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Fred and George 100% have a channel dedicated to pranks, ginny makes occasional appearances. Hermione has a revision/school help channel, with tips for studying and stress release and sleep and things. Harry and Ron make stupid music videos and talk about random stuff happening in the school. hAGRID HAS A STEVE BACKSHALL-TYPE CHANNEL WHERE HE DISCOVERS MAGICAL CREATURES AND RAVES ABOUT THEM.


“How did Ginny get like this?” he asked slowly. “Well, that’s an interesting question,” said Riddle pleasantly. “And quite a long story. I suppose the real reason Ginny Weasley’s like this is because she opened her heart and spilled all her secrets to an invisible stranger.“

What Disney Couple You Two Act Like - Harry Potter Preference

Harry Potter: 


 Similar to the warrior Mulan, you labeled yourself as an independent woman which was the first thing that caught his attention. Harry, like Shang, was intrigued by your ability to stand up for yourself and those you care about. At first, he was unsure of his initial thoughts on you. At times your strong will intimidated him a bit but as your relationship grew, he thrived on your strength and , at times, obstinate and adored your natural beauty. 

 Fred Weasley: 

Peter Pan&Wendy Darling

 You were the high class sophisticated Ravenclaw student, always ranking within the top five of your class. You had never missed a single day of school and studied away most of your free time. Fred on the other hand was the brave and adventurous Gryffindor student. He was reckless and charming pulling all the girls with his hilarious pranks and childish ways. The two of you meet much like Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. You were placed in the courtyard reading classic muggle fairy tales to a first year in order to gain extra credit for your Study of Muggles class. Fred had been wandering around the courtyard in search of his brother but when he heard your smooth enchanting voice he couldn’t resist but listen to you from afar, but he was cut short from the ending when the bell rung, signaling free period was over sending you off to your next class much to Fred’s disappointment. Later than evening he approached you in the Great Hall begging for you to finish the tale. You were a bit shocked to know he had been listening in but like Wendy Darling herself, you promised to finish it the next day. The two of you started dating a month later and almost everything you did resembled the famous Disney couple. Fred would get in trouble for immature things and you would lightly scold him, but Fred would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it. Unlike Peter Pan, Fred sure did know what a kiss was and he loved receiving and giving them to you. 

 George Weasley: 


George had always considered himself a “street rat” in comparison to you like the name cruel nickname that haunted Aladdin. You came from a wealthy family of purebloods and George felt like he was never good enough for you, due to his social standing. Your family was very accepting of George. Although when it cakes to George’s side, his twin brother Fred who could be compared to as Abu, was a bit unsure of you at first just as a close friend of yours,resembling that of Rajah, felt towards George. But after a few months with the two of you happily together, they both dismissed all their personal negative feelings and grew very close to George and yourself. George would also joke that there was no reason for him to need a genie, being with you already made all his wishes come true. 

 Ron Weasley: 


 You two were adorable together! Ron acted identical to Kristoff and you yourself could pass for a fairly well Anna with your kind heart and caring soul. Much like the Disney pair, you two had barley known each other when you first started dating but that was the fun of it. It gave the two of you a chance to get to know each other and learn every detail of one another. You also loved food just as much as he did and could usually be found in the Great Hall shoving your face full with chocolate. 

 Draco Malfoy: 


You had a fiery soul and a hardcore sassy personality. Draco, much like Hercules, was a bit full of himself. When the two of you first met, he was immediately captivated by your beauty and independence. Though you weren’t having any of his “swooning act” to win you over. Your strong heart and “I can’t take care of myself” attitude wouldn’t allow you to fall for a guy like him, similar to Meg. So he tried everything to win you over. Everything. All while working to win your heart, Draco hadn’t known that he already owned your heart but there was no chance, no way you would say you’re in love. At least not outloud. Your stubborn self wouldn’t accept it. That was until Draco let down his tough guy exterior and showed you who he truly was on the inside much like Hercules did to Meg. 

 Ginny Weasley: 


Just like Ariel, Ginny was the youngest and longed for freedom. She was brave and dedicated. If Ginny set her mind to doing something, she would do it. Simple as that. You presented almost identical to Prince Eric. The moment you laid eyes on the stunning red head, you were mesmerized. Her gorgeous eyes, blinding smile and silk like voice were the first factors that lured you in. Ginny had spent everyday of her school life in Hogwarts admiring you from across the lunch room. Ironically enough, the day she worked up enough courage to come strike up a conversation with you, she had gotten a wicked cold and lost her voice completely. You were beyond amazed to see her standing before you and when you asked for the cuties name, you were surprised to see her mouth close in defeat. After spending the whole day guessing random names, you finally guessed hers out of the blue. She jumped up from her seat in the Great Hall clapping her hands together excitedly. You joined her as well laughing in spite of yourself. It was the begging of a beautiful relationship, thankfully with no sea witch to try and ruin it. 

Hermione Granger: 


It would be a lie to say you didn’t have a slight reputation amount the students and teachers at Hogwarts for having a bit of a temper issue. Or maybe a huge temper issue. The temper itself had earned you the nickname of ‘The Beast’ among your fellows peers. Everyone referred to you by the taunting name behind your back and you knew. Well everyone expect one bright minded Gryffindor student, Hermione Granger. Hermione held herself exactly like Belle did. She completely devoured books after books. She was understanding and gentle which was the main reason you two got along so perfectly. She evened you out. When Hermione was around, there was no reason for your boiling anger to shine through. When the two of you started dating you were constantly worrying about hurting her, physically and mentally with your harsh words. Sometimes you did, but you learned to apologize and besides Hermione couldn’t stay mad at you for too long anyhow. She was madly inlove with you and all your flaws. After a few months of dating you had given her the nickname of “Beauty” claiming she was the beauty to your beast much like Belle was to Adam. 

 Luna Lovegood: 

Flynn Rider&Rapunzel

Luna and her bubbly self wanting to explore and live out her dreams had immediately taken a strong resemblance to Rapunzel. She was innocent like the blonde princess and was constantly fearing letting her father down who had practically raised her since the passing of her mother. You on the other hand related to more of the Flynn or Eugene personal. You were daring, careless and dangerous from time to time. You didn’t settle down, that was for sure. Well at least you didn’t slow before you met Luna Lovegood. Much like Flynn, the name your friends addressed you by wasn’t your actual name. Your real name was Y/N but that was a dark secret you kept hidden away. If anyone found out and called you by it, you would make sure they would never speak it again. With Luna, it was different. When her luring, sweet as sugar voice spoke the name Y/N it came out as if it was only meant for her to say. To you it was. Luna was the only one you had ever allowed to call you by your real name and she admired you for that. Like Flynn, you were well aware of the beautiful blondes dream. Luna had always dreamt of seeing the floating lanterns and on her birthday, you surprised her by taking her out on a special boat ride with just the two of you to see the glimmering lights and she never let the calming moments the two of you shared on the boat leave her memory.

 -Daizy xx

The Ginny Weasley Defense Squad!

You’ve seen the post: “Reblog if you’re a member of the Ginny Weasley defense squad!”

Well, now there’s an entire blog, dedicated to defending Ginevra Molly Weasley. (In reality, aren’t all of our blogs dedicated to defending Ginny, I mean really…)

We’re all really dedicated to this project and are all hardcore Ginny fans who would destroy barriers to defend her.

What you’ll find here are mostly text posts where we’ll try to debunk years of years of pure hating and simple forgetfullness and clean Ginny’s name of all the falseness that surrounds her name.

Important note : THE MOVIES ARE NOT CONSIDERED CANON FOR THIS BLOG. A lot of the misinformations about Ginny come from the movies and we won’t agree with that.

What will be considered canon is : the 7 Harry Potter books, all information given by J.K. Rowling in interviews, and also Pottermore.

Also, if you want to join our team, don’t hesitate to message either ginnydear or feelsandotps and it will be a pleasure to consider adding you.

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          Being around so many people can be so exhausting. Especially when the thoughts of who should be celebrating with them keeps slipping through his mind. At least he isn’t the center of attention. It helps when it’s a day dedicated to Hermione and Ginny. He’s proud of them, for graduating. It couldn’t have been easy with all the changes at Hogwarts. Hermione, without Harry or Ron for the first time since the troll. She’s seemed breathless all night, standing close to Ron in a way that makes Harry remember all the changes since the war. He knows how important education is to her.

     He’s spent part of the night watching Ginny, trying not to linger too closely near her. The other part catching up with people he hasn’t seen in a while. Earlier, Luna talked wrackspurts and it was the first time in a long time that his smile came easily. But he can’t deny the feeling of relief as the Burrow starts to clear, only the Weasley’s left over, saying their goodbyes. And he catches her eye, something unspoken between them as she jerks her head and he knows what she means.

    Hermione’s eyes are knowing as he hastily makes an excuse to retreat, waiting a few minutes before he follows Ginny up the stairs to her room. She’s left the door creaked open for him and he stops in front of it, hesitating. There’s so much he wants to talk to her about — the words swarming through his mind over the past six months. But now that he’s here, it’s like they’ve all floated away, leaving him with a nervousness that makes sense and an anger he can’t quite explain.

    He pushes the door open and sees her sitting on the bed. It’s dark — she hasn’t turned on any of the lights — but the moon streaming through the windows hits her hair and leaves a halo around her figure. Harry’s glasses shift down on his face as he looks at the ground, the thing that’s been bothering him the most coming to his lips.

    They’d slept together and she’d just left. For the first time, he wonders if that’s how it felt to her, being left behind as he ran off to hunt Voldemort. He sighs and pushes his glasses up. Moves to sit next to her, not quite touching, but close enough that he could if he wanted. This is only the second time he’s been in this room. Do — do you regret it?