the stars live within us  // 42 songs for the great expanse that stretches out past edgeless, unfathomable depths, far, far beyond our tiny, insignificant, remarkable, beautiful pale blue dot in the endless black, forever unfolding impossibly outwards away from us, and simultaneously within us, and within every atom of our world. (for kat chrysanthemumble​).

largely instrumental, and featuring excerpts of 
                    speeches by alan watts, neil degrasse tyson, 
                                                carl sagan, assorted other speakers;  
                                                                         scientists, philosophers, & actors.

“i look up at the night sky, and i know that, yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us. when i reflect on that fact, i look up— many people feel   small, because they’re small and the universe is big, but i feel big, because my atoms came from those stars.”  - neil degrasse tyson

"through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. through our ears, the   universe is listening to its harmonies. we are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” - alan watts

                              ・゚: *✧・゚☆ :* ✧・゚: *✧・゚☆ :* ✧・゚: *✧・゚

                                    part one //
listen // download

1. a tour of the known universe - carl sagan // 2. the story of the russian cosmonaut - brit marling (from ‘another earth’) // 3. space oddity - col. chris hadfield (david bowie) // 4. lost in space - aimee mann // 5. escaping earth - morgan freeman // 6. in space - royksopp // 7. hungry ghost - starfucker // 8. dimensions - arcade fire // 9. the real you - alan watts // 10. multiverse - alan silvestri // 11. a glorious dawn - symphony of science (ft carl sagan & stephen hawking) // 12. the great gig in the sky - pink floyd // 13. the dream of life - alan watts // 14. moonlight sonata - e.s. posthumus // 15. we are stardust, harvesting stardust - lawrence krauss, neil degrasse tyson, & carl sagan // 16. people in high places - bobby johnston // 17. pale blue dot - carl sagan // 18. chance nature of existence - alan silvestri // 19. it all goes together - alan watts // 20. creation du monde - vangelis // 21. stairway to heaven - led zeppelin 

                                      part two // listen // download

1. humility - carl sagan // 2. odd look - kavinsky // 3. onward to the edge! - symphony of science // 4. planet - anamanaguchi // 5. tangent - darren korb // 6. silver cruiser - royksopp // 7. the most astounding fact - neil degrasse tyson // 8. under the milky way - metric (the church) // 9. contact - daft punk // 10. golden light - starfucker // 11. star stuff - alan silvestri // 12. our place in the cosmos - symphony of science // 13. time and space - the cinematic orchestra // 14. beam me up - cazette // 15. quality time - starfucker // 16. come with me - alan silvestri // 17. cosmic love - florence + the machine // 18. endless hands of time - wonders of the universe // 19. virgo supercluster - alan silvestri // 20. fate of the stars - tally hall // 21. who speaks for the earth? - carl sagan

                         (cover by elissa vlajean, who is seriously the best.)

anonymous asked:

Is it possible that you could continue the "I love you. No I love you more" fights but with Himuro, Kiyoshi, Mibuchi, Hayama, Kasamatsu and Sakurai because it was really cute and funny

Of course darling, and you can find Himuro and Kiyoshi in the previous post. <3

Mibuchi: “Hm? I’m sorry my love, but I love you more.” He smiled and leaned in. “You have no idea how much.” And with that he captured your lips in a sweet kiss. “You have also no idea how much I love you, Mibuchi.” And with that you threw your arms around his neck and enjoyed the view of him smiling so lovingly at you. “We can continue like this until dawn, but I will still love you more darling.” Both of your beings radiated with pure love for each other and none of you would stop, this was a special moment for you two. After hours of laughing and explaining, you ended up in each other’s arms and whispered ‘I love you’s and sweet nothings at the skin of the other one.

Hayama: ”Not true! I love you more __-chan!” He would start pouting if you were persistent. He would glue himself to you and say “I love you more __-chan, you are my everything!” He would look at you with pleading, as if he needed you to confirm this like it was about life or death. “What do I have to do to prove it to you? Just say it and I will do it right now! Do you want me to do thousand push-ups or squats or maybe even both??” As he said that he was already on the floor in position and you had to stop him. “You can’t prove that you love me more than I love you because I love you more.” You pinched his nose and smiled. “I can’t prove it, eh? Well, I think I can, __-chan!” His eyes were sparkling again and in one second he was on top of you and showering you with kisses and tickling you. He was usually very determined to things he loved, but you were above anything else which was why he simply couldn’t allow you to think he didn’t love you more.

Kasamatsu: “What was that?” A blush was creeping on his cheeks already. “I love you more, Yukio.” You said with that beautiful smile that made made him totally fall head over heels for you. “That’s not true, don’t deminish my love for you! I love you more __!” And he was close to getting a nosebleed. You just couldn’t resist the urge to tease him. “You maybe are louder when confessing but I still love you more.” The giggle that reached his ears and the peck you gave him on his lips relaxed him once again and he was able to properly speak and think again. Only you had that power to make him lose his head and then get him back to Earth. You always had to remember him that you were his and his only and that there was no need for embarrassment, especially since you said to each other “I love you” uncountable times. He lifted you up and seated you between his legs. “Do you even know how much I love you?-” “Less than I love you.” You giggled again and this time he didn’t start yelling or blushing like mad, now he was the cool and smooth Kasamatsu, the one whom only you could awaken. “No. I can’t even explain it, there are no words to desribe it. The only word that comes to mind is “infinitely”, and that is a big understatement.” “I still love you more.” “Oi, if I can handle Kise on a daily basis then I can handle you now too.” He said this with a small laugh that was specially reserved for this kind of situations. Since he got comfortable enough, he allowed himself to be cheesy and started to kiss you on every place that he could reach and explain why he loved it so much. Conclusion: ‘I love you’ fights bring out another side of Kaijo’s captain.

Sakurai: After he stuttered out his first ‘I love you’ everything went smoothly. He wasn’t afraid to say it any time because he dearly treasured you and knew you did the same. One could say his character changed a bit when he was with you, he wasn’t the apologetic mushroom anymore, well, not that much at least.
"I love you more, Ryou." The way you said it with such ease and elegance, that perfect smile and those loving eyes simply fascinated him. His heart almost exploded when he comprehended the meaning of your words, it was obvious you were honest, but still he felt like he loved you even more. No matter what may happen to him or his heart, he had to tell you that, afterall you were his everything and anything, you had to know. "I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but I love you more, __-chan." That was a surprise. You started laughing in that adorable way of yours. "What is so funny __-chan?" Although he made up his mind, your reaction scared him a bit. "It’s the way you said it dear, "sorry I’m not sorry", that was too cute, really." He wasn’t intending to come off as cute but he was satisfied with the fact that he made you laugh with his creativity. "See, this is one of the reasons why I love you so much Ryou." "But I love you more __-chan." His smile was pure and honest as his apologies. "Oh no, I love you more." Feisty, huh? He could deal with that too. "I love you more __-chan, and I’m gonna explain why and how." He started off with your hands, how tiny and soft they were and how he loved holding your hand because it made him feel at home. Next was your smile, he told you how it gave him strenght and how he woke up every day just to see it. After that your eyes were portrayed by him as something that he lost himself in, something more beautiful than the skies or any piece of art he has seen. He spent at least an hour mentioning all the things he loved about you while holding your hands in his and ocassionally kissing your wrists. If after that you still were thinking you loved him more, he would move to plan B and hold you close and kiss you after each ‘I love you more’ until you couldn’t anymore. In the end his heart made it through and his happiness was visible for a few days.

It's SUNDAY SIZZZZLE bitches!!

First off WHOA!! I got tons of new followers yesterday and I’m so grateful! Thanks for listening to my crazy! WELCOME and hope you’re ready to have some fun! Okay we’re doing legs and ass today. It’s intense, so prepare yourselves!

50 high knees

50 crunches

25 squats

20 standing lunges (10 one leg then switch)

30 sec wall sit

25 sec plank hold

30 butt kicks on hands and knees (15 each side)

10 burpees (just for you candi4olitz )

20 squats

10 standing lunges (5 one leg then switch)

25 sec wall sit

15 sec plank hold

15 squat pulses 


Repeat if you want a challenge!! 

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Top 5 late 90s vids

honourable mention (props to Ty Evans) 1999. Transworld - Feedback

heavy West Coast bias growing up there but I was also really hyped on Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure 3 - Underachievers (96), Zoo York’s Mixtape (98), First Division Wheels 411 Industry part (96) etc


also for unravel—ghoul