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A Tiny Spark

As a firefighter for the FDNY, Alec Lightwood and his battalion respond to an emergency call for an apartment fire. After rushing a young, soon-to-be mother out of the burning building and to safety, Alec must deliver her newborn baby. 

He never expected the little girl to spark an inexplicable bond between them. After a prior adoption fell through in a devastating way, should he and Magnus even hope they might be able to adopt her?

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Rating: Explicit

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Does anyone else wish they’d just dedicate a whole episode to Sam and Dean shopping for their disguises? How does it work exactly? Dean driving around, looking for a store in whatever random ass town they’re in, with a scowl, “What the hell does a social worker even wear?”  

Sam shrugging, “I don’t know, man, cardigans?” 

Really, Sam? Cardigans? What am I, Mr. Rogers?” 

“Kids like Mr. Rogers.” 

You liked Mr. Rogers,” Dean huffs, squinting as he looks for any sign of a store. “Where the fuck are we supposed to get cardigans?”

“How the hell should I know? Woolworths? Is that still a thing?” 

Dean muttering as they walk around the mall, dodging teenagers, and trying to find anything that resembles a cardigan, “I’m too old for this bullshit.” 

Don’t Leave Me

Request: Brad angst please / Do you think you could do a fluffy Brad smut?

Ask and you shall receive 

Warnings: Smut, A lot of angsty Brad, (Fluff)
Words: 2.8k

Brad is a little short on temper, and in a place where the stress of being in a band, touring the world, and writing music can be a little too overwhelming at times; He’s glad he has you to rely on.

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i cannot goddamn believe sam esmail textually confirmed the subtextual homoerotic tension between tyrell and elliot. yes, it came to a head during last season’s finale when tyrell cried that he “loved” elliot to angela on the phone, but that could have easily been swept under the rug and written off in a variety of ways—platonic love, brotherly love, respect and adoration as an extension of his whole “god” complex, a symptom of tyrell’s mental illness, etc. instead, sam dedicated an entire episode to tyrell (which was a long time coming, in my opinion. he’s a dynamic character and should be used more often) and within the first few minutes had him restate his love for elliot while cupping his cheeks as if he were about to lean in for a kiss. and how does sam make elliot (mr robot) respond? “some things are better left unsaid. y’know, subtext.”

oh sam, you clever man.

not only did sam confirm that the gay subtext exists and isn’t just in the mind of the fans, he did so through his own character, almost breaking the third wall. now, there’s two ways this can go in my mind:

  1. that line was a clever nod to the many fans who have argued that tyrell had romantic feelings for elliot since the beginning. yet, mr. robot’s response is meant to be sam’s reply to those fans—that it’s better to keep things subtextual, and that’s all they’re ever going to be.
  2. tyrell and elliot’s sexual tension will cross over from subtextual to textual, possibly by season’s end.

currently i’m feeling #2. here’s why:

  • tyrell’s romantic feelings for elliot are already canon. they’re 100% textual now. i don’t know if sam planned for that since the beginning or if seeing the rami/martin chemistry and fan reaction convinced him to go there later on, but tyrell loves elliot. not platonically. not as a brother. romantically. yes, it’s inflated by tyrell’s mental illness, but it’s there. most of the time writers leave homoerotic tension untouched and relegated to the realm of subtext, or push it just enough to bait lgbt fans into thinking it’ll happen eventually. maybe the latter is happening here again, but we have the creator, writer, and director of the show directly commenting on that subtext via his own characters, confirming (again) that tyrell loves elliot, and proceededing to depict that love in ways that imply it’s of a romantic and sexual nature (tyrell almost kissing elliot, the suit and wanting to look good for him, tyrell being devastated over shooting elliot and his subsequent recovery). to me this is no longer a question of queerbaiting. maybe it’s an unrequited love story, but the love exists from at least one end. it’s textual.
  • sam seems to be setting up tyrell as the only figure close to elliot who hasn’t betrayed him—in fact, he has tyrell verbally pronounce that he’ll never betray him. the two people closest to elliot already have: angela and darlene. angela is working with robot and misleading elliot, darlene is working with the fbi and misleading elliot. both know about his mental condition and the existence of robot, and have decided to use it against him for other reasons, whether that be self preservation, for the greater good, to make positive change, etc. now that tyrell knows about robot, i’m interested to see how he responds. if he stays loyal to elliot, as he claimed he’d always be, then i can see something genuine blossoming between them—not just a one sided unhealthy infatuation/obsession from tyrell. if elliot realizes tyrell is loyal to him, especially in the face of his sister and best friend/love interest betraying him, he may come to trust tyrell for real. and from trust comes respect, friendship…and maybe love.
  • last season the romantic tension between angela and elliot finally came to a head. they kissed. feelings were made clear. however, instead of sam drawing out that storyline as most shows would since they’re the “love interests” of the show, he’s already commented on it three episodes in that flips the script entirely. elliot kisses angela. she tells him their first kiss was a mistake and doesn’t seem interested in the second. then it’s revealed she’s lying to elliot (for what she may believe will ultimately do good for them both and them all. this isn’t meant to be anti angela because i love her). clearly their romantic arc is off to a rocky start. could this be the beginning of the end of that storyline? i think it’s fascinating that we’re seeing such visceral emotion and genuine vulnerability from tyrell when it comes to his feelings for elliot, while angela, elliot’s heterosexual love interest, is calm, clinical, cold, and deceptive. angela was almost eery in the scene where tyrell was freaking out over elliot’s surgery and she was trying to calm him down. the fact that it’s angela who tells tyrell elliot’s darkest secret seems important as well—almost as if sam having her hand over the “love interest” torch to him. suddenly tyrell has become the most genuine ally elliot has on his side (genuine, not healthy, mind you), and with this newfound intimate knowledge he very may well become closer to elliot than angela or darlene can be (or want to be) at the moment.
  • both of the above have set up a possible arc that could allow for tyrelliot to develop as a genuine romantic arc, not just a one sided infatuation or queerbaiting fiasco. it still could end up one of the two, but now there seems to be a new narrative at hand that could allow for a mutual love to bloom. it may not be healthy given both elliot and tyrell’s mental states, but it feels like it could be genuine. like fucked up soul mate material.
  • last but not least, martin has always been very positive about the idea of tyrelliot, whether that be shipping it in general or wanting to kiss rami (lol). he’s still going on about it as of today. sam has been as well, just more cryptically. both are still better than what many creators do with similar pairings (“they’re just friends,” “it’s a brotherly love,” “he isn’t actually romantically interested, he’s just in it for the power trip” etc.)

basically i think there’s a good chance tyrelliot will become canon. maybe it’ll just be a kiss that goes nowhere (as angela/elliot seems to be proceeding as of now), or maybe it’ll be something more serious and mutual. i also think there’s a good chance something will happen this season.

“Y no me importa lo que venga, solo espero que… Lo que sea estas ahí para compartirlo”

Feliz San Valentín! .D Aquí está el dibujito especial xD Me inspiré mucho en las palabras que Danny le dedicó a Sam en Planet Phantom! .D


“And I don’t care what comes next, I just hope that, whatever it is… You’re there to share it with me”

Happy Valentine’s Day! ,D Here’s the special drawing xD I got inspiration from the words that Danny dedicated to Sam en Planet Phantom! .D


[ Klapollo
// Narumitsu ]

“Two boys trying to find their place in the world, and with each other.”
a.k.a. Songs that Klavier would totally sing to/about Apollo
(Cover art made by me)

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age six months:
 and the fire started in your nursery.
 it started with you
                   like everything always would
you were six months old
 and so innocent to the world
 unaware of the way that your hands
         would be stained with blood and dirt.

age one:
   and our clothes still reek of smoke.
and says that he’s washed them,
  but every time i pull a t-shirt over my head
             or help dress you in the little bit of clothes that the firefighters saved
  it all still smells of that house.
  of what happened
    and you don’t stop crying,
  and i’ve stopped talking,
 and dad seems to have stopped listening.

age six:
and it’s mother’s day at school.
  you don’t understand why everyone else
  has their mother by their side
                         and why you’ve never seen her face.
you ask me about her
 and i beg you not to
i don’t have the answers
            you want
    because even to me
she is nothing more than a photograph.

age nine:
 and you came home with a bloody nose.
 dad is too drunk to care
  but i want to rip apart whoever did that to you
    with my teeth.
you won’t tell me who did it
 even though i beg you
 so i say that i’ll drop it
            but when you’re fast asleep in that cheap motel room
       i’ll go out and find the kid
 that laid hands on you.
 it will be the first time that i taste blood
that isn’t my own.

age eleven:
  and you tell me that you love me.
  i laugh and tease you for it
  and ignore the way that my heart stutters
            and the declaration
because you shouldn’t tell me that
  because it’s not a platonic love like it should be.
it’s something more
                and it shouldn’t be more.

age twelve:
and you kissed me.

age thirteen:
  and it’s been two hundred and eighty-seven days,
  almost an entire year
     since you kissed me underneath that moonlit night while dad slept.
     nearly a year since i last touched you.
i’m most certainly dead inside
 because i pushed you away when i wanted to pull you closer.
it’s almost like you were my lifeline
   that i willingly severed
so i drown in a sea that is empty with you
when all i want is to suffocate within you.

age thirteen and a half:
and you’re angry all the time.
 at me,
  at dad.
your hands that are hardened with callouses close into fists.
your eyes never see me anymore.
     they seem to go through me.
              i’m nearly eighteen and i’ve gotten more use out of my fake id
than my real one.
 the guy behind the bar doesn’t even batter an eyelash
 when i drop it and a twenty on the bar top
     and ask for a whiskey.
          instead he asks me what i’m trying to forget
and i tell him truthfully,

age fourteen:
  and i can’t stand it anymore.
  every little thing sets you off.
     you don’t smile anymore.
     your laugh is nothing but an old record playing within the walls of my head
one that skips forward and stops in places
because it’s broken and cracked and fractured.

age fourteen and two months:
  and you’ve had your second heartbreak.
  the first being me.
    the second being some girl with blonde hair and blue eyes
and she used you until you had nothing else to give.
  then, when everything was gone, she told you that you would never be loved
by anyone.
        that you would always be the freak
     with the dad that was the alcoholic
  and the brother who dropped out of school.
the naive little boy that still lives within you,
                                    believed every word she said.
i came back to the motel
  with dirt stains on my knees and the smell
            of stale beer and cigarettes clinging to my skin
 and i saw your backpack there on the floor
 but the room was absent of your presence.
        i found you in the bottom of the empty, cracked, plaster pool
with your arms around you legs
and eyes filled with tears.
              you screamed at me to go away.
       but i sat down next to you and waited for you to

age fourteen, two months and thirty-six minutes:
  and you finally fell into my arms again.
  i wrapped my arms around you and pulled you tight against my chest
underneath the hot, burning, southern sun.
you looked beautiful,
       with your lanky limbs and hair that falls into your eyes
and curse my damned soul
  because i couldn’t help myself
  my body missed your body
         the feel of your skin sliding against mine.
you believed that no one would ever love you
when there was someone inches away
                                          with their heart already stolen by you.
      so i did the one thing that i promised i wouldn’t do.

age fifteen:
 and dad finally died.
 taken by the bottle that he swallowed down daily
              and if we were living in a normal household,
    not out on the road,
i would have become your legal guardian.
       instead i became something more to you.
 something immoral
            and i know those pearly white gates upstairs will never open for me
            but you tell me that you will follow me everywhere,
in this life and there after.

age twenty-two:
  and it’s always been you and me.
  ever since i carried you out of the fire
and we were forced to live out of low rent motel rooms
                       and fill our stomachs with food from a gas station
it’s been you and me
      and that’s how it’s going to end.

age unknown:
  and they’re found in a pool of their own blood
  bleeding out with their hands outstretched towards each other
          like they’re trying to stay close
even in death.
                    someone buried them together because it only seemed right.
         on their id’s had the same last name
so they were laid to rest right next to each other
  but not as brothers
but as something that people don’t understand.

an open road love story }


dean challenge: otp [1/1]
↳ “[…] they’re kind of chained together and one moves ahead and drags the other one with him and then they reverse and…it’s the epic love story of Sam and Dean.” – Eric Kripke, season five DVD commentary for The End.

Finding Closure (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,809 (Jean-Ralphio voice: “I’m the wooooorst!”)

Warnings: angst, language, car trouble, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of bad home life, revisiting childhood home, tw: seizures (mention), medical emergency (mention)

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Okay, so here’s a recollection of the best day of my fandom life? #ECCC

I’m usually just here to make short, dumb, spazzy comments, so bear with me, because this will probably be long. However, I’ll try not to be too repetitive and remember the interesting parts. ;) Apologies if the pics are effing huge. I don’t do this posting thing - ever. hahah

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