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“This is about the porridge. You remember, don’t you? I can’t recall where we were, Saint Germain, I expect…”

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.


Series: Little Witch Academia

Characters: Lotte & Sucy

Words: 3,904

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

UPDATE: Reblogged with minor grammatical fixes, as well as end notes.

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE. ANOTHER PIECE. And it’s not for my Diakko one, nor is it the Hannah/Barbara one I promised. DAMMIT. Ah, what the heck. Sulotte is amazing, but there’s like only two stories written for them so far. Guess this will be the third!

Contains Dragon Sucy. Takes place in @theneonflower‘s Years Later AU.

Dedicated to Neon, @hanasaku-shijin, @azurathemagician, my bro @megamanofnumbers, and all the wonderful folks in the LWA fandom!



It is late into the night, with Lotte humming happily to herself as she ties knots on a pair of orange and blue threads. To her right, her lantern faerie is curiously poking at a finished violet and red misanga.

Halting her progress, she reaches out to tickle her faerie’s chin before moving her hand over to the misanga. She picks it up and kisses it softly, smiling as the person it reminds her of fills her thoughts and warms her heart.

Lotte glances over her roommates, both which are sound asleep. Akko is tossing and turning like usual, while Sucy remains eerily still, arms crossed over her chest.

Lotte gets up from the desk and walks over to Sucy’s bedside. She kneels next to her sleeping figure to admire every feature - every color - making up the poison witch she has grown to adore so much.

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Cal & Ethan 2014-2017- YOU TUBE WON’T KEEP ME DOWN.

I made a video, and the tears wouldn’t stop. I love you guys, dedicated to all my bro fans, who’ve been there for the last 3 and a half years of pain and love and everything in between. We will never forget them.


To The Victors!


The Saracens Came To Twickenham…

They Saw The Premiership Trophy…

And They Conquered Bath For It!

Way To Go, Bros!

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 Skeletons headbutt to show affection, you can’t convince me otherwise.

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Hi :0

So hi, I got 6 followers (God knows why) so I decided to dedicate my first post to them ;D hi bros and sisters. Hope you have a good day and a wonderful new year. I’m a Selenator btw. Lol.

HideKane; Walk Me Through It

Rating: M
Warning: violence, blood, guns… um. Seduction? Uh. Idk. Common spy things.
Words: 7.8k+
Notes: Ah yes, the fic I spent the most time on has arrived…
This is dedicated to sunflower-hide, my forever bro, who deserves all the nice things~ :D 
Summary: There are just some things you can’t prepare for, even if you were training to be a spy. 

(Like Hide, your mission control, who has a very nice voice.)

Day 3: Role reversal - AU - Birthdays