dedication is key

This is an 11 month difference. I don’t even know who the girl on the left is anymore. Minus a tan, plus a few tattoos, down 60lbs and slowly building muscle and still learning how to make this a sustainable life change. Dedication is key. ❤️

“So give it up, start beating, hearts have gone cold
Had enough repeating, it’s all been done before “

Low-key dedicated to @kickingshoes since it was their gorgeous comic that finally seduced me into the fandom. Here’s hoping we get to see those two reunited next season!

anonymous asked:

How long did it take you to get so good at drawing? Love your work!

Lots of practice! I’ve been drawing since I was 2~3yrs old, so I’ve been drawing for a while. However, I started digital art somewhere in 2010 with GIMP and MS Paint, but as of currently I use SAI to draw all my art. It doesn’t really matter how long you’re in the art biz, what matters is how much you practice! Dedication is key! I’m glad you enjoy my work, friend!!


Windson Low Tech

Plaus/Den Kit

An exercise in plausible deniability: We are composing a set of items that help us GTFO of urban environments should the need arise. Think HVT hostage situations or comparable in non-permissive environments. Carry everything you need in such a situation to at least get out of restraints, closed confinements, and be able to run. You will be searched; more or less cursory. Everything that can’t be explained away is out. No carbon fiber and no Zirconium dioxide. No dedicated tools. Handcuff keys? Nope.

Pictured is a sample collection of stuff that just happens to be useful, if you know how to use/combine/create further tools from the ingredients:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pin, large/small
  • Paper clip, large/small
  • Paper fastener
  • Plastic wrapper band
  • Electric fuse
  • P-38

Here is some tradecraft: In a suit, you won’t be able to explain away most of even these items. But in a casual jacket, you just worked on your car, house, whatever; all of that, kept loose in a pocket, doesn’t arouse suspicion. The trick is to carry it wrapped in the cloth, it’s small and light, but as a bundle, it becomes suspicious. So, whenever a potentially tricky situation is to be expected—just open the safety pin and sprinkle the contents inside the pocket. It becomes just a bunch of unrelated stuff.

Also non-suspicious:

  • Dental floss
  • An old credit card
  • A piece of leader wire
  • A couple small zip ties
  • Nails
  • CD/DVDs are nice to have, if they make any sense in a pocket dump.

That’s about it. Bring any dedicated GTFO tool or implement and you will be treated quite differently, you’ll lose any element of surprise and won’t even have left the makeshift tools above.

Rule: The more you bring, the less you’ll have left.


  • Light sticks
  • Metal saw
  • Handcuff keys
  • Lockpicks
  • Diamond wire

Observe – Evaluate – Control
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Holy night

Dedicated to @enchanted-keys because you’re pretty great if you ask me. 

872 words. 

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” - Bobby, age 7

She’s three years old, and there are stars in her eyes, and her smile is bigger than the universe, and her laughter is the purest melody in this world.

And mama is holding her against her chest as she discovers the presents under the tree, look what Santa got you Emma, and the next second she’s on the ground and she’s making a mess of confettis.

And really, if she weren’t this young she would have seen the tears in Miss Swan’s eyes, she would have heard the goodbye in the sound of paper being torn apart, she would have catched the “I hope she’ll get to keep them in the system” from her dad.

“The baby will have toys too ?” eventually asks the little girl as she neglects her toys, touching her mother’s belly, a belly which is getting rounder and bigger.

And she doesn’t understand why her mom’s face suddenly breaks, and she’s scared she’s made a mistake so she puts her tiny hands on her mother’s cheek and she tells her she loves her, and she hopes her mama feels better.

She always feels better after an “i love you” from her.


She’s thirteen years old, and the stars in her eyes are barely shining, and she knows they are dying, they are leaving her.

Everyone eventually leaves.

She squeezes herself in a tiny corner in the dark street, and she’s so cold, it’s her first run away. She couldn’t bare to spend Christmas with her abuser.

And still, she can’t hold back the tears that are burning her eyes and this lump in her throat that keeps her from breathing as she should.

She knows she had a family until she was three, she knows she has someone to hate for this, but she has forgotten the most important part.

Grown up Emma doesn’t remember how Christmas is supposed to feel like.

A smile splits her young face. She will probably never know.

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