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Mood Board: Genosha Is For Lovers 

After finally retiring from the Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute for the Gifted, Charles and Erik embark on a romantic getaway to the beaches of Genosha. Genosha is a sanctuary for humans and mutants alike, at least according to the travel agents.  

When they arrive, they find the brochures may have left a few things out. The island is being torn apart by political unrest and social upheaval. The escalating tensions between humans and mutants bring out old grudges. Torn apart by opposing factions, Charles and Erik struggle to hold onto their ideals and to each other. 

 Paradise has its price and they are all going to pay. 


Les Myths: Bonus Jehanparnasse Moodboard for @just-french-me-up

Lost in Hell, —Persephone, 

Take their head upon your knee;

Say to them, “My dear, my dear, 

It is not so dreadful here.

-Edna St. Vincent Millay


*sigh* I’m really sad and angry that I have to make this post, but please, go and block+report this Twitter account. I included steps on how to do so.
Please DO NOT engage or talk to the account, simply report and block. Thank you.

Someone made an account dedicated to burning their johnny pc. I don’t know why he gets so much hate, he hasn’t done anything wrong. He works hard, very very hard, for the passed decade he has worked so hard to get to where he is. He’s a genuinely kind and friendly person. I’m really upset that so many people dislike him THIS MUCH. I’m not gonna rant on. Johnny deserves so much more love. This is such a mean thing to do :(



83/ of morning musume’s mvs: kare to issho ni omise ga shitai!

Let’s Talk About Offerings

Almost every form of neopaganism has some form of offerings, yet one of the questions I see most is “How do I give offerings? Who do I give to? How do I know when to take it away? How do I know if They liked it?” so here we go, a big ol’ wordy post to forever be a resource. 

Disclaimer: I am a Heathen, so I’m only speaking in regards to Norse deities. Some of this may travel across pantheons, some of it may not. 

So why give offerings in the first place? As discussed in Hávamál, hospitality and reciprocity both had solid places in the culture and traditions of the time. The general idea is that you’re giving a gift to a deity in order to thank them, show appreciation/reverence, or gain their favor. 

Some comparisons can be made:

  • You’re inviting someone to your home for the first time, and when they get there you offer them tea and a snack.
  • Your friend fed your fish while you were on vacation, so you get them a cookie from the local bakery to say thanks.
  • Your parent is really just great, aren’t they? You surprise them at work with some flowers, just because. 

Okay, I think I kinda get it. What can I give Them? Pretty much anything. Food of any kind, booze, flowers, candles, incense, writings, drawings, workouts, sex, reading, feeding your fish, watering your plants…

So….How do I pick what to give Them?

The general idea is to offer something that relates to that deity in some way, but don’t get too caught up in it. I would say most of my offerings have just been what I had already, or what a gut feeling told me that deity would like.

Where do I put physical offerings?

For your first offering, it’s perfectly fine to just set the offering somewhere and say “YO THIS IS FOR YOU!”. In the long term, you may wish to set up a formal altar/shrine, in which case you can communicate with specific deities to say “Hey, if something is on this plate, it’s for you!”

What do I say?

The exact verbage I use every time I give an offering is: “I hereby dedicate this (workout) to the God/ess (Thor) in the hopes the He receives it in the spirit with which it was intended.”

Is it stiff and formal? Yeah, a bit. Feel free to do something totally different. But hey, it works for me. I speak it out loud, replacing the offering and deity as needed, every time I want to dedicate something to someone. 

How do I know when it’s been received? Or if They liked/disliked it?

For me personally, it’s just kinda a gut feeling? I rarely experience much when They do like an offering, but get strong feelings when They don’t. I usually leave physical offerings out for at least 20 minutes. 

Some use divination, some astral travel, some say no news is good news. Unless you’re getting definite Angery Vibes, you’re probably doing just fine.

How often should I offer?

As often as you feel you need to. Some offer on specific days of the week(at least four deities have their own day of the week, off the top of my head), some daily, some only when the spirit moves them. 

Don’t let me dictate your life, but I personally believe it’s important not to just call on deities when you need them. I mean, how would you feel if you had a buddy who every time they asked you over to their house, they gave you a slice of cake and said “heeeeeeeeey i need a favor”

You would feel sad. And used. Don’t let your deities feel sad and used

I recently surveyed 56 individuals about their habits in regards to offerings, and here are some of the results. Remember you do not have to be like everyone else, but these habits might serve as a starting point until you find your own path.

  • Most give offerings to their primary deity/ies about once a week.
  • Most offer to deities they work with less often only on holidays or when they need Them for something.
  • Candles, incense, flowers, spirits(booze not ghosts), candy, and a portion of their own meal are some of the most common physical items offered.
  • Knowledge-based offerings, such as reading and learning new things are the most common non-physical offering, followed by wearing specific items of clothing and the use/creation of art and music. 
  • Most spend anywhere from 1-10 minutes on offerings weekly.
  • Most rarely spend money on devotional items such as special foods, altar decor items, etc. 
  • Most say that how they dispose of an offering varies from deity to deity, but putting it outside or eating it were popular options.

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Ok so I thought ya'll should know... I asked Jeremy Shada if quiznak was the equivalent to the word fuck and he definitely didn't deny it but he said that I should ask the creators for confirmation

anon i will pay you to record yourself asking mitch and tim if lance said ‘shut your fuck’

Theatrical Relations (AU)

Chapter two:

@thecruciblegavemeyou you asked me to tag you in this (chapter 1 is bad. I’m sorry)


I’ve been really craving doing some theatre recently (what with the school year being over.) So, obviously, I started writing a Snowbaz fic to help with this.

This is the idea I had: ‘Simon is new to theatre, in same a level class as Baz. Baz and Simon put in a group together, chair duets/physical theatre about ww1 relationship. Simon choses one about relationship between German and English solider. Much fluff and angst. Inspired by THAT chair duet.’

This is short, but it’s the first chapter and I just wanted to get this out and see if people want more before I put hours of work into it, so yeah.

Chapter 1 (Baz)

I’m sat chatting with Tom, my theatre teacher, about Stanislavski’s impact on modern theatre and how we perceive and learn theatre as an art form due to his work, when the rest of the class files in. There are some new kids in the class next year, who are just picking up theatre as an a level, but never took it in any form at GCSE. And, among them, is Simon Snow, the golden boy and my biggest distraction when I am at school.

Sat around the stage, chatting for a while as a group about who we are, playing a few name games, you know, the standard, new theatre shit, I begin to finally relax back into school, just glad to be doing theatre again. Oh, how I’ve missed it. Then, Tom begins to give us the term’s briefing, telling us that we will be doing a course on physical theatre, surrounding the concept of relationships through time and that we will be sorted into pairs and given an individual time period. Apparently, we will discover this information from a list that will be placed on the theatre’s door at the end of tomorrow. I honestly cannot wait to see the list, I really hope that I am paired with someone good, who is actually, I don’t know? Dedicated, perhaps? Chance would be a fine thing. All I really want is a really good time period though.

For the rest of the lesson, we just explore physical theatre, looking at some performances and trying out some techniques, such as flocking and cannon. Honestly, it is perfection, true perfection to be back doing theatre again and to feel my muscles working with others, all of us entwined in the beauty that is theatre. Fuck a nine toed troll, physical theatre is my favourite thing in the world.

The next day, I sprint to the door of the theatre at the end of my final lesson and check the list. Crowley, is Tom actually fucking with me? He has put me to work with Snow. Fucking Simon Snow. The boy I hate, well pretend to anyway. Fuck a nine toed troll, this will actually be hell on earth, how will I cope? We have to create PHYSICAL theatre about a relationship, I honestly don’t know if I can spend that much time working near him, talking about relationships and touching him without exploding or kissing him. At least we have a brilliant time period; World War One- my second favourite, after the Industrial and Urban Revolutions of the 19th Century. But Crowley, I’m going to struggle with this. Snow had better end up being really fucking reliable and dedicated, or he will probably end up dead.

"Who do you want me to be?"
"How about a friend?" 
Things I envy about all of the signs:
  • Aries: I envy your strong will and ability to be loud in a room full of people who may not agree with you, without being afraid of the backlash because you know what you're saying is your personal truth, without a doubt, always.
  • Taurus: I envy your gentle and romantic nature. I envy the trustworthy and dedicated friend you become once someone gets to know you. I envy your unshakeable stability and morality. I envy how calm you can make everyone around you just by speaking because you are always confident in what you say.
  • Gemini: I envy your charm. I envy that you are always the life of the party, and I envy that just when I think I got you figured out, you have yet another surprise up your sleeve. I envy your magic.
  • Cancer: I envy your ability to wear your emotions on your sleeve and have the ability to eloquently express how you're feeling to whoever without shame because you know you're human and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I envy your gigantic capacity for love.
  • Leo: I envy your positivity. The way you always seem to look on the brighter side of things and keep going. I envy your ability to find joy in the little things and your goofy nature.
  • Virgo: I envy your good nature. I envy your ability to be trusted by anyone. Your ability to not overstep your boundaries with people even if the do something you don't agree with just because you understand there's always two sides and two solutions and you're always smart enough to never get involved.
  • Libra: I envy your ability to play devils advocate and see things from two sides without straying from your original argument because you know every point of view deserves a chance. I envy your ability to so quickly forgive and move on. I envy your ability to never see life as anything other than beautiful.
  • Scorpio: I envy your passion. Everything you feel, you feel from the bottom of your soul. I envy the way you take care of yourself because you know no one else can do it better and you put yourself first and that's the best thing you can do for your own happiness. I envy your mystery.
  • Sagittarius: I envy your ability to persevere through any situation and be able to stay positive through it. I envy your happiness and your spirit. I envy your ability to move on faster than any other sign and recover from anything with a smile on your face.
  • Capricorn: I envy your honesty with yourself. I envy that you keep your circle small because you are really good at reading people's intentions and you're always great at protecting yourself. I envy your ability to problem solve and achieve everything you put your mind to
  • Pisces: I envy your vivid imagination and dreams. I envy your emotional vulnerability. I envy the heart that you wear on your sleeve and I envy your hopeless romantic nature
  • Written by an Aquarius
Internet Friend ~ Luke


You grab your phone, seeing the notification saying Luke has messaged you. About a month ago, you met Luke over an all time low fanpage. Since then, the two of you had talked nonstop. You were both closer than anyone else in each other’s lives.
You felt your cheeks turn bright red as you read his message, cursing at yourself as you reminded you couldn’t fall for him. But it was too late. You had fallen for him, hard. You opened the link he had sent you, greeted by his voice when it loaded. You listened to his strumming on his guitar while he sung the words to Pleade Don’t Go by Mark Posner. You closed your eyes, letting his voice sink in. Even though you had heard him quietly sing song verses over Skype, you had never heard anything quite like this. You snapped out of your trance when you felt the vibrations coming through your phone. He had sent you about 7 messages, his nervousness could be felt through the screen. ‘What do you think?“Idk. Maybe I should take it down’'I did it on an impulse, I really should take it down.’'Oh my god y/n what have I done’'What if people at school find this’'They’re gonna tease me cause I’m so bad’'I mean Calum said it would be a good idea but I don’t even know anymore’
You started typing as quickly as possible, his singing voice still echoing through your mind. 'Luke. Shut up. It’s so good omg’'Like I’ve heard you sing before but never like this. Please don’t take it down.'You stared at your screen, waiting for his reply. Your phone was silent. The only sound in your room was the tapping of your fingers on the side of your phone, a nervous habit you had developed. Before a reply arrived, you heard the familiar Skype call sound coming from your laptop on the other side of your room. You jumped off your bed, accepting the call as soon as you saw it was from Luke. 'Hi’ you said, unable to control your smile. Luke was still in the same spot from the video, you guessed he had sent you the link as soon as he uploaded the video as his guitar was still in his lap. 'Hey’ he mumbled, his cheeks a faint pink. When you looked closer, you could see his hands shaking. 'Luke.’ You whispered, watching him as he lifted his head. 'It sounds so good, like, it’s better than anything than I could’ve ever imagined.’'You’re just being nice y/n’'Luke I’m serious.’ You laughed'Stop lying y/n. Don’t worry, I’m taking it down right now.’ You could see the reflection of his computer screen changing in his eyes, obviously switching from Skype to YouTube.'Lets just forget this ever happened.’ He whispered'Lucas Robert Hemmings. Take that down and I will fly over to your house and personally murder you. Who cares if you get teased? It’s only cause they’re jealous of the amazing voice you have. Whatever you do, do not. I repeat, do not delete the video.’ You crossed your arms, trying to hold a stern face, but failing when you heard Luke chuckle at your remark. You burst out in laughter, falling off your desk chair. 'Fine.’ He said through violent laughter 'I’ll keep it up, but to be honest, I wouldn’t mind you coming over here to murder me.’ He winked, sending wild butterflies into your stomach. 'Lucas Robert Hemmings.’ You said, trying not to blush as you tried to re apply a stern face. 'What would your mother think if she saw you do that?’ You both laughed, tears almost coming out of your eyes.'But seriously y/n, it would be so cool if you flew over here. I mean, I could finally meet you in person.’ 'I wish I could, but you never know. I could be a 63 year old axe murderer planning your death.’ You looked at his guitar, noticing he was still holding it. 'When are you gonna put your guitar down? God, it must be uncomfortable.’ 'Oh, yeah I forgot about that.’ He mumbled, quickly placing his guitar down on his bed next to him. 'Who you talking to?’ Luke looked up at the voice coming from his door, his cheeks immediately turning several shades darker. Jack, Lukes older brother put his head into the view of the webcam.'Ooh,’ he said, smirking at Luke 'You’re talking to a girl’ 'Shut up Jack.’ Luke said through gritted teeth, his cheeks now the shade of a tomato. Jack went over to Lukes bed and sat on it, still in view of the webcam.'So, what’s your name?’ He asked you, purposely asking questions to annoy Luke.'Umm y/n’ You stuttered'Ahh. What a pretty name.’ Jack replied, causing Luke to get angrier'Jack can you just like, go? Please?’ Luke yelled, a sudden look of surprise arriving on Jacks face, suddenly realised what he doing wasn’t funny. 'Sorry Luke I didn’t realise -’'Just go. And don’t say anything more'You played the recent dialogue from the brothers in your head, obviously missing something. You heard Jack say bye to you on his way out of Luke’s room.'So that’s your brother.’ You said, still wondering what you missed. Luke’s hands lay on his thighs, clenched so hard his knuckles were white. 'Yeah.’ He managed to say, his teeth still gritted. 'Just, just don’t worry about him. Don’t listen to anything he says. Especially if it’s, you know, about you.’ 'Ok’ you stuttered, still overly confused about the situation.

Luke always sent you a link whenever he uploaded a cover, and you always told him how amazing it was. You always seemed to complement him on his musical ability. He never seemed to complement you about anything. You talked every single day, right into the am’s.You were now lucky to get a reply saying he was busy.Wow, the fame must really take a lot of time to handle.Your feelings for him started to go away, but it was always there in the background. No one made you feel like you were on cloud nine like the way like did. You got a new phone.You didn’t bother transferring his contact. It wasn’t like he was going to talk to you anyway
Your friend ran into your apartment, jumping onto the couch. 'Y/n!’ She exclaimed, grabbing your laptop from the coffee table and opening a new webpage. 'What is it now y/f/n’ you laughed, sitting down next to her. 'Remember that song that came out in like 2014? The one about the underwear?’ You felt a lump in your throat. That was when Luke stopped talking to you altogether. You had decided to never tell anyone about Luke, you couldn’t bring the memories you had tried so hard to destroy back to life.'I think so? Wasn’t it by that band…’'5 seconds of summer. Well anyway, for the past couple months I’ve gotten really into them. And, they’re going on tour. They’re coming right here to Austin soon. Do you wanna go?’ You stared at the screen, noticing the picture of the band. Luke had changed so much. 'Y/n?’ You heard your friend say, snapping you out of your trance. 'Um, yeah. Why not?’ Y/f/n squealed with excitement, hugging you way too hard. 'I’ve got to show you this song of theirs. It’s one of my favourites. I mean, it’s a cover. But I love it so much’ you tried to concentrate on your friend, you really did. But when you heard the familiar voice singing Please Don’t Go by Mark Posner, everything came crashing down.
You remembered the way you convinced him to keep the video up. Maybe if he had taken it down you would still be talking to him. You remembered the look of worry he wore when he second guessed the uploading of the cover. You remembered the way he and Jack had the conversation you were still confused about. You remembered the way he just disappeared You felt all the feelings you had tried so hard to forget.

Concert night
You stared at the mirror, wondering whether you should bail on the concert. But you knew your friend would stay home with you if you did. This concert meant so much to her, you had to go. For her.
'I actually can’t believe I’m going to see them live.’ Y/f/n exclaimed, literally jumping for joy. 'Yeah,’ you said, trying to sound enthusiastic for your friend. 'I can’t wait to see them in person.’ Luckily, your friend was in too much of a good mood to notice your lack of enthusiasm. Your stomach tumbled ferociously, you didn’t know whether you could handle seeing Luke, especially in person. Even when he was mentioned on the radio, whenever one of their songs came on, you shut it off completely. That’s why you listened to your own music these days, the radio was too risky.
Your friend had dragged you to the front of the crowd, at this moment, you hated how the concert was general admission and not set seats. You moved back into the crowd a couple steps back, you couldn’t be right at the front. You wouldn’t be able to handle it.
They all walked on stageWow, he was really tallSomething about seeing them in person   triggered a mountain of emotions you had managed to keep submergedThe feelings all came out like a waterfall You couldn’t help but stare at Luke the whole timeSomehow, you managed to keep the tears in your eyes. You could never explain the true reason you were crying to anyone.
They had played 3 songs and he hadn’t noticed youNeither had your friendThank god
'So guys,’ the crowd roared as they heard Calums voice echo through the arena 'anyway, we’re gonna play a song about a girl named amnesia.’ The crowed screamed, for the millionth time that night. It was mid songLuke was in the middle of singing 'I wish that I could wake up with amnesia’ He saw youIt was obviousHis voice trailed off, he looked as if someone had punched him in the stomach. He just stared at youCalum noticed and picked up the vocalsHe still stared at youHis mouth stayed wide open You were the only two to noticeHe eventually continued playing guitar and sang his parts You felt the hole in your chest open up againYou felt the tearsBut yet you still wouldn’t let them go
Throughout the whole song, he kept looking back at you every 10 seconds. You prayed no one would notice.
'Hey guys, I’m Luke.’ He said, a fake tone of happiness in his voice. 'So now we’re gonna play a song, I hope you know it. It’s dedicated to someone, I used to be really good friends with them.’ 'Luke, let’s just play the song. We don’t need your life story.’ Michael said, laughing at his own joke. 'Michael shut up.’ Luke said, gritting his teeth. Gritting his teeth the same way he did when he spoke to Jack, all those years ago. 'Anyway,’ he continued 'this song is dedicated to this girl, she’s here in the crowd tonight. This is dedicated to you. Y/n7639 (<- ur Skype name). Let’s hear it for everything I didn’t say Austin.’ He sang all the lyricsHe stared at you the whole time It was then you let the tears fallIt was then everything crashes down like a ton of bricks You walked to the front of the crowdIgnoring the questioning looks from your friend next to youHe went over and spoke to Calum when the song was overThen he ran offstage You noticed his hands shaking, you noticed the tears flying off his cheeks. It was something only you would’ve noticed.

It was the last song it happenedHe knelt down to you, every girl around you screaming frantically, but he was only noticing you. You clenched your jaw, confused whether you should be angry at him or not. He passed you a note, whispering a small 'sorry’ as he jumped back onstage, more lively than he had ever been.
'What does it say?’'Open it.” omg are Luke and you like?'The questions from everyone around you wouldn’t stop. You couldn’t open it here, not when everyone was watching. 'Just back off. All of you.’ You heard your friend yell at everyone. You looked up at her, seeing her smile. 'Open it y/n. I’ll keep all those fake twelvie fans away from you.’ You thanked her, immediately opening the note. His handwriting had always been messy. 'Y/n I know. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have ignored you. I’m so sorry. I haven’t gone a day without thinking about you. You have to know that. Please. Give me another chance. When everyone is gone, go to the security guard next to you. Show him this note and he’ll let you in backstage. Please, just give me another chance,Lukey’
You looked up onto the stage, he was standing still, strumming his guitar as if it was muscle memory. He was staring straight at you, nervously biting his lip ring. You looked to your right, a security guard stood there, to looked back at your friend, who was yelling out the lyrics. Thank god the song was almost over.
'That’s the show. Goodnight Austin.’ Ashton yelled enthusiastically, the whole band walked off stage, Luke looking at you one last time before Calum pushed him through the door and into backstage. You turned to your friend, who was wearing a questionable look.'I-i’ you started, stuttering badly, a bad habit you frequently acted on.'You go home. I’ve got to-’ 'Ok’ Your friend said, probably a little too enthusiastically, she joined the mass crowd of fangirls trying to get out of the arena.
The security guard brought you into the boys dressing room. Ashton and Michael were spamming the bands snapchat while Luke was sitting on the couch, biting his nails with Calum next to him, attempting to comfort him. He stood up straight when he saw you.You saw how his eyes were bloodshot from tears. 'Y/n.’ He started, capturing the attention of Michael and Ashton. 'Luke.’ You croaked, trying to hold back the tears, again. 'I’m so sorry.’ He whispered, running up to you. You stared into the blue eyes you fell in love with. 'Um, I’m gonna go see if I can find a vending machine.’ Calum said, standing up to walk out of the room.'Same.’ Aston and Michael both said, following Calum out of the room.'Do they? Do they know?’ You asked, walking over to the couch and sitting on it.'Of course they do.’ Luke said 'does anyone know about, you know, us?“Nobody. Except you know, after tonight.’ Luke walked over, sitting down next to you.'The press is gonna be one me, it’s the only way I could think of telling you.’ He placed his finger in your chin, lifting your head up so you now faced him.'I needed to see you again y/n.’ You stayed silent, still staring into his eyes. That’s when he pressed his lips onto yoursThat’s when you forgave him for all those years of painThat’s when everything was alright 

It literally just hit me how incredible the You Are Not Alone campaign is. Guys… Misha recognized that, for whatever reason, our fandom is composed of a lot of people who need help, and he’s trying his best to help us. He actually saw that there was a problem, and started working on a way to try and fix it – and when he told Jensen and Jared about it, they were both totally enthusiastic and ready to help.

Guys, these three people know that we love them, and they love us back. A lot.


Working on a new idea is kind of like getting married. Then a new idea comes along and you think, ‘Man, I’d really like to go out with her.’ But you can’t. At least not until the old idea is finished.
—  Stephen King
My response to concerns on the “unbalanced” nature of Captain Swan...

Why is Captain Swan so “unbalanced” - and why should we be OK with this?

I’ve answered this question MANY times over the past year and a half… but because I think this topic is so important I’m going to answer it again:

ANON ASKED:  I do think, however, that in a very conscious move the writers have always written Killian as way more devoted than Emma. This may not be a problem for some, and may even be a selling point and I do understand WHY they do it, but quite frankly we just have to accept the fact that a lot of people don’t like seeing an unbalanced relationship like this. And the thing is that yes, Emma IS the savior, which means that inevitably she will always need/want to put the whole of SB before Killian. He may be ok with that because he loves her for everything she is, but I can see why  it may be uncomfortable for some people (and also why the haters use it as a negative thing, see the “he is a lovesick puppy” claims). 

YES!!! Killian is more devoted than Emma. At this point. 

That is the WHOLE POINT of his character.  

Hook was written to be a love interest for Emma Swan. Yes he has a back story, yes he’s involved with the plot, yes, he’s a multifaceted character in his own right who has shown incredible depth and growth . But ultimately, his role in this show is to love and support the heroine. That is the truth.

Emma Swan, the hero of our tale, has a tragic life story.  Once Upon a Time may have an ensemble cast, but make no mistake - Emma is the protagonist. This is her tale we are watching unfold.  Like all good fairy tales it starts with pain but will ultimately end in happiness. The show is about her journey from one point to another - and how along the way she helps others find their happiness too.

But as I said before - Emma’s life has been pretty tragic:  

  • she had no family growing up and circumstances forced her to give up the son she gave birth to in jail.
  • every romantic relationship has ended in lies, betrayal, and death.
  • because of all that pain she hasn’t even allowed herself to find comfort in the friendship of others.

The end result is a woman who has NO CLUE how to love or be loved.

Killian Jones was written specifically to be the person to help her overcome this.  He was created to give the Emma and the audience an EPIC romance.  He was written to be the person who understands her, who isn’t put off by her walls, and who has all the tools she is lacking when it comes to romance. He was written to show her that it’s OK to love - and to show her how.

That’s his primary role on the show.  And it’s a HUGE one.  Because with a life history like Emma’s it will take patience, dedication, and TIME to teach her not to fear handing over her heart to another person.

It’s not going to happen overnight - in truth the fact that they’ve made as much progress as they have in the few weeks they’ve spent together is nothing short of miraculous.  

And that’s because Killian Jones, unlike Emma, has a lot of experience with giving and receiving love.  He had a family with Liam. He had a healthy long term relationship with Milah. He lost those things and is alone now - but he knows how to love.  

If the relationship seems unbalanced your are right - and it’s because the characters are inherently unbalanced. 

“Love has been all too rare in your life…”

Hook recognized the deficit in Emma as soon as they met.  He saw the pain and loneliness in her eyes.  Hook, a person whose heart was so filled with love that it spurred him into a 300 year quest to avenge the deaths of those he lost, met Emma Swan and gave up his pursuit of revenge to instead love this woman and he made it his life’s mission to correct what he saw as an incredible injustice…

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I gotta say friend, i lied when I said your dcbb fic was the best ever, because I just read the law of equivalent exchange and THAT IS THE ACTUAL BEST EVER I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORDSMITH. 😭😭😭💙💙💙

Gaaaaaah - I’m officially and literally melting here, thank you so much! 

And, honestly, I know this is shameless self-promotion, but that story means so much to me - and it’s a resurrection fic, so there’s a lot of death, but since I’m guessing we’re all having a hard day I’m sharing one of my favourite bits, which is a bit sunnier and fluffier -

On January 24th, 1979, Castiel finds himself wandering inside a hospital room.

He has never done this before; he’s never witnessed the first moments of this man he’s been tasked to walk with, and he wasn’t planning to now; not at all.

Something about this birth, though, is different. Castiel can’t explain how he knows it. He just does.

He pushes the door open and walks into the darkened room. He ignores the sleeping couple - the woman lying down on the bed, the man sitting in the chair next to her, his dark head bent down against her thigh - and moves to the crib.

As he peers down at the baby, his wings open on either side of him, taking him by surprise. He hadn’t meant to make them visible, and there is no magic which could compel him to do so.

Except there is, he thinks, looking at the newborn child for the first time.

It is, really, a normal baby, with a shock of light brown hair and skin still red and blotchy from the effort of birth. And yet his green eyes stare up at Castiel, unblinkingly; unafraid.

Castiel has never been sure of his own emotions, and he can’t be sure that what is flooding through him now is really love; it’s perhaps more - familiarity.

It’s you, he thinks. It’s going to be you.

Unable to help himself, he lowers one hand inside the crib. The baby is too small to react promptly - Castiel knows he can barely see - but when Castiel passes a finger on his tiny hand, he opens his own fingers and grabs him.

Castiel smiles.

“Hello, Dean.”

[The Law of Equivalent Exchange, by awed_frog]