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The Countdown to Christmas (Chapter 4: Should We Fix That?) to

Parings: Mostly Adrienette (but kinda all of the love square)
Rating: K but if y’all think the ending is too much for all ages I’ll raise it to T
Description: All of the pieces of the puzzle finally come together.

A/N: I am so happy I was able to finish this before my next semester started :D Thank you all for taking the time to read this <3

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Adrien wasn’t adept at reading emotions, but even he could tell something was wrong with Marinette. Considering she wouldn’t even look at him.

He was used to be having people’s eyes on him. He was a model and the son of Gabriel Agreste. He’d had people scrutinize him since before he could remember. His brain had been trained to ignore it.  But somewhere in his subconscious he felt the absence of her gaze.

And that threw off his whole day.

The morning seemed normal enough. Adrien got to school and joined Nino by the lockers before heading to class. He was going to say hi to Alya and Marinette but they seemed to be too deep in their conversation to be disturbed, so he simply took his seat. Then Mm. Mendeleiev walked through the door and class began.

Adrien was writing notes when he suddenly felt paranoid. Did he forget something at home? He tried to recall what he could have forgotten but he took everything with him this morning.

His mind was reacting to the lack of Marinette. It was the sort of reaction one would have if someone was looking at them, but in his case it was more that she wasn’t.

Adrien wanted to turn his head over his shoulder and look at her, see if she was okay, but Msm. Mendeleiev was a stickler about rules. He couldn’t risk getting her in trouble, so he endured it. The minutes couldn’t tick by any slower and this seemed like the worst physics class of his life.

He kept frantically bouncing his foot, almost screaming for joy when the bell rang. Marinette’s usual path to the door meant she’d have to cross Adrien’s line of sight. The boy waited in his seat to see her, but he didn’t. He sat there in stupor until Nino tapped his shoulder, motioning to door so they could head to their next class.

Adrien’s sneakers scuffed the ground as he trudged his way down the hall. What was wrong with him? Why did he bother him that Marinette didn’t cross his path? Why did it feel the need to snap his head back in her direction?

Why did his heart hurt when her eyes didn’t meet his as he entered class?  

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