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“What would you rather be doing?” Picquery asked without so much as a twitch revealing her amusement at his displeasure. ”Sorting through the trash for another Sophia Scapegrace to apprehend?”
“All I’m saying is that I would be much more help out in the field”, he grumbled, "than I am exchanging pleasantries with the social elite.”

I was originally just going to draw younger!Graves in one of these vests, but then background practice happened!
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“People are like, ‘Oh, she must have a crazy hair-care routine.’ I’m like, ‘I just wash it.’ My boyfriend blow-dries it sometimes, that’s about it.”

Yes, it’s true: Her boyfriend blow-dries. her. hair.

“I didn’t think that would come in handy until one day my arm got really tired, and I was complaining about it. He was like, ‘Oh, I can blow-dry it for you.’ Now he does it every time. I got him a nice brush. He was like, ‘Take me to the beauty store, let me pick out some stuff, and I’ll blow-dry your hair whenever you want.’ I think it’s therapeutic for him because he can get in the zone for a little bit.”

Humans are space orcs

A thing which popped into my head recently is just how weird it may seem to other species we will try and understand absolutely everything. Even stuff we have absolutely no hope of understating.

For as about as long as humans could think, we’ve chosen to think about the hardest things. For instance we often contemplate, and try and prove what happens after you die or we try and figure out what’s beyond our universe. We look for multiple universes. Wonder about how the universe started. And this is just scraping the surface. People have their whole lives didicates to trying answer these impossible questions. Some people even end up having a breakdown over it.

Now imagine an alien race finding this primitive war species, humans, they decided to leave them alone for a bit until they have settled down.

One day the aliens decide to try and make contact, and to their surprise humans welcome them, not only that, they practically worship them. They can feel the excitement coming off of the humans and a few even come up and thank them, or yell how they “are not alone”. Confused by this the aliens inquire into it and a human explains that these are people who have dedicated their lives to proving humans aren’t alone. This takes the alien aback, humans are a primitive spices, only just learning to leave their planet yet for as long as humans could they’ve wondered if they are alone?

As the aliens learn more and more about the planet they learn of the people who try and figure out what happens beyond life, or what’s outside of the universe and other similar questions. Even more confused the aliens ask two main questions, “how” and “why”.

They ask how humans are able to try and comprehend these things, and to their horror they learn we aren’t capable of doing it. The questions in extreme cases have driven people mad, however, a more common consequence of contemplating these things is something called an existential crisis.

This leads into their next question, “why”. They ask why would we ever try and understand things we know we can’t, things which can drive you crazy. And the humans reply leaves them more confused than when they started:

“Why not.”