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Midnight Summer

Author’s Note: rainbow!pcy has messed me up in all the ways a person can be messed up, and so this had to happen. he is now my 80s daydream boyfriend. endless love to @kimnamwho and @suhotrashanon for being wonderful bit readers and betas <3 low key dedicating this to @the-porcelain-doll-xo who deserves all the PCY smut she can handle <3

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: shameless smut

Rating: NC-17

Warning: explicit language; explicit sex

Word Count: 4,053

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Los Angeles in the summer is oppressive, almost aggressive in the way it clings to your skin and presses on you, making you feel like you’re forced to swallow its wetness whole. You always hated it, the way it slithers down your back in a drop of sweat, steals the moisture from your mouth and makes you thirsty; aching to be touched, yet untouched in the warmth. The only place you can feel any sort of reprieve is the Manhattan Beach Pier, one long expanse of wood and sea breeze removed from the neon of the city. Here, the metal railing cools your hot skin and your tongue tastes the sea, hair ruffling in the wind as your body starts to relax. Here, you let yourself be unmade - just a little. You relax into yourself and your tight dress. Here, summer doesn’t seem so violent or so long.

And here is where you met him.

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Crack theory: Zeke is everyone's dad. Somehow, someway, he managed it.

He was a man of few words. Conversation simply wasn’t necessary as he wandered the world. The language he spoke best was universally understood. It consisted primarily of breathy sounds and wordless vocalizations. 

Technology, too, was unessential in his life. He had his tent and his coffee. His boots were sturdy. They stood in stark contrast with his shirt which was flimsy and soft and often dematerialized in the presence of others, revealing the six-pack abs that rendered women helpless. 

None of it mattered. Nothing mattered except travel. And women. And keeping his abs strong and magical. He never aged. He never stopped moving. The walls did nothing to halt his conquests. He slipped between them like water through fingers.

In a span of forty years, he fathered the majority of the children on both sides of the conflict. When he was called by his village elders to lead the battle, he knew that many of the people he’d encounter would be his flesh and blood. He learned some of their names: Erwin, Annie, Reiner, Armin, Historia, Grisha, Eren, Jean, Hanji, Mikasa, Ymir, Bertoldt and Moblit. He knew many of them would die. This knowledge didn’t trouble him. He had many more children. So many more. And once the conflict was over, he’d begin again. His abs would remain strong, and magical and ageless forever. 

Ultralight Beam

Author’s Note: Immmm bacckkk. Jesus, it literally feels like forever since I have sat down to write something that wasn’t an essay for my classes. Its summer break and I’m making comeback to Tumblr and my comeback as a writer. This took two days to write but I put my heart into it, shout out to Harrys-writing probably doesn’t even know me but dude you inspired me to start writing again, so this is high key dedicated to her. If there any grammar errors sorry. My request box is open and I’m open to writing about other artist, I’ve just been in my Harry vibes for a bit ( when have I ever not been in my harry vibes tho?) . This is supposed to be two parts, the next part may contain smut but that’s all up to if you guys want to read it. Also for extra effect you could listen to Harry’s cover of Ultralight Beam by Kanye West, as this was what I listened to when writing this .( ) . Anyways thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it!
You had everything you ever wanted. You were engaged to the love of your life, Nick Campbell. You lived in the home of your dreams. You loved your job. You would think you would be satisfied, but you know what they say only fools are satisfied.
You arrived at the listening party 20 minutes late due to your fiancés nagging and traffic, Nick couldn’t see why you were such a rush to be there since you were always in the studio with Harry while he was making the album. You had even traveled with him to Jamaica when he was writing, but none the less you just had to be here. You had to see him again.
“I’ll be back”, you assured Nick before placing a kiss on his cheek and disappearing into the crowd of people. You would think it be easy for you to find the man of the hour, but it seemed impossible in sea of people in the venue. You continued in what seemed like a hopeless journey before a strong hand grabbed onto your forearm tightly and pulled you into a secluded hallway. “Hey get your paws off me, my fiancé will-” “Are you sure about that love?”. Your heart jumped and your breathing hitched as you turned to see him, the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Edward Styles hovering over you with the cheekiest smile on his face. Harry looked mouth watering, he was dressed head to toe in Gucci and his shirt was unbuttoned showing of his bare chest. He smelt like his infamous Versace cologne, the same cologne he wore when you first met- the smell brought back memories of the two of you together. You let out a small huff in attempts to pull yourself together - Harry notices and chuckled softly, that smug grin never leaving his face. “ I’ve been looking all over for you. Come with me”

This was so wrong. So so so so wrong. Your future husband could walk in here at any moment and everything would be over, your dirty little secret would be out. The background history of you and Harry was simple, you had met Harry at a mutual friend’s party after having a bad argument with your fiancé. A full bottle of vodka in both of your systems was to blame for you never making it home to your fiancé that night and waking up in Harry’s arms the following morning. That’s as far as it was supposed to go between you two, but Harry couldn’t get you out of his mind so he reached out to your mutual fiend to get you number. He texted you everyday for a week until you finally gave in and met him for lunch at his hotel while he was in town which lead to him fucking you on the countertop, and after that you two couldn’t get your hands off of each other. You would sneak out at night, make up lies about working late or staying with a friend, just to have Harry’s cock buried deep inside of you. It was ridiculous and you knew it but here you two are making out and dry humping like two high schoolers. Harry was attacking your sweet spot on your neck with his lips, it had only been maybe 10 minutes since you two finally found each other but you were already melting like butter for him. “ Harry..shit fuck… my fiancé ”, you moans softly into the air as Harry’s warm hands began to wander all over your body. He chuckled softly,” Is that suppose to scare me… That twat is irrelevant”. “ That twat is the man I plan to marry”, you retorted back pushing away from Harry. “ Oh please (Y/N) don’t give me that shit, just a week ago you were at my door crying about he’s fucking his assistant. How long are you gonna keep this act up?” His nostrils began to flare, he was trying his best not to explode. You calling the twat your fiancé was enough to make him want to tear down the walls of the hallway you stood in. “ Nick is a good guy… we are..” “Don’t you dare say it (Y/N), it’s a lie and you know it. If you were happy you wouldn’t be in my bed every night”. The two of you stood in silence, the echoes of Kiwi bouncing down the hallway, you bit down on your lip softly unsure of what to say. You thought you were happy but as the months passed you started to put on your clothes a little slower whenever you and Harry had quickie, you would dread having to leave Harry and go back to your husband. “ You’re not happy and you know it. It’s bad enough he’s enough of an asshole but he bores you . You’re bored ( Y/N). What you have it’s not love, your just scared for once to take a leap of faith” , Harry began to pace in front of you his veins were bulging out and you could tell this whole thing had angered him. “ I can’t just leave him… you know that”, you whimper and look down at your hands. You never meant to hurt anybody, you knew this was wrong from the start but seeing Harry in such distress because of your actions was a nightmare come true.
“ You can’t just make decide like this”
“ No I can’t but it’s very clear what you’ve decided”
“ Harry stop please”
“ No you stop! You would rather marry that piece of shit than to be with someone who actually loves you. God dammit (Y/N), I’ve loved you since I first met you! But you’re too blind to see it !”
“ Harry… I didn't”
“ Of course you wouldn’t have known, you’re too stuck up that twats ass to notice”
“ Stop. This stops right now . Enjoy your life with Nick”
Harry gave you one last glance, his eyes a mixture sadness and anger, before he walks back into the crowd of guest leaving you to suffer in your own guilt.

“All these cishet aces”

Fucking WHERE?

I’m so done with the claim that there are huge amounts of cis, het attracted aspecs that exist in this mess and that they’re trying to push their way in.

I’ve seen a single “cishet” ace in my seven or eight months running this blog, and that person was an offline friend I went to high school with who doesn’t even know that the fucking “discourse” exists!

“Cishet” aces are an extreme minority, and these people you’re calling cishets are often not cis, not het, or not either of those two things, and they are pushing for their aspec orientations to *continue* being recognized as part of the LGBT+ community, and to *keep* having spaces and resources and education dedicated to aspec orientations. The key words there are continue and keep, because many, many LGBT+ organizations and clubs already include aspec identities as part of the community.

Stop representing inclusionists as a bunch of cishets. We aren’t. Thank you.

Bokuto Headcanons

Cause I have way too many feelings inside about this precious owl boy!

  • Sure he may not exactly be the smartest one in the bunch, but his perception of people is spot on. He’s one of those people that can read others no matter how high their wall is.
  • So in touch with his emotions, sweet baby just feels so much.
  • When he says he likes someone he’s pretty much admitting that he is so deeply in love with them.
  • Be careful with the heart you see on his sleeve because it does shatter and it takes far longer than it should to mend it.
  • Loyalty and dedication are high key important to his moral code. Once you’re his friend you’re essentially signing up to be friends for life.
  • Has a hard time drawing boundaries with others. He just wants to help everyone so don’t take advantage of his good heart!
    • I see this scenario where he’s in such a toxic relationship (friend or dating) and he knows that he should leave, but he just can’t because “they need me if they’re hurting this bad.” No baby, you’re the one hurting!
  • Hugs for days. And hand holding. Physical affection is his number one way of showing he cares for you.
  • He totally has a giant box of mementos under his bed. It holds everything: confession letters, trip souvenirs, festival prizes, that weird brand of gum he chewed for one summer, everything.

Moral of the story: treat this precious owl like a rare gem! He deserves all of your love and more!

Being motivated and dedicated is the key to reaching any goal. This year-long program, geared toward intermediate and advanced climbers, will show you how to get stronger and more powerful, but you have to work for it. “Trying hard” is V15-climber Ian Dory crawling across the bouldering pads to get to his next problem, being determined to succeed and refusing to stop or give up.