Te amo.

Con el mundo que no entiendo, con la gente que no comprende, con la incoherencia de mis actos, con la fatalidad del destino, con la ambigüedad de los hechos. Aún cuando te digo que no te amo, te amo. Sin reflexionar,inconscientemente, irresponsablemente,espontáneamente, involuntariamente, por instinto, por impulso, irracionalmente. Te amo

Pablo Neruda.

my desire to end desire is my want to end wanting is my craving to end craving. do by not doing. it’s all rather circular and my dizziness begs me to create. otherwise, find myself pacing the room in wild loops, talking to myself about how to stop spinning out.

dedicated to @matthewschiavello who continually challenges and inspires me to keep moving forward.

grazie mio fratello.

xx kkomppa

A constellation

In her heart there lies a beautiful longing,
Out on the canvas, she paints a constellation,
All she ever wanted was a sense of belonging,
Her mind spilled in the paints, a buzzing decoration.
She mixes up the colors, striking a perfect balance,
Still so very young and already making the stars shine,
Albeit on paper yet not long left till they learn to dance,
To your mind they actually present a blissful line.
See and be in awe of how the colors flood,
Giving the otherwise ordinary canvas,
A life of its own, nipping from the bud,
Each stroke of her paintbrush presents in itself, a tale of the conquest,
She has battled herself to get to a position of vanquish,
Where, albeit transitory, her troubles seemed to perish.

- DG

Dedicated to the one who’s made this beautiful painting @diveeintothedark =’)

I’ve accomplished a lot so far in 2018, and I hate when people say “thank god” or “I’m so blessed”…like, no, how about ‘thank myself’ and ‘I’m so dedicated’. Cuz I’m here due to motivation and hustle, prioritizing and risk taking, focus and effort. The hard work puts you where the good luck can find you. Amen to that.

In loving memory of The Judge, Felix

Today, March 3rd, marks the one year anniversary of @thejudge‘s untimely death. I still can’t believe that it has been one year since this wonderful man had been taken away from us, and it still breaks my heart knowing he’s gone and will never come back. We all miss him dearly, and will never forget the impact he had on us as a friend, and creator.

We all miss you, Felix. You were taken from us way too soon. 

Rest well now, my friend.

/Into a cosmic space\

They say people come and go, but life goes on,
In every aspect though they leave their mark,
As she certainly did, touching the hearts,
Inspiring us and so many more.
Gave me a place, a refuge, not so long ago,
In her humble abode,
What a beautiful gesture,
I can never be grateful enough,
Only try to do it justice.
Her cosmic longing for a search outside these intricacies,
Never ceased to amaze me,
Her words filled with her imaginations,
Of places I had never been to,
Left me aweinspired.
We bid her farewell with albeit heavy yet hopeful hearts,
Wishing for her the best in what is to come,
And a prayer, may she achieve all that she aspire.
Outside the atmosphere where gravity subsides,
No oxygen yet you breathed in the space dust,
No people to meddle with,
An aura of uncompromising peace,
Total serenity in your cosmic backyard.
- DG

Picture credits: @astereli
Written for (Victoria) @mycosmicbackyard =’)

Quick Behind the scenes look at a scene being filmed for the upcoming Baltimore Club Documentary, Dark City: Beneath The Beat. 

This scene was dedicated to one of the dancers who passed away that was loved by everyone in the scene. #FatzForever

Stay updated with the journey by following: 

IG @DarkCityBmore & the director @TTTheArtist

Watch more here:

A queen with an invisible crown

Her words so sweet, without effort they touch your heart,

Her ramblings nothing less than a piece of art,

Inevitably stuck in the harsh realities of life,

She is not giving up, she will strife,

To overcome that which holds her back,

Even when it seems courage, she might lack.

She will rise above it all, underestimate her if you like,

You’ll be left in awe when she does strike.

Crumpling perhaps, lost in the scrumptious nature of time,

The past she longed for, the future that looks so bleak, the present that’s just not passing,

Still she holds on, but her every deed treated like a crime,

Let her be, for God’s sake, she’s fighting a battle about which you’re merely assuming.

Her blotched poems giving us a voice, for our words,

Otherwise unspoken, wouldn’t have ever seen light of the day,

Her smile so precious, such elegance, sets in motion the cords,

Of positivity, the agony, the haze, all gone away.

She is a beautiful soul, even when she’s down,

Her beauty never ceases, a touch of pretty even in her frown,

In her rants and writings you can easily drown,

She’s a queen with an invisible crown.

- DG

Dedicated to the amazing @sweet-poesy =’)

just wanted to say that I just got home from the Cinema and I am amazed by the film “Black Panther”. Dear Serpents, you can rarely find as much diversity as this film has, the cast is nearly all black, the women in this film are strong characters and worriers. The film Shows that everyone can be a hero and that everything is possible if you have enough education.

Focus on your Goals

Tackle them

Embrace diversity

Just the usual serpenty stuff

Your art—
feeds my hungry soul
awaken my sleeping mind
consumes the beauty of nature.

Your prose—
opens the gates of imagination
smiles upon the lonely hearts
comforts the pained and lost.

You are a mystery
an artist made of blossoms
a writer made of bubbles
a lady made of buttercups.

You paint art for a tart
you scribble prose for a rose
you are the artsy arty
you are the rosy prose.

Cuteness and creativity combined
the sweet melody on my ears
paint and ink combined
the angel sent down from heaven.

Artyprose is Prosearty
Prosearty is Artyprose.

You are Zen.
Zen is you.

—  c.i.j. // a veneration for @artyprose and @prosearty

You have to promise yourself no matter how hard it gets
You will NOT give up-
Because at the end of the day, its about being happy with the person in the mirror looking back at you. 💯

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