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so uuum just to make sure i got this right

we have jensen getting extremely emotionnal over meeting people helping those who deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, something that touches jensen personally since the person he loves most, jared, has been in this situation exactly two years ago and by seeing him like this jared went to hug him and confort him and then when he talks about it at the panel jensen gets emotional again and jared is again the one who intervenes (as declared by adam fergus “saved by jared”) and brings everyone on stage to hug jensen and cheer him up

and then j2 end their convention by hugging with jensen craddling jared’s head and jared literally falling into jensen’s embrace and burrying his face in his neck… 

and all that basically mirrors last year when jensen wore an AKF shirt to support jared and then hugging him tight

i mean 

j2 are setting such unrealistic standards for supportive relationships and they make it look so easy and natural just what the fuck how?

and im not even talking about all the praise jensen had for jared this weekend and how happy and proud he was to see him sing or how he didn’t hesitate to dedicate a song to jared and what’s the deal with jensen pointing at jared and then touching his heart??? (he did it twice, at the concert and before the last hug, both while singing and staring at jared) just how much more in love can you get?? there has to be a limit right??? well maybe not as far as j2 are concerned 

like i see how j2 love each other and im like “ok i get it they really love each other” but then they have a lovefest like this past weekend and im like “i was wrong they love each other EVEN MORE than what i thought!” and it’s really a wonderful thing to witness and they just never?? fail??? at showing their love???? like never!

i don’t even know where im going with this post but just know that im in awe at j2, that’s it really, like genuinely in awe

one thing i beg for you all not to do is make thinking bout you the song dedicated to those who were lost in the attack. it is the song ariana chose to dedicate to love and equality in her show and we should not stand to have it be used in a time where hate and tragedy has struck. (not to mention, due to the fact that numerous minors were lost in the attack and the song has sexual undertones, its inappropriate). 

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Please don't make thinking bout you the song to honor the victims, I'm shit at explaining pls look at grundes post on the song.

I went and looked x

But that is one person’s opinion, fans are choosing songs regardless and thinkin bout you has a more positive meaning than One Last Time. As much as it would be nice for silence, people need projects like this to feel like they’re helping. Victoria has a song ‘Better Days’ specifically for this but it wont and hasn’t caught on. Ariana hasn’t and wouldn’t dedicate any song to tragedy, not one last time nor thinkin bout you but her songs are being promoted to sing louder than hate, and that’s not a bad thing.

You don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to though xx 

  • George washington: pick up a pen start writing!
  • Hamilton, who wrote 51 essays for the constitution, had a song dedicated to how much he loves to write, literally just offered to write something for washington, wrote hundreds of letters to his boyfriend, wrote a pamphlet just because he had an affair, wrote a massive text just to talk shit about John Adams, is literally only good for writing at this point: boi

more gay films i’d like

  • a young jazz singer falls in love with an established film noir actress and the singer finds out the actress had been sending her anonymous roses so she dedicates a song to her and there’s a scene where she’s singing it on stage in a club and all other sound fades out and the camera focuses on the actress, who’s regarding her with interest
  • a sixties era student falls in love with a gay civil rights activist who quit her career as a professor and the film is half about activism and half about their soft domestic lives together and the entire aesthetic and wardrobe is dreamy like vintage sixties advertisements
  • an up and coming undercover journalist in new york city who’s cold and mean and dresses only in pencil skirts is seduced by a woman played by like, monica belluci, and drawn into a diamond heist and a passionate love affair
  • a university student is on a brief study abroad trip in italy and notices a dreamy lady on a beach in a glamorous creme bathing suit against the backdrop of sparkling water but doesn’t think much of it until she sees her again drinking wine in the hotel bar and looking mysterious and smoky and the film is sort of like salvatore by lana del rey and includes a drive through sicily in a white car
  • a bored and rich woman finds out her renowned husband’s been sleeping around when he’s on business trips so she plots how to destroy his career and reputation meanwhile she’s lonely and growing close to the sweet flustered maid and buying her things and giving her clothes she’s ‘too old for now’ and absentmindedly helping with chores and asking her about her life over wine and asking her to ‘stay for awhile’

            I wanna  b e  B R A V E.

                             I wanna be brave  l i k e  Y O U .

You went  i n t o  D A R K N E S S .

                                            Y o u  F E L L  i n  D A R K N E S S .

                 A n d  y o u  w i l l  C A R R Y  O N .

A song very much dedicated to Shiro.

Imagine Enjolras realizing he has feelings for Grantaire and, as usual, not knowing how to communicate them but knowing that he has to make some big romantic gesture.

So he figured out that Grantaire likes to go to this open mic at the Musain, and he figures that will be the perfect way to confess his feelings. But, being Enjolras, he can’t do things halfway, so he also learns how to play guitar so that he can play the perfect love song that really demonstrates how he feels about Grantaire.

And so all of Les Amis are at this open mic night and Enjolras gets called and everyone is surprised but no one moreso than Grantaire when Enjolras straight up dedicates the song to him.

And of course Enjolras gives this big, dramatic speech about realizing his feelings and how Grantaire is amazing and Grantaire is sitting there just fucking dead and blushing so deeply as Enjolras keeps saying these goopy, sappy, ridiculous things about him.

And then JUST IMAGINE Grantaire’s face when Enjolras finally wraps up his ridiculously long speech and turns back to the audience and is like, “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

Darling, I will always try my hardest to show you every part of me.
Darling, I will always love you on the days you don’t love yourself.
Darling, I will always love you on the days you love yourself.
Darling, I will support everything you want, even if we don’t see eye to eye.
Darling, I will be too clingy on the nights you want to be alone.
And darling, I will always do the stupidest shit just too see you smile.
Baby, I will always dedicate songs too you.
Baby, I will always hold you tight.
Baby, I will always appreciate you as an individual and my girlfriend.
Baby, I will always do whatever it takes to make the time spent miles away, as quick as possible.
Baby, I will always give you that sweatshirt or pair of shoes you want.
And baby, I will always make you my priority.
My love, I will always say I love you before we go to bed.
My love, I will always see the most beautiful girl when I look at you.
My love, I will always feel like I don’t deserve someone like you.
My love, I will always see something in you that shines brighter than the sun.
My love, through all the arguments we in counter, I will always stay by your side.
And My love, we will always be “us”.
Nina, I will always keep my promises.
Nina, I will always do everything in my power to be everything you need & deserve.
Nina, I will always picture a future together.
Nina, I will always be me and there wouldn’t be a me without you.
Nina, It will always be you.
Nina Danuta Janina Regina Jablonska, I will always adore you.
OH…. and most importantly…. I will always think you are the funniest bastard alive ❤
—  I just needed to get this off my chest.

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Hi ! After knowing harry's meaning of SOTT what do you think of it? Honestly that's not what i was thinking... like i never thought it would be a perspective of a mother dying. all the interpretations everyone's made idk harry is so difficult to read what are your thoughts?


The Rolling Stone/ Cameron Crowe interview was quite a nice bit of theater this morning, wasn’t it?

On the one hand, we have Harry state in radio promo interview that SOTT was his most literal and personal song on the album. On the other hand, he offers an interpretation of a mother dying in childbirth and urging her child forward. He paints quite a dramatic tableau– but if it’s personal/ literal, which one was Harry? The mom? Or the child?

Was the dying mother the one shouting, “We’ve got to–away”? Because she, this dramatic character, wasn’t going to make it. Or was it the baby talking to– the neonatal intensive care unit staff?

Then we have contradicting versions of how the song was written. A prior interview had said Harry sat down at a piano, thrummed out some chords in the rented Jamaica house that ended up being the opening of the song.

The Rolling Stones interview says, “The song began as a seven-minute voice note on Styles’ phone, and ended up as a sweeping piano ballade.”

So which one was it? A spontaneous improvisation on a Jamaican piano, or a voice note?

I think the clue to these contradiction lies in the one true thing Harry said:

“Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery … it’s just what I like.”

I was talking to @lawyerlarrie about the French deconstructionists, Foucault and Derrida. Deconstructionism is a movement of literary criticism which focuses on literary texts to the exclusion of authorial intent. “Pride and Prejudice” means something because of the words (the text) themselves, not because of what Jane Austen wanted them to mean. In this school, it doesn’t really matter what Austen wanted. What we have is the text.

Similarly, when songs are written, they acquire an existence of their own, regardless of what the songwriter wants them to mean.

You can carry this to an absurd end, of course. Other ways of interpreting are valid, including a psychosocial reading connecting the song to a songwriter’s biography. For example, we now know that Stevie Nicks wrote “Sara” about her abortion of the baby she conceived with Don Henley. That fact is relevant to the song, no matter what the literary interpretation is.

SOTT’s lyrics describe separation and oppression; a promised end that never comes; a relationship in which one person has been given reprieve/ freedom while the other person is left behind. It is about false reassurances, about someone giving comfort despite knowing that a situation is hopeless. It’s a song about an impossible escape. And about the guilt of the person (the singer) who has been given the freedom. The cost of his freedom was pain to the person he loves. That meaning is unarguable.

These words have meaning, no matter what the writers want them to mean. A mother dying is one way to express this situation. But a mother dying is a metaphoric representation of the situation. In other words, it can’t be literal– not for Harry. The literal meaning is hidden. Harry didn’t say it; he didn’t want to say it.

So much is left unsaid or obfuscated in this interview. I (with some discomfort) admire Harry the Escape Artist. He has left just a smoky outline of himself on the page. There’s an irony in his honesty. “I’m honest because I’ve told no lies”; this isn’t the same as “I’m honest because I’m telling the truth.”

We say he’s “swerving,” but I don’t think that’s a great description either.

I think the whole solo promo has been about creating another theatrical persona for Harry– one who is a hip, down-to-earth, creative, sweet, genuine, charming, HONEST musician who doesn’t get many dates, and whose heart is broken over and over by intense (heterosexual) love affairs, which are then converted to art. And who, finally, gets to do exactly what he wants– so it’s all above ground and transparent, right?

Wrong. It’s all illusory.

Harry has created an iron curtain between his public and private lives, which no one but family are privy to. I’m not just talking about his sexuality, but the whole question of his privacy. The iron curtain deflects peskier personal questions and allows him to work. It separates his celebrity status from his artistic achievements. Not that he’s above using celebrity to promote his art– why else would he do the interview? Of course he’s going to use his celebrity when the occasion arises. But he’s treading a thin line.

The iron curtain lets him swim in the private cove of his Jamaican imagination without being under public scrutiny.

The ocean doesn’t care who he is. It doesn’t care whether he was in love with Taylor Swift. It is big enough for him to disappear in.

So if his whole album is filled with love songs dedicated to female pronouns, so be it. He has raised the wall.

“The mystery … it’s just what I like.”