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Soulmate! Park Jihoon

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Genre: soulmate! au + fashion designer! au; fluff
A/N: Mood board doesn’t exactly match since this was made much earlier but I still hope you enjoyed the au and feedback is always welcome! Dedicating this to my EVERYONG BBYs <3

“I love you because the entire universe conspired me to find you.”

  • Everyone was born with a tattoo of an unbloomed flower on their wrist
  • When you were close to meeting your soulmate, there will be leaves growing on it and more colour will be on the tattoo
  • By the time you meet your soulmate, both your tattoos will bloom into matching flowers
  • However, it will only bloom in the condition that you two have some of sort contact with each other and the tattoos touched
  • Soulmates will have harmonizing flowers that are only unique themselves and each flower represents how the relationship will progress
  • A sunflower may show that the relationship may be bright and cheery
  • While aster could be denoted as a delicate and dainty relationship
  • Unlike many of your friends, your tattoo wasn’t even close to blooming
  • Many of them had leaves on theirs and those who have met theirs had turned into enchanting flowers with an equally beautiful relationship that came after that
  • But you were still stuck with the same old tattoo and while it wasn’t a big deal to you
  • It did hurt when EVERYONE was literally posting about going on dates or just activities with their soulmate
  • While your friends still hung out with you, one way or another, it did just lead to the topic
  • So you channel all that frustration to your job as a tv host
  • You were a host of a popular fashion program where it talks about the latest trends and what not
  • You frequently interviewed a lot of fashion designers especially during fashion week
  • The director had informed you that you will be interviewing one of the guests
  • But they wanted to make it a bit different than the usual format
  • You were to visit the fashion designer personally at their office rather than them coming to the tv studio
  • But it required you to visit the office beforehand to get familiar with the setup
  • There wasn’t much of a difference to you anyways so you just went through your script and highlighted all your notes with a bright pink highlighter
  • When you went to had a coffee break, you noticed how your tattoo had leaves growing on it
  • You became super shocked ???
  • Cause as far as you were concerned, there wasn’t anything different with your schedule which might lead you to meet your soulmate
  • But then again, there wasn’t any point on thinking who it was as you rather just let fate play with your future
  • You did your research on the designer you were going to interview and wow you immediately fell in love with his work
  • You never realized how much you could agree with a fashion designer in terms of fashion sense
  • Cause most of the time, you were pretty much questioning wtf was on their mind when they designed such horrendous clothing
  • Like why would even use a trash bag for inspiration for a wedding dress ???
  • But this designer had a really fancy yet elegant clothing line at a really affordable price
  • It wasn’t a lie when you could see yourself buying most of the things
  • It was a week later when you went over to the designer’s office
  • “I’m looking for Park Jihoon.”
  • You smiled at the receptionist as you handed over the documents to verified yourself
  • You were pretty giddy about meeting him since it was also the first time he will revealing his face after debuting his first line
  • Like he was an extremely mysterious figure, seeing how he never showed himself even after each fashion show where usually the designer walks out
  • His secretary ushered you to a room and told you to knock and let yourself in
  • You did exactly as she said and when you heard a soft ‘come in’, you turned the doorknob and stepped in the room
  • For a moment, you were unsure if you had gone in the fitting room instead cause this boy you were seeing
  • Looked more like a model with his crystal clear skin and doe-like eyes
  • You were used to seeing fashion designers with really quirky style and bold prints
  • But he seemed to mirrored your outfit with a pink oversized hoodie
  • While you had a black pencil skirt on, he was dressed in black ripped jeans
  • You had to collect yourself and remind yourself to breathe cause ????
  • He looked hella good in such simple clothes
  • okay maybe those mismatched neon sneakers could go 
  • But everything about Park Jihoon was pure aesthetic
  • Even with his messy office that had books in all sort of order and clothes with measuring tapes all around, you felt at ease
  • The atmosphere felt so familiar but you swore you had never stepped foot into this place before
  • You were taken aback when he greeted you like WOW THAT WASN’T A MANNEQUIN !!!!
  • He laughed as he waved a hand in front of you when you weren’t reacting cause your mind was still trying to process what was going on LOL
  • Instantly, you realized his laughter was probably going to be something you will be replaying in your head a lot
  • It was addicting like sugar yet it was something you couldn’t bear to lose
  • You composed yourself to stop being a mess
  • You started out by telling him the premises of the episode and how it was going to work
  • Conversations about the job flowed easily between you two as he showed you around the place and you told him where each camera could be
  • You two discussed how he came into the industry and he also asked about your job
  • You could tell he was genuinely interested and not just because he wanted to be polite
  • His eyes lit up when you told him how much you adored his clothing
  • He told you he wouldn’t mind if you tried some of his unreleased pieces since you had the same fit as the model
  • This was a good opportunity that you couldn’t miss out on tbh so you said yes eagerly
  • It felt weird when all the clothing fitted you perfectly as if it was altered and made for you
  • When you stepped out of the fitting room, Jihoon started blushing as the tips of his ears went red
  • You were made for his clothes and it didn’t help that his collection was also called ‘Seoulmate’ (I DIED AT THS PUN OKAY)
  • Just looking at you, he could already think of so many ways to style that skirt you had on
  • He just only met you but he already felt like you could be his muse
  • It was as if you two had a connection
  • But then again, you both were aware that you guys had your own soulmates so neither of you approached each other for more
  • After everything was done, he walked out of his office to the lift
  • You both reached out to press the lift button at the same time
  • That was when your tattoos accidentally met and you felt a shift in your veins
  • It was as if something had come in and filled all the empty parts of your body
  • You gasped when you noticed how your unbloomed tattoo had transformed into a pink tulip
  • It matched with Jihoon’s as he showed you with his wrist with a bright expression
  • You knew what the flower stood for: a genuine and happy relationship
  • Both of you were still sort of stunned but Jihoon straightened up as a grin took over his good looks
  • “My treat today?”
  • You remembered you had plans but that could wait as Jihoon opened the car door for you, telling you he knew a really good cafe that served fantastic food
  • As you two sip on coffee and at your dinner, you two shared personal stores about each other and you giggled about his friend’s stories where Daehwi accidentally tripped on the runway when he saw his girlfriend who was supposed to be in London
  • It was as if your souls were entwined
  • From the somewhat unplanned matching outfits to the gesture when you two spoke but everything about you two fit so perfectly
  • After dinner with him, you were surprised when there was basically a pink bouquet with every flower you could imagine waiting for you at your door after Jihoon dropped you home
  • You had to stop yourself from smiling too hard at the note as you put the flowers in a vase
  • “If I had a flower for how much I thought of you, I did be walking in a garden forever.”
  • Honestly, he just seems the type to get jealous so easily
  • But he is always trying to play it cool
  • He knows you two are soulmates but he still doesn’t like the fact that Daehwi has his arms around your shoulder
  • Or how Jinyoung would give you a hug when you congratulated him for winning his figure skating competition like he sort of puffs his cheeks when he sees that happening
  • He doesn’t bring it up to you often cause he wants to look manly and he is a bit insecure
  • But you did pinch his cheeks and just go HOW CUTE
  • And like pepper him with kisses until he realizes that yes, you love him just as much as he does
  • Jihoon is super sneaky lol
  • Like he will literally smirk in joy when you are a blushing mess
  • He will whisper things like how much he loves you or just gives you surprise kisses like eveRYWHERE
  • Both of you will always share hoodies and sweaters and he gets so soft when you have like sweater paws
  • But also make sure you won’t hide your flower tattoo cause he somehow hets super proud looking at it 
  • Sundays are c u d d l e days
  • You two just laze around the house after having breakfast and he will always trace your tattoo whenever you are in his arms
  • You two are definitely more into sweet than savoury and like even your contacts for each other shows that??
  • He literally saves you as cinnamon roll with a bunch of heart emojis cause those are his favourite
  • You usually do the cooking and he does the dishes but he makes it a point to cook for every now and then even if it’s pasta every single time …
  • He is such a sucker for you tbh
  • You could request him to do anything for you and he would cause when Park Jihoon falls in love, he goes HARD
  • There was a time where you jokingly said you wanted to try all 31 flavours of Baskin Robin
  • 3 hours later, Jihoon comes home with Daehwi and Jinyoung carrying bags of ice cream
  • You literally went ……..
  • Well it didn’t matter anyways cause you two had a lot of ice cream to eat when you two chill at home
  • He doesn’t do much aegyo but WHEN HE WANTS SOMETHING???
  • Jihoon will literally jeojang-ed his way through everything like when he wants to eat the last piece of cookie or chocolate
  • Forehead kisses are definitely both your thing
  • Whenever he feels insecure and thinks that he is not good enough for you
  • You will wrap him into a hug and kiss him while you just gently rubbed his back
  • He sometimes mumbles in his sleep and it’s sort of cute when you asked him about him it the next day
  • “Jihoon, did you know you said my name in your sleep yesterday?”
  • “uHHHHHH you probably heard it wrongly.”
  • Then texts you later
  • “I swear seeing you in reality is so much better than in my dreams.”

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Allen & Tim | The cute friendship |
Dedicated to my awesome Pri bby! @allenswalkers ♥ (๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

victoria’s secret

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WARNING: 2927 WORTH OF CRACK and also how many times Jeon Jeongguk can fuck up while saying “Victoria’s Secret”

Contains foul language and mentions of sex

this is part 2 of my birthday celebration!!! this one is specially dedicated to my favourite jjk thigh enthusiast, @97gguks, ily bby ❤️ i was inspired by all the trash we talk about, it’s our quality conversations that keep me going tbh :’) 

Summary: In which you teach Jeon Jeongguk a little lesson. Jeongguk is looking for a summer job, and you’ve offered to help him look for one, but when his cockiness and smug confidence pisses you off, you decide to take revenge. And revenge is as sweet as the body mist from Victoria’s Secret. 

“9-5 office hours, admin work. $10 an hour. Includes filing and organizing paperwork.” 

“Overqualified,” Jeongguk indulges in a lazy stretch with his arms above his head, causing his white t-shirt to teasingly stray just shy of his happy trail. Taking a deep breath in an effort to regain patience and self-control, you skim down the list of classified ads once more. 

“Stock manager for a grocery store, $8 an hour-“ Jeongguk sits up immediately, eyes blazing in indignance.

“Such a handsome face like this, stuck in the backroom all day? _________, you’ve got to be kidding me. Someone with my looks was born to be in the frontline, babe.” The way he preens as he checks his reflection in his phone screen and runs a careless hand through his hair only to have every strand of it fall back into place perfectly should irk you, but the casual way in which he drops that endearment has you a little flustered.

Hoping to hide your flushed cheeks, you flip the paper over with a huff instead, fully intending on giving up on helping Jeon Jeongguk in his search for a summer job. He’s obviously way too self absorbed for this, although he tells you that he really does need that extra money for that upcoming Big Bang concert next month. He’d evaporate before he’d miss a chance to see G Dragon live and rapping before his very eyes.

“What did you have in mind when you said a summer job? Sitting on your lazy ass and getting paid to do nothing?” You can’t keep the exasperation out of your voice. 

“Sitting on this very perky ass and getting paid,” Jeongguk amends with a cocky smirk. You roll your eyes at him and continue flipping through the section of the paper, if not to take your mind off a very perky ass sitting only a few spaces away from you.

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for nicola | ilu ♡

You are my Purpose

Masterlist [Bambam x Reader]

A/N: dedicated to my bby who was in her bambam feels

Dating bambam was an adventure in itself; your relationship was more then sex and less than marriage. He  was exactly what you needed in life, a best friend, a lover, a hype man in the most outrageous and annoying way you could imagine. But you loved it.

Bambam was a one night stand that resulted in an accidental meeting a month later followed by a cup of coffee and hours sitting in a booth talking about yalls life the past month. Coffee dates became a regular thing and so did finding yalls way underneath each others bedsheets trying to test what fate had in store for the two of you. He didnt notice the way you listened to his heartbeat as you rested your head casually on his chest.

“What do I have to do for your heart to beat for me.” You’d ask yourself silently, you had fallen for him as fast as he became your best friend and your casual ‘no strings attached’ lover.

You hadn’t noticed the way he had memorized every detail of you, every beauty mark, every curve, the way he ran circles into your back as you listened to his heartbeat.

“I wonder if she hears the way my heart beats for her.”

But it was more then just sex, in fact a month went by when all the two of you ended up doing was staying up late watching movies and cuddling, sex not even being a factor in the enjoyment of each others company. Bam was a person of much love, he kept in hidden within but damn did that boy hold so much passion and love, when he loved he loved hard.

Soon you found your way back underneath his sheets, worshiped like a queen as he spoke dirty words into your ear, kissing parts of yourself you felt the most insecure and the parts that made you cheeks a shade of red that he found beautiful. He watched your back arch in response to his skillful movements, he watched your mouth open and listened as his name fell from your lips in a breathtakingly beautiful moan. He took in your state through his matted down damp hair, the way a few strands of hair stuck to your neck, the way your eyes squeezed shut, the way your fingernails scratched down his back; your entire being sent a growl of your name to slip from his lips as yall both inched closer to your highs. You clentched around him and moaned his name once again as you came undone underneath him and the sight of you in that moment sent him over the edge and as he buried his face in your neck a string of 'I love you’s’ fell from his mouth. Soft and low but audible.

You could feel you heart beating in your ears, you didnt know if he had actually said that or if it was just a cruel joke that your head was playing on you but when you felt Bambam stiffin you knew.

“I… I love you too.”

It was after that point that your entire life changed.

You walked out of the restroom in some ripped jeans and one of bam’s t shirts ready to start whatever adventure the day brought for you two. “Babe why are you hiding that sexy body from the world?” In the begining it would be a kiss on the forehead and he’d let it slide, understanding it was just insecurities. The next time it happened it was him  running his hands up your shirt and touching every inch, he spoke compliments in dirty ways and it sent chills down your spine.

But baby… your body is so damn beautiful

I love it when your naked underneath me… fuck…

Just me thinking about your body makes me hard…

You’re so damn sexy baby girl

And it was safe to say yall ended up staying in that night.

The next time he saw you camouflage your beautiful shape with yet another one of his t shirts, he looked at you with sad eyes and his beautiful plump lips in a tight smile. “Jagiya, do you trust me?” And of course you did, you trusted him with anything and everything, he was the one person in your life that had never once let you down, he had given you no reason to not trust him so you nodded your head softly.

He reached behind your head and carefully pulled your hairtie out of your beautiful locks, letting them fall effortlessly into a beautiful state. His hands ran down your sides and to the back of your shirt as he pulled it together and tied it in the back letting the new hem of the shirt touch the top of your jeans, forming your body beautifully in a classy manner. You looked down at your body with an uneasy look in which bambam noticed, he kissed your forehead anf whispered “You’re too damn sexy to hide from the world. I’ll spend my entire life trying to prove that to you.”

And within a few more months your confidence was boosted by his constant steps of acceptance and his loud compliments that he screamed in public, speaking to strangers and never letting it go unknown just how perfect he thought you were. 

Yes excuse me, me and my beautiful girlfriend are lost can you help us?

Excuse me, two hot pieces of ass coming through

Omg I love your shirt, where did you get it? My sexy girlfriend would look good in it.

Four years had gone by and it felt like yall were college freshmans again, young and full of energy; you brought out the best in eachother soon moving in together and living everyday the way you wanted to. “Yoloooooooo.” Was all bambam could scream as he ran around yall’s shared flat dabbing.

The smell of bacon and eggs filled the kitchen nicely as you stood in your flowered Gucci robe that your overly extra boyfriend bought you one Christmas. The robe hung loosely on your body, tied effortlessly around your waist revealing a dangerous amount of your chest as you cooked breakfast waiting for the smell itself to wake up Bambam.

“Daaaaaaaammmnnnn, that smells good baby.” His voice was still slightly coated in sleep, and his puffy lips pressed softly against your neck in a greeting but even dressed in sleep he was still loud and extra. “Well its just about done, wanna grab some plates?”

“Maybe for a kiss.” Classic bam to always weasel his way into getting some prize for doing simple chores or favors, not like kissing him was a bad thing but whats the fun in giving in to such an annoyingly beautiful man? “Maybe you’ll get a kiss if you grab some plates yeah?” His loud gasp was loud enough to be heard by the neighbors next door because settle is a word bam doesn’t seem to know. Its either be as dramatic as humanly possible or be as quiet and calm as you possibly can… there was no in between.

“Bambi shut the hell up and grab a damn plate you extra ass bitch.”

“I may be extra but I’m not the bitch.” The two of you exchanged looks of who will give up first, faint smiles that yall both tried to hold back during your usual bickering. “You’ll be single if you say that again.” Check mate. He smiled and grabbed two plates, kissing the top of your head before he walked to the kitchen table waiting for you to join him. It wasn’t usual for it to just be the two of you alone, bam’s best friend Yugyeom usually attended breakfast and stayed through lunch; he and bambam were joined at the hip to point you just teased and claimed them both as your boyfriends. “No boyfriend Yugy today?” You asked sitting across from your effortlessly handsome boyfriend, taking in his tanned skin and plump pink lips that created the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen. Taking in the way his collarbone peeked out from underneath his white Gucci robe (because “the King and Queen needed Gucci”) and how he looked so pure and beautiful much more then his vulgar thoughts and teasing aura. “No Yugy today. Just me and you.” A soft smile played upon his lips before he brought a forkful of eggs to his mouth.

A comfortable silence fell over the two of you as you shared glances at each others bare face and shoveled food into your mouths in preparation for the days unplanned events.



“Whats your interpretation of life, like why do you think we are here?” You didnt hide the smile that crept onto your lips because it was moments like this that you liked to take a mental note of, moments where bambam’s silly smile is no where to be found but instead he rests his head in his hand and listens to every breath and every word that drips from your lips, moments when he talks like there is no tommorow and he just wants to talk about things that go on in his mind.

“Well, I think we were put here to find a purpose, not so much given one. The way I see it is some people never find their purpose because they think it will just happen for them when thats not the case, you cant just sit on your ass and expect something huge to happen,” you took a sip of your orange juice while bam mimicked your actions,looking at you like you held the answer to the entire universe. “My personal interpretation of life is hard to explain but I can give an example. We are put here and tested, who will make it out with a medal of acomplishnent and who will die achieving nothing. Like lets say everyone was given 100000 arcade tickets; who will use them well and who will use them selfishly or who will waste them.” A few minutes passed and Bambam didnt say a word, only causing you to  let out a nervous chuckle afraid you said something stupid. You knew there was flaws in your example but it was the closest you could come to how you saw the world.

“Do you believe everything happens for a reason?” He finally asked, shoveling another bite into his mouth.

“I do. I believe their was a reason I met you, before you I would never do half the things I’ve done. Without you I wouldn’t be able to feel confident in wearing this robe and only this robe.”

“Aww come on baby, I’m trying to be serious but now I’m thinking about you wearing nothing under that robeeeee.” He pouted and you smiled genuinely. This idiot was the idiot you wanted to do everything and anything with. It was this idiot that held you close and loved you hard.

“Bambi shut up and tell me about a moment that changed your life.” In hopes he’d mention you, you grabbed yalls empty plates and put them in the sink walking back to see bambam looking at you with soft eyes and a sweet smile.

“February 14th 4 years ago. I met this beautiful girl who was sitting alone at a bar in a loose fitting pale pink flowy dress, while couples were dancing I went up to talk to her and we spoke about how stupid it was to even be out on Valentines day,” holding out his hand to you he pulled you into his lap and pulled down your robe ever so slightly to reveal your bare shoulder. He placed a soft kiss against your skin and then held you close. “Long story short she took me to her place and it was the best fuck I’d ever had… Of course I knew the drill though. It was a one night stand and I didnt even know her name, but I couldnt get the girl with the cute laugh and effortlessly beautiful smile out of my mind. That was the day I knew I wanted something serious and I didnt fuck anyone after that, then a month later I ran into her again and the rest is history.”

“I love you bambi.” You placed a soft kiss on his jawline as you sat in his lap and he held you close because this right here was your true purpose in life.

“I love you too Y/n.”

Bambam was your purpose.

Procreation: Ch 9

After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child. Strictly Kabby.  -  AO3

Ok so I was partially drunk when I wrote all of this and given that I lack a beta, some parts could have like meehh some grammar mistakes? As an English teacher, I am ashamed yes, don’t remind me..

ALSO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LYDIA @charmingly-evil -sorry I was a complete asshat for forgetting, you is my precious bby friend roll muah
this chapter is dedicated to her

There is a moment that exists when you close your eyes. Your sight slips away from your grasp, and you become hyperaware of your surroundings. Because when you can’t see, what else is there? What else is there besides trust?

Lean back, take a deep breath and listen. Listen for what can happen and what might happen. You hope to God you won’t drown in suspense, you won’t let fear take over and kill you. What other choice do you have but to keep going when you can’t see the end of the tunnel?

So you, the reader, waiting to see what will happen at the end of this part. You don’t know, you can only guess. You can only hope. You can either take a step back, turn around and walk away… or you can read on, continue, and jump.

Abby did jump. She jumped into the abyss by nodding when Marcus tightened his tie around her eyes. Darkness took over. She swallowed and trusted him.

It was a bad idea. What was she doing? She had never been one to surrender control. However, this man before her made her want to do things; things she would have never imagined herself doing. Things like agreeing to visit his quarters for the evening, doing what he asked her, letting him in.

“Don’t fidget, it needs to stay on!” He yelled from another room. His kitchen, maybe? Bathroom?

Abby guessed he was in the kitchen. She immediately removed her hands from her blindfold. She felt idiotic, sitting there on his couch, not knowing what was about to happen. What if he was standing there and laughing at her?

“For how long?” She asked. She doubted that was the case. Marcus might have fought with her on a daily basis, but he was never the one to mock. Besides, she could hear that he was up to something. Did she hear plates? No… cutlery? What was he doing?

“Until you want to stop playing… or lose.”

“I won’t lose anything.”

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we'll still have each other| kiane

summary: now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other. [yes rihanna trash leave me alone]

pairings: king/diane, sorta one-sided diane/meliodas.

sidenote: *slides in* wow. Something with an actual story and not just pointless drabbling?? i thought this day would never come. dedicated to my DEAR friend Kiri, sorry this took me so long bby. have some cavity kiane.


A single rain drop hit her nose. Another slid down the expanse of her cheek, laughingly slow, like a tear drop paving a path for its brothers.

She had been expecting rain. She was even wearing her black rain boots, with bright white polka dots, and a light navy blue jacket to cover her school uniform.

She had forgotten an umbrella. How stupid of her.

She stared down at the sidewalk, watching the pale cream color dull into a deeper beige as the raindrops coated it, slowly at first, then all at once, like someone had decided to pour a bucket over the entire city.

Pieces of her hair became plastered to her cheeks from the force of the rain she didn’t care now, nothing mattered anyways.

The day had started off so well, too.



“What are you going to do today Diane?” Elizabeth asked her, school had just ended and they were on their way home to start the weekend.

“Nothing,” she replied, clutching her lunch box anxiously. She wasn’t going to tell Elizabeth what she had planned, she’d probably end up interfering anyway.

“We should go shopping tomorrow, I need new socks.” Elizabeth chatted. Diane wasn’t really listening, she had too much planned today, too much going on. She loved Elizabeth, but she sure could be oblivious sometimes.

When they got to Elizabeth’s house, Diane was all too eager to say goodbye to her. She had been waiting weeks for this day, and finally, she was going to confess. She was going to confess her love to Meliodas, it was all happening today.

She had snuck a note asking him to meet her after school at the football field. Football practice was cancelled because of the rain that was scheduled, already the clouds were beginning to darken, but it didn’t dampen her spirits one bit.

The trip to the fields took less than a minute, and the butterflies in her stomach were stirring up a ruckus. She was nervous, and excited, and hopeful all at once. She felt like she was in elementary school again, seeing him for the first time.

She grabbed a silvery section of the bleachers and hoisted herself up to see better. The metal was cool to the touch, and she eagerly scanned the field.

There he was. He had actually came! He was standing by the scoreboard on his phone.

She wondered who he was texting. Probably Ban.

Another part of her brain said that it was Elizabeth, but she swept the nagging thought away quick enough. She had noticed their closeness over the past year, and it had ticked her off a bit, since she had him first, technically, but she loved Elizabeth, so she’d never confront her.

She inhaled deeply and began the trek to the goal post. Everything would be ok.

When she was halfway there, Meliodas hadn’t even looked up from his phone. She felt her heart tighten and she weighed the option of running away.

But it wasn’t worth it, she’d run away too many times. This was her last chance.

“Meliodas,” she called when she was within earshot. He looked up from his phone and threw her a casual wave.

“Yo, Diane. What are you doing here?” He asked, looking mildly confused. He must’ve not realized she was the one who’d asked him to meet.

“I wanted to meet you here.” She said, folding her hands behind her back anxiously. Hi eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“That was you? What’s up?” He wondered allowed, still keeping that dopey curious face.

“I wanted to tell you something…” she closed her eyes and summoned all of the courage she had in her. “I…”

“Is it going to rain?” He interrupted her suddenly, holding his hand out, almost waiting for a raindrop to fall into the palm of his hand.

Frustrated, Diane puffed out her cheeks and decided to go out on a limb.

“I love you!”

It took a few seconds to affect him, he curled his hand into a fist and dropped it back to his side. Then, he sighed, like he had been expecting this whole ordeal to go down one day, and leaned his back against the goal post. It was old, so it made a small squeaking sound in protest.

“No you don’t,” he responded simply. Flabbergasted, Diane opened and shut her mouth, hoping for intelligent words to pour out with no avail.

“Wh-at?” She barely managed to annunciate. He shrugged.

“Come on Diane, you don’t really love me. And I don’t love you, not the way you want me to. I think you know that.” He told her softly.

“That’s…” she digested his words slowly, painfully, like needles sinking into her flesh.

He didn’t love her. He didn’t like her back, not at all…

“You’re my friend, Diane. And you always will be. But you don’t love me, you should realize that. It’s pointless to pin after me when you could do so much better.” He spoke with such resounding confidence, Diane wanted to believe him. But she was too hurt to even speak.

She had spent so long loving him, it didn’t seem like there’d be any world for her to return to after this rejection.

“Hm. It is going to rain, you should get home.” Meliodas said before inhaling and turning around to walk home.

She stood there, in the football field, watching him walk away.

That couldn’t be it. That couldn’t be all. This was her moment, her time to shine, it wasn’t supposed to be this way-

She looked down at her hands in awe.

What was wrong with her?



She wants to walk home, but her feet are frozen, the rain just falls harder and harder and somewhere along the line she starts crying, too.



Puddles begin forming on the street beside her, and cars fly by, eager to get home, to see their families after a long day at work.

She just stares at the ground, like she is waiting for it to grow a pair of lips and give her some decent advice.

What could possibly come next? Every chapter of her life up until now had been next chapter, you’ll live happily ever after, with Meliodas by your side.

But the chapter was over, and she had no happily ever after. She had no prince.

Maybe she was the dragon in this story, and everybody knows dragons don’t get happy endings.

But didn’t she deserve one too? Dragons want a happy ending, just like any princess.

She steps in a deep puddle and some water drips down into her socks. Great.

She’s sure she smells like a storm and looks like one tore right through her, but she doesn’t really care.

What was the point of looking pretty if you had no prince to be pretty for?


Her heart pauses at the sound. Could it be, Meliodas had come back for her?

She looks up, eyes wide with wonder, but blinks in confusion when she sees someone else running towards her.

“Good god, you’re soaked! Here,” he remarks,  holding his umbrella up higher, just so it covers up her dripping wet body.

King is not built for running, he is tiny for a boy his age and is wheezing like a dying hamster. It’s somewhat endearing, partly because she knows she looks no more attractive than he.

“Thanks King.” She speaks hollowly, making no movement to indicate genuine gratitude.

“Are you…?” He stands up after a few seconds of heavy breathing. “Ok? Are you ok? Did someone hurt you? You’re-“ his hand stops a few inches from her face. “You’re…crying…”

“I’m fine.” She assures him, in the least reassuring voice she’s ever conjured.

“Who did this? Who made you cry?! I’ll-“

“King, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter.” She makes a tiny effort to wipe her tears away, but frowns when nothing but dark black smudges on her hand. Right. Her makeup.

“No! If someone hurt you, that’s not ok! I…” He trails off again and it’s then Diane realizes that neither one of them are very good with words.

“It’s my fault,” she admits, trying her best to wipe her sopping makeup off. “I was dumb.”

“You…you’re not dumb, Diane.” He tells her, adjusting the umbrella to it’s a little bit higher. She is a few inches taller than him, but it was still endearing to see him try.

“I really am,” she sniffs, looking down at him sadly. “He never loved me, did he? I never stood a chance, you know that King.”

His face contorts in realization. Diane wonders if everyone did know about her crush, it seemed like Meliodas was the one who new more than anyone else.

“Well – yeah, maybe he doesn’t like you now, but that’s not because you’re bad, or anything!” King says, his tone is rushed, and she can instantly tell he’s just trying to cheer her up. He’s always done that, always been the one to pull her back on her feet. It’s selfish of her to want to keep King to herself sometimes.

“Do you think there’s something wrong with me?” She asks him, but it’s more directed at herself than anyone. What flaws did she have that drove Meliodas away? Was she too tall? That had always been a problem in her life…

“N-no! There’s nothing wrong with you! I mean-“

She raises one of her eyebrows at him. He blushes, and looks down.

“I mean,  you’re just…” He stops, almost like there’s a word lingering on the tip of his tongue.

“I’m just…what?” She asks him, looking down with blatant wonder and curiosity.

He smiles at her nervously and shrugs.


She stops walking for a second, and so does he. It seems like both of them are equally embarrassed.


“I mean…I just…”

“Thank you.”

He looks up at her, worried expression slowly fading.

“Thank you King, really.” She wipes her eyes again, only minimal dark smudges appear. She’s sure they make the weirdest pair, a sobbing, raccoon, faced girl and a small, fairy-faced boy.

“You’re…welcome, Diane.”

“You’ll always be my friend, right?” she asks, a wide smile gracing her cheeks.

His heart stops. She is so beautiful.


Because for her, he’ll be anything.

“Good, because I think I need a lot of ice cream,” she laughs a little bit, peeling a bit of wet hair off of her forehead.

He laughs along with her, tightening the grip on his umbrella to make sure she isn’t getting any rain on her.

They walk home to the beat of the falling rain, and the sunshine on Diane’s horizon is just a chapter away.



You deserve to smile.
You deserve to be happy.
Let the sun shine through your heart.

A quick doodle break from doujin work. Dedicated to friends who’s having a hard time. Please don’t forget there are people who’s there for you! Don’t forget to smile. Smile for yourself, for your friends. 

Dr.’s Orders (Jin Smut)


You swing your feet off the edge of the examination table… “The doctor will be with you shortly” the older nurse says as she pushes her glasses further up her nose… “Thank you” you breath out… she leaves you alone in the sterile room …the dim light and the smell of sanitizer fill your nostrils…you clutch your lower stomach and try to focus on controlling your breathing before the doctor comes in to check on you… Maybe he’ll prescribe me stronger meds if he sees how pained I am… you think to yourself… the door opens …you looked up expecting a middle aged man… but instead are greeted by a broad shouldered tall drink of water …. You stare at him ….your hands still clutching your lower stomach… “Hello Miss Y/N I am Doctor Kim” he says voice gentle… “What seems to be the problem?” he asks …it takes you a moment to find your voice…he looks at you patiently waiting for your reply… “I-um I have very sharp abdominal pain” you explain… but your cramps are the furthest thing from your mind at the moment… the doctor is young ….early twenties…he has plush lips and large eyes …his hair is golden blonde …images of you kissing his plush lips and pulling on the gold locks flood your mind…  “Are you on your menstrual cycle?” he asks pulling you out of your revere…. “I um…yeah” you say flustered at your wayward thoughts… he could be married and here I am mooning over him… “Well let’s start by measuring your pain” he says… “May I?” He asks reaching his hands out to touch your stomach… you can feel the blush creep over your cheeks as he places his hands over your abdomen… “Now tell me where it hurts “he instructs as he adds pressure to your lower stomach…you reach out to clutch his abdomen and wince in pain…Dr. Kim immediately removes his hands from you… you continue to clutch his biceps…he flexes under you and you can’t help but imagine what his strong arms would feel like holding you…as you ride him…you clench your thighs together and wince in pain and arousal … “So on a scale of one to ten you are a ten” he says you look up at him eyes wide… “What!?” you say eyes bright… “On the pain scale” he says a smile gracing his lips… “Oh” you reply… you know your face is tomato red by now…the rest of the visit goes by much to fast…Dr. Kim asks you some questions and you try your hardest to focus on his words and not his face… “So I’m going to prescribe you something for the pain and I want to see you again…next week to see how you’re doing” he says before handing you a slip of paper and helping you off the examination table…

He picks you up like you weigh nothing and sets you on your feet… “Thank you” you say…”My pleasure Y/N “he replies voice velvety and cheeks flushed…you can’t help but gasp at the way his voice wraps around your name… he walks you down the hall…”So I’ll see you next week?” you arch a brow at him “for your appointment” he adds… “Oh yeah… what time?” you go about scheduling a time…”Thank you for everything Dr.Kim” you say extending your hand to his… “My pleasure Y/N, Please call me Jin” he” almost coos… “Oh uhm see you next week at 3 Jin” you say once more before making your way out the door… you can feel his eyes on the back of your head… you bite your lip to suppress a whine… The next few days went by pain stakingly slow …although the pain medication  soothed your pain the thought of having to wait made your lower body ache …every night you dreamt of Jin … you dreamt of him holding you in his arms, of his plus lips on your skin and the way your name rolled off of his tongue… The day of your visit finally arrives and to your relief your period is long gone…you dress in your nicest underwear set ….the navy lace molds perfectly to your curves… as the day drags on your erotic thoughts consume you…throughout your lectures you find yourself pressing your thighs together to create some friction… Images of Jin taking you on his examination table …pounding into you again and again…the images dance in your head whilst you make your way through the double door of his office…your cheeks are flushed and your core is soaking at the thought of seeing him again… “Hello I’m here to see Dr. Kim” you inform the receptionist… “Yes dear… give me one sec” the older women replies… she dials a series of numbers into the phone “Dr. Kim’s three of clock is here” “mhmm…. alright I will let her know” she hangs up the phone… “Dr. Kim is in his office dear” she informs you…. “just take that hallway over there and it will the 3rd door to your right at the end of the hall… you make your way to the office…your core is burning and your footsteps are heavy…the anxiety blossoms in your chest at the idea of seeing him once more… perfect Jin with his white robe that conceals his strong biceps and his blonde locks that you’re just aching to pull… you knock on the door gingerly …..

“Y/N” his voice stirs your libido… you push the door open and find Jin before you… his head is thrown back in ecstasy … his member is in his hands as he strokes himself… “Y/N” he moans your name… you stand there dumbfounded… Jin… is wacking himself off at the thought of you… “Jin” you whimper… his eyes snap open…he looks like a deer in the headlights until he realizes it’s you… his eyes darken once more as he rakes over your body… you press your thighs together in order to create friction… “Y/N” Jin’s voice is laced with lust… you make your way to him and drop to your knees…”Let me help you with that Dr.” you place a kiss to his tip as you eye him through your lashes…. Jin throws his head back in pleasure…you take in his tip wrapping your hands around the base of his member as you pump what can’t fit in your mouth …you hollow your cheeks trying to take all of him in …the edge of his member hits the back of your throat…. He lets out a loud moan… you continue to bob your head on him careful to sheath your teeth on his tip…he pulls your hair into a makeshift pony tail as he start to thrust into your mouth…you clench his thighs and let him mouth fuck you… Jin is a mewling mess above you…his thrusts are urgent and …. His pre-cum slides down your throat…he tastes so good …the salty sweet liquid makes your stomach churn as your own arousal begins to pool in your stomach….Jin mewls as you suck on his tip like a lolly pop… “Y/N… I’m… I’m close” he confesses …you can feel him in twitch in your mouth…Jin gives a grutal moan as he comes in your mouth…his hit seed pools in your mouth and slides down your throat…you swallow quickly…a little of him rolls down your chin to your chest… Jin pulls himself together and grabs a tissue from his desk….he pulls you to your feet and onto his lap…he cleans you up placing a kiss onto your lips… “I think you need a physical” he coos as he peppers kisses all over your face and chest… “Dr.’s orders?” you ask coyly…



Loras Tyrell — The Winds of Winter.