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“This is about the porridge. You remember, don’t you? I can’t recall where we were, Saint Germain, I expect…”


a/n; MY PRELIMS ARE FINALLY OVER(ok not rlly i still have mcq papers tmr but psh who studies for that) and i came across this instagram user marutaro(its a shiba inu) and i highkey have a thing for animals and shiba inus remind me of guanlin aaaa so, here is one for my cube bro linlin:)) also dedicated to @markleetrashh who first stanned guanlin but she swerved to jaehwan ahah

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  • guanlin would be a tsundere in the r/s
  • like not so discreetly putting his jacket over you when he sees you cold
  • and helping hold your books even if its like 4 pages thin
  • but when you guys are alone he would be so so clingy
  • like when you’re doing homework he would come over to play with your hair or stationery
  • “y/n…”
  • “hmm?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too guanlin”
  • /pours out all of your stationery/
  • “what was that for?”
  • “i just wanted you to look at me”
  • asjdnisdcbuw guanlin
  • when the two of you sit beside each other in class he loves to sling his arm around your chair and it looks super cute from the back
  • your friend even took a picture and sent it to you 
  • you made it your display picture on kakaotalk 
  • the type who waits for you to grab your belongings and go to the canteen together during lunch
  • and if his classes end earlier than yours he would be waiting outside your class with one hand tucked in his pants pocket and the other hand on his phone, leaning nonchalantly against the wall
  • all the girls swoon over him but repels 10m away from him whenever you’re with guanlin LOL
  • you just skip up to him and link arms with him with a bigass smile which he returns by pecking your forehead aaaaAAAAA
  • not swerving to lai guanlin he’s my cube bro ahah
  • joins basketball because skills and his visuals are a plus point just saying
  • but the basketball dude is taken so
  • you always attend his matches and never fail to wave to your direction before he goes on court
  • when he wins you rush down from the bleachers to give him a big big hug even if hes sweaty ahahahah
  • he would do that thing where he spins you around and around
  • bingeul bingeul round
  • and lets you wear his medal because you look cute in it
  • for the rare times his team loses 
  • you still hug him nonetheless and comfort him saying that it isn’t the end of the world
  • he tends to get mopey when he loses so he’s clingier than ever
  • like how he hasn’t done enough as part of the team
  • he gets over it the next day anyway
  • during the summer break the both of you just have dates whenever the both of you are free 
  • like anywhere actually
  • museum, park or whatever 
  • chicken for lunch LOL
  • chicken advocate guanlin
  • me too guanlin #teamlibra i love chicken too
  • and there was this once the both of you went to a dog cafe where dogs and puppies roam freely for people to cuddle and pet
  • there was this shiba inu that caught your eye and could never leave your side even though you were seated across guanlin at the “no dogs” area
  • you didn’t notice and it fell asleep beside you feet curled up into a little floofy ball
  • cute
  • you and guanlin melted instantly but you carried it back to where it was supposed to be
  • and after that date guanlin made up his mind what he’s gonna get you for your birthday
  • you guessed it
  • on your birthday he was at your door step with a big cardboard box
  • “you aren’t kicked out of home right”
  • “no no, let me in first babe”
  • so you did 
  • “guanlin, you didn’t bring a bomb right?”
  • “i–i”
  • “just shoot”
  • “i didn’t know what you’d want for your birthday so i got you a–a”
  • “a?”
  • guanlin opened up the box and inside was a sleeping shiba inu puppy
  • “omg guanlin!”
  • “he’s cute right?”
  • with no words you just pulled him into a bone-crushing hug and pecked his lips sweetly,,
  • “this is the best present i have had guanlin, thank you so much”
  • ya’ll didn’t really name the puppy tbh LOL
  • i hope this will suffice as a short au im running out of ideas for guanlin im sorry
  • have a nice day guys i hope this made your day

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.

Screw the Bro Code

This oneshot is dedicated to my bestie @the-fashion-paintbrush on the auspicious occasion of her birthday. I know it’s not what you wanted but consider this an ‘I’m-sorry-i-love-you-please-don’t-chuck me-bribe’.I swear I’m working on your actual birthday present too.

There’s a rule in the bro code that you don’t score a date with the woman your best friend just slept with. You just don’t. Especially if that woman happened to be sneaking out of said best mate’s room.

Apparently women weren’t aware of that rule. Because Marlene McKinnon just asked out James Potter. After she slept with Sirius Black.

What the fuck?


James Potter was an early riser. He always had been, always will be. It annoyed the shit out of his mates.

That fateful day, James was up at the crack of dawn, read as eight a.m. (Laugh all you want but eight a.m. to twenty three year olds was like garlic to vampires.) He was making a breakfast of eggs and toast.

Then the door to Sirius’ door softly opened and an attractive, distinctly disheveled blonde woman slipped out.

“Good Morning,” he greeted her.

A year ago, James would have screamed on finding a strange woman sneaking out of Sirius’ bedroom and called Interpol. Now he didn’t blink an eye. He had come to terms with Sirius and his sleazy ways.

“Hi,” she replied, embarrassed to be caught doing the Walk of Shame.

“Would you like some eggs?” James indicated the pan in which he was cooking breakfast.

The woman hesitated and then she shrugged. “Sure, I guess I could eat.”

“Great. Have a seat.” James gestured to the small round table with his spatula. The woman took a seat and slipped her heels off her feet.

“I’m James Potter, Sirius’ best friend and roommate.”

“I’m Marlene McKinnon, Sirius’ one night stand and primary schoolmate.”

James set out a plate of eggs and French toast in front of her and set up a place for himself. Marlene mumbled a ‘Thank You’ as she tucked into her food.

James and Marlene began to talk and they hit it off.

They talked about their jobs and ranted about horrible bosses who needed to get a life.

“My boss interrupts my work by making me getting coffee and running errands. Then he shouts at me for not making my deadline.” Marlene worked as a lifestyle columnist for the local newspaper.

“I don’t have a boss per se but the principal of the school I work at refuses to give the sports department a bigger budget.” James was the assistant football coach at the local school.

They argued about which football team would trounce whom.

“You’re absolutely bonkers if you think Chelsea could beat Arsenal.”

“You just wait; Arsenal will be back with a vengeance.”

They talked about what kind of superpower they would have and what their alter egos would be.

“My superpower would be just being awesome, defeating everyone with my awesomeness. They would call me Captain Awesome” James said dreamily.

“Seeing as I’m already a journalist, I would be Superman’s female counterpart. We would save the day then we would hover over the city with our special flying skills and kiss.” Marlene sighed. “It would be so romantic.”

Marlene even told him about the time Sirius had cried because his sandwich was cut in rectangles and not triangles.

“So what was Sirius like in primary school?”

“A diva princess.” James laughed at that. “He threw a hissy fit once when his sandwich was cut in quarters and not triangles.”

“Yeah, that sounds like him.”

As James was setting the dishes in the sink, Marlene asked, “Is this a regular thing? Sirius sleeps with the ladies and you cook them breakfast?”

“Yeah, it started about two months. I figured someone would have to be the gentleman. Though most usually don’t even look at me.”

“So what about when you have someone over?”

James coloured. “Oh. I’m not that type of guy. I’m more into –er, romance.”

Marlene’s eyes sparkled with interest. “Really?”

“Yeah,” James cleared his throat uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his neck.

“So listen, James, I really appreciate you making me breakfast. I’d cook a meal for you in return but I’d just put you in a coma. How about dinner tonight at ‘Scully’s Pizzeria’ just around the corner?”

“Erm, I-”

“Great, I’ll see you there at seven.” And she rushed out the door, before even giving him a chance to say another word.


That’s how Marlene McKinnon broke the bro code. James couldn’t even blame her. When the ladies meet someone as charming and as good looking as him, they can’t be expected to restrain themselves. It wasn’t their fault.

But how was he supposed to break the news to Sirius? There were two scenarios – Sirius might pummel him into the ground and James would let him because he had just broken the bro code. Or Sirius might congratulate him on getting some. There was no in between.

What to do? What to do, indeed?


It was eleven when James came up with a plan. Sirius would be up by twelve and he would make him a sandwich. That was James’ brilliant plan. Woo him over with food.

(He was doomed.)


Sirius was reading the sports section of the newspaper when James approached him with a Ham and Swiss sandwich.

“Here’s your sandwich, Princess. I took the liberty of cutting it into quarters.” James couldn’t help himself. James grinned at Sirius’ less-than-pleased face.

“Shit. Marlene told you that?”

“Mhm. I even put it in the group chat.” James was referring to the group chat which included himself, Sirius and their two mates, Peter and Remus.

Sirius set down his paper and whipped out his phone. “You wanker,” Sirius accused.

“So this may sound weird but I think I might have a date with Marlene tonight.”

Sirius arched an eyebrow at James. “You’re right; it does sound weird.”

“She kind of just sprung it on me.”

“She does tend to do that,” Sirius said fondly.

“So you don’t have a problem with this?”

“I’ll admit it is a little weird but I’m also glad you’re going on a date. I was beginning to think you were gay. Not that it would be a problem.”

Well, would you look at that? There was middle ground. But there was also something suspicious about Sirius’ behavior. He was far too at ease.

“Okay, first of all I’m not gay, just selective. And secondly, it’s not a date. I just don’t want to leave her hanging.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Sirius was smiling at him weirdly. Something definitely smelled fishy.


James walked into ‘Scully’s Pizzeria’. Just as he was scanning the restaurant for a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, he heard Marlene calling his name.

“James, hey,” she waved her arm to get his attention and waved him over to the booth she was standing by. Right, time to face certain death.

“Hullo, Marlene.”

“So glad you could make it.”

“It’s not like you gave me much choice.” James said somewhat resentfully.

Marlene cringed, “Sorry, but I have good reason.”                        

Just as James slid into the booth, another woman came up to Marlene and said, “Sorry I’m late, traffic was a bitch” as she hugged her.

The woman had auburn hair that fell just past her shoulder in pretty waves. She had stunning emerald green eyes that captivated James. She had the cutest little nose James had ever seen.

They turned to face James and the beautiful woman asked, “Um, who’s this?”

Marlene smirked at James’ gob smacked expression.

“Lily, this is James Potter, Sirius’ best mate. And James, this is my best mate, Lily Evans.”

“Hi,” Lily said to him.

James tried to say ‘Hey’ but it came out like a garbled ‘Hnmgh’. Behind Lily, Marlene’s smirk became more pronounced.

“Charming,” Lily said hesitantly and then she turned to Marlene, “Sirius, as in the bloke you slept with?”

“Yes. James made me breakfast this morning, so I invited him to dinner.”

“Swell,” Lily said but she looked anything but.

James was becoming exceedingly uncomfortable by the second. Marlene and Lily seemed to be having a silent conversation and James squirmed in his seat.

“Lily, why don’t you sit down?” Marlene may have posed it like a question but she said it like an order. Under her breath, she said something to Lily which James did not fully catch except ‘owe me’, ‘balcony’ and ‘good lipstick’.

Lily slid in opposite James and Marlene sat next to her.

“So James, you like The Avengers, don’t you? Lily dressed up as Black Widow for a costume party once.”

“Groovy,” James said, fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers. Lily was shooting daggers at Marlene; Marlene was pointedly not looking in her direction.

At that moment, Marlene’s phone pinged. “Oh shoot, I totally forgot. I had planned to meet with Sirius to catch up.” For some crazy reason, James didn’t believe her

“Didn’t you already do that yesterday?” asked James.

“That was drinks. Today it’s dinner.” Marlene made to get up but Lily caught hold off her wrist.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do,” she said menacingly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I genuinely forgot I was otherwise busy.” She shook Lily off. “You two enjoy yourselves.” She waggled her fingers in goodbye and sped out of the door.

“Did she just-” James began disbelievingly.

“Yep.” Lily was glaring in the direction Marlene had disappeared.

Great. Simply splendid. So that had been their agenda. Make James make a fool of himself in front of the pretty lady.

Lily and James exchanged nervous smiles.

“Does this happen often?”

“You’d be surprised.” Lily looked exasperated.

A waiter approached their table. “What can I get you?” he asked with a bright, familiar smile.

Lily looked at James, “Does Hawaiian pizza work for you?”

“Uh yeah.”

“A large Hawaiian pizza please, Derrick.”

“You got it, Lily.” The waiter nodded and left.

“So… come here often?” James asked, a cheesy grin plastered on his face, waggling his eyebrows.

Oh God.

Somebody shoot him already.

To his surprise Lily laughed. It was a tinkling sound that tickled James’ insides.

That was how it all began. The perfect date with the perfect woman.

Screw the bro code.


Cal & Ethan 2014-2017- YOU TUBE WON’T KEEP ME DOWN.

I made a video, and the tears wouldn’t stop. I love you guys, dedicated to all my bro fans, who’ve been there for the last 3 and a half years of pain and love and everything in between. We will never forget them.

Hi :0

So hi, I got 6 followers (God knows why) so I decided to dedicate my first post to them ;D hi bros and sisters. Hope you have a good day and a wonderful new year. I’m a Selenator btw. Lol.

as kai legoninjago im offended by the mere idea that i would ever be mad at lloyd for making a mistake, I am AGHAST that you would INSINUATE i dont extend my full love and support to lloyd constantly. I am DISGUSTED I am REVOLTED I dedicate my entire life to our bro and saviour lloyd garmadon and THIS is the canon treatment I get?