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Okay but like you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think that Alec Lightwood is secretly the most romantic, sappy dork ever. Like:

  • Alec placing light feather kisses all over Magnus’ face
  • Alec getting up before Magnus and making him different shaped pancakes 
  • Alec packing Magnus lunches whenever he has to go out to meet a client and writing him little notes that tells him how much he loves him
  • Alec quoting romantic poetry to Magnus (William’s Shakespare’s Sonnet 18 or “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” is his personal favorite)
  • Alec not being able to help himself as he watches Magnus talking to another person and leaning in and kissing his cheek
  • Alec always sneaking up behind Magnus and kissing him softly on the neck while he wraps his arms around his waist
  • Alec always praising Magnus. It doesn’t matter what the setting is or whether the activity is sexual or  if they’re just cuddling Alec always loves to tell Magnus how beautiful he is and how important he is to him
  • Alec totally being that guy to wait for a rainy day and to pull Magnus out into the rain so that they can share a rainy kiss
  • Alec buying Magnus flowers
  • Alec discovering Snapchat and sending Magnus videos of himself with all the different filters and saying things like “You are so BEEautiful” (with the bee filter, of course)
  • Alec calling Magnus babe and honey
  • Alec kissing Magnus’ hands (Magnus has some wonderful hands so how could he not)
  • Alec running up behind Magnus and picking him up bridal style and saying “Oh, look, I’m sweeping you off your feet”
  • Alec and Magnus going to a carnival and Alec spends all of his money trying to win Magnus one of the stuff animals and eventually he does (and recieves a victory kiss from his boyfriend)
  • Alec taking Magnus’ face in his hands and singing the sappiest love songs to him (in key or not) while Magnus is laughing his head off
  • Alec painting Magnus’ nails and spending hours with Isabelle learning the basics of make up so that he can help Magnus in the future
  • Alec taking Magnus out stargazing and pointing out all the constellations to him as they lie on the ground holding hands
  • Alec nuzzling Magnus’ hair or nose 
  • Alec tickling Magnus in order to hear him laugh and see his nose scrunch up
  • Alec cheering Magnus on whenever he makes a sassy comeback at diplomatic meetings to all the ignorant fools or whenever he slays in battle or just whenever. Alec just being proud of Magnus in general
  • Alec brining Magnus chicken noodle soup and fuzzy socks and blankets movies to watch whenever he gets sick, even if it’s a common cold
  • Alec just being in complete awe and wonder of his amazing boyfriend and just being utterly in love with him

And the list goes on and on!


Raphael Santiago | I’ll be Good
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The Things Writers Do For Accuracy.

So get this. I just had to determine the exact time of day in my book. You’d think this is nothing special–I have all the calendar/clock conversion charts for every planet in my books written down.

Yeah, except that I had to determine the time, to the minute, using a scale I’ve never had to use before, because the clock the MC is looking at right now doesn’t automatically adjust unless it’s on a different planet. So it still reads the time from the last planet he was on. Which I had to calculate from the incremental length-of-day adjustment they experience when they are flying through interstellar space. Which adjusts at different increments depending on which planet they’re travelling to, because every planet has a different length of day, and the length of every expedition itself is different depending on which planet they’re going to. Not to mention that I had to go back through Resonance and determine EXACTLY when they left Undil (because, like I said, I know the duration, in hours and minutes, of every expedition), and compare it to where they are now using the different time scale, then calculate how many full and partial days that would equate to on Undil, then add that to the time that they departed Undil, just to figure out the exact time that it is in the scene I’m currently writing.

Why did I do this, you ask?

Because Arman friggin decided to look at a clock. In context, you’ll understand why this is significant. But yeah. It took me twenty minutes to do these calculations, because Arman. Looked. At. A. CLOCK.

Moral of the story: make sure you know basic algebra.

Also I calculated the time to be 11:06 PM, Undilaen Time. Where Arman & Co. are, however, it’s actually right around 16:30 (just after noon for the actual time scale).

Title: “A Rogue’s Responsibility”

Author: @littlebattlebornthings

Dedicated to: @kait-a-tater-tot

Characters: Whiskey Foxtrot, Reyna Valeria

Word Count: 2900-3000

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Author’s Note: I have never written for either of these characters before so I apologize if they are not spot on. Feel free to critique this piece if you like but it is ultimately a gift for the lovely @kait-a-tater-tot who was super patient about the wait. I hope you guys enjoy this bout of fluff and a little exploration of the characters. I know I had fun. 

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This is not Fiction

I dedicate this book to you:
For all the times, your hand and arm stops working.
For the moment in your life,
When you realize how important legs are.
For the moment in your life,
When people start to treat you as inferior.
For the moment in your life,
When you realize, you do not have the capacity
For fight or flight.

I dedicate this book to you:
You never gave up.
I dedicate this book to my parents:
Who never gave up.
I dedicate this book to all those struggling.
I dedicate this book to people who have to choose
Between medicine and food.
I dedicate this book to people who have
To stop recovery due to the strain on finances.
I do not dedicate this book, to people
Who say they are “poor”, but are able to buy
Luxuries, computers,
Iphones and period products.
You have no idea, how the other half lives.
I do not dedicate this book to you.

Earned It (Brad Simpson Smut)

requested by an anon

Haven’t done anything quite like this before so hopefully it’s good!



I tap my foot as I hear the beat of the song for possibly the hundredth time. Brad insisted on staying in the studio to perfect his vocals on a song for the band’s third album. Such dedication. If I were an artist I don’t know if I’d stay hours later to still work.

The amount of energy he has amazes me. You’d think he’d be exhausted by now because it’s been a long day. But nope, he’s lost in the music.

It’s a pleasure to be brought into the studio with him though. Hearing how a song comes together is an experience, especially with someone that has the softest, yet most powerful voice. I get wet just by hearing him speak or sing. There’s something about his voice that just turns me on.

“If I tell you to stop, I hope that you never listen”, Brad sings from the booth. I look over and he smirks at me. Some lyrics laced with our love, only we’d know.

“Okay, I think we’ve finally got it!” the producer exclaims with relief. “I’m just going to make a call and we’ll play it back then close up.” He heads outside, leaving just Brad and I.

“Come here babe”, Brad says.

I walk inside the booth, noticing how tight it is inside. “What is it?”

He pulls me into his arms then melts his lips onto mine. His tongue begging for entrance. I let him in without hesitation. His hands trail down to meet my waist, pulling me closer. My hands tangle in his delicate curls.

“I know you’ve been waiting”, he pauses to kiss my lips again. “So patiently. I thought that you earned", his lips move up to my ear, “a good fucking for being such a good girl for me.” His warm breath against my skin sends tingles throughout my body.

He grabs my ass impatiently, I gasp. “But what if someone walks in-”

He puts one finger onto my lips. “We have time and plus, when I was singing, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to do to you after I was done. I think it’d be fun if we got caught.” He brushes his thumb across my lips.

“What exactly were you thinking?”

He grins evilly. “I’ll show you.” He pushes me up against the wall, crashing his lips onto mine. His hands sliding my clothes off with ease, pleasing me first. His lips and hands not losing touch with my body. “Sing for me baby”, he says onto my lips. My moans get louder as he continues to make love to each part.

He removes all his clothes, revealing his toned chest and his huge cock. He then lifts one of my legs, wrapping it around his waist. He looks down and taps the tip of his errect cock against my lower lips. I ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’. “Yeah baby, you love it when I tease you. Look how soaked you are already, let me have a taste first.” He moves his cock away, placing a finger inside me. My mouth drops open.

He curls his finger causing me to dig my nails into his back so I don’t fall over. He pumps his finger into me deeper and quickens his pace. I feel myself closing in. He takes his finger out and licks the juice off. I whimper, wanting to have came.

“Baby don’t worry, I’ll make you cum. I promise, I’ll make you cum so hard on this thick dick. It’s throbbing for your tight pussy.” God he turns me on so much.

He slides himself into me and my eyes roll back. “Ohh Bradley..mmm.” He bites his lip, he loves it when I say his full name.

“You know what I love so much about playing the guitar?”


“Strumming”, he says, rubbing his thumb onto my clit. I grab onto his back, almost losing my balance.

“Isn’t he going to come-”

“Baby, the only thing that’s going to cum is me in you and you on me.” He pounds his cock deeper and deeper into me. I scream out loud, leaving scratch marks on his back.

“Yes, don’t stop…ughh..Brad..ley.”

He moans in response. “Fuck, that turns me on so much. You know what I love most about singing?”

“Wh-what?” I’m so close.

“Hitting..the…high notes”, he says out of breath. His thrusts become sloppy. I yell out his name as my walls tighten around him.

The door swings open and Brad explodes his hot cum inside me. He moans loudly then quickly turns his head. “The microphone is still on”, the producer says with a red face. He leaves very shortly after.

“Busted”, Brad says with a smirk.