his dominance over him in front of John.

2. He exercises control in all things, Miss Ste- (Oops, wrong fandom). Still, Sherlock uses knowledge as both his shield and his sword. When he loses control of a situation, it triggers a state of instability that requires a quick dose of insight to tip the scales back in his favor. Only when he is in complete control and assured victory does Sherlock maintain his mental footing. There’s no telling what he might do if he loses the upper hand; that’s when he is most dangerous.

3. For those of us who are into the phrase “Eyes of a killer”… He has those. Cold and calculating, picking up on every minute detail. Sherlock’s eyes are the kind of steel that can pierce right through your heart, tear you into tiny pieces, and remain dry and impassive the entire time.

He even instructs John to inflict physical pain on him for a simple disguise. As far as a “self portrait” goes, what might we deduce about his self worth or value of life? The man is not afraid to die, faces his own death head-on more than once, and puts a bullet in the head of the man who threatens to dictate control  of his existence.

4. Because you can’t tell me that the path his eyes take is totally casual and not him checking out the goods. Sherlock is actually gay.

During their first adventure, everyone who has known Sherlock for years (years!), makes a comment that implies John is Sherlock’s new man; his landlady Mrs. Hudson, the police officers who resent and ridicule him, a restaurant owner he paid a kindness, and his very own brother. Sherlock does nothing to dissuade this idea although he does make a point to establish that women are not his area.

When he was fake-dating Janine, he never slept with her and didn’t show the slightest bit of compassion when revealing his plan was to break up with her from the start. He exploited Irene’s feelings to win a power struggle. Molly’s subtle flirtations were dismissed without acknowledgment. Even Jim Moriarty’s obvious, pretend(?) interest was swept aside and forgotten until John became involved in the pool scene. It was a phantom sadist that intrigued Sherlock with a challenge; the only time he took an interest in someone besides John.

Yet, he never let anyone get close enough to become a liability until he fell for the man who wasn’t even trying to woo his romantic attention.

If anything, Sherlock might just be “Johnsexual”.

5. Do you realize that he ended this phone call, got that man (who has been professionally trained to defend himself and valuable political leaders) out of that chair, and shoved him through a window without the least bit of deception? The American was fully aware of Sherlock’s intentions and still got thrown from the second story… how many times? I lost count.

6. His voice is like sex all on its own. Low and hypnotic; the kind of tone that keeps you grappling with the frays of consciousness while making sure you’re so wound up in its dark promise that sleep is impossible.

7. From quippy one-liners to season long mocking, his sassy side is a force to be reckoned with and not a single person escapes its grasp. Sherlock takes sarcasm to a whole new level and his lofty views often shield the fact that he thinks the biggest joke is his own humanity.

8. They have that whole Dom/Sub thing going on. Sherlock bosses John around like an expert (and John obeys!). Even when he’s in the flat robed with nothing but a sheet, John carries him around on the laptop, leaning down to the grass and talking to him through the microphone despite the gawking onlookers. John points out that it is “humiliating”, and yet, does it anyway. John is an army man; and a doctor at that! He is used to taking orders only from his superiors (as a doctor he holds reign over most other soldiers) and here he is following Sherlock’s whims.

In the first episode, he calls John back urgently because he knew where he was and who he was with; he tells John to give a text, to see how well he takes orders. John is resistant and a bit bristled by the request, but he does obey. His pride will make it that much more exciting when he is finally taken by Sherlock.

Sherlock insults John: “Because you’re an idiot.” But then tells him not to ‘look like that’ and offers a minor comfort; ’practically everyone is’. But, Sherlock doesn’t apologize to anyone, right? So why make an exception for someone he just met?

“She said you get off on this.”

“And I said dangerous, yet here you are.”

He knows John gets off on the risk, the danger, and being put in a threatening situation. Just perfect for his sub, perhaps? ;) That would certainly provide a plausible reason for him to coddle the ego of the man he has designs on.

9. In a state of unfocused drunkenness, on the eve of John’s wedding, his brilliant mind makes this connection. Most people would equate John to a masculine identity with the limits of alcoholic incoherency, or make a joke of it by putting someone like “Mother Theresa” or the name of the local nurse. But, to Sherlock, John will always be his sexy woman. *blushes*

10. Because he looks at John like this; with all the hunger of a pure predator.

BONUS: Because he also looks at John like this:

With so much affection the words “cynical” and “damaged” no longer apply.

Because that would be a lot of characters to write, I’m making it a fic, rather then full headcanons for each person. This isn’t going to have everyone, and I’ll have to do separate parts (that is if you guys want me too)!


Today was long. Too long. All you wanted to do was sleep for three days straight in retaliation. But, alas! It wasn’t that easy. Life was rough, and all you really wanted was a break.

A break from life.

That was a silly thought. Even if you had taken a vacation, the everlasting feeling of the inevitability of work and responsibility would be looming overhead throughout.

You sigh, shuffling around your living area, on route to the kitchen. The day was almost over, and sleep was very needed.

After a quick meal you finally made it in bed and closed your eyes in relief, only to have them open again in response to a starting bang in the house.

Maybe something feel over? That was very possible.

No, there was shuffling; you could hear it moving. Something was in your house.

You fly up, terrified, grabbing the metal flashlight near your bed. It was the closest thing you really had to a weapon in the vicinity; and if worst came to worst, it was a blunt object.

You move quickly and quietly to the source of the sound, trying to keep your breath steady. The noise was coming from around the corner of the hall, and you pray that it ends up being a friendly dog that had managed to wonder in.

You hold your breath and round the corner.

It’s…..a girl? She looks almost like she’s writhing in pain on the floor. Your grip on your flashlight tightens. It could be a trick, and you weren’t taking any chances. However, something about her was strikingly familiar. It bothered you; did you know this girl?

Then she disappears and reappears rapidly, shrouded in a strong blue light. You fall over backwards in surprise, landing on your tailbone.

You DID know this girl.

You were dreaming, this is a dream! She was fake! This is fake!

You crawl over to her. She stopped blinking and was back to writhing, holding her chest.

You reach at her. She blinks again.

You grab her shoulder. She looks at you and gasps.

The world turns blue.

This day just didn’t want to end, did it?


The first thing you noticed was the sky. It was daytime again. The air was thick with the smell of dust and gunpowder, but seemed to be settling.

There was stirring beside you. You look up at a now standing form beside you.

“That….. This is a first.” Getting a good look at her face, you realize that, yes, this girl was undisputedly Tracer. A girl from a fictitious world.

“I…….” You look around. A dilapidated town, the aftermath of a intense firefight.

Something in her ear caught her attention. An ear piece, you deduce.

“I’m fine. But….. I kinda brought someone back.” Tracer looks up at the sky, then at her surroundings. “I mean that this person came back with me somehow.” She pauses for a short while and looks back down at you. “Rodger!”

She kneels before you, offering a hand. “Are you okay?”

You nod and accept her hand, letting her help you up.

“I need you to come with me. Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you!” She puts her hand on her heart. “I swear!”

“Okay.” You mutter, hoping she couldn’t notice your slight shaking. This is starting to feel less and less like a dream, and you didn’t know if you should be ecstatic or anxious.

She grinned, leading the both of you out of the town and to a large airship in the distance. Woah! It was so much bigger in person!

The door hissed and opened upon your arrival reveling a group of people; most of which stood eagerly by the descending platform.

“Oh, thank goodness that you’re okay!” A shorter woman exclaimed. Wait, that was Mei! You glance quickly at the faces of the others to see if you knew them as well.

There’s Mei, Reinhardt, Mercy, Ana, and Soldier 76. This is crazy! These are real people, right here in front of you! Your mind could barely comprehend it.

Tracer ushers you inside and the door closes. “This is them.”

“And you’re sure that they ‘traveled’ with you?” Asks Solider, who seems to be sizing you up. You straighten your back, in attempt to look more confident.

“Absolutely! I saw them before we blinked back.”

“Tell me kid, what year is it?” All eyes fall on you and you shift from foot to foot sputtering out the year.

“They seem genuine,” Ana speaks, “you should take a seat. You look tired.” She’s gentle and pats your back, leading you to the seating against the walls.

76 sighs and runs his hand through his hair. “So we’re just taking them with us then?”

Mercy nods, “It is best that we look into this.” She presents her hand to you. “Hello! I’m doctor Angela Ziegler.” You shake hands as she continues to introduce the others. “I am afraid that you must come with us. For your safety and others.” Her words become stern and serious. You gulp noticeably.

“Oh, don’t be nervous,” Ana, who now sat behind you, started, “you’re completely safe here.”

“Okay. Thank you.” You look at your feet. Didn’t really have time to put on shoes before teleporting to a different world.

“Athena!” Soldier commanded,“Prepare for takeoff!” He look at the other agents. “You all should do the same.”

They all take their seats. Mei to your left, Ana to your right and the other four across from you. The bars above you lowered and secured, much like ones on a roller coaster and Athena warmed of take off protocol.

“Tell me, young one, what kind of music do you listen to?” Boomed Reinhardt with a large grin.

What a random question, though it seemed like him to ask.

You spoke the first band that came to mind, regardless of if you actually liked them or not. “Uh, Twenty-one Pilots?”

“Ah, yes! I remember hearing of them when I was younger!” You smile at his boisterous attitude as liftoff commenced.

The ship was relatively quiet, save for the dull roar of the engine, until Mei began to speak.

“I like your pajamas.” She commented sweetly.

Oh, that’s right. You praise your past self for not going to bed in just your underwear that night.

“Thank you.”

She hummed in response, and the conversation ended there, leaving you with only thoughts of awe and disbelief.


;u; This was like all exposition, but I find it hard leaving this without at least some kind of explanation. If I do another, I swear there’ll be more characters!


OK. This is some really heavy Angst right here, probably the most angstiest thing I have ever written. I do not want to spoil too much this story revolves around the death of a character. 
A huge thank you to @simplyshelbs16xoxo for beta-ing this! 
Enjoy! :)


Sometimes, he thinks of her and for an instance it is like nothing has ever changed. She is there, right beside him. He senses her presence. The familiar scent of her perfume is in the air. Her laugh echoes through the empty flat. He smiles, follows it, leans against the door frame of the bathroom. They are brushing their teeth, making faces in the mirror. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. She is wearing one of his shirts. He closes his eyes for a moment. The giggling is slowly fading away.
When he opens them again, there is only silence. He is alone. Slowly, he closes the bathroom door and walks over to his chair, trying to steady his breathing.

Mrs Hudson still brings up two cups of tea each morning, he tries to ignore the other cup, her cup, thinks about tossing it against a wall, but at the end of the day, it is still there. Empty.
Mrs Hudson apologizes each night, teary-eyed, telling him that she does not intend to pour salt on to the open wounds but she just cannot leave the cup downstairs. It hurts her too much. He nods, understands, admits that he still prepares a cup of tea for her as well.

They are worried, of course. He barely leaves his flat, only takes cases he once called dull, quickly solves them via mail. John stops by, makes sure that he is not taking anything. He understands the grief of his friend, gives him the space. Sometimes, he brings Rosie. They play for a while. For a while, he forgets the sorrows, the pain. But everything comes back to him when Rosie asks for Aunt Molly, starts crying. And then he is crying too. John fast takes Rosie, goes upstairs, tries to calm her. Sherlock sits on the floor, tries not to think about her, but it is too late already.

She is sitting on the couch, while he is writing a new blog entry. 
“What do think about kids?” she asks, playing with a strand of her hair.

His head darts up and he looks at her. “They are quite annoying, well some of them are, Rosie is an exception of course.”

“I meant what do you think about us having kids?” her eyes lock with his.
He furrows a brow. To be honest, he had never thought about starting a family. 

She smiles, “It is all right if you do not want to have any.” 

He blinks, taken back to reality by her soft voice. “I never said that. Actually, Miss Hooper, I would love to have kids.” 

Her smile widens and she gets up from the couch, unbuttoning the shirt she is wearing while walking over to the bedroom. “I am tired.” she says. Winks before closing the door behind her. He puts the laptop aside as fast as possible, following her eagerly.

When he opens his eyes again it is dark outside. He gets up from the ground. John has left a note on the kitchen table. He reads it and pours himself a cup of tea. It is cold. Her cup is still there, untouched. He leaves it there, suppressing the urge to fill it, so that it is not empty anymore. Instead, he goes back into the sitting room, grabs a book. He gets lost in the pages, a tragic love-story unwinds in front of his eyes. He is reading one of her books, of course. He had never understood her obsession with trashy literature but as he is diving deeper into the story, learning more about the characters, he has to admit that he somehow enjoys the book. He finishes it within three hours. 

The clock strikes midnight when he lies down. He stares at the ceiling. His hand is resting on the empty space next to him. He tries not think about her, but a moment later, he already feels her fingers brushing against his, caressing his skin by drawing soft circles on the back of his hand. Her mouth pressing against his knuckles. He falls asleep when the sun rises. The memories of her slowly fading into a blur.


He blinks. She is hovering above him, a wide smile on her lips. She is hiding something behind her back as she leans down to press a kiss to his lips. Hers taste like peppermint. He grins and wraps his arms around her waist, drawing her down to him. She squeals.

“What are you hiding?” he asks and rolls them over, so that he is the one hovering above her.

She clenches her fists. “Left or right?”

He musters her for a second, chuckling lowly. “Left.”

She opens her palm. Empty. “Try again.”

“Very funny, Miss Hooper. Right, then.” he says.

His eyes flutter open. There is a lump in his throat. He gets up and rushes to the bathroom; vomits. He leans against the bathtub, ignores the sound of his phone ringing. His legs are shaking when he gets up. He is thirsty. He enters the kitchen and his heartbeat stops for a second: one cup.
He hurries downstairs barefoot, bursts into Mrs Hudson’s flat.

“Where is it?” he asks, wide-eyed, before storming to her kitchen. 

“What are you talking about, Sherlock?” she is worried and slightly frightened.

He walks from cupboard to cupboard, rips the doors open rather violently. “Her cup!” he exclaims and slams the door of the last cupboard shut. “Where is it?” he repeats.

Mrs Hudson draws in a sharp breath. “It is all my fault.” she says and sinks down on to a kitchen chair. 

“It is broken.” he deduces and leaves the flat without looking behind.

He does not understand why he so emotional over a cup. In the end, it was just a piece of porcelain. But then again, it was so much more. It was hers. He stares at the single cup on the kitchen table. Empty. Lonely. 

The sound of music wakes him up. She is dancing around the kitchen, singing along. He watches her, smiles. When she spots him she stretches out her hand. 

“Dance with me, Mister Holmes.” she says. 

He rolls his eyes playfully before taking her hand, drawing her close to him. They waltz through the kitchen. She follows his lead, rests her head against his chest. 

“I love you,” he mumbles and presses a kiss to the top of her hair.

“I know.”

The silence is deafening. He walks over to the radio, turns it on, full volume. The melody of a famous pop song fills the room. He stands there in the middle room, tapping his feet along to the beat. When the song ends, he turns the radio off again. His phone rings, he answers it.


“I am glad to hear your voice again, Sherlock.” he sounds sincere.

“What do you want?”

“I- I just wanted to make sure that you are all right.” 

“Do not worry, brother dearest, I am not using.” he hangs up.

He composes, well, he tries to. But the melody does not sound right. It is too melancholic, but that is not what he wants. He wants it to be happy, up-beat, joyful like the songs they danced to. After an hour of scribbling notes on to a piece of paper he gives up, puts the violin aside. Sighing, he sinks down into his chair. For the flicker of a second, he thinks about the box under his bed, but he banishes it from his mind immediately.

“Marry me.”

“What?” she nearly drops the glass of water in her hands.

“I said: Marry me!” he raises his voice a little. A smug grin on his face.

She rolls her eyes. “I heard you the first time.”

He gets down on one knee in front of her, opens the small velvet box he is holding. “Molly Hooper. I love you. I could not imagine a life without you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He looks up at her. Tears are shimmering in her eyes. He is worried.

“I – of course! Get up here.” she says and puts the glass of water aside before pressing a tender kiss to his lips. “I love you.” she whispers.

“I know.”

He eyes the ring on his finger. He is still wearing it. Sometimes he thinks about putting it away, but he cannot bear to do it. His body trembles. Exhaustion. He forces himself up, stands shakily on his feet before walking over to the door of his flat. He puts on his coat; nearly falls down the stairs.
Outside, he hails a cab, exchanges a few words with the driver. 

The cemetery is well visited. He hurries past the mostly elder people. Slows down when he spots her grave. A bouquet of flowers; yellow daffodils. He swallows heavily, lays his own flowers beside them; red roses, thirteen exactly; one for each year he got to spend with her.
He kneels in front of her grave stone, brushes it clean. He feels a hand on his shoulder, does not dare to look up.

“Sherlock, you have to move on.” she squeezes his shoulder.

“No. This all my fault.”

He hears her sigh. Turns his head to look at her. She is wearing the summer dress they had bought together in Italy. He stares up at her lovingly. Her eyes are filled with tears. He reaches forward, wants to wipe the ones that are rolling over her cheeks away.

“Excuse me, Sir? Is everything okay?”

She is gone again.

“Yes, thank you. Everything is fine.” he says and turns around.

He is at home again. The silence is going to kill him, he is sure. He hums a melody; their wedding-waltz. Then, he is up to his feet, dancing through the sitting room, alone. Mrs Hudson opens the door a little, watches him, cries silent tears.
He is lost in his thoughts; she is in his arms, gazing up at him and for an instance it is like nothing has ever changed.

Thanks for reading! Reviews are love! <3

Loud Neighbour vs. Short Tempered German.

Warning: This story is very long but well worth it. Also there is “Too Long; Didnt Read” at the bottom of the story.

This was about a year ago. I had just moved into my new flat because the previous one was quite uncomfortable, as the owner and other flatmates were generally dicks. Lots of clashes with them and LOTS of leassons learned on how not to deal with people. Your usual college experience stuff, you know?

Now I had a job and money: Time to live on my own!

I move in and all is fine for a month. But I am exposed to loud gaming noises. I’m a gamer myself, so naturally I am not too annoyed about this. But these game noises would normally not stop until 1am/2am. Which is kinda shitty for my sleep-cycle and the enjoyment of weekends.
Trying to do the civil thing I ask the neighbour to turn it down. Turns out my neighbour is from New Zealand and doesnt speak German. (Hint, this is all taking place in Germany)
My english is good enough to have some chitchat and I try to build a friendly “bond” by idenitfying that he is either Aussie or NZ. He’s amazed by my english and confirms to be a Kiwi. He concludes with saying that it is no problem to game quietly; says he can do that definitely.

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anonymous asked:

Can't get enough of your Sherlolly fics! They really are the sweetest. Here's a prompt: Molly is pregnant but Sherlock, the ever-observant consulting detective husband, fails to notice the signs, big time. Hilarity ensues.

Oh, I had too much fun with this one. Enjoy! 

Of Scrabble Tiles and Expectant Fathers

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s only Consulting Detective was an expectant father. And he had no clue.

For two weeks he had been ignorant of it, despite all of his wife’s subtle and not-so-subtle attempts to tell him.

The buffet of ‘baby’ food (baby carrots, baby potatoes, lamb chops, and baby spinach) had gone right over his over-sized head.

The hints at increasing her visits to the OBGYN had gone unnoticed.

The little booties she’d placed on his microscope had been discarded as misplaced from the Watson’s baby.

The suggestions at maybe needing more space in their room had been taken as a desire for a bigger bed (not that Molly was complaining about that, the new king-size bed was a dream).

The mention of her possibly getting bigger had been met with a terrified stare and a fumbling mess of reassurances that he loved her and not just her body and that beauty was a social ideology that he did not conform to.

The breakfast of hot cinnamon buns fresh from the oven had been met with delight, but he still remained oblivious.

Aside from sitting him down and smacking him with a pregnancy test, which Molly didn’t want to be reduced to, there was one last thing she was going to do.

Sherlock had been out with John on a 5 for the past few days, leaving Molly time to perfect her plan.

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Courtroom Women & Mayfly Men, Part 1 - Introduction

I’d like to draw your attention to the most scrutinized Sherlock episode of all time, The Sign Of Three. Specifically, I’d like to draw your attention to the most scrutinized element of the most scrutinized episode of all time – the mind palace courtroom deduction scenes.

Well, guys, I hate to say it, but we’ve missed something. We’ve missed something really fucking big. And it’s been sitting right in front of our noses this whole time.

To set things up, I’m going to talk about Occam’s Razor. Basically, that the most simple and elegant solution is usually the correct one, unless there is a compelling reason why we should be looking at an unwieldy one. This is what has always bugged me about our existing interpretation of the mind palace deduction scenes. It’s already a SUPER complex piece of media, so we do not need to be making it any more difficult by tacking on unnecessary interpretive hoops to jump through.

Here’s a quick review of fandom’s accepted interpretation of the courtroom deductions: Sherlock brings in the victims of the Mayfly Man to interrogate them. Subtextually, the women represent different facets of John (Vicky, notably, represents sexuality). The courtroom mind palace room represents Sherlock’s mind, where John pops in and out of the courtroom from his spot in mind palace 221B (or Sherlock’s heart, where John has already taken over). In other words, John has possessed Sherlock’s heart, but his mind isn’t consciously aware of it yet. Once we get Sherlock dropping his champagne glass and going back to the courtroom, he rapidly puts the pieces together and subtextually deduces - through the metaphor of John mirroring the Mayfly Man - that John has been hiding his orientation, and his feelings for Sherlock. Most of our existing interpretation is just fine. But. The one part that has never sat right with me is the interpretation of the victims of the Mayfly Man.

Again, common fandom knowledge dictates that these 5 women represent different facets of John. They represent his domesticity, his danger, his frugality, his sexuality, etc. I can see the reading, but it’s always struck me that this is so not Razor-y.

I was watching The Sign of Three one day (like you do) and it hit me. What if, quite simply, quite literally, the romantic victims of the Mayfly Man

are, again, quite simply, the romantic victims of the Mayfly Man?

It simply does not get any more razor-y than that. And guess what? Turns out we’ve got character mirrors all over the place to back this up, with huge, obvious hints that yes they are mirrors, and the data these mirrors yield are absolutely mindblowing.

Are you freaking out yet? I KNOW. I’m totally freaking out. I loved doing this analysis so much. So here’s how this is going to go. This is part 1 of a 10-part meta series looking at what exactly the implications are of Sherlock bringing in all of John’s ex-girlfriends, and Mary, into a courtroom in his mind palace, to interrogate them, at John’s wedding. There are a lot of them.  Implications that stretch backwards and forwards across the entire show, and also tie in beautifully with the Hamish narrative that I’ve discussed before. We get a narrative feedback loop where we have subtext confirming subtext, consistently, across the entire show. Back to series 1. There’s just a ton of data to comb through, and I’ve attempted to make sense of it all.

Below the jump cut, I’m going to just set up the foundations, and line up all the evidence for this reading. There’s a lot of it and it’s ridiculously fun. This is just the appetizer course, where I’m going to point to a lot of things and get really overly excitable and say “holy shit can you believe this!” Because I’ve been sifting through all this data for months and I’m about to explode. Once that’s out of my system, in future installments, we’re going to be taking a very close look at the implications for the subtext (and the text) of the show itself. Again, there’s a lot:

  • Major implications for Sherlock, John, Mary, Moriarty, Sholto, Irene, Tessa, Vicky, & Sarah
  • A line by line analysis of both of the mind palace courtroom deduction scenes in light of the new data
  • We’ll look backwards and forwards throughout the show at new data that our character mirrors give us
  • Narrative feedback loops, and how this information ties in to all of the previous elements of the Hamish narrative (spoiler: really fucking well)
  • …And a few other miscellaneous things as well.

Guys, I’ve been working on this project on and off for 5 months and I. Am. So. Excited. To. Finally. Share. This. Meet you on the flip side!

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Sherlock Meta Masterpost

Sherlock Fandom Survey Results - this post as page 


A Work In Progress. 

I will update this as I come across material that was previously unknown to me and if you have anything that’s missing, please let me know! 

“Let’s play subtext.” - LSiT

[Disclaimer: A large part of LSiT’s, mid0nz’s, wsswatson’s, deducingbbcsherlock’s, theconsultingactor’s, adlerforpresident’s and finalproblem’s work is yet to be included. It will be added soon. Also there might be an extra section for shorter gif posts without much text.]



Our “smoking gun”: 

  • BBC’s 2009 LGB Research Commission | LSiT - The BBC undertook massive research to determine how its LGB viewers think about portrayal of LBG issues on television. In short, the BBC sees it as its duty to reflect life’s diversity in its program and specifically decided to push for “landmark” LGB content. 


1) Episode Meta

  • The Unaired Pilot | LSiT - It hasn’t been dubbed “gay pilot” for it’s lack of homoerotic subtext… 
  • Space, Framing, Tone & Meaning | wsswatson - On how the cinematography changed from the unaired pilot to ASiP

A Study in Pink

  • Subversion and Sherlock Series: Introduction | A Study in Pink | The Blind Banker | tbc
  • Shaftesbury Avenue and Requited since the pilot | LSiT and auburndammit - The statue of Anteros, the Greek God of requited love, can be seen when the ASiP title card appears. Also, Shaftesbury *giggles* Avenue appears all over Sherlock and the Network App. 
  • Proof from the Script that we’re supposed to read John as suicidal (in ASiP) | LSiT - Furthering the idea of John’s depression being related to his hidden bisexuality. 
  • John’s look at Sherlock during drugs bust | joolabee - Right, because that moment has actual subtext. We’ve been using the gif too much for other things. 
  • Mike Stamford, Matchmaker | anigrrrl2 - humorous subtitles for Mike’s smug expressions in the pilot
  • Phone as heart metaphor | rebootingcheesecake, inevitably-johnlocked, cumberpaldi, teeandforshadowing 

The Blind Banker

  • Subversion and Sherlock Series: Introduction | A Study in Pink | The Blind Banker | tbc
  • My Friend and Colleague | mid0nz - Sherlock emphasizes “friend”, John “colleague”, ACD says both. 
  • John is Not a Coldhearted Jerk | mid0nz, mildredandbobbin, moi3489 - How one cut changed the tone from the script of TBB completely.  

The Great Game

  • The Great Light [TGG] | 221beemine - The pool scene is lit light porn! 

A Scandal in Belgravia

  • The Hiker Deduction is about how John broke up with Sarah | LSiT - The hiker as stand-in for John, the victim who returned from New Zealand also as a foil to John… Conclusion: John and Sarah broke up because of Sherlock, and, more specifically, because John couldn’t get it up for her. 
  • Was John actually there for the Hiker Deduction | LSiT - or was he just a projection of Sherlock?
  • The Speckled Blonde (case on John’s Blog) and how John’s father may be the reason John’s in the closet | LSiT - The Blonde was killed by a slow acting poison, which subtextually aligns with her father’s homophobia and there are lots of parallels comparing her to John. 
  • Why Sherlock wasn’t in love with Irene | LSiT 
  • What Irene meant by “I don’t think so… do you?” | LSiT 
  • Sherlock’s smoking habit proves he wasn’t in love with Irene | LSiT 
  • Irene’s theme is John through Sherlock’s eyes | LSiT
  • Mycroft’s and Sherock’s moral philosophies and Sherlock’s immediate attraction to John | LSiT 
  • "Mr Archer, on the count of three” |  couldntpossiblycomment - One small sentence ties into the archer/cupid iconography used throughout the show. 

Hounds of Baskerville

  • Three Signs Sherlock is jealous of Henry in HoB | just-sort-of-happened 
  • Major Berrymore as John’s foil | shinka 
  • Military parallels between HoB and TSoT | shinka 

The Reichenbach Fall

  • What didn’t John say at Sherlock’s Grave | LSiT 
  • John’s body language at Sherlock’s Grave | Provocatrixxx and porcupine-girl 
  • “For Me” | joolabee - A closer look at Sherlock asking John to do it “for me” on the rooftop. 

The Empty Hearse

  • Tone, Self-Image, Brothers and Ees Zees Sherlock Anway? - part I - The Subconscious (part II) - Su-Limination (part III) 221beemine - still have to read this one :)
  • Best In-Frame Use of Light as a Narrative Device | 221beemine - John at Baker Street in TEH 
  • The Holmes Parents and how they mirror John and Sherlock | xistentialangst - A closer look at the scene in TEH. 
  • Elephants Everywhere |
  • Is a camera transition an allusion to a popular fanfic | LSiT - It refers to “The Progress of Sherlock Holmes” by Ivy Blossom. 
  • The Curious Case of the Twin Wallpapers + Drunk Deductions Crime Scene | stepfordgeek and LSiT 
  • Sherlock dropping his food in TEH and the Jack the Ripper Crime Scene | LSiT
  • Martin’s acting in the recognition scene | plaidadder and mild-lunacy 
  • Gatiss and the Subversive Song | acafanmon - On Donde Estas Yolanda
  • Reason No. 2 why we should thank Mr Holmes for Johnlock | pornpreferencenormal 
  • The Language of Flowers in TEH | shekillscacti
  • Train Scene in TEH | astudyinrose 

The Sign of Three

  • The Language of Flowers in TSoT | shekillscacti - Closer look at the flowers and what they mean… very insightful!
  • Lyrics to John’s Stag Night | LSiT 
  • For Science, Jawn | 221beemine - A close look at the stag night at 221b, shot by shot. 
  • That Scene | 221beemine - Very short look at what the Who Am I game means.
  • That Sequence | acafanmom - Shot analysis. 
  • International Reputations, or the Lack Thereof | LSiT - The conversation in the hallway is John and Sherlock stating that they want to have sex with each other.
  • John is trying to cheat on Mary with Sherlock | LSiT - The “I don’t mind” deconstructed. 
  • Why Sherlock lied about finding out John’s middle name | LSiT 
  • Sherlock dresses as the other groom | LSiT - What we all thought.
  • My Husband is Three People | wsswatson - A look at the triangles in TSoT, starting from the case Sherlock solves without even leaving the flat. 
  • The Mysterious Case of the Johnlock Signpost | xistentialangst - Written after SoT. 
  • Sherlock’s Mind Palace: The Bakerstreet Room | deducingbbcsherlock 
  • What is Love Anyway? or How Sherlock Deduced Himself in Love | LSiT - I still don’t follow this exactly. Need to re-read it several times, I guess…^^
  • Deducing John with help of Major Sholto | Provocatrixxx  
  • Clothing, Costumes, Parallels, Caricatures and foreshadowing-is-ruining-my-life and addition | freebachproblem - On Major Sholto and Sherlock, and why Sherlock might come close to dying and accepting it. 
  • Mirror, Mirror | sublim8 - Sherlock spins, sees himself in mirror shortly before John enters the frame. 
  • Subtext equates John with The Mayfly Man and John lying about being bisexual | LSiT - It’s all so obvious when LSiT explains it to me, srly. 
  • The bi-bomb | deducingbbcsherlock - gif post showing how similar (in terms of colours) the bomb in TEH, the bar scene and the last scene of TSoT are. 
  • Irene’s Theme in the Mind Palace and Sherlock deducing John’s bisexuality | LSiT 
  • Sherlock playing Nurse | LSiT - A very nice piece of erotic imagery indeed. 
  • Sign of Red Part II | 221beemine - Military kink and arguments against queer and bi-erasure.
  • Sign of Red musings | xistentialangst
  • Dancing as Sex in Moffat’s writing | wsswatson and bbcatemysoul 
  • Sherlock coming out to Molly? | mrsashdown - The perfect man with John’s picture - what it might mean in context. 
  • The Fine Line Between Comedy and Pathos, Or, It’s Not Just Fluff | acafanmom - About comedy in TSoT

His Last Vow

  • Close reading of Janine in 221B plus answer to anon and another answer | 221beemine 
  • Green with envy | adlerforpresident - How green in HLV drives John’s jealousy home. 
  • A socratic approach to subtext | LSiT - On John and how he wonders who Sherlock is protecting. 
  • Moriarty’s role in Sherlock’s mind palace | LSiT 
  • Sherlock first looks for John in his mind palace | LSiT 
  • Why John thinks Sherlock killed CAM for Mary | LSiT - This hurts me every time I think about it. Sherlock intentionally makes John think he did it for Mary… 
  • Sherlock does NOT trust Mary | LSiT - Good. 
  • Sherlock the Dragon Slayer | xistentialangst - in which John is the damsel in distress. Hehe. 
  • John as the Damsel In Distress | wsswatson
  • On Sherlock snapping at Mycroft | silentauroriamthereal
  • The Lie of His Last Vow plus Additionmore and Response and another response and Response to the Response  | archipelagoarchaea, mild-lunacy, nightvalesubway, martha-sherlock, allysongrono   
  • HLV fix it | welovethebeekeepermiadifferent - Comparision between John’s sleeping habits in the ACD story and HLV.
  • How HLV would have gone if they hadn’t wanted to reveal Sherlock’s feelings | deducingbbcsherlock 

Across the Series:

  • The Unabridged Dictionary of Johnlock Tropes: 157 Romantic Tropes in the Gayest Show on Television theconsultingactor 
  • Arguments for the subtext becoming text in the future LSiT and thetwogaydetectives 
  • Top 4 Reasons why Johnlock will become canon | bbcatemysoul 
  • I don’t need meta | warmth-and-constancy - A list of things we don’t need meta to explain.
  • A Clusterfuck of Psychos Series: part I - part II - part III - part IV | deducingbbcsherlock
  • Johnlock and the idea that Sherlock is a sociopath | LSiT - John thinking Sherlock is a sociopath is part of the big misunderstanding that’s keeping them apart. 
  • John / Jim Sholto / Sherlock | deducingbbcsherlock - A look at TSoT’s locked mystery of similar names across TSoT and HLV. 
  • “Look at us both” John and Irene with anti-tjlc reaction | wsswatson, ben-c 
  • HLV - Why being a high functioning Sociopath is so important for Sherlock | wellingtongoose 
  • Moriarty, Irene and Johnlock | LSiT - Moriarty and Irene are both distorted versions/mirrors to Sherlock. 
  • John loves Sherlock back plus more on the subject | piningjohn - A look at how much John needs Sherlock and answer to anon listing scenes that don’t make sense if it’s unrequited.  
  • Why “not gay” doesn’t mean straight | wsswatson - A powerpoint presentation.
  • John Licking his Lips | queen-mxroft - John licking his lips, oscillating on the pavement… coincidence?
  • John’s feelings for Sherlock after marrying Mary | Ivy Blossom
  • Sherlock’s Sexual Identity and Season 3 | xistentialangst
  • Stone Romancer, John Watson: Some thoughts on John’s sexuality | Ivy Blossom
  • Sherlock’s feelings for John per episode (part II) LSiT
  • John’s feelings for Sherlock per episode | LSiT 
  • Molly as foil | LSiT 
  • M-theory: Mycroft, Moriarty, and Magnussen’s shared motifs, James Bond’s “M”, Mary and Janine, and the big gay long game | LSiT - This is long, epic and awesome to read. 85k of it. Bottom line: Moriarty is still alive, has Mycroft wrapped around his finger and is Janine’s brother. Also, he sent Janine after Sherlock. And Moriarty is very much into our beloved detective - romantically. 
  • Sherlock’s morality | LSiT - A short one, but the subject is dealt with in LSiT’s M-theory more extensively. 
  • Love and Breadcrumbs: The Relationship Development of Sherlock and John on BBC’s Sherlock and full deconstruction of HLV | xistentialangst
  • Penance: Sherlock in Season 3 | xistentialangst 
  • On Queerbaiting, Mofftiss, etc. | the consulting actor
  • Acting and what it means for TJLC | the consulting actor
  • Why Sherlock’s attractiveness obliterates some people’s sexual orientation | LSiT - On how the need to identify is a social construct and people reacting to Sherlock.
  • On Sherlock’s Virginity | LSiT
  • The Continuity Axiom: the real conspiracy | mild-lunacy - As to why TJLC explains continuity problems in season 3. 
  • The Long Game | salsify, mild-lunacy - Sherlock’s 5 seasons as 5 acts of a classic drama… would definitely work imo!
  • The Elephant in the Room | finalproblem - Elephants everywhere. Even though Arwel Wyn Jones says it wasn’t intentional. And we’re still believing anything a crew member says? 
  • Being Sherlock Holmes - on his low sense of self-worth with speculation for future series | painlockmultifandom-madnesss  
  • The Significance of Pirates and Sexuality in Sherlock | swatlock - What the pirate comments might mean in light of matelot, aka “pirate marriage”. 
  • Shadow of the World: On John, Sherlock, Mary and Mirrors Series: Introduction - A Study in Parallels: Placing the Mirrors - The Blind Beloved: Sharpening the Reflections - The Great Gambit: Entering the Hall of Mirrors - Painting Masks: Two Sides of a Psychopathic Disguise - Examining the Game: Why Mofftiss entered the Hall of Mirrors and what they are showing us - Playing with Fire-breathers: Forgiveness, goodbyes and the Long Game | theconsultingactor - 26k of meta which I have yet to read but am very eager to do so. 
  • Difference and the Critical Possibility of Sherlock plus Series of Closer looks at Season 3 | acafanmom 
  • Ugh misunderstandings |  kinklock, mild-lunacy - A list of all the misunderstandings that have happened between John and Sherlock. 
  • Sherlock’s pain in HLV | welovethebeekeepermild-lunacy - Why Sherlock’s pain in the mind palace scene makes more sense in the light of tjlc. 
  • Why we will see Sherlock and John in bed together | bbcatemysoul

2) The Creators & Crew

  • Trust in Gatiss: Operation Johnlock is Go and Operation Johnlock is still Go (post HLV) | LSiT - Johnlock has been endgame from the start and everyone is in on it. 
  • Moffat is the biggest Heterobaiter of all: part I - part II - part III - part IV | LSiT221beemineincurablylazydevil and noctumsolis - Part I shows which episodes and parts Moffat has written and they are all heavy on Johnlock. Part II goes in the same direction while part III reveals Moffat as the writer of Press Gang, a 90s show which was prominent with girls and women as well as POC.  Part IV dwells even more on Moffat and his writing. 
  • They cut a scene in a gay bar in TSoT | darlingbenny 
  • What about Ben and Martin? They would totally play Johnlock - Martin saying John is in love with Mary, not Sherlock - answered ask | LSiT, multufandom-madnesss
  • Mofftiss are LIARS - tweet confirmation - quote regarding S4 and 5 
  • The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes served as template for BBC’s Sherlock, according to Mark Gatiss | LSiT
  • Captain Subtext, a character on Steven Moffat’s Coupling | LSiT 
  • Stephen Moffat on writing Sherlock’s Best Man Speech | - Magazine article 
  • Interview with Joe Lidster | sherlockcanada - Interview with the author of BBC’s Sherlock’s blog.
  • Authorial Intent analysis | destinationtoast, intellectualfangirl, mild-lunacy - Starting from an ask about why the gay bar scene was cut if tjlc is real, a discussion about authorial intent, bi-erasure and a lot more. 
  • The Princess Bride, Moffat, and TJLC - thinking about the parallels between TPB and Sherlock - speculation on the basis of TPB | LSiT, deduce-my-heart, miadifferent  - A look at the Johnlock parallels in Moffat’s movie The Princess Bride. 
  • Mark Gatiss and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes | wsswatson 

3) Additional Material (Blogs, Network, etc.)

  • The Promo Pictures | LSiT - Yes, they have always been gay. 
  • Johnlock in The Network | LSiT - The climactic sequence screams Johnlock so loud it’s deafening. 
  • The Speckled Blonde and bubble baths | LSiT - Drawing on a case from John’s blog with the conclusion that John’s father might be homophobic. 
  • The Mystery of the Aluminium Crutch | writemeastoryofsolitude and Additional Comments | LSiT - Wonderful breakdown of how the case on John’s blog offers a lot of subtext. Hint: Sherlock is gay and fell in love with John without realising it.  
  • An Ode To Intermediacy | violethuntress 
  • The Johnlock Conspiracy | Hubpages - Great article about the most important arguments of TJLC. 
  • Straight until proven otherwise (Sherlock’s sexuality in ACD) | wsswatson - A look at parts of ACD’s stories and why wsswatson always read the original Sherlock as aromantic. (This is the updated version. You can find the original post here.)
  • Doctor Who - Vastra and Jenny as mirrors for John and Sherlock plus answered question | sherlockisactuallyagaynamewhyhamish, and wsswatson 


Non TJLC-centric Meta:

  • M-theory: Mycroft, Moriarty, and Magnussen’s shared motifs, James Bond’s “M”, Mary and Janine, and the big gay long game | LSiT - This is long, epic and awesome to read. 85k of it. Bottom line: Moriarty is still alive, has Mycroft wrapped around his finger and is Janine’s brother. Also, he sent Janine after Sherlock. And Moriarty is very much into our beloved detective - romantically. 
  • Have a Gottle ‘o Geer, my Poppet and Dummy Knowledge | thegreekinterpreter - Dummy motifs reinforce Moriarty’s control. 


  • The Young Sherlock - Unilock Meta | mid0nz - A look at Sherlock’s reaction towards Seb in TBB. 
  • Sherlock’s Emotional Arc | acafanmom 
  • Ugly Duckling | mid0nz, itsallblogtome - Sherlock’s code name on Mycroft’s computer.


  • Mycroft was Moriarty’s Target | thecutteralicia 
  • The Holmes Childhood | 221beemine 
  • Why the Holmes Parents are perfect | wellingtongoose - Why the parents fit and what we learn or deduce about the Holmes childhood. 
  • On Sherlock and Mycroft: Your Loss Would Break My Heart | stephisanerd
  • Mycroft as Sherlock’s parent | thecutteralicia
  • Mycroft as Sherlock’s brother | thecutteralicia 
  • Mycroft and John | thecutteralicia
  • Mark’s Creation | thecutteralicia - on Mycroft and Mark Gatiss, his creator. 
  • Mycroft: Lestrade’s Partner | thecutteralicia 
  • Mycroft’s Position | thecutteralicia - A look at the facts regarding Mycroft’s job and a response/addition to the following.
  • Mycroft the Enigma Part I | wellingtongoose - A look at Mycroft’s role in UK politics. 
  • A Minor Role in the British Government | mid0nz 
  • Heroes and Villains | wellingtongoose - Essay-series on enigmas and villains of Sherlock. 
  • Let’s Do Deductions | kinklock - Reading between the lines when Sherlock and Mycroft deduce the bobble hat. 


  • People don’t like John | LSiT - Answer to the question why John has hardly any friends. 
  • On John’s Military Career | Provocatrixxx - A look at how John’s career could have gone posted on AO3. 
  • John’s feelings for Mary (answer to anon) | theconsultingactor 
  • Exploring John Watson’s Childhood | wellingtongoose
  • Explaining John’s CV - reconstruction of said CV | wellingtongoosetrishkafibble 
  • Is John a Pretty Lady? | acafanmom 
  • John’s father issues and Major Reed | kinklock 


  • Mary, Redemption and the Long Game or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Season 3 | archipelago 
  • Penitence, Paradox and Psychopathy: Why Mary is a bit not good | theconsultingactor - Close look at Mary in s3 and very anti-Mary. 
  • Did Mary mean to kill Sherlock? | xistentialangst
  • The Problem with Mary | xistentialangst
  • “Sherlock and John killed people too” and why that isn’t quite the same thing | painlock - Argues against those who defend Mary and put her on the same level as Sherlock and John in terms of killing people.
  • Mary Manipulating Sherlock’s low self-worth | silentauroriamthereal, whytchblood, ceywoozle 
  • Down in the Valley | finalproblem - Why was Mary before season 3?
  • Mary = Moran? | 221blueberries - Is Mary Moran from ACD canon?
  • Mary as Sherlock’s inverse/ Marc Darcy parallels | msaliddell, wsswatson 
  • Mary Morstan and other theories | wsswatson - A look at Mary and how Moran is portrayed in ACD. 
  • Baker Street Knife | just-sort-of-happened 


  • Why does Major Sholto require special Dispensation to wear Dress Blues | Provocatrixxx 
  • BBC Sherlock Wallpaper Masterpost | stepfordgeek - The fandom needed this. 
  • Molly in Season 3 | 221beemine - Molly is not a doormat. 
  • Sally Donovan Meta | bbcatemysoul and LSiT - Sally is more than a bully. 
  • A Strange Yellow Squiggle - Racism in TBB | mid0nz - Short and wank-ish but mid0nz makes a very, very valid point imo. 
  • 50 Shades of Sarah, a Melodrama | mid0nz - Looking at the script and how sexist Thompson’s writing is…
  • In defense of Sally Donovan | wsswatson (compilation)


  • Walk me through Lazarus again | violethuntress, cosmoglaut, ivyblossom - 
  • #the empty fall | finalproblem - a collection of posts that point out inconsistencies in the fall theories as seen in season 3. 



Season 1

  • Space, Framing, Tone & Meaning | wsswatson - On how the cinematography changed from the unaired pilot to ASiP
  • Sherlock and the Cabbie [ASiP] | wsswatson - An analysis of a screencap in ASiP for mid0nz’s meta project. 
  • A Study in Purple [ASiP] | 221beemine - omg there really is a lot of purple in the pilot!
  • A Study in Bokeh [ASiP] | mid0nz 
  • The Impossible Shot [ASiP] | mid0nz - How the scene of the boys leaving 221b works. 
  • John is Not a Coldhearted Jerk [TBB] | mid0nz, mildredandbobbin, moi3489 - How one cut changed the tone from the script of TBB completely.
  • An Alarming Shade of Pink [ASiP, TGG] | mid0nz 
  • John Watson’s Mood Curtain [TGG] | mid0nz - John’s mood as reflected in the “curtains” visible in the shot.
  • The Great Light [TGG] | 221beemine - The pool scene is lit light porn! 
  • The Real Lost Vermeer in the Museum’s Guard’s Bedroom [TGG] | mid0nz 
  • A Survey of Light: Chromatic Chiaroscuro in TGG | mid0nz 
  • The Illusion of Depth The Z-axis in TGG and gif post | mid0nz 
  • Framing Sherlock in TGG: Steve Lawes’ Camera Eye | mid0nz - A closer look at the scene where Sherlock examines Carl Power’s shoes. 
  • Lost without My Blogger: Focus on John in TGG | mid0nz 
  • The Golem vs. Fire Exit | mid0nz 
  • Seeing the angles: Tilt-shift lens | 221beemine 
  • Rule of Thirds and the frame | 221beemine - On “good” framing, centering someone in a frame, etc. Also, see: 
  • Rule of Thirds | mid0nz 
  • Some Camera Shots in Sherlock | mid0nz - a look at what some shots are called and what they might imply. 
  • Sherlock Landscapes | mid0nz 
  • Sherlock, Cinematography, Sex and gender | notagarroter - This illustrates how the show’s lighting sexualized Benedict Cumberbatch.

Season 2

  • Scene Analysis: Battersea Power Station | thecutteralicia
  • Scene Analysis: The Morgue | thecutteralicia 

Season 3

  • Fall. Now. mid0nz - Pointing out the colour change in HLV and how the colouring of certain Fall scenes differs from the original one. 
  • Torture Scene Inspiration plus analysis | mid0nz, 221beemine, avawatson - mid0nz asked Steve Lawes what inspired him for the cinematography of the torture scene an it’s quite telling. 
  • Opening shot of TEH: DoP appreciation 221beemine
  • Tone, Self-Image, Brothers and Ees Zees Sherlock Anway? - part I - The Subconscious (part II) - Su-Limination (part III) 221beemine - still have to read this one :)
  • Best In-Frame Use of Light as a Narrative Device | 221beemine - John at Baker Street in TEH
  • The Empty Eye, or, The Vision Fetish, or, Trains and Projections | 221beemine - A look at a few cinematographic aspects of TEH. 
  • The Still in Mycrofts Office | 221beemine and mid0nz - 
  • The Phantom Shot [TEH and SoT] | 221beemine - 
  • For Science, Jawn | 221beemine - A close look at the stag night at 221b, shot by shot. 
  • The Sign of Red and Part II [SoT] | 221beemine
  • Sign of Red musings | xistentialangst
  • The Kiss Shot aka The HUG [TSoT] | 221beemine - Argues that the Hug in SoT is basically a wedding kiss shot. *swoons* 
  • Lighting Mary: The Empty Hearse - The Sign of Three and His Last Vow | 221beemine
  • Negative Space Framing | 221beemine -
  • How would a Johnlock kiss be shot? | 221beemine - unfolds several possibilities. 
  • Pictures very much worth more than 1000 words | 221beemine 
  • Mary in Red [HLV] | 221beemine and xistentialangst - 
  • Lasers on Sherlock’s face [HLV] | 221beemine - refers to the sharp shooter laser lights in the mind palace being red and then turning green in reality
  • Molly in the boltholes scene [HLV] | 221beemine - 
  • Mary and the lense flare [HLV] | 221beemine
  • Female reading of the Male Gaze and Sherlock | 221beemine
  • I see what you did there | deducingbbcsherlock - The blow job shot in SoT
  • I am Blue | acafanmom - Across the series, a look at shades of blue. 
  • Anatomy of an Influence | mid0nz - A look at how a painting shaped the torture scene in TEH
  • Phallic symbols in stag night bar scene | thetwogaydetectives 
  • The Swipe Transition in TSoT | mid0nz 


  • Why we will see Sherlock and John in bed together | bbcatemysoul



  • Irene’s theme is John through Sherlock’s eyes | LSiT



  • What about the baby | 221beemine - Argues for considering the baby to be a plot device. 
  • Mary as a mother (answer to anon) | theconsultingactor 
  • Is the baby John’s? (answer to anon) | theconsultingactor 
  • Why we may never meet Baby Watson | deducingbbcsherlock - There’s an entire list of reasons. 
  • If Sherlock met Irene before John | joolabee - Warning bc author is very critical of modernized Irene. 
  • Johnlock in the light of Sherlolly  | wsswatson 
  • Lestrolly will be canon - top 4 reasons it won’t - yes, it will wsswatsonbbcatemysoul
  • ACD’s Adventure of the Dancing Men will feature in future seasons | deducingbbcsherlock 



  • Each Frame Tells A Story: An Interview with Cinematographer Steve Lawes | mid0nz 
  • Music to Picture: An Interview with Composer Michael Price | mid0nz 



  • TRANSCRIPTS | ArianeDevere - All transcripts! Bless this woman. 
  • Sherlock Fandom Glossary
  • Is TJLC a cult? | LSiT - Hilarious. Nope, we’re merely a religion. 
  • A Wider Universe | wellingtongoose - Essay collection on British things and Sherlock: Sherlock’s university life - Accounting for Sherlock - Accents in Sherlock - Guns and BBC Sherlock - Sherlock, his Drug Habit and the Science of Addiction - More Tea Please, We’re Sherlocked - Mycroft’s Suits and British Politics - Politics of Mycroft Holmes - On Sherlock, the UK and why England is not a country 
  • Why so many people ship Johnlock | wsswatson - one of the most comprehensive posts I have seen so far with many pictures. 
  • On the SA80 (assault rifle) | Provocatrixxx 
  • ID tags and Service Numbers | Provocatrixxx
  • Saluting | Provocatrixxx
  • How does the British Army treat mental illness | Provocatrixxx
  • Semantics of Healthcare | wellingtongoose - Essay-series about the real world of medicine in regards to Sherlock. 
  • TSoT - Why the murder doesn’t work | wellingtongoose - Alert, medical professional at work :)
  • HLV - Sherlock’s drugs and urine test | wellingtongoose - What drugs Sherlock might have taken and why he needed to pee in a cup. 
  • Nuclear Meltdown at the Met - part II | wellingtongoose - Why the Reichenbach fallout would have been catastrophic. 
  • Major Sholto’s Medals | detectivelyd 



  • How To Find Subtext | LSiT
  • Inferring authorial intent | LSiT
  • What it takes to formulate and write a persuasive meta plus an addendum | LSiT
  • Why queer people tend to see Johnlock and straight people don’t LSiT 
  • Decoding Subtext in ACD’s works | nekosmuse - A website with essays on ACD’s stories. 
  • Can’t it be both? Or: using fic to meta plus discussion | eiael-thinksmild-lunacybaudown



  • Sherlock Fandom Survey Results
  • On who is allowed to speak for whom | joolabee - Response to a post that’s saying some… very controversial stuff about “slash fetishizing” etc. 
  • Truly, We Are A Generation of Hypocrites | axiom + reaction Regarding Hypocrisy | joolabee - I have only read the answer but bottom line is that you can’t look at fandom in a vacuum which axiom apparently does. 
  • The Mythical “Normal” Fan | urbanhymnal 
  • Fandom and Ew, Girls | urbanhymnal 
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Thinking Out Loud

I lift her hand above her head and she giggles before ducking to spin, her blue dress fanning out and brushing against my legs. Her eyes glimmer in the dim light of the club, the rich green a striking contrast to her lightly tanned skin. She is beautiful, in the purest and truest sense of the word, and the mass of couples dancing around us cannot tear away my attention. Catching me staring, wondering for the thousandth time how I am lucky enough to call her mine, she grins bashfully and moves closer to me as the song fades before a new one begins.

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