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Baker’s Four - part three

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A/N I’m not too happy with this chapter but I figured it was better for me to stop scrutinising it and start writing/editing it, and here it is!

Pairing: poly (Prince/Morality/Logic), eventually all of them

Genre: VERY ANGSTY NEAR THE END, fluff, au, baking au, human au

Word Count: 3 200 (are you proud)

Warnings: transphobia, implied/referenced abuse, swearing, tad bit of violence (like, one punch)… i think i got everything??


Logan could tell it won’t be a good day but surprisingly, it is. If you don’t count seeing Ann and Missy fight, the mysterious buyer, slaving over an oven, the other fight, having to call the authorities and oh, apparently today wasn’t at all good.

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anonymous asked:

You're gonna be a therpist so maybe you have advice. My friend's brother was killed by police officers years ago and his father finally won in court and they paid him a few million dollars. This money will help my friend through college. How can he avoid feeling guily that something good came out of his brother's death? What is a more healthy mindset for him to look at the situation with?

i’m 99% sure if the brother was alive he would do ANYTHING to make his brother and their family’s lives easier, he would do all that he could to ensure that he got the best education and opportunities in life.

I am certain the brother would be overjoyed to learn that justice was served and good things can be born through such a terrible situation.

If they haven’t already maybe they could use a small portion of the money for a plaque in his dedication on a bench at his favourite park or just anywhere of significance to the brother.

Also if you can stress to them that all their brother would want for them is to he happy not feel a ton of pressure to be SUPER successful in his honour or whatever bc i’m sure that’s weighing on their mind.

i wish you both the best ;3;

Pokemon Card of the Day #1046: Umbreon (Majestic Dawn)

Umbreon was another one of those Pokemon that Evolved from Eevee, so it was natural that it would be used alongside the others. Umbreon brought support to them by helping out with Retreat Costs and Weaknesses. This made it a bit easier not to have one member of the team get picked off by a bad match-up, though dedicating a Bench space to something in such a varied deck could be tough. Moonlight Veil was a pretty powerful Poke-Body, though, so there was quite a bit to like here.

80 HP was actually a little low for a Stage 1, though an Eevee deck could always boost that by taking up another Bench slot. The +20 Fighting Weakness, well, technically did exist. That being said, Moonlight Veil nullified that so it really didn’t matter. The -20 Psychic Weakness also existed. Sadly, Umbreon’s HP was just low enough that Gardevoir took it out in two hits anyway. It came in handy if Umbreon’s HP was boosted, however. The Retreat Cost was 1, but Moonlight Veil made it 0. It was good either way.

Moonlight Veil was the reason to use Umbreon. It was a powerful Poke-Body that only worked with Pokemon that Evolved from Eevee. Those Pokemon had no Weakness and a Retreat Cost of 0 when Umbreon was in play. This was fantastic, especially since a deck with so many types of Pokemon would be switching things in and out a lot.

Confuse Ray, on the other hand, was a bit underwhelming. 50 damage for 3 Energy was low, though automatic Confusion could shut off a Poke-Power. The opponent could usually just switch out of it, though. Umbreon was here for the support, not to attack.

Umbreon was a good support option for a solid, though not great, deck in the HP-On format. While it took up precious Bench space, Moonlight Veil’s positives were generally worth it and saved precious Energy. The deck itself was really only useful in HP-On due to the availability of Scramble Energy and Holon’s Castform, however, since that helped with the varied Energy costs. Keep Umbreon in that situation and it can shine.


top 15 girl meets world ships: (as voted by my followers)

THIRD PLACE - the high five: We wanted to give you guys something from our class to yours. We think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship. And no matter what happens in your new school, friends should always have a place where they can sit, and talk, and work things out. Because sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.“THIS FRIENDSHIP BENCH dedicated by Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE”