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*Allura, Coran & the other paladins facepalming in the background*

so you know that one scene in Kung Fu Panda 3 where Po meets his biological dad for the first time? Yeah.

@the-euglassia-watsonia, thank you for egging me on to do this it was so worth it.

highlights of wings concert
1. hoseoks entire mama performance
1.5. when all the bright colors and music shut off in the mama performance and hoseok did that intense emotional part dedicated to his mom in complete darkness and silence before the beat dropped and the colors came backand the CHURCH CHOIR anyways
2. cypher pt 4 ???? with the gaudy jewelry and tinted glasses and velvet robes like????? jst the most cocky rich look ever and i lived for it
2.5. yoongi staring at his big ass golden rolex watch timing his verse
3. the entire spring day choreography with them leaning on each other and running together and helping each other and inventing friendship

the finer points of WINGS to appreciate:
  • shoutout to Rapmon for helping to write and compose 10/15 tracks on the album and slaying every single one of them
  • shoutout to Jhope for writing and composing the intro and his own solo track, which he dedicated to his mother. how often do you see a kpop idol or a rapper dedicate his very first solo track to his mom?
  • shoutout to Suga for making 2016 his bitch  with his fire mixtape and now his solo track. he keeps fuckin killin it 
  • shoutout to Jimin for composing and writing his own solo song and for being the 2nd highest track on melon chart after their title song!!!! 
  • shoutout to V for composing and writing his solo track too, and WHO KNEW HE COULD HIT SUCH FUCKIN HIGH NOTES? HOLY SHIT NOT ME FAM IM STILL SHOOK
  • shoutout to Jin for also composing and writing his solo song which was as beautiful as he is. and even though he had no solo verses in Blood Sweat Tears, Awake more than made up for it
  • shoutout to Jungkook, even though he didn’t get any individual credit in the album, he still had a big chunk of lines in all of their group songs
  • shoutout to BTS for coming back stronger every single comeback and blowing all of our expectations away and for slaying all the fucking music charts, yet always staying humble like the fucking princes of kpop they are

Hey, I call everyone “my dudes” but you can bet that if someone asks me not to call them that, I’ll respect their wishes and switch to their preference.

Because if I didn’t, they would be completely justified in calling me an asshole and I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if I asked them to stop.

  • Mom: what are you doing?
  • Me: texting a friend
  • Mom: from the Internet?
  • Me: from za internetsss yes
  • Mom: they could be a rapist
  • Me: I have her snapchat
  • Me: and her address
  • Me: and her full name
  • Me: plus its pretty dedicated of a rapist to befriend their victim for four years through anime and trash tumblr memes

Legitimately though Bill Finn and James Lapine portray a woman both as sexual and a dedicated mom, a lesbian couple as the most together pair in the show, and deconstruct toxic masculinity as well as promoting positive aspects of masculinity while making you laugh and cry and care about their characters and treating serious topics with respect. Falsettos is just as important today as it was when it first premiered and will continue to be so far into the future.




‘This video is dedicated to all the Miraculous moms out there! Spreading positive values for young girls and empowering them to be their own super hero all over the world.‘

161127 VivaPolo Fanaccounts:

- The bus dedicated to Chanyeol arrived at Viva Polo today. Chanyeol’s Mom was so excited and was saying “The bus is here! The bus is here!” ㅋㅋㅋ All the girls present were also doing the same, the whole scenario was really adorable (source)

- We got rice cakes from Viva Polo for Chanyeol’s birthday 💕 I cant bear to eat it… We sang a birthday song as well, the whole experience was really enjoyable (source)

- The rice cakes that Chanyeol’s mom prepared.❤ ️Thank you❤️❤ ️She even gave it to me personally TT (source)

- At Viva Polo we prepared a cake, sang a birthday song alongside Chanyeol’s mother. We even received a gift from her, ordered lunch sets from them and got to see the birthday bus dedicated to Chanyeol, I throughtly enjoyed myself there! (source)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)
Miraculous Ladybug | Miraculous Moms | Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
This Miraculous Ladybug video is dedicated to all the Miraculous moms out there! Encouraging positive values for girls and empowering them to be their own su...

This Miraculous Ladybug video is dedicated to all the Miraculous moms out there! Encouraging positive values for girls and empowering them to be their own super hero is what our show “Miraculous” is all about!

Please share this video so we can let more moms and families know about Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix and help their children to become Miraculous too!

my mom’s uncle, a dedicated humanitarian, had never even traveled to iran or touched a weapon or even spoke about hezbollah was killed in Pakistan in 2013 by sunni terrorists–weeks before tens of hundreds more shia muslims would be slaughtered by sunni supremacists in abbastown. my 21 year old cousin was beaten to death last year alongside her fiance and then shot and stuffed into a garage by sunni supremacists in pakistan–she was the kind of girl who didn’t even raise her voice let alone enact violence. and like these are 2 of countless of my family members that have been murdered in cold blood by sunni supremacists. countless family members have been threatened for their life and forced to flee their homes. 

and despite all of this, despite the unmistakable, unavoidable, irrefutable evidence we have of innocent shia muslims being slaughtered in cold blood by sunni supremacists who PROUDLY claim responsibility for their crimes, i have to answer messages like “shias deserve their death” and “well isn’t hezbollah a terrorist group too?” “shias are not all angels” by the muslim community. 

i’m not trying to inspire any sympathy. i’m just hoping people understand how unbelievable the victim blaming and denial is from sunni muslims when it comes to anti-shiism. Shia muslims are being murdered every single day, and instead of addressing the sunni supremacy that’s causing it, muslims have the audacity to question whether or not shia muslims are even worth saving. 

New Year’s Kiss

It’s almost five in the morning on new year’s day and I’m surely going to pass out as soon as I’m done posting this.

I’m dedicating this to the lovely Minna ( @ladydrace ) and our wonderful mom ( @eeyore9990 ) Both of you are amazing and big influences in my writing and I love you guys! Hope you enjoy!

You see the thing about surrounding yourself with couples is that you get left out a lot. It’s not like his friends forget about him, well not all the time, it’s just that you can’t do all the things that they do. Like double dates, or couples day, or valentine’s day, or in his case now, new years eve.

It’s eleven thirty and he’s all by himself at a party in the club as every TV plays the Rockin’ Eve 2017. He’d came here with Scott, Allison, Lydia and Jackson almost an hour ago now but soon the all disappeared to go dance with their partner until the ball dropped and the midnight kisses were to be given.

He’d been past buzzed an hour ago so he’s pretty sure he’s drunk now, as he scans the crowd for at least one of his friends. They’d just left him, to fend for himself on this monumental holiday. He doesn’t know why they invited him if they were just going to disappear, he was perfectly happy bringing in the new year with a case of beer, some reeses and a video game. It’s a hell of a lot better than spending it in a club full of couples, dancing and singing and partying with their significant others, while he’s by himself like a loner.

He scouts out the grinding bodies on the dance floor from his elevated perch on a bar stool. He spots Scott’s goofy hat and his eyes track a little farther to spot Lydia and Jackson not far away. They look happy, dancing with each other, hands on hips and shoulders as they grind to the music.

Stiles makes up his drunk mind right then and there, as he watches his friends dance, that he’s going to have a midnight kiss.

It’s eleven forty three so he has seventeen minutes to find a single hot guy to mack on at twelve. Even drunk Stiles knows not to just kiss someone who’s in a relationship.

He spots the perfect guy, the clock turns eleven fifty eight and he has to make his way through the crowd to get to the booths on the other side. The guy’s been sitting by his lonesome since Stiles laid eyes on him, and he appears to be watching two couples himself on the dance floor, probably a loner like Stiles, swindled into coming by his friends.

The guy exits the booth as Stiles approaches, not noticing him, and heading towards the bar. The clocks is eleven fifty nine and thirty seconds.

“Will you kiss me?” Stiles asks hurriedly, he doesn’t slur his words like he expected to and he manages to get the guys attention.

The guy looks him up and down while everyone around them counts down from ten and when the timer hits one everyone yells happy new year and then Stiles has lips on his.

The lips are soft and the scrap of the guys beard is a scratchy contrast but feels amazing all the same and Stiles feels like he’s drowning and taking a breath of fresh air at the same time.

When they pull back, each of them take a lungful of air before they’re back to kissing again. Stiles didn’t notice when they started moving but next thing he knows they’re sitting in the booth Derek vacated from, Stiles straddling Derek’s legs as he sits in his lap.

“Best new year’s kiss ever!” Stiles slurs out excitedly.

“Are you drunk?” The guy asks, speaking for the first time and Stiles curses under his breath at how the guys voice is so light but hoarse at the same time making it the sexiest sound Stiles has ever heard.

“Most likely,” Stiles answers, giggling a little, “Definitely.”

“Shit,” the guy says under his breath but loud enough for Stiles to hear him, “Do you have friends here?”

“Yeah, My best buddy Scott ditched me to mack on his girlfriend while my other friends did the same.” Stiles answers, pouting at the memory.

Derek’s eyes crinkle at the corner when he smiles at him and Stiles’s breath refuses to kick back in from being punched out of him at the sight.

“Do they have a ride home?” The guy asks.

“Yeah, we came in Lydia’s car since she’s the designated driver. They tried to pin it off on me again but I told them that since I was going to be solo tonight on such a couple-y night I would need to get drunk to be able to deal. They agreed after a lot of protest and puppy dog eyes,” Stiles tells him pulling out the puppy dog eyes as example.

The guy smiles that smile again that knocks the breath out of him and he counts to three to get it back going again because hot damn is that smile radiant.

“I’m going to take you home,” The guy tells him, leaving no room for argument, like Stiles would have argued otherwise.

“Okay! Your place or mine?” Stiles questions with an eyebrow wiggle.

The guy chuckles at him, as he stands and places Stiles on his feet and for a brief moment Stiles experiences the guy’s strength to be able to hold him up.

“I’m taking you to your place so you can sleep. I won’t have sex with you while you’re drunk,” The guy tells him, walking him into the mass of sweaty, grinding bodies.

“Not even a little bit?” Stiles whines.

“Not even a little bit,” The guy agrees.

They stop for The guy to yell at a blonde, a buff dude, a curly haired guy and a girl who has striking resemblance to the guy, that he’s going to take him home and to be safe before Stiles shoots a text off to Scott saying he’s getting a ride home and to have fun. He doesn’t receive an answer and he wasn’t expecting one.

When they get outside the cold air makes him shiver and The guy slips wordlessly out of his leather jacket and places it on Stiles’s shoulders.

“I’m Derek by the way,” The guy ~Derek~ says, holding out his hand.

For Stiles to know what the inside of his mouth taste like a handshake seems mundane but he shakes it anyway.

“Stiles,” He answers.

“What?” Derek questions, eyebrows creasing.

“My name. It’s Stiles,” Stiles elaborates, smiling as Derek’s brow only creases further, “My real name is hard to pronounce, it’s a nickname.”

Derek smiles at him as they reach a sleek black Camaro and Derek opens the door for him as Stiles slides into the car, marveling the upholstery.

He tells Derek his address and is promptly passing out in his seat while they drive. He doesn’t fall asleep, making sure to keep an eye out of where they are but his eyes are barely open when they pull up to his apartment building.

Derek helps him walk up the stairs of his apartment building, on a normal day he hates those stairs but now, drunk, sleepy and dazed, he curses them.

Stiles pulls his keys out of his side pocket, little Harley Quinn emblem dangling between his fingers for a second as he squints to see the right one. Eventually he gets the door open and he staggers his way into the apartment, kicking his shoes off and crashing on the bed, lights out as soon as he hits the pillow.

When he wakes in the morning a pounding hangover is his greeting. He rolls over to check the time to find a glass of water and two aspirin obscuring his view of the alarm clock. He grabs the water and the pills, time completely forgotten as he chugs the water.

There’s a note stuck to the nightstand where the cup was and he grabs it.

Call me when you’re not drunk and maybe we can pick up where we left off, ~Derek.

Last night flashes back to him and he squeals into his pillow in excitement that it wasn’t just a dream. Guys like Derek don’t exist in the real world. Or at least he didn’t think they did until now.

Derek is super hot, a gentleman, a nice guy and he has the most amazing smile Stiles has ever seen, two front teeth sticking out adorably like a bunny.

He types in Derek’s number into his phone, saving it before sending a text.

This is Stiles from the club last night. Thanks for bringing me home and the aspirin.

Derek replies in less than a minute and Stiles will admit, only to himself, that his heart skipped a beat when the message came in.

No problem. Coffee later? If you’re up for it.

Stiles squeals again into his pillow before sending back an okay.

Derek texts him with the time and place and Stiles does a victory dance before plopping back down on his bed to read the unread text he had ignored to text Derek.

Hope you made it home okay, Text me when you get up or I’m calling your dad,

It’s from Scott and Stiles replies immediately.

I’m fine. Best New Year’s Ever!

He flops back onto his pillow, plotting his outfit for his date with Derek while he squeals with delight.


There aren’t entire articles, advice columns, magazines, and more dedicated to how to work and be a mom. There’s not anything like it for working dads.

Is this good, or bad?

Should we not address it for either or address it for both?

I think it’s telling we only address it for women. Like, its cute you want to work and have a career, but don’t you forget what you’re really here for. Society doesn’t place this burden and expectation on men like it does women.