dedicated to val for her birthday!

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Awww how cute, you guys write fanfics about Zendaya and Val??? Well I guess you have to enjoy this fantasy somehow right? We all know Val will never be Zendaya's boyfriend in this lifetime. Trevor Jackson got that handled big time, nice try though AHAHAHAHA! #ZEVORISREAL!#

Thank you for letting me know. I don’t usually get Zevor shippers so I appreciate you clearing this up for me. Z does seem happy lately and if that is with Trevor well that’s great she’s found someone to be happy with.

I admire how much you believe in your ship that even without them confirming it you just know it’s real. That is a a lot of dedication it’s very impressive I wish I could be that dedicated and sure.

I guess I’ll just have to keep reading that fav Valdaya fic of mine were Val was invited to Trevor’s birthday party and Val and Zendaya were practically attached at the hip all night in the photos.

And that they had coordinated outfits.

That Val posted a cute picture calling Z special. And Z posted the same pic with a great caption calling him her ace.

It’s just such great fanfic…. Oh wait no that actually happened sorry I get fanfic and real life confused sometimes cause they do these things that just are right or of a fanfic like celebrate their famiversary. It’s a bit hard to keep straight you know?