French Lesson (2P! France x Reader) LEMON

She worked at a brothel. No it wasn’t because she was a tragic beauty forced into it by someone uncaring, no it wasn’t because she needed to support any habits, family, or children, she was there because she wanted to make some extra money and this was the easiest way to do it. It was one of the cleanest and only brothels in town. The Madame was very nice and became a second mother to her. She was very keen about confidentiality, any man who entered was tested to keep her girls protected, and they also had a set of rules to keep. So far, no one broke the rules or harmed them, only one, and he was dubbed the Brunette Fucker. He managed to traumatize three girls and Madame was at her wit’s end for a month. The women and men could come and go as they pleased and Madame would schedule them on their schedule. The money was great, the men, some were nice, and it was letting her finish school. Life was pretty good. Tonight was Valentine’s Day that meant that everyone wanted someone. That also meant that lonely men wanted some sort of comfort for the day. For her it meant something different. Francis was coming. Madame called her from home telling her that he booked the weekend with her. She was thrilled.

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