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We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting Maggie Sawyer Week from June 5th to 11th! This is a time dedicated to the celebration of Maggie and everything that makes her the incredible character she is. Participate through gifsets, videos, fics, or anything you feel showcases her beauty, resilience, courage and all else that makes you admire her. Tag your original content with #maggiesawyerweek in the first five tags, and we’ll post it here!

Themes for the week:

  • Day One (June 5th): Favorite Characteristics and Traits 
  • Day Two (June 6th): Favorite Outfit(s)
  • Day Three (June 7th): Favorite Tender Moment(s)
  • Day Four (June 8th): Favorite Badass Moment(s)
  • Day Five (June 9th): Favorite Relationship (canon or potential)
  • Day Six (June 10th): Maggie + Colors OR Wishlist (what you would have liked to see or would like to see in the next season)
  • Day Seven (June 11th): Free Day

If you have any questions about the themes or the rules, don’t hesitate to send us an ask! Hope to see you then!

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my english isn't good enough to write a transcript but if you want to hear the podcast it's on letsvoltron com / 2792c639 around minute 57 and right after that they talk about how shiros "headache" is partly because of "cloning reasons"

Just listened to it.. nice… here we have the official Voltron Podcast seeming to conclude that “As many times as it takes” indeed comes off as romantic. They even used the word “love interest”!

I think they’re mostly fans like us, but they probably have a little insider info, so it’s interesting to see them talk about Keith’s devotion to Shiro being the same as the romantic love and dedication that Glenn had for Maggie in TWD.

Sheith shippers have to do a better job at giving stuff like this attention haha. We’re so quiet compared to the klancers who go crazy over every little thing.

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THIS IS LONG college bio (or other sci) lab? Alex&Maggie are partnered on 1st day of class and sparks. Alex is "why are they making me take this weakass pre-req" and maggie is "chill danvers you aren't special. tho you are e-special-ly hot" On the last day of the add/drop deadline (my uni has this at 1 or 2 wks in?) Lucy adds bio and gets partnered w/ them bc Thats How Fic Works. A&M catch her up outside of class over pizza & beer and Don't get your greasy fingers on my txtbk i gotta resell that

Of course she gets partnered with the one girl in the class that managed to make her look twice. Maggie huffs, quietly gathering her stuff and trudging to the station their teacher had assigned them. She reaches it before her partner does, and Maggie does her best not to look like a nervous gay mess.

“Hey, I’m Alex. Alex Danvers.” 

Maggie chokes on her own name.

“I am uhhh… M-Maggie. Sawyer.” She thrusts her hand out awkwardly and Alex laughs as she shakes it, raising one immaculate eyebrow, before taking her seat opposite. The rest of the class is divided into groups of two and three and their teacher hands out a short quiz to gauge every groups knowledge level and skill. 

Alex takes the sheet and immediately reads it through as Maggie watches on, pretending her mouth isn’t dry and that she isn’t just hopeless gay idiot.

“Do you want to look at it or just let me do everything right?” Alex raises her eyebrow again, and Maggie’s small gay brain kicks into overdrive at the challenge. Because Alex thinks that she’s only in this class because she had been forced to select it.

Alex would be wrong.

Sure, you wouldn’t expect the star of the baseball team, class clown, barely averaging a C minus in a good seventy percent of her classes Maggie Sawyer to have actively selected Advanced Biology. But what Alex didn’t know is that Maggie has a brain for science, and Maggie has her sights set intently on the Science Division, and Maggie is nothing if not dedicated to achieving her goals.

So Maggie snatches to sheet from Alex’s left hand, the pen from her right, and speeds through all eighteen questions as quickly as she can. Slamming the pen down, she flicks the sheet across the table so that Alex can look at it.

And Alex raises her eyebrow yet again, looking up at Maggie in disbelief.

“Didn’t take you for a science nerd, Sawyer.” 

“You’re not that special, Danvers.” 

And then everything slows down, because her idiotic, dumb, gay mess of a brain decides that the next words out of her mouth should be the cheesiest pick-up line it can think of.

“But you are e-special-ly hot.”

Silence. Is it hot in here? Someone turn the thermostat down. Alex is staring at her, and then her mouth is doing something but Maggie is decidedly not looking at her mouth. But, who is she kidding, of course she is. Because Alex Danvers is scrunching her nose, an pouting her lips, and then smiling at her.

“Smooth, Sawyer.”

And like that, somehow Maggie manages to land a date with the hottest, most popular science nerd in National City.

Which all comes crashing down three days later when their teacher saunters over to their desk with another ridiculously gorgeous student.

“Danvers, Sawyer. This is Lucy Lane. She’s picked up bio this week and will be joining your group.” 

Alex shakes her hand, all smiles and then harshly nudges Maggie in the ribs when the smaller woman just stares up at the brown haired, green eyed beauty that is holding her hand out to shake.

“Uhhhhh M-”

“That would be Maggie ‘too gay to function’ Sawyer.” Alex cuts in, rolling her eyes playfully as Lucy shakes Maggie’s hand and drops into the seat beside her.

“Too gay to function, huh?” Lucy asks, smirking as Maggie scoffs indignantly, but still can’t get any words out of her mouth, because now she’s been partnered with the two hottest girls in the class and which Gay Overlord is looking after her?

“Definitely. Though at the start of the week she managed to blurt out the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

Lucy raises her eyebrows, her gaze flitting to where Maggie is sitting, wanting to just curl in on herself and combust because eyes like that should be illegal. 

Earned herself a date tonight.” Alex finishes, and Maggie thinks she can see some kind of evil glint in her eye as she studies Lucy closely, watching for a reaction. Lucy only nods, casting her gaze down towards her books awkwardly and God, Maggie can’t even believe her lucky stars.

“Want to join us, Lane?” Alex asks, causing the two brunette women to snap their gazes towards her. Lucy then looks over at Maggie, and Maggie does her best to smile like her stomach isn’t filled with a quadrillion butterflies.

Lucy swallows. And then Lucy nods.

“Sure, if you’re happy to reschedule your date.” Lucy smiles awkwardly as Alex and Maggie share a look. A look that communicates exactly what both of them want. Maggie nods and Alex smirks and Lucy just stares between them, entirely speechless.

“Who said anything about rescheduling?”

i am lost in you; [1/3]

powerful business woman alex danvers meets her personal assistant maggie sawyer.

inspired by chylers and flos glaad appearance.



Alex still wasn’t sure how she ended up running one of the biggest companies in the world. For real, she has no idea how it happened. But it did happen, somehow and now she is one of the most powerful women in the world and to say that she was proud is an understatement.

Sure, her sister may be Supergirl, an alien and a hero to everyone in National City but Alex was a powerful business women who owned half of National City.

And really, her sister was more a hero for her than most people can imagine, and she dearly loved her with everyone she had but there were moments when Alex wanted to strangle her. Like, when she decided to hire Alex a personal assistant because she ‘needed more time for herself’. But Alex knew Kara’s true intentions.

“Come on Alex, you really should start dating again. It’s fun, believe me.” Kara cheekily smiled at her bigger sister, while sitting on a thousand dollars chair, a file in her one hand and pizza in the other.

“I date.” Alex replied lamely and Kara rolled her eyes.

“Going out with someone on tinder for drinks doesn’t count as a date.”

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Prompt: BOOBS. Alex knows she has sensitive nipples, but aside from the men who would selfishly and roughly grab her chest during those few times she consented, she hadn't explored the sensation. Enter Maggie Sawyer, who has a pair of perfect breasts and Alex finds herself mesmerized by them. Soon night after night of Alex tentatively playing with them, she very pleasantly finds out that Maggie knows exactly to make Alex's feel good. REALLY good.

Alex Danvers was a lot of things. Aggressive was one of them. Tentative was, surprisingly and beautifully, another.

She was both in bed.

But still, Maggie was surprised – not unpleasantly so – to find herself suddenly topless, to find Alex on top of her, staring down at her with swollen lips and mussed hair and blazing eyes, because they’d never quite gotten this far before.

Alex practically growled because god she’d never felt anything even remotely like this before, nothing even remotely like this raw want, this pure need.

And yet – aggressive and then tentative – she froze, because she had no idea where to start.

Because her body had never needed, never wanted, so much before.

And because whatever she did next, she wanted it to be perfect for Maggie.

And Maggie watched all this pass across Alex’s face, across her eyes – the confusion, the fear of not being good enough, the consuming desire, the raging need – and god she’d never been so turned on by anyone’s mere expression before, but then, Alex Danvers wasn’t quite like anyone she’d ever known, anyone she’d ever expected.

Truth be told, she hadn’t expected this, either: to be laying underneath Alex instead of the other way around, at least not this soon, but Alex was raw and Alex was passion and Alex was somehow both forceful and gentle and Maggie was so wet for her and her heart was nearly slamming out of her chest for her.

And speaking of her chest, Alex was looking down at hers like she’d never seen boobs before, like she’s never seen beauty before, and there was something in the fierce tenderness mixed with heady lust in Alex’s eyes that brought tears to Maggie’s.

“You can do whatever you want to me, Alex. I’ll let you know if I need you to stop.”

Alex bit her lip. “But how do I know what you’ll like?”

Maggie smiled softly. “You’ve been doing great so far. Just pay attention to me. Like you already do.”

“But what… I don’t know what to do.”

“We don’t have to do anything, babe – “

“No, no, Maggie, I want you, I want to, I wanna learn your body. So badly. Right now. I just… I don’t know where to start. What you’ll like.”

Maggie tilted her head slightly as she looked up at Alex. “Try what you like on your own body, hm? If I don’t like the same things, I’ll let you know, but either way, we’ll be learning about each other. Just pay attention to what I react to most.”


“Alex, it’s you touching me. Trust me, I’m gonna react to everything.”

“And that’s… good?”

“Yes, babe.”

“I… like when you call me that.”

Maggie’s dimples shine. “Good, babe.”

“So… what I like, huh?”

“Sure. Do whatever you want to me, Alex,” Maggie repeated in a small voice, happier but more nervous than she’d been even her first time, because this was Alex, Alex, Alex.

And Alex looked like she did when she was synthesizing life-saving vaccines or firing deadly weapons: intense, focused, single-minded.

And then her powerful, gentle hands, her tentative, bold tongue, were skating over Maggie’s chest, were finding out exactly how to make her gasp, how to make her moan, how to make her whine, how to make her nipples hard and how to make her bury her fingers in Alex’s hair and tell her how good she is with her tongue.

So when Alex is ready – when she’s panting and she’s eager and she’s letting Maggie kiss every newly-revealed centimeter of skin as she lifts up her shirt, when Alex unhooks her own bra out of sheer impatience with Maggie’s reverent pace – Maggie has a fairly good idea of what Alex might want, of what Alex probably never got, of what Maggie so desperately wants to give her.

“You are so goddamn beautiful,” Maggie tells her as she looks down at her shirtless form, and Alex flushes and Alex bites her lip and Alex thinks – but only for a moment – of rough hands and selfish touches calibrated to get men off, not to make her feel good, and the utter contrast with how dedicated Maggie is to how she feels, the utter contrast with how devoted Maggie is to making her see stars outside of the DEO’s astronomy tower, brings tears to her eyes and renewed desperation to her already ragged breath.

Having thoroughly kissed and nipped and licked every single spot, every single scar and every single rippled muscle and every single bruise on her abdomen, Maggie pauses, Maggie stares, Maggie waits.

“Please,” Alex whispers, and Maggie sighs in released tension and brings gentle fingers for the first time to Alex’s chest, and Alex’s sharp inhale, sharper exhale, heightens Maggie’s suspicion that Alex will love everything she wants to do right now.

“Good, babe?” she makes sure, and Alex nods and Alex writhes and Maggie brings her own thumb to her mouth and Alex whines and gasps as she watches her wet it, watches her bring her thumb back to Alex’s nipple, watches her hesitate, watches her lock eyes with Alex to ask one more time, and when Alex whines her yes, Maggie’s thumb flits across her nipple and Alex can’t help it; she straight up screams.

“You like that?” Maggie confirms, but Alex is a mess, and the only answer she can give is to nod, is to arch her chest up into Maggie’s hand, is to writhe and grab at the sheets as Maggie smiles, as Maggie brings her lips down to Alex’s hardening nipple, as Maggie moans at the contact and drags her tongue slowly across the path her thumb just took.

Maggie is slow and Maggie is deliberate: she is watchful and she is thorough; her eyes never leave Alex’s face, save when they flutter closed because god Alex is soft and Alex is pliant and Alex is perfect; her careful fingers make sure both of Alex’s nipples are getting the attention she’s begging for while her mouth is fully occupied, while her lips are kissing and her tongue is dragging and her teeth are very softly biting.

Maggie asks and Alex supplies, so when Maggie slips her thigh between Alex’s legs so Alex has pressure on her clit to match the rhythm of Maggie’s tongue, Maggie’s fingers, on her nipples, she can’t bite her lip hard enough to catch the screaming, the swearing, the ragged repeating of Maggie’s name, that slip out of her mouth when she comes completely undone, when Maggie slips one of her arms under her back to hold her as she rides out her orgasm, to hold her as stars explode and universes begin and she glides back down to earth having experienced a miracle.

“No one’s ever…” Alex rasps when she regains some of her breath, when Maggie is kissing her forehead, is stroking her hair, is whispering how beautiful she is.

“No one’s ever paid attention to me like that. Touched my body for… for me.”

Maggie swallows rage and Maggie swallows bloodlust, and Maggie buries it all in a soft kiss to the bridge of Alex’s nose.

“That’s the only way I’m ever gonna touch your body, babe: for you. So get used to it, okay?”

“I think I can do that.”


blue sargent, desperado; blue sargent, superhero; blue sargent, badass;

Welcome to fyeahbluesargent, a new blog dedicated to the heroine of maggie-stiefvater‘s The Raven Cycle. 

Here, you’ll find fan art, graphics, meta, mixes, and more about Blue Sargent and her relationships to her family and friends. This blog will be appropriate for younger readers (in line with the rating of the books) and will try to bring about positivity for Blue.

It will also be the home base for Blue Sargent Appreciation Week, running from August 23rd to August 29th, 2015.

Feel free to submit any content you might have. If anyone is interested in co-modding, please send an ask or submit including your account e-mail so that I can add you to the blog.