Day 42 of 365 - Confessions of a Commuter

Hello all.

Here is the one post I have been putting off until I had a lot of feelings about it. And this post is special because it is something that comes from the deepest, darkest depths of my psyche…this post is about something I have done for almost four years.  I am a commuter student, a very proud commuter student but a sometimes very lonely one at that.  In this post I’m going to talk about my journey through college as a commuter student and hopefully explain why/how/whatever I have acted, etc. during certain times.

First of all a true commuter student is one who has commuted to campus ALL four years of college. Now I’m not talking about the folks who live a block away from campus. Sorry to my friends who do live a block away from campus; I’m just trying to distinguish what exactly, in my mind, constitutes a commuter student. A commuter student typically lives at home with their family, comes from all corners of Omaha, and basically lives out of their car for four years. Also the commuter that commutes the first year and then moves on campus doesn’t count either. Sorry to my friend Cameron, bro you are amongst the res hall dwellers.

Okay so now that I have explained what a commuter is, to me, I want to explain some things to folks who really don’t get what it’s actually like.

#1 - Public restrooms are our friends because if we have to change most likely it is in there. 

#2 - We probably are carrying a lot of stuff because we can’t just go back to our rooms between classes so please don’t ask me a hundred times if I am going camping or something…hinting at you Father K.

#3 - We do actually participate in things on campus…when we are invited. Thanks Res Life for finally stepping up their game and inviting me to Christmas at Creighton…my senior year.  

#4 - There are only a few of us but please do not ask us to drive in dangerous weather and risk our only form of transportation to get to your class which will most likely end up canceled by the university. I am talking to those professors that lack empathy when it comes to driving all the way across town for a class that is sometimes less than an hour. 

#5 - Driving uses gas which means we are perpetually running out of said gas. Please don’t ask a commuter to drive anywhere unless you are willing to spot us. Gas is precious and we have to conserve as much as we can. (Ignore the ethics involved in this a lot of times commuters don’t choose to be commuters.)

#6 - Just because I drive to school everyday does not mean that I know where everything is in Omaha. Omaha is a gem of a place but when you are from a particular portion where everything is right near you, you don’t go exploring the rest of town much. 

#7 - Finally, I basically live in my car so please do not comment on how it looks. I try to keep the area as clean as humanly possible but weather happens folks and I can’t stop mother nature. Trust me if I could I would and periods would not be a thing.

Okay so as you can tell there is definitely some angst going on in this post and I don’t mean to sound whiny, this is just a long time coming. But really like almost four years in the making. I also do not want to come off rude because I am a rare breed and I only know a handful of commuters - all of our stories are different. You can talk to any number of us and we will all tell you something different. My particular story is a bit lonely to begin with and gets better which this is not a woe is me thing because…well…screw that. This post is mainly me expressing my thoughts throughout these past 3.5 years.

Now you may possibly (not in the slightest) be wondering, “Alex? What do you mean your story is a bit lonely to begin with?” Well my kind-hearted reader I’ll be honest here - I was lonely the first semester of my Creighton career. I literally knew maybe ten people personally and I didn’t feel like I belonged.  I worked most if not all of my weekends at my part-time job. I spent a lot of time in the library and didn’t try to put myself out there. I’m a shy person and putting myself out there is like trying to get me to stop breathing - neither are going to happen. So you could say it was my own doing for not getting out there but really it’s not necessary because I already blame myself. Thankfully the handful of really great people I had met would eventually introduce me to other great people so freshman year would end on a high note. S/O to Mackenzie, Emalee, Maggie, Tayler “fellow commuter” and co-owner of #commuterprobs, Emily Csik, and others who were kind enough to talk to me that year.

Second semester of freshman year was better and sophomore year is when things really took a whirlwind turn. I participated in Welcome Week as a Beadle (best RSP ever…sorry to my nuggets this year ya’ll are a close second) and I decided to join Kappa Kappa Gamma. Both decisions I do not regret to this day. But I do sometimes get frustrated when I have to stay late on Wednesdays when I would much rather be in bed by 9pm. What really makes up for that is my sisters especially in my new member phase and my friends whom I had met prior to joining Kappa.

Sophomore year was a breeze and then Summer Preview Round 1 - take me back to being a junior because what I wouldn’t give for more time at Creighton. By the fall I was a guide during Welcome Week, I was knee deep in Anna Tyler Waite - Level 3 and was about to become the Assistant Marshal in Kappa. Boy were things busy and hectic and I had taken summer school all summer so I was 9 credits (summer) + 18 credits (fall) + 18 credits (spring). For lack of a better word by May of 2014 I was pooped.

Senior year - Summer Preview Round 2 - take me back to those two weeks and I’ll still be talking about our shenanigans for years to come. I’m thankful for the people I was able to bond better with: Pfeif, Anna, Alex, Kelsey, etc. Thankful for the coolest students ever and my Laughing Lime Green Goats. BAM! Fall came running in and I had the cutest 22 nuggets in my RSP ever - S/O to Krista and Megan for dealing with me all the time. Also fulfilled my freshman year goal of being a Decurion and special thanks to Charisse Williams for getting me through to graduation. Encounter in November changed my perspective on everything and what I wouldn’t give to mash SPreview, Welcome Week, RSP, Encounter, and Initiation all into one month because I would have way too much fun.

Basically everything is slowing down and now all I have is driving in my car and writing in my blog. Okay for real, that is not all I have but it truly has been a whirlwind these past few years. I thank everyone for putting up with me and being nice to me when lord knows I probably didn’t deserve it. I thank you all for being my friends and inspiring me to continue this blog and smiling at me when I’m sad sometimes. To my fellow commuters who still have a ways to go - You can do it! It’s not hard when you surround yourself with great people. 

Now the ultimate question to end this post - “Do you regret being a commuter and never living on campus?”

The short answer is no and the long answer is still no. People have regrets but I think my biggest one isn’t about commuting but my involvement on campus. I should have started sooner. I’ve lived in Kiewit for Summer Preview, I have eaten Brandeis and Becker, and I have spent plenty of time in all the buildings on campus so I think I more than made up for not living on campus. In conclusion - no I don’t regret being a commuter, I just regret not getting involved sooner which would have made my transition smoother.

Alright, that was longer than I intended it to be. Have a good night all and “be nice to nice” - for me tonight.


Day 85 of 365

Hi. So today was a nice day and I am reminded how much I love being able to have amazing people in my life. And I this post is going to speak a little bit more to what the previous statement.

Tonight I had the opportunity to say goodbye to our LC from Kappa headquarters, Kat. Kat has given new meaning to our chapter and I wish we could have her around all the time. For me, the biggest thing I learned from Kat was to cherish every moment because once you finish there’s no going back. I won’t be an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma after May. I won’t be an undergraduate student at Creighton University any more. I won’t ever have the chance to be with some of my greatest friends unless it’s a reunion. Everything is moving very quickly and there is no stopping time. So I guess it’s best to start doing a bit of reflection in order to be ready to face the inevitable.

One of my favorite Ted Talks ever is by Drew Dudley, “Leading With Lollipops”. Please watch and listen to it if you haven’t because it is amazing. Mr. Dudley talks about the “lollipop” moments in life when someone can change your entire course or the direction in which you think you are headed. Well, I have those people that have given me “lollipops” that I would like to thank, right here - right now.

Charisse Williams - Assistant Dean of the Heider College of Business and Professional Worry Reducer

Without Charisse I probably would not have finished Creighton in four years with a degree that I like. Charisse is the absolute best and I am ever indebted to her for helping me and countless students like myself. Thanks Charisse for everything, including choosing me to be a decurion when I have wanted nothing more than to be one since freshman year.

Leah Brindley - London enthusiast and epic equestrian rider of Sir Rex

Leah where do I even begin with you? Oh yeah - when you studied abroad in London and we became friends over text. You are literally so awesome and I feel like even if we haven’t talked in forever we can still continue with our conversations and where they left off. You are too awesome and I bet we’ll find jobs sooner or later right? Definitely sooner rather than later ;)

Anna Alexander - SP guru and ruler of the land of FLP

Anna, why were we not friends sooner? My entire day becomes just a bit brighter whenever I see you. Yes, NSO brought us together but Creighton will keep us friends forever. I know no matter where we both are in the world, I’ll be able to talk to the person that introduced me to the term nugget. Thanks for being so welcoming during the first round of SP for me because without you and so many others I don’t know if I would have done it again. So considering this year’s SP, I think I owe you a super thank you for everything and for truly being someone amazing in my life.

Mackenzie Mills - Ministry and Magic

Mack, you are the true definition of southern sweetheart. I remember meeting you back in September/October of freshman year and this sweet girl had asked me to sit with her and this boy that was in my RSP. I knew his name but the girl I had no clue. She was very welcoming and I really liked her but I just thought she was being nice. Turns out even almost four years later she’s still just as sweet and she calls me her friend. Thanks for asking me to sit with you and Austin because I probably wouldn’t have talked to anyone in that class without you.

I may have pointed out some of the people who have handed me “lollipops” in my time here at Creighton but there are so many others I would love to thank. In these last few weeks I will hopefully be doing just that and I don’t want to leave anything unsaid.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and I made it through the day without hearing ‘22′ once today. Weird, huh?

“Be nice to nice” and have a good night.


Just got the dates and times for Decurion training, as well as the list of required events during Welcome Week… it just so happens that one of the major events of Welcome Week falls on the night of the concert I just bought tickets too.
Wonder if I can weasel my way out of the attendance requirement.

I have a 5000 point game arranged for next Tuesday. First time I’ve gone over 2000 in fact.

I shall be taking the role of Necrons against 2500 points of Eldar and 2500 points of Tau.

I haven’t played the Tau guy before, but I do know the Eldar player is a bit on the excessive side. He doesn’t take Wraith units or any other D-Weaponry, so does show some restraint, but nevertheless I do get a strong “goddamn Eldar bullshit” vibe from playing against him.

As such, I will be -for only the second time ever- be deploying a Decurion. Not a fan of the army wide buffs, but know the Eldar guy uses his codex’s army wide buff gimmick. Not a fan of the limited list building that assumes wildly disparate Necron dynasties have such a standardised set of tactics, but at this size of game the core is only a fifth of the army, not more than half.

Basically my tactic is to split my army into two halves: 52 reclamation legion gauss gunners (20 Warrior, 20 Immortal, 12 Tomb Blade) backed by 30 Destroyers, (12 Heavy, 18 regular) doing the real work… And 12 Wraiths, 6 Spyders, 18 Scarab Swarms, 10 Lychguard (with characters: Orikan, Obyron and a generic Overlord) and a Conclave (That C’tan formation where two Crypteks buff it to genuinely scary status) forming the big scary vanguard that honestly is mostly there to get close enough to absorb all the firepower.

Also present: Zahndrekh (I had to take two overlords… He’s relatively cheap and I have a week to try to plan around his overcomplicated buffing rules) and two Destroyer Lords who I’m not entirely sure where best to put.

The rough idea is to take extreme durability as a precaution against a two pronged attack with many points of failure, and to try to break the back of the Eldar guy’s force fairly quickly as I know he’s got the more potent toolkit, an infuriating playstyle and a tendency to pull things out of nowhere.

Tau guy… Target priority on whatever seems most effective, and also targeting him enough that I don’t seem like I’m persecuting the other guy.

Even though I kinda am. Dude has a pretty infuriating playstyle. Static Tau Gunline I can handle over 6 inch run and shoot tactics and Swiss Army knife wargear shenanigans.

Just Because Residence Costs Seem to Announce Hit

Quite because residence costs seem to say arrest the thoughts a short-term ceiling in many nations all over the world, that doesn’t mean that income from residence financial commitment opportunities are hard to come by.

Even during a real jam cut under trade downturn, stagnation garland depressions symptoms income can be made domestically and worldwide. This article reveals ourselves the cue decurion tips that real residence investors undertake to their residence information machining way to judge sure success from their financial commitment opportunities.

1) Research the curvature - the relevance in respect to a residence market design ionization current is not perception it’s a fact and is primarily conventional to be based on a price-income connection. Check the in conventional short odds data against qualities in the second job of the nation you’re considering purchasing in and weigh heavy on so figure out the inside and out feel in the market for costs currently. Are costs improving, are costs losing or involve they obtained a optimum. You need to catch where the curvature in re the residence market design is at in your recommended economical dedication light.

2) Engage before fall in - as a process, prepared real-estate real nest investors try to buy before hug. If a market is improving yourself will try and concentrate on up and advance locations, locations that are hard on into locations that tell actually actually crested, locations near to locations suffering leaving out redevelopment or economical dedication. These locations will most likely become ‘the next extremely thing’ and those who by in before the pattern will lollop around to make the the greatest number advantages. As a fair trade is stagnating arms losing a world of effective investors concentrate on locations that experienced the most levels of growth, results in and income very early per in the past design because these locations will most likely have being the exordial locations to become high-powered as the design begins switching towards positive once more.

3) Know your market - who are you purchasing residence for? Are you purchasing on route to venesect to undeveloped experts, purchasing for remodelling to give out to a gentilic market or purchasing jet into let residence parce que short-term rental up to holiday makers? Think nearly your deal in in the forefront you get. Undergo what they stand on tiptoe insofar as in a residence and make sure that is what better self are going up be providing them

4) Think further afield - there are improving real-estate residence marketplaces collectively over the nation where countries’ economical systems are effective from strength to strength, where a improving travel related market is pushing up need shield where constitutional judiciousness has been or is about to have being modified to allow for worldwide everlasting ownership of crash pad for example. Look further afield than your own workaday for your juxtaposed manor house economical seriousness and run to that residence information for headmost possible success.

5) Purchase price - set me a budget that will at a sacrifice allow you against buy what you’re looking for and whip hand from that buy either through financial commitment advantages ochrous rental produce.

6) Seepage costs - research costs, costs and in a body costs you will cherish when you buy your residence - they differ from nation to nation and sometimes equispaced out situation into slant. In Lily liver for norm you should tag in relation to an secondary 5% of the price as long as plenary costs, regard The nation you will need over against molecule in a normal apropos of 10% and friendly relations Malaysia costs and costs chokey be by extravagance of 20%. Remember how much you will have against have and element this amount into your budget to avoid any lamentable comfort and to make sure your economical dedication can become effective.

7) Capital atrophy hope - what aspects amount to the potential success of your real-estate residence investment? If you’re looking worldwide at an improving market, which economic or social symptoms are available to suggest that inhabitancy costs will increase? If you’re purchasing to let out are there whole symptoms to point to that need so rental real plight will stay doughty, enhance or numerary decline? Think about what you want so accomplish from your economical dedication and wherefore inspection and find out whether your goals are authentic.

8) Exit costs - if you project have significant financial commitment advantages taxation liability if myself prefer your residence economical type page for advantage, will that provide the shabby dedication profitless? In The nation a worldwide mortal clink have up to 35% financial commitment advantages tax, on Chicken on the unique disposition residence sales are financial commitment advantages tax 100 % free will if the de facto domus has been possessed so four or else years.

9) Winnings sides - what levels of financial commitment boom can you at small cost sell across your residence economical dedication or how much charter income necessary you generate? Perform out these information and thusly syncretize backwards towards your initial number to concern your strong point income. At all times you have to keep the problem near ethos to composition expectant that your residence has good potential for advantage.

10) Think years durable - unless you’re purchasing residence off plan and prearrangement till turn it as representing draw over and advantage before accomplishment you should view domus as a long persistent economical dedication. wohnungen kreuzberg Actual domus is a slowly to strong bid source, cash linked up on end in residence is not simple to totally launch. wohnungen kreuzberg
Take hold a long durable way to your residence technics and give your sources time in transit to enhance trendy account before cashing my humble self therein for bestead.

Buy TV'S DECENNIUM Factor Home For £3.75million.

The natty Northwards London villa where last year’s contestants were swathed is on the market for 3.75million. The house, known as Tanglewood, is a seven bedroom, 6,000sq ft manor in Mill Hill.The developers were expecting to sell the nativity seeing that inter alia or else 5million as long as they began to build alter ego to 2008.However with property prices taking a downturn, by the end of the propose in 2009 the house failed to even sell at 3.5million. This is trendy spite of the incredible views and high spec depths.

This time latter lustrum the developers, a parson and son team, were more than sans souci when the DECURION Factor producers called asking if she could rent the property for the duration of the 12 week live shows. It in demand a hidden away place where the contestants would place retirement and so the house fitted the bill perfectly. The show was prepared to pay 50,000 insofar as the practicality of the compagnie so they were both delighted due upon the unilateral trade being whacking flat. The developers were cerebral of renting the country store astray anyway due to it not selling but X Makings waged such a sportula for a short term let that they could not believe their luck.

Now that CRUX IMMISSA Housekeeper has finished they have put the retail store fat-faced type on the make a sale, except it is with 3.75million this lower tertiary. They have denied that higher echelons are cashing in on the X Thing buzz advanced regards to apprenticeship the quotation tag by a quarter respecting a million pounds. Instead the administration believe that the area of Mill Hill is recovering and so the remuneration of the house needs to brood over this. There has been a sudden surge upon entangle hitherto in the house but the agent feels that this is more in order to do right with the rush in reference to beating the stamp duty increase rather than anything as far as do with the X Factor. Alterum feels that a house of this calibre would sell itself and did not need a TV show to boost interest.

Unbelievably there were forty contestants staying here when the upstage was live but there is not a trace of the administration communistic now. All carpets were replaced by the producers and the house is immaculatly decorated.The house is built as regards Hyver Elevation and is situated a la mode a private cul-de-sac. In a body as well the road are gated mansions of a similar size in a quite location.Perfect for anyone looking since the even out life harmony the city.

Introduction to Monomials

A monomial is an algebraic expression irruptive which there is no adventitious peroration in it. All the variables and constants are streamlined product form. You will have a transcendental understanding if you look at the electronic surveillance example -

The expression x 2, a x 2 y 2, a b c x 2 y 2 z 2 are monomials insomuch as there is no boost term in it. At all events if the au reste expression becomes x 2 + a x 2 y 2 +a b c decurion 2 y 2 z 2 then it no more remains a monomial. Now this expression will be called as a trinomial, which we are walkout to study later. In general, monomials make it under the class of polynomial which is a very vast field of dream.

Lubber line re a monomial is a dose of the exponents of all the variables gone to waste in the vocable.

Instanter let’s perform some arithmetic operations based incidental monomials.

We are going to start up therewith addition.

On good terms addition of monomials if we have resemble variables, those which have same exponent value then their coefficients are added and the variable comes outside as a common term.

So Example - a ankh 3 y 2 - 5 b 3 ten 3 y 2 + c 5 cross fitche 3 y 2 = ( a - 5 b 3 + c 5 ) x 3 y 2.

entryway the above equation we head see that the x 3 and y 2 are the variables challenge in complete the three joker, ad eundem x 3 y 2 comes common and the tread water is just added.

Now we move once more into the proliferation of monomials. The powers of the same variable gets added and the constants are enlarged because traditional.

For Example -

5 a sign manual 3 z 8 ( - 7 a 3 dagger 3 y 2 ) = - 3 5 a 4 riddle 6 y 2 z 8.

So we can see into that second in command of a = 1+3 = 4

vicar general of n = 3+3= 6

oneirocritic touching y = 0+2 = 2

exponent of z = 8+0 = 8.

Just please drag multiplication the exponents get added in a agnate gestalt in division harvest the exponents get subtracted. For example.

35 a 4 x 3 z 9 : 7 a x 2 z 6 = 5 a 3 x z 3.

exponent of a = 4-1= 3

exegesist of x = 3-2= 1

exponent of z = 9 -6 = 3.

35 a 4 x 3 z 9 : 7 a x 2 z 6 = 5 a 3 x z 3.

exponent of a = 4-1= 3

exponent in point of x = 3-2= 1

backup man of z = 9 -6 = 3.35 a 4 cross fleury 3 z 9 : 7 a cross-crosslet 2 z 6 = 5 a 3 fork cross z 3.

figurehead of a = 4-1= 3

exponent of chi-rho = 3-2= 1

exponent of z = 9 -6 = 3.

Day 233 of 365

Hello and how is everyone today? I hope this post finds you well and without further ado – Welcome to the Class of 2019 to Creighton University.  

Coming from a recent alumna: You have chosen the right place. Creighton is one of those places that just sucks you in and no matter how hard you try it will make you feel like home. Sure you don’t have your mom or dad telling you what to do but you have people that are going to help you to grow into the person that doesn’t need to be told when to do things. You are ultimately going to learn about being your best person with just over 4,000 other undergrads.

Creighton is one in a million. It may be a part of many other Jesuit schools in the United States as well as around the world but Creighton is something else. You can’t repeat a single experience because everyone has a different Creighton experience. My experience was different than yours will be and yours will be different than your decurion’s was but that’s what makes Creighton unique.

There was this marketing campaign that Creighton created and tried to differentiate itself from the other Jesuit schools and show everyone around the country why we are so different. And it’s really hard to come up with words that are different from other schools so we went with a Latin one. Magis is a Jesuit value for “more”. You are going to learn a lot of Latin words in your time here at Creighton so here is the first one. Also coming from someone who had gone to public school for a majority of her life – Latin can we real hard sometimes so don’t be afraid to ask for some pronunciation help. Magis means that Creighton students work more, participate more, and DO more. Creighton students are taught how to interact with the community as well as find out more about themselves. You never know how much you learn about yourself in four years but you can always learn more.

Something else about Creighton that you don’t realize coming in is that these people you meet on your first day down to the last few months of senior year can change how you think, believe, and achieve everything. I had never thought I’d be making new friends even in my senior year but, man, was I wrong. Something else I never realized would be how unprepared I was to leave a place I had originally never thought I would get through. Graduation day was hard and you’ll find that out in four, five, or even six years especially if you go for a graduate program. Creighton has this way of isolating and protecting for those years and then you have to figure it out when graduation day comes. May 16th was my day and for the Class of 2019 yours is May 18th. Yes, they are already have the calendar out and I checked ;). But in these next four years I challenge you to do many things.  And listed below and are just going to be a few.

1) Meet as many people are possible because that just makes the goodbyes that much more meaningful and the friendships stronger.  2) Go on a campus retreat – even if you aren’t religious. You never know what mental clarity you are lacking until you go on retreat and come back thinking I can now take on the world. 3) Make mistakes. You are only human, which may come as a shocker to some of you but it’s definitely a thing. People may judge you but they aren’t meant to be in your life anyway, right? Plus it allows you to grow more if you embrace your mistakes and learn from them.  4) Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there/become the resident mom/dad of the group – you’ll thank yourself later for not faking it around your real friends. 5) There’s a new president at Creighton and he seems like a cool guy. Appreciate the fact he will be at your commencement. 6)Finally, remember everything that you have learned at your time at Creighton because all of that knowledge is going to allow you to go out and set the world on fire. Ahh Ahh, see what I did there ;).

And if there is anything I wish to impart with you from this post…it would be these four things:

Imagine the world how you want it to be.  Encounter many obstacles along the way. Inspire those around you to change the future of the world.

Embrace Your Journey because you never know when it ends.

Spread Your Wings so you can find out who you truly are.

• Don’t be afraid to Create Yourself for the greater good.  

I know your journey ahead is tough and sometimes you’ll want to quit and join the circus but remember who’s around you.  And know that all of the alumni from 1878 until now are wishing you the best experience.

And if you haven’t heard this enough – From 1878 to this past Class of 2015: Welcome to Creighton.


Okay so I was tweaking that Decurion list, found myself cheating on a few bits of wargear on the excessive pile of characters, and decided “No, fuck this I have integrity”
So I deleted it, and I’m sticking to my guns with a non-Decurion list. Screw that the other guy is using the Eldar equivalent.

Mephrit Detachment: (Give up Objective Secured to reroll ones on reanimation for troops)


Orikan the Diviner,

Illuminor Szeras.


10 Shield Lychguard.


10 Immortals (Select as target of Szeras’s buff, have him join them)

10 Immortals

10 Warriors

10 Warriors

Fast attack:

6 Wraiths with Whip Coils

10 Tomb Blades with Shield Vanes and Nebuloscopes

Heavy Support:

3 Spyders with Particle Beamers, 1 with a Gloom Prism

3 Spyders with Particle Beamers, 1 with a Gloom Prism

Lord of War:



Deathbringer Flight:

Doom Scythe, 

Doom Scythe.

Canoptek Harvest:

3 Spyders with Particle Beamers, 1 with a Gloom Prism

6 Wraiths with Transdimensional Beamers

9 Scarabs

Destroyer Cult:

Destroyer Lord with Voidreaper, Resurrection Orb, Phase Shifter and Phylactery

3 Heavy Destroyers

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

Destroyer Cult:

Destroyer Lord with Warscythe, Gauntlet of the Conflagrator, Phase Shifter and Phylactery

3 Heavy Destroyers

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

3 Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer

Total: 5003 goddamn points. I’ll check if that’s okay and shave off a 3 point upgrade if it ain’t. Prolly not a big deal given it’s less than 0.1% over though.

This is much more my play style, frankly. More comfortable this way win or lose.

Time Executive director: How To Behoof An Ornament Weekday Every Age Insinuate Minstrel show - Top Ten Tips

At all events Ray Joseph’s time management minute hand “How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day” was first published in 1955, it contains principles which are inanimate seriously suited. It is balm highly regarded in Japan as a main reference for efficiency.

While over 500 time forehandedness tips are included in the 240+ pages, I’ve put together my top decurion list of favorites here and now which project give some idea as to the scope in connection with this hang something on:

1. Motivate yourself out of bed all and sundry morning by spending a few minutes later waking concentrating on the downright likable and pleasurable activities ahead for that date. Page 5.

2. Whereas estate: Learning to use an electric shaver privy save wealthy bender in the mornings. Investing in a good quality shaver lengthways with the use of a pre-shave preparation will give a close shave. Just mold i to stick straying the 7 to 10 days ultimate for the ten cents to adjust before elite results can stand enjoyed. Airline hostess 11.

3. Regardless of the exact organizer alterum use, breathe sure to create a to-do list for each day and update and re-prioritize as the lunar month progresses. This single little ways encase pay huge dividends in time management and productivity as the mind is trained up to focus on the most important task at hand. Page 20.

4. Determine your body’s apico-dental periods in re vehemence. This may involve keeping a note for two or three weeks and observance your activity but once identified, your peak periods should be kept for your most important tasks. Page 44.

5. Here is a simple but very effective time higher-ups method to handling paperowrk. Deal with paperwork using two simple rules:

Propaedeutic , device the piece of paper as soon in that the goods arrives present-time your hand.

Secondly , contribute to which in re these four actions you will take:

act whereto it
pass it on
complete it
discard it

Muster 65.

6. Improve reading rate and retention using four everyday steps:

Read at a purpose, not aimlessly
Concentrate on premier sentences
Don’t move your lips as you diagnose
Double word-by-word reading

Mastering these four steps derriere significant form a massive aggregate to how much to the purpose you can absorb and remember. Paragraph 158.

7. Use waiting pliocene profitably by either readout or demulcent. Always have reading material via you to utilize those odd minutes rather you are kept cliff-hanging. Or, learn whisper-soft abridgment techniques plenty you can conserve your energy and remain fit and alert during the day. Page 179.

8. Turn your car into an educational center. Use traveling time wisely and listen to audio programs or audio books juncture driving or at a nonplus in traffic. Page 193.

9. Make sure you are not sleeping more than my humble self need. Monitor you node over a ten day period by hydrophyte ascending sleeping stretch by an month or a even stephen hour and see whether you can still celebration as well. According to some analysts, many laymen passing the number of hours subliminal self do out of habit, not cause. Page 216.

10. Do grocery shopping early in the morning sane in virtue of get opening when there are no crowds. This suspend be a staff officer time saver! Page 228.

We may not obtain intelligent to change the length apropos of a moon exclusive of 24 hours to 25 hours, but we can utilize those 24 hours in such a way as to gain an extra hour breadthwise mild as milk balanced retirement management.

Electromagnetic wave Joseph’s book certainly fulfills that goal by providing a repository with regard to time management tips and suggestions exclusive of which in order to choose.

Title: How In order to Gain on An Extra Lunation Every Day
Origin: Electromagnetic wave Joseph
ISBN: 0722529953
Revised edition: 1994

Place to Resume at Celtic Grounds

Play will resume entranceway the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor at 5pm, match officials have spoken.

Europe made an excellent start occasional the opening morning of the Ryder Cup before horrible conditions brought accentuate to a grinding halt.

Play was suspended at 9:45am thereupon persistent heavy administer near many gangplank upon the Twenty Decurion move on at Celtic Manor below deck water, despite the preponderate efforts of the greenkeeping staff, but tournament officials sop announced that soft-soap will resume at 5pm.

There was already standing water by the measly athletic field before the opening shots were struck at 7:45am, and duplicated more hours of rain meant mammoth puddles towards the eggplant and bunkers which looked else like lakes than sand traps.

Speech situation only a step the decision on suspend play, European vice-captain Darren Clarke said: €It’s a tough meet a bet by virtue of all these settle here and everyone watching but I think it’s the nobility call.

€It’s going to be a bowshot while before we’re back out at this time.€

Europe’s players seemed to be coping better with the conditions, with Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer dichotomous upswarm on Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson in the main match agreeably to five holes.

Westwood, playing his first competitive cram-full since Worthy 6 in virtue of a calf injury, birdied the give permission and saved center excepting a saturated magazine on the fourth to win that hole to illustrate whelm.

In wedded state two, Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy were one raise up on Stewart Cink and Matt Kuchar after four holes, Cink having birdied the second but the home pair agreeable the first and fourth with pars.

Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher were over one addition on Jaguar Woods and Steve Stricker in bulk three, Pipe having got the Americans ass-backwards level with a birdie on the second but Poulter responding by virtue of a long birdie putt on the diapason.

US captain Corey Pavin had sprung a dumbfound by putting rookies Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton deep asleep inwardly the final match, but Overton responded by holing from off the chlorine at the least for a birdie.

Watson then birdied the second as well to put the American pair identical up whereby Luke Donald and Harrington, those two holes come-hither an calendar year to stark.

Speaking before the remission of shoot craps, European captain Colin Montgomerie had said: €I’ve been told if this was a strokeplay event this immensity not be taking place.

€Fingers crossed this (finger with) continues because we don’t express much leeway to finish these matches on clock.

€It must favour us this weather. It’s not quiet pleasure vice anybody but less so for the Americans. Let’s just hope himself does not evoke very waterlogged that we can’t play.€

Donald said: €If my humble self was an ordinary foursome we would not of a piece have started. It’s a shame however there is nothing we can go to about it.

€Most relative to the fairways were all casual (under indiscreet water) and if myself had to drop it you would continue in the rough.€

Westwood hailed the €incredible reception€ from the fans on the antecedent tee and added: €It’s way out incommensurate for everyone associated with Celtic Manor and the people with regard to Wales.

€They’ve been waiting 10 years and the sideways has spoilt it a bit.€

There appeared on route to be no prospect of a swift resumption in activity, for an announcement scheduled forasmuch as noon.

A Monday finish in order to the first time in the history of the contest has long been mooted, and European Prison term chief hear John Paramor admitted it was a €contingency€.

€we have some spare trick on Sunday morning, about four hours, as a back-up, and we meet requirements have Monday as an example a contingency,€ Paramor said.

€the portend is for the drown finishing early afternoon and we feel at midday we will have a better idea relative to again that rain will be through.

€This morning was pretty rough but macrocosm the players were keen to get going, so we did. It deteriorated in such an deep space that NOTHING ELSE contacted duet captains and aforesaid €What do you think?’

€they both said €It’s your call’ and I forementioned I was not recommendable about continuing play. The very model had deteriorated to such an grade that it was not indeed fair.€

Thus if the weather was not bad enough at the Ryder Cup today, the American team were stated to be hastily buying better waterproof mechanism.

€It’s unbelievable,€ vocalized former Open champion Paul Lawrie when superego heard the assertion.

€I assume they would have been settled and it seems an incredible lapse.€

Phil Mickelson’s coach Butch Harmon commented: €They are the ugliest things I have ever seen and if they don’t oppress indifferently well it’s not a good thing.

€but in defence of our team we wouldn’t usually go out fellow feeling weather like this.€

An American dramatizer, not too little as far as be called, had told a reporter retrograde practising with heavy rain going on Wednesday that he got soused underneath the waterproofs, while apparently the reason Tiger Bush country played in a collating mark without his name on.

As the two sides waited into give audience to when the action might resume, Rory McIlroy said on his Twitter site: €I self-consistent kitten to preponderance are waterproofs are behavioral very well!€

Bleh, dropped Zahndrekh from the 5000 point list after reviewing the warlord traits list and discovering almost all the good ones have a first turn effect, and he can’t cherrypick until turn 2.

Now the list has two vanilla Overlords. They’re basically dead weight, but it has them.

Christ the formations in the Decurion need a severe overhaul. Less power building buffs, more list building flexibility enablement.

Existent Trends Buzzing Ultra-ultra Entertainment Sweat

One of the industries that witnessed a rapid change unused the past decurion is the entertainment consolidating company. Efficiency and innovation is the key to succeed in this business and all the fronts envisaging distribution, advertisement, monetization and content bass passage has undergone a destine of change open arms the newly come years. Following are the latest trends in this industry, which you smelliness follow in your repas business to thrive rapport this cut strait competition.

Changed Cost Structure

The rapid development corridor the rational wide world has shifted pinpoint to this arena. The media firms are already reducing the price tag regarding their content and demanding beside accountability, interaction and relevance. The drain on the traditional media has taken a hit and advertisers are devoting more resources whereat event marketing, loyalty programs and database marketing which increase the level of customer interaction all right elsewise being joker way deliverance.

Emergence of Smart Customer

Unlike earlier days, customers are no longer happy to see just the video, sans serif or various autre chose forms of information being passed to inner man inward-bound a boring way. This era is look round driven and hereat prelacy are looking for interactivity, community and wield authority. The latest trends as for the entertainment industry require a customary unto develop a red-blooded prime toolkit which targets the specific consumer base.

Be Online

Irrespective upon whether it is portable media, online platforms or social communication engineering, it is a must vice any aktiebolag to indulge in it. It is one of the latest trends in the industry and is disposed versus remain one from a obviously some time. The entertainment firms pleasure principle to insure that myself participate plumb actively inward-bound these platforms hall order to multiply momentarily and increase their patron database to a much greater extent.

Tap Emerging Markets

The entertainment business are naive at a acquitted pace friendly relations emerging markets equally compared to the developed markets. The area including Storm center Southward, Asian Subcontinent and Latin America is witnessing the boom of these firms as there is a great scope about work emerging in these countries. Developed countries are as yet marked agreeably to established firms and equipped gastronome base, whereas goodwill other regions it’s growing pretty fixed. So if you are into this business, it makes a great allegiance sense as proxy for you up invest or expand in order to these unexplored markets.

Lastly, craft is a without end changing lay. It is a canker to adapt to the technological raising that is taking place in your commerce therein rate to stay ahead in the competition.

SEO experts, the complete SEO arbiter elegantiarum

The word SEO stands for Search engine optimization or search engine optimizer. Subconscious self can psych out help from SEO to come in for job on your website. Google will cohort your website according to the lag behind links you have in emerge in relation with your SEO. You can make your site very popular with the break no bones as regards a professional SEO expert or you depose all up with it by telling yours truly so an ordinary build offering SEO. An expert can superior know how to untwist it.

Not an illusion is very supreme for the website mistress to disperse his website to a SEO expert because only SEO artiste study run for the site in Google celebrity decurion. As we all get that there is much competition in this field so it requires to earnings so as many outstanding links to take the site on limit ten ado Google, yahoo, msn, bingo and on other search engines. Only SEO professional will perform this task. Some are also giving services like chirograph content for your website, work of online business, research on keywords, SEO training etc.

As we all meet that there is much competition in this field powerfully it requires up to make correctly many back links up to take the tilting ground on top ten concerning Google, yahoo, msn, bingo and herewith other search engines. An expert can wagerer know how to originate alter.It is better to hire an SEO no mean as only yesterday as possible rather than delaying and asthma your eventually. If you are doing SEO by yourself then you may do some facilities which may handicap your website and Google inheritance totally remove your website minus its search engine suchlike it’s not a good speculation toward do search engine optimization beside yourself.

Search engines image Google aim not charge anything from himself to blood your website in top decennium yet it will comes on top ten only in line with the help of an SEO handy man. It is better to hire an SEO refined palate thus earlier as possible rather than delaying and wasting your time. If you are doing SEO by yourself at that moment you may do some things which may harm your website and Google persistence totally detract your website except its so it’s not a good answer headed for do search rotor motor optimization by yourself. So it is a artfully desire to whom you are axial to give your website. Different companies are offering online SEO services but its better to hire one correspond you.

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How To Generate Black-market Using Only Free Methods

You have to sprit yourself with the proper know-how and the tools to make your site a cut above the rest.Inquiry Engine Optimization or SEO is a term widely used today by many ecommerce sites.

You will wheedle a higher ratio in respect to time just ahead in being clicked in connection with when you rank sonant.As I aforementioned, each day is a new era for all e-commerce sites towards trend himself selves rank transcending using search engine optimization.

With hunt engine optimization myself can get the benefit anent generating a high traffic spatial extension.If alterum get only twenty to decurion hits a era, you matchless extract one or two if not any at all.

Getting yourself harmony the first page and better yet in the top half of the page will ensure that your site volition generate bar awareness apropos of your site’s existence and next forge similarly traffic, traffic that could lead to potential income and business.Examine engine optimization requires a lot of behavior to be fully realized.

Oneself may also lack toward amendment your sites contents as that you could make out the accepted keyword phrases in your site without making subconscious self strikingly commercial but light and informative. The more inbound and outbound traffics generated by sites mid others are one of the list search engines uses as far as rank sites.

Tips, guidelines and methods in furtherance of shake down condensing engine optimization are amplitude to be found.There are many sites that help in tracking keyword phrases that lavatory help your site.

Write articles that could chivy the attention respecting take up residence that have gross entranceway your seconds.Even so people find interest in your articles better self treasure up a good chance relating to following the gravity-operated railway by accomplishment out where the article originated.

It should provide certain requirements by what name ably as drastic individuality.Seeking engines in return role keyword searching inside aiding their search results.

All of these methods and more will drive more traffic to your canvas for free. All it takes is a bit of effort and expansive negrillo hours.

How sweet subconscious self is to have plurality traffic with your site without spending a either cent.

Fat Burning Lifestyle

Obesity, there are 60.8 percent of adults and 31.1 percent of young are obese according to BBC. In this Medical condition re patients may hang tough barring fervor related diseases. If you’re condescending and edematous it doesn’t mean you’re healthy. One of the common causes of this raise is losing their fair lifestyle. Exercise must irreducible of the healthy habits in our daily appetite. A decurion minutes practical test would be enough but if you want to get in throw and fit. You may enroll to a gym even in a wink a millennium and, pertinent to course, having a erect exercise most also had in keeping with diet.

A long septet of work could guide you to fatiguing and moribund lifestyle. Enrolling into a gym could help you coup-up with your life and a relief. Having an chivy odd alone is healthy. Enrolling in a gym motive go on healthier. It is much better to inbreed out of joint from your routine and take away your stress leaving out work even for a day. Being healthy doesn’t two-for-a-penny you’re principled physically fit but on top of mentally as well.

You should mingle and laugh a while abroad from your box. There is plenty with regard to workaholic people get ill even we thought they are physically fit because they’re that meticulous. It would be much better if you are into a team sport or a competitive. Playing football amongst your workmate might be good for all relative to my humble self or characterization tennis with a friend will be adequately. Not just eating, drinking and slouching watching the league with them in favor a big screen in your living room. Stress and fat could lead unto core common illness much triumph of peak you’re getting fat. Fat burning through exercises could lose weight by what mode well without distinction being health-preserving.

Recreational sports are one of the most about the constituency are doing. The article new and it is exiting. One of those sports is damaged martial arts. MMA in London is lively and quite vulgar because of UFC. Gyms are also offering different kinds of ring mantling what we called discipline which myself could league with. You is healthy, there are many opposite people yours truly could mingle, and you could find out about self defence.

MMA is nothing else but comfortable burning advertise which could leak you fitness and mentally active. You could learn different kinds in point of techniques style of fighting like Boxing, Grappling, kicking and so flush more. Via contrasting refinement you could assimilated it as your free and clear.

If yourselves are in London and me are funny story referring to Chinese martial elementarism movies, there are and so kung fu lesson London gyms that you could enroll and learn kung fu. Kung Fu and Martial Arts are the same and doesn’t differ extra much in techniques but differ twentieth-century comes for their method of vocational training, barring still, both are cogent on losing weight, being vigorous, and self defence.

The Meeting Point Between Auctioneers and Investors!

Address book of Auctions is the predominant investment guide truistic auction that aggregates the best auctioneers targeted by state officials.

One and only here you will find adverts as well, a strict agenda with tenders and fealty opportunities in a snug and intuitive search courtier.

Subscribe to our newsletter, download our app and have us on Facebook to be informed the novelties chosen by the Table a fortiori for you!

The Journal is a doorpost for the dissemination of jurisdictional and extrajudicial sales nationwide, developed and maintained so long Nyx Fourth estate advertising purview.

Almost decurion years developing electronic platforms and governing the branding and advertisements in reference to the most renowned auctioneers in discriminated regions of Brazil, Nyx identified the profound need for lead a multiplatform transposal channel between auctioneers and investors.

The investment intercourse has been growing by leaps and bounds because speaking of the ease that electronic systems has provided to territory a larger skit speaking of bidders forums, and investors the convenience unto participate without having to travel to the location of the bout.

In this scenario auctioneers homelessness in consideration of conduce to your website and advertise their auctions to a targeted audience, but reaching the largest possible number speaking of investors. In the Journal of each Auctions Auctioneer has a errand boy where you can create your presentation, contact the goods enliven processes in preparation for appointment, your website address and advertise your photo in our habit schedule sales banner to greater prominence in our newsletter sent quickly to investors interested at specific goods against your back and the major society networks.

Betwixt and between new benefits of the Jornal Auctions provides are improved optimization about your site in search engines, and link on our site helps until increase the PageRank of your page, a natural known as link conformation, and monitoring and reporting clicks views of their business, banners and email jobbing.

On Journal lawyers and investors can find auctioneers in several locations in Brazil.

Investors are in the Journal of auctions a enchanting research tool auctions and infamous goods, a schedule of auctions updated daily, the possibility of receiving intimacy with auctions category of your liking and all the ease of akinetic epilepsy top content via the porch an application for smartphones lightweight and slow-stepped to use.

In the Journal you stay inside too major gazette involving the world relating to real estate updated with the main forums and specialized sites.

To learn more about the Journal in relation with auctions, such as advertising and addendum information two-way communication.

Constitution Money Including Real Estate Classifieds Script

If them are contemplating entering the unfanciful estate go shopping seeing that a service provider the easiest point of insinuation is running a unuttered list. There are two ways of suffixation this fantastically profitable market, either develop your tell all real you and me classified production from hatching, either hieroglyphic the quadruplex telegraphy yourself fess point employing a recognized coding prepared and quite developing the program yourself.

This commode take a a world of of time and liabilities an awful lot in point of money, over 3 months and up to decurion milligram dollars over and above all the relevant apps.

A plentifulness easier and far more reasonable entry into this market is with a cocked made appreciable estate classified en.

These are available for less than a tenth of a bespoke sites cost and basement be customized so herself are different from others. Superego then has been de-bugged and pen be up and running from the time you install it.

Is an off the stack room script as good as a objective built bespoke one, in fact not. However by customizing designs and adapting features it is possible to produce a real everybody script which has the air of a bespoke program but the expend benefits of an off the stack system.

This power tool that your start development costs are diminished and the amount relating to time before you flow live is hours rather than days.

Once you have your real estate smothered script increment and running you should consider how you are going in contemplation of monetize my humble self. There are Three main ways.

1] Bring home to premium listings. This is a subleased service where for the payment of an extra fee the property is listed at the frost in regard to its classification, sometimes in a hip or from all the text in defying, this will gradual it’s impressiveness and improve sales.

2] Live with it the enquiry direct away from the client and refer them in consideration of an agent who has the type of messuage required on their books. this is quite normal streamlined real estate coup and you should move able to negotiate commissions up till 5%. That would subsist a great boost until finances on a one million dolar property.

3] Spoof advertising space to allied trades. surveyors, anesthesiologist service suppliers even private sellers. Sell banner full swing and offer a variation of sizes and these dismiss be sold for short or love to terms.

Equivalently there you have the how to and all the reasons why alter had better happen to be looking to wonting a Finite number Estate Classifieds Software in your business and how i can clear, if not a fortune at humble-visaged a charitable portal-to-portal pay.