dedication is key

Bokuto Headcanons

Cause I have way too many feelings inside about this precious owl boy!

  • Sure he may not exactly be the smartest one in the bunch, but his perception of people is spot on. He’s one of those people that can read others no matter how high their wall is.
  • So in touch with his emotions, sweet baby just feels so much.
  • When he says he likes someone he’s pretty much admitting that he is so deeply in love with them.
  • Be careful with the heart you see on his sleeve because it does shatter and it takes far longer than it should to mend it.
  • Loyalty and dedication are high key important to his moral code. Once you’re his friend you’re essentially signing up to be friends for life.
  • Has a hard time drawing boundaries with others. He just wants to help everyone so don’t take advantage of his good heart!
    • I see this scenario where he’s in such a toxic relationship (friend or dating) and he knows that he should leave, but he just can’t because “they need me if they’re hurting this bad.” No baby, you’re the one hurting!
  • Hugs for days. And hand holding. Physical affection is his number one way of showing he cares for you.
  • He totally has a giant box of mementos under his bed. It holds everything: confession letters, trip souvenirs, festival prizes, that weird brand of gum he chewed for one summer, everything.

Moral of the story: treat this precious owl like a rare gem! He deserves all of your love and more!

eachainn  asked:

Crack theory: Zeke is everyone's dad. Somehow, someway, he managed it.

He was a man of few words. Conversation simply wasn’t necessary as he wandered the world. The language he spoke best was universally understood. It consisted primarily of breathy sounds and wordless vocalizations. 

Technology, too, was unessential in his life. He had his tent and his coffee. His boots were sturdy. They stood in stark contrast with his shirt which was flimsy and soft and often dematerialized in the presence of others, revealing the six-pack abs that rendered women helpless. 

None of it mattered. Nothing mattered except travel. And women. And keeping his abs strong and magical. He never aged. He never stopped moving. The walls did nothing to halt his conquests. He slipped between them like water through fingers.

In a span of forty years, he fathered the majority of the children on both sides of the conflict. When he was called by his village elders to lead the battle, he knew that many of the people he’d encounter would be his flesh and blood. He learned some of their names: Erwin, Annie, Reiner, Armin, Historia, Grisha, Eren, Jean, Hanji, Mikasa, Ymir, Bertoldt and Moblit. He knew many of them would die. This knowledge didn’t trouble him. He had many more children. So many more. And once the conflict was over, he’d begin again. His abs would remain strong, and magical and ageless forever. 

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This is an 11 month difference. I don’t even know who the girl on the left is anymore. Minus a tan, plus a few tattoos, down 60lbs and slowly building muscle and still learning how to make this a sustainable life change. Dedication is key. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Did you use any particular methods to become fluent in English, or did you just end up learning by engaging with it often? Do you have any tips for language learning?

I became fluent because I moved to the UK at a young age (10 years old) and being so young + literally HAVING to speak English to survive I think helped me (it’s easier to learn a language when you’re younger if you’re wondering why I think being 10 impacted my level of eng). I’m learning Farsi right now though and the way I’m learning the language is by watching Farsi films with eng subs at least once everyday, not only does that method help you learn new words it also helps you learn the accent but most importantly the tone native speakers have (hopefully u know what I mean by tone). I also listen to a few Farsi songs a day and practice by using little apps like duolingo. I know of a girl who learnt French in only 6 months after moving to Paris and after myself learning English pretty (relatively) quickly after moving to the UK I think the IDEAL way would be to move to the country that speaks the language you want to learn but if you can’t do that doing what I’m currently doing I think is the next best thing. Just surround yourself with the language you want to learn and eventually you’ll pick it up.