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“Hey, Alex, you think I’d look good in a beard? Cooler? Wiser? More macho?”

Bubblebeard Kenji for fanfic/art/hc day! Dedicated to @faded-hero. May this dorky boy make you smile today lol

Inspired by a scene in her VERY CUTE Lazy Sundays with Kenji hc over here where he takes a bath with Alex and they just goof around with bubbles :)

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I've recently wanted to start working out but I tend to have a hard time actually doing it. Can you tell me what got and keeps you motivated?!?

It doesn’t matter if you have enough motivation to fuel an army…what is going to get you to your goals is commitment and dedication. Motivation fades. The muscle soreness sets in and tempting foods linger your way, what is going to help you over come that is NOT motivation. It’s dedication to your goal.

Create a dedication board. That’s what i did/do. Put some inspiring  quotes , pics of ideal bodies (find some similar to your shape), and also put some of your fav before and after pic/stories. Keep this board in a place that you can see it all the time (keep an electronic one too)

I will share some of the things on mine:

Use it to remind you every day about your dedication to your goal. refuel your commiment daily 8)


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With a flourish he picked up the book on top of the stack. It looked old, leather-bound, the title stamped in gold on the front. A Tale of Two Cities. “Dickens is always promising…”
“I’ve read that before. For school,” Clary recalled. She scooted up on the pillows beside Jace. “But I don’t remember any of it, so I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”
“Excellent. I’ve been told I have a lovely, melodic reading voice.” He flipped the book open to the front page, where the title was printed in ornate script. Across from it was a long dedication, the ink faded now and barely legible, though Clary could make out the signature: With hope at last, William Herondale.
“Some ancestor of yours,” Clary said, brushing her finger against the page.
—  City of Lost Souls

I don’t know if someone has already made this recently, but I seriously needed to make it. So here’s a quick summary of points showing : 


Warning : I don’t mean to bash or to hate on those who support any other ship like IchiHime, IchiIshi, IchiSado, idk : and yes this might be totally biased.

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