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ღ What Hurts The Most ღ

A/N: You can do better girl. You’re independent, you’re beautiful, plenty of others would gladly have you as their special partner!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 455

Warnings: Fighting, language, fluff

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 Looking back now, he wasn’t worth it. He wasted your time, he lied, and just wasn’t the one for you. It all started on the day you found out he was talking with his ex. 

“You are one hell of a liar. I actually believed you loved me. Huh, to think I loved you back.” You shouted. He followed close behind.

“Babe please, it’s not what you think. W-We are just talking, I swear.” He pleaded and pleaded, but the guilty look on his face gave away the truth. 

You walked out of the house with your keys and bags, unlocked your trunk, placing all your things in. You were completely and utterly, done.

“Shut up and leave me alone. I’m out of here.” You put your hand up, stopping him from saying anything else. Entering your car and starting it, you looked to him one last time. 

Up went your middle finger and off you went. In the need of a buzz, you stopped by the closest bar you could find. There was really no where you could go where you wouldn’t be hit with the signature words, ‘I told ya so.’ 

“Three tequila shots please.” You spoke to the bartender as you sat down on a stool. You didn’t notice the man next to you smirking until he turned and spoke to you. 

“Well, someone’s had a bad day, huh sweetheart.” You turned, the man was abnormally gorgeous. His dark blonde hair sticking up in all the right places. 

His deep green eyes, with just enough intensity. You were breathless. You managed a scoff. “One could think so.” 

“I’m here if you’d like to talk.” His smile was sweet and kind. “Momma always told me not to talk to strangers.” You smirked, devilishly as the bartender set your shots down in front of you. 

“Well, my name is Dean Winchester. There, not a stranger anymore.” He turned his body towards you, engrossed in the conversation about to happen. You told him everything. 

How your fuck-boy of an ex, lied and faked everything. Also how you left his sorry ass. 

“Wow, some people are just the worst, aren’t they?” He shook his head. You could see how your story angered him. 

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“I would never do that to you." 

You raised a questioning eyebrow. "Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren’t we?" 

He smiled and leaned in. "Maybe. But I’m being serious.” You smiled wide and leaned in too. Your faces were inches apart, nose to nose. 

“Oh really?" 

"Mhmm.” Your lips touched, then it got passionate. His hands slid up your cheeks. Your hands slid into his hair and tugged it a bit. 

Your tongues entangled themselves. Separating yourself, you gasped for breath. “Wow.”

Self Dedication

A dedication ceremony is a ritual in which you dedicate yourself to witchcraft. It means that you are ready to devote yourself fully to the Craft whatever that means to you. If everything still feels right, and if you still feel like Witchcraft is the path for you after all this studying, now is the time to perform a self-dedication ritual. This ritual should be yours and yours alone. Design it however you want to, and in a way that will be most meaningful to you. A dedication ritual means exactly what it sounds like it means – you are dedicating yourself to the Craft and telling yourself and the Divine that this is the path you wish to pursue.

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As with everything we have talked about, what I’m about to say may not apply to you or feel right to you. For me, the dedication ceremony was an important part of helping me feel connected to my Craft. I believe very much in symbolism and as such, holding a dedication ceremony really made me feel like I was a witch by the end of it. Even though I was the only person in the room and I was the only one who knew it was happening, I feel like that made it more meaningful because I was doing it for me.

The following list is close to what I did to grow in my Craft. I dedicated a week (sometimes more sometimes less) to each Celebration. Through research, questioning and my own experience I assigned each object or idea a corresponding characteristic. These characteristics are traits I value that I wanted to establish and enrich in myself. Each week of the Celebration I repeated an affirmation, took notes about my days and what happened that related to what I was honoring that week. I recorded events, people, objects, ideas, places etc. that I associate with each Celebration. I actually did quite a lot of things to help me focus on the honoree of the week. I’ll get more into that later.

The items listed below are simply ideas for how you can begin your dedication process. You may wish to copy the dedication ritual I have provided, or perhaps you want to change some or all of it. Maybe you only want to spend a day researching, learning and honoring the symbol and correspondences for each Celebration or maybe you want to spend a month. Do what feels right to you.

I will link each of the Celebrations here once they are published (after the break). I will publish one each day over the next 2 weeks (probably).

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Dear diary

,noboby can do anything to you today.

You’re not giving up, you are what you are, You’ll never bend again

Eyes over the shoulder, laugh towards the new beginning

Don’t waste a single minute, get yourself out

Turn up the radio really loud.

They should see, how the

Sun just kissed you and nobody can rain on your parade

It’s like a three-metre tall man marching,

Like parquet cheering underneath you and losing yourself afterwards.

You’re floating now, are living

Above things now and no one can do anything about that.

“Live well, old world don’t be ashamed of yourself ,

Forget the old, glassy me.“

The gable on the roof, the stairs in front of the house are missing,

The main thing is that the fence is standing.

It’s been a long day. My hands smell like horse medicine, have got a few popped blisters and are currently dyed a very nice Fiebings dark brown antique color. The power just went out as I was trying to finish up a leather project. I’m gonna take this as a sign, and go downtown to grab an iced coffee 👍

Good night in Yukata.

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Happy Birthday Myzzy!!!

So I hear it’s someone’s birthday today!! :D

I wanted to wish @myzzy a Happy Birthday today!

I went and got you a card along with a tasty treat. :)

Wishing you the best on your special day today!

I aplogize if I’ve been absent for awhile. Just dealing with personal stuff that life has thrown my way. Also working on paying off my debits this month.

Less debit means more money availabe to help out others. :D

As such, there is also another gift I wanted to give you as well. I was going to wait till the first Friday of June, but I figured today would be a better day.

I made a little collection box I put on my desk called, “Myzzy’s Move Out Fund”

I wanted to pick up where I left off awhile back. I wanted to show that I haven’t forgotten about my promise to help you out.

My collection box will consist of my spare change, tips from work and any extra money I can collect. Every friday, I will deposit what I got and put it towards your move out fund online. I may not have a lot every friday, but I will give all that I have collected. This I promise you!

Once I finish getting my life in order, I will be able to dedicate more time and energy on getting the word out about you online campign. I’ll see if I can bring in some more donations online.

Welp, it’s off to bed for me but I hope you have a great and wonderful day today!


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