dedicated to all the people out there who love them both

Hate Peter Hale and Theo Raeken all you want. They’re villains, the antagonists, you’re not meant to love them or their actions. But do not hate on Ian Bohen or Cody Christian. They’re both great actors and very dedicated to their characters. They love this fandom very much and always attend events for fans; they’re good people and deserve respect. Ian and Cody both portray their characters amazingly; if I’m being honest, Peter and Theo are two of my favourite characters, because they’re great characters. I honestly hate them for what they’ve done on the show, but I love them because they’re interesting and complex characters. So go ahead and hate Peter and hate Theo for all the horrible things they’ve done, for the people they’ve hurt, and so on, but do not hate the actors or the people who like their characters. Liking an antagonist doesn’t mean you support the antagonists actions, but you appreciate an interesting character. 

GG Modern World Internet Headcanons
  • The internet is provided by a branch of the library who are very dedicated to free wifi for all. Do not anger the legendary sysadmins.
  • There are sites to match up Sparks and Minions. They have a bad reputation and minions using them are always being warned, “they say they’re looking for a minion, but how do you know they’re not looking for raw material?”
  • Jägers develop a good reputation on hook up sites for being straightforward about what they want and generally nice about it and a bad reputation for emptying people’s fridges on the way out.
  • Many, many Sparks have developed devices for smacking people through the internet.
  • Castle Heterodyne is the only place the library doesn’t want connected. It regularly connects itself anyway.
  • The Muses all love the internet. Tinka and Otilia both have a lot of video tutorials (dancing and self-defence) on YouTube. Moxana runs an advice column where the advice is very oblique but helpful if you can figure it out. It’s surprisingly popular. Prende is a big contributor to Wikipedia and Snopes. All of them together run a teaching resources site.
Kylux Great British Bake Off AU

Very much dedicated to the lovely @huxblush who mentioned this a few days ago, and I am in love with the concept bc the thought of those two balls of fury cooking together makes me laugh:

- Hux and Ren naturally scoff at each other because of their opposite techniques: Hux is precise and has impeccable presentation for all bakes, whereas Ren is more experimental and is excellent at surprising the judges.

- When it gets really hot in the tent Ren ties his hair up into a little bun, and the first time Hux saw it he dropped his flour.

- Ren and Hux banter and argue with each other so much that there are loads of facebook groups for Team Ren or Team Hux, with pages of GIFS of them sneering at each other.

- Hux is forever bending over to check that his cakes are baking properly in the oven, and the cameras have more than once caught Ren checking out his ass.

- Although they vehemently deny it, they both always sneak to look at what the other is doing; once they did this in a technical challenge and both got it so wrong that they were almost both eliminated.

- When Ren trips and spills melted chocolate all over himself, without even a blink he whips his shirt off and the nation and especially Hux (who works at a station just behind him) get a good look at how ripped he is.

- There was anarchy across the nation when Ren took Hux’s Strawberry Baked Alaska out of the freezer one fateful episode. It took Hux two episodes to forgive him.

- When Ren has a bad bake he is well known for having a well-publicised tantrum just off camera; once Hux went off to sort him out, and was shown in the background of the tent casually avoiding bread rolls being thrown at his head. Eventaully Ren calmed down.

- In the semi-final, it was obvious that Ren was getting more and more stressed about his baking, to the point where he was making easy mistakes. Despite Ren being his greatest competition (and him being eliminated meaning Hux would almost definitely win), when Ren finally threw himself on the floor in a strop because he couldn’t find one of his ingredients, Hux nudged him with his foot and wordlessly passed him what he was looking for.

- When they both find out they’ve gotten into the final, they forget themselves and hug. There is a shocked silence as they both realise what they’re doing, while Mel and Sue cheer them on.

Death Cannot

This is for @upthenorthmountain, and I want to state for the record that it is all her fault :P This started as an anonymous fic in her inbox, because she promised that she could handle the angst when I told her I had an idea that would make everyone would hate me. But then life got out of control and I never finished the story, so I collected the bits and rewrote them a bit and added a conclusion. And I’m very sorry, in advance, please direct complaints to @upthenorthmountain because did I mention that this is her fault? This is her fault (also it is dedicated to her, thanks for putting up with my plot bunnies, Anna <3)

EDIT: Also, this fic has a short epilogue–Reunion.

  • Death Cannot 
  • Rating: G
  • Words: 4025
  • Warning: Character death
  • KA Harvest Fest Prompt: Haunting
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” - The Princess Bride

Kristoff crouched down on the floor and surveyed the area under the bed critically. “No monsters here,” he announced.

A chubby little finger pointed to the closet. He got up with a grunt and went to open it, revealing a row of brightly colored dresses, a few shelves of folded clothes, an overflowing bin of blocks and other toys. Kristoff solemnly examined them all.

“No monsters here either,” he said, but he left the light on anyway.

The little girl in the crib was three and a half, her red hair just long enough to form two little pigtails. It was very important, he had learned, for her hair to be in pigtails before bed. Ella’s hair had an amazing capacity for knots, and there had been a few times when he’d worried that he’d be forced it cut it off. Kristoff stroked a hand over her head. He bent down to kiss her forehead and tucked up her blanket.

“You’re always safe,” he promised. “There’s someone watching over you.”

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I love Effie Trinket, alright? And I will defend her with all I have. She is much more than a shallow little thing who only thinks about clothes.

That’s all you can say about her? Here is what I can tell you about Effie Trinket after reading the books: Effie Trinket can lie like no one else, she’s the best actress you will ever find, she is ambitious, she is organised, she is a lady, she is smart, she is more aware of the system than she wants you to think, she is dedicated to her tributes, when she loves she loves big, she is aware of the system and yet she will declare publicly she stands on her team’s side by arboring a common token all the while knowing what it might mean for her. She is loyal.

And don’t even try to tell me Haymitch is only a drunk who stinks and wallow in self-pity. Haymitch Abernathy is a hero. Haymitch Abernathy won a Quell against the double usual opponents by outsmarting them.

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