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Preference #8 What The Pack Thinks Of You [Requested by just-boyband-things]

Scott: From the moment Beacon Hills welcomed your presence, Scott McCall felt an unyielding amorous connection. He spent weeks immersed in persistent pursuit; endless acts of valiance, subtle charming flirtations and countless invitations to the cinema and a delightful dinner. It took a month and three weeks before you gave in, accepting the handsome teenage boy’s invitation to a date that Friday night. The incessant propositions were a staggering success which ended up being one of the best dates you’d ever been on. That was the beginning of an intense whirlwind romance; Scott shared his biggest secret with you and in that instant the pack knew the relationship was serious. Stiles was in awe of you; the tenacious connection you shared with Scott, the intellectual contributions you provided the pack. He knew you were perfect for his best friend. Isaac was envious of Scott; the beta developed a bit of a crush on you. It was no surprise with that caring and maternal nature engraved into your personality. There were many nights at the McCall house ‘family bonding’ and in that time; he started to develop strong feelings of affection for you. He’d never act on them; he knew you were head over heels in love with Scott. Allison was envious of you; she hated the way Scott’s infatuated milk chocolate irises watched over you as if you were made of delicate glass, the protective glisten in his enamored eyes as if you’d see harm out of his sight. Lydia enjoyed your company; she appreciated having someone on the same intellectual wave length, an equal psychological contributor. She had an emotional commitment to Allison as her best friend, but she refused to ‘hate’ you for no better reason than blind jealousy; Allison was the one who broke up with Scott after all. Derek was cautious; he himself has put blind faith into women that were good at hiding their insanity. He wasn’t easily swayed by your personality alone, he needed more time for trust to build but if things stayed like this, nearly perfect for the true Alpha, he’d accept you a lot easier than he had Allison Argent.

Stiles: The Sheriff’s son was your best friend when you were growing up; the hyperactive teenager was always involving you and his friend, Scott McCall, in on his insane escapades. The prized memories of significant milestone firsts in your lifetime were spent in Stiles’ company; first dance, first crush, first kiss, and first love. The day that you realized the intense affection within your heart for the Sheriff’s son, your father had dropped the bombshell of a lifetime on the family; you were moving to New York. It was a full year of separation; the changes in your normally cheerful personality is what convinced your parents to move back. You became anti-social, withdrawn and careless. Stiles’ was the reason for any happiness in your life, without the chaotic beautiful mess of a boy, there was nothing but gloom and depression. When you returned to Beacon Hills, the life you’d missed with everything in your soul had been restored. Almost as if you’d never left; almost. Stiles admitted a deep rooted love in his heart that he held back previously, wanting a chance to call you his. Stiles was head over heels in love with you; he couldn’t have wished any harder for your return if he tried and now that you were back, he was never letting go. Scott adored you; in his mind you were the female counterpart to Stiles’ hyperactive personality. He’d seen the relationship flourish from the beginning and he wouldn’t want his best friend with anyone else. Isaac genuinely enjoyed your company; he thought you were insightful, thoroughly entertaining and not to mention empathetic. Allison thought you were endearing; your sweet personality, quirky humor and technological skills were a magnet to the huntress. She was more than glad to have another girl in the group, especially one that was always willing to go the extra mile for her friends. Lydia was envious; she hated hearing everyone say that you were ‘perfect’ when that spot in the pack was hers, that fact along with her growing affections toward Stiles made her shut you out as a possible ‘friend’ altogether. Derek was actually quite fond of you; he loved your sassy tendencies, the confidence in your intelligence and your acting skills. He saw you as a massive asset to the group; he enjoyed having you around a lot more than your boyfriend.

Isaac: During Lacrosse practice, Isaac’s azure crystalline irises casually scanned the bleachers, the beta’s attention zeroing in on the lone girl reading a novel; you. The muscles in his athletic abdomen tightened, anxiety bubbling to a simmer in his stomach as his lycan heart fluttered awkwardly. He’d been smitten with you since the first day of freshman year; the moment he caught sight of you manhandling the navy blue locker door in an attempt to store your textbooks. It was love at first sight; Isaac did everything within his power to earn your attention and when he did, you never looked away. He’d shared his werewolf ‘secret’ with you almost a month after turning. He’d made sure Derek taught him full control before being in your presence; he needed you safe. Scott was bewildered by the relationship; you were Isaac’s polar opposite. It wasn’t to say he didn’t like you because he did. Yet, he was astounded as to how you and the beta had nothing in common but you just worked. He was glad Isaac had you because he needed someone. Stiles was envious of Isaac; he thought you were beautiful and unique. The loyalty and dedication in your heart for Isaac was that of fairytales. Allison disliked you; she could never quite put her finger on the exact reason, but she just didn’t trust you. She thought maybe if she gave you another chance, you could possibly be friends. Lydia was impartial; she hadn’t been around you enough to form an opinion but the fact that Allison didn’t trust you might have made her partial. Derek was taken with you; he thought you were a perfect match for Isaac. The kindness in your eyes led him to believe that you were exactly what the beta needed. After his past of abuse and negligence; he needed a break. He needed someone to love him and you were perfect for the job.

Derek: He fought tooth and nail against his primal attraction to you; an Argent. Derek refused to relive the past and put himself through the betrayal, lies and heartbreak; not again. The Alpha ignored the heart palpitations and the awkward flutter in the depths of his athletic abdomen until the day Aiden asked you out. Allison rambled about the ‘type’ in men that led to many arguments with your father, Chris. There was a weakness in your hardened façade for bad boys; emotionally damaged, tattoos, piercings, bad attitude and demeaning behavior. Allison refused to acknowledge that you would ever find a partner as long as you gave that ‘type’ of guy a chance; the desperate need to ‘fix’ them. Derek flew off the handle; he was given yet another reason to want to tear the Alpha’s throat out. It turns out; he’d been doing you a favor. He only asked you out, by Lydia’s request, to nudge Derek into admitting his feelings for you. When you arrived for the pack ‘meeting’ at Derek’s loft, you’d been surprised to find a livid Derek pacing throughout the warehouse loft with a seething rage upon his handsome face. Before you could say a word, he’d stormed over to you in a frenzy. Calloused fingers clutching your hips in a bruising grasp as he attacked your plush lips with heated kisses. He had to let you know, he couldn’t hide the attraction any longer. He would win you over; he needed to.  Scott was shocked; he adored you like a sister so the fact that you’d taken an interest in Derek Hale was a little off putting but as long as you were happy, he would be okay with it. He did warn the Alpha that if he hurt you, he’d make him pay dearly. Stiles was cautious with you; it was hard to accept you knowing Derek was in love with you. After all, Derek did have a knack for falling in love with psycho women and you were an Argent. He was trying not to be bias but all of the facts were not in your favor. Isaac thought you were gorgeous; you had a beautiful personality to match that loving heart. You’d became his best friend, confiding in each other what you couldn’t voice to anyone else. He was the biggest supporter of your relationship because he cared for Derek like a brother and he loved you like a sister. Allison loved you; you were her sister and her best friend. She trusted you with her life and she respected your decision to be with Derek once she knew you were in love. She wasn’t always fond of Derek but knowing how passionately he loved you, she knew he would keep you safe. Lydia thought you were adorable; she liked your fashion sense and maternal personality. She often times thought it entertaining to see you fuss over Allison and Isaac like they were your children. She thought you were a great friend. 

anonymous asked:

What was Lydia supposed to do this episode? Kira barely spoke either, there was nothing she could've done really, so why not have her hold on to stiles and support him because he's weak and dying wow that's so horrible.

Hi Sarcasm!

Kira is not a main character, so as much as I like her, her playing a side role in the finale episode is something I can forgive.

But Lydia?

Lydia is now carrying the weight of being the only woman on the main cast. Lydia just lost her best friend in the world, the woman who has carried Lydia emotionally through everything she’s been through. 

We got full scenes dedicated solely on Chris, Isaac and Scott all mourning the loss of Allison.

We didn’t get that for Lydia. 

We got her spending the entire episode supporting the weight of one of the male leads. We got her silent, compliant and doing nothing other than stand by while other people avenge the death of her best friend.

I wanted to see Lydia break down. I wanted to see Lydia freak out. I wanted to see Lydia throw things. I wanted to see Lydia get angry. I wanted to see Lydia’s eyes flash with totally human intensity as she takes the lead, as she tells those boys to sit down, shut up and do as they’re told because she was not going to let Allison die for nothing. She was not going to let the creature that took Allison from her walk away unharmed.

I wanted to see Lydia be the leader she was always meant to be. I wanted to see Lydia be the hero. 


“Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” - I love this so much. Dedicated to Isaac.


This fan video is dedicated to Oscar Isaac, who is 37 years old today (it’s already the 9th of March here) and to all his fans who love him and support his career. And also, to everyone who reads my Oscar fanfic, thank you so much. You guys are the best!