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“Look at those clouds Kaneki, wow, this one looks like a dog, haha. Man, I’m feeling good here, I don’t wanna go back home~”


“Let’s go home, Kaneki.”

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Klaine meet-cute prompt: Rachel dragging Kurt to a "lame" book signing for some author he's never heard of, and he runs into Blaine in the aisle or restroom or somewhere, and they commiserate about this awful book signing and then Kurt discovers that woops Blaine is the author?

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There is something … familiar about bookstores.

About books surrounding you, and offering warmth and shelter.

At least it used to feel like that, when Kurt was a kid.

It still does, when he thinks about it–just not when his roommate is dragging to a signing and the bookstore is filled to the brim with squealy women.

That being said, what is he doing here.

“Cronuts, Chookie and Duffins : The Year of the Hybrids”.

Interesting premise, sure, but if the book is about hybrid desserts, why isn’t there even one miserable baby cupcake in the whole bookstore.

And who the devil is B.D. Anderson?

“Beats me.”

Kurt does not jump a mile high in his shock at the voice that comes from his left.

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So a quickly bilan from the Japan Expo 2014!

The convention last 5 days but the only word I can use to describe is brilliant! I had a great time, met amazing people (amazing artists who not only made beautiful works but also have a golden heart!!) and sharing the stand with Orphee and Heylenne, my two most favorite Alpacassos, made everything even greater!

I was amazed that people could actually understand my horrible french, and really really touched by all the attention I received, thank you so much, guys!!

Thank you for the gifts, cakes and kind words! <3 <3 <3

Imagine a Harry Potter Love Actually movie

6 couples
Adult James and Lily, teenage Sirius and Marlene, adult Remus and male OC, Peter and female OC, little Harry and Ginny, Old Andromeda and Ted Tonks

James being a philosophy college teacher, Lily being the new student who arrives late in class and walks in like a model and James is dazzled and everytime she raises her hand and answers a question he instantly forgets what the question initially was and one day he tells her to meet him at his office after class and she thinks hes going to tell her she’s not attentive enough (because lets face it she’s been caught staring at him dreamily and making up fantasies in her mind countless times) and he actually asks her if she’d like to tell him more about the essay she wrote about whether love always triumphs or not (of course he just wants to know if she thinks there might be a chance she could see him as anything else than her college teacher and maybe he just want to spend time with her) and she says yes eventually but as they get to know each other he realizes that her heart has already been broken and she cant fall in love anymore especially with her teacher because what if he turns out being a bad guy and she cant risk failing at college too

Teenage Sirius and Marlene being best friends and partners in crime ever since kinder garden and one day he walks into her wearing only a bra and lacy panties and it hits him as hard as a rock that she has become a woman and he starts having erotic dreams about her and he finds himself thinking about her when he jerks off and no matter how hard he tries to look away from her breast when she bends over he just. Cant. Help. It. And one day as they are being chased after getting caught sneaking food from the cafeteria they end up in a cupboard and when the laughter fades away sirius realizes how close their bodies are and its dark and theyre both out of breath and they could get caught at any second if they make any noise and it just turn him on one two three and he has her pressed against the door devoring her lips and she moans and gives in because damn she couldnt deny she had wondered how it would feel like to kiss sirius black and thats how they become sex friends but as the time goes by Marlene starts acting weird and she gets mad because he sleeps with other girls too and he doesnt understand why shes so upset because it never bothered her before and it pissed him off too because she starts hanging out with other boys as well and they make her laugh whisle no matter how hard he tries to she doesnt laugh anymore and she ignores him and they fight more and more often and they split apart while she gets closer to the other boys and he cant. fucking. stand. it. And it drives him even more crazy that he doesnt know why he even cares about it all and why even when he closes his eyes all he can see is her and why his dreams about her arent erotic anymore but much sweeter and its totally not sirius blackish.

Remus being James’ best friend and room mate and never really thinking of coming out until he meets a nice costumer at the coffeeshop where he works in and once he start finding little notes on the bills the guy leaves next to the tip (“do you kiss as well as you make coffee?” “One day you’ll have to share it with me.”) He just falls madly in love. And they get to know each other and date enventually but hes so afraid that anyone figures out that hes gay because he’s kept the secret for so long so the dates have to be secret dates and no affection in public and it really starts pissing his boyfriend off and one day james walks into the same restaurant as them with lily and he starts hiding behind the menu cards but of course they get caught and remus goes eerr james this is my cousin Taylor and this time his boyfriend just cant take it and he just walks out the restaurant and they have a fight and he breaks up, leaving remus devastated and torn between losing his best friend and losing the love of his life

Peter being the awkward geek who works in a video games shop and he starts having a crush on this emo girl who buys every single game that comes out because damn is there any game she doesnt know ? And she starts liking him too and one day she just asks him out because he doesnt seem to know what a date is and she tries to be subtle but he just doesnt get it so she just says it clearly “would you like to go out sometime?” And he refuses because he is “really busy doing… things” and she walks out of the shop deeply wounded because she feels hideous and rejected when really peter was feeling even worse because he has been rejected all his life and he is afraid that she will break his heart because he really does like her but he has so many complexes it kills him and he thinks we will decieve her but one day she just storms in the shop and starts yelling that he is beautiful to her and that she has never felt attracted to anyone before him and that he is being an asshole for not giving love a chance and she walks out leaving him gaping

Little Harry telling his babysitter Remus about the badass girl called ginny weasley in his soccer club and how shes almost as pretty as his mom and how she smells better than chocolat ice cream and how he loves her more than the autograph from his favorite soccer player he got on his birthday and remus’ fond smile fades away when he realizes that harry is sad and he encourages him to talk to her but harry is so terrified he stutters everytime she walks past him and he doesnt know what to do

Old Ted Tonks walking into his first love who is divorced and getting all nostalgic and Andromeda getting upset when the woman asks him he would fancy a coffee si that they could “make up for lost time” and he tries to convince her that he doesnt care about her anymore and that he is merely confused because of all the past rising back up but one day the woman drags ted into a corner because she wants to “talk to him” but she presses her lips against his and andromeda finds them unintentionally and her whole world collapse and no matter how many times he explains to her what happeed she just wont listen because come on she saw what she saw

And in the end when the year is over James is the one who gives Lily her diploma and he has to make a speech to wish good luck to all the alumni and of course he throws away the paper and ends the speech with “i would like everyone to remember that indeed, love always triumphs and this is why i am able to do this in front of your eyes.” And he spins around and kisses lily full on the lips and grabs her by the hips and makes her bend backwards until her hair reaches the floor and at that moment she knows for sure he is true to her

Sirius and Marlene had planned to make the biggest prank ever on the prom night but since they fought sirius decided to organize everything all by himself so he arrived alone at the party (marlene had a partner but she would never admit her goal was to make sirius jealous) and he jumps on stage and the music stops and he steals the micro and says “i would like to dedicace this song to a certain brunette who i really wish is going to save me a dance tonight.” And marlene’s heart just stops when sirius grabs the guitar and starts performing Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet and in them middle of the song he makes a thousand balloons filles with sparkles fly into the ball room and everyone cheers and explodes them and tiny fireworks apmear and bubbles and at some points he gives back the guitar to its owner who finishes the song and he jumps off the stage and walks straight towards marlene and takes her hand and drags her to the dancefloor and when her partner graps his shoulder he turns around and punches him square in the face and he turns to face marlene and kisses the back of her hand and whispers “now you’re mine” and indeed she became his.

Once Remus found out about what James had done on Lily’s graduation day, he realized that indeed it wad his love for Taylor who should triumph and decided to tell his best friend the truth. When he told james that he would totally understand if he didnt want to be his room mate anymore or even his friend, james smacked up upon the head and ordered him to go find his lover and drah him in the middle of the street and shout that he loves him and want to marry him. And he did without any hesitation.

Peter called the emo girl to tell her that a new game had just come out. Of course she couldnt resist coming back to the shop. He suggested her to try it in front of him. Little did she know that he had created the game himself and that the message she was supposed to find at the end of the game was “go out with me?”

Remus was the one who took little Harry to the last soccer game of the year. He asked him to show him the girl he was in love with. With a smirk he stood up and went to talk to her, and eventually he let slip that harry had gotten an autograph from a famous soccer player, who happened to be her favorite as well. She immediatly asked to meet him.

Andromeda walking back home and finding all her favorite pictures spreaded all over the walls; wedding pictures, their honey moon, Nymphadora’s birth… and catching ted sticking the last ones up. He looks up at her and reminds her that no matter how many girlfriends he may have dated before her come back to haunt him, none of them will ever be able to steal all those beautiful moments from her, Andromeda Tonks. And she tears up and he takes her in his arms, both emotionnal as though they were teenagers again.

Oh my god somebody write a fanfic.