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To achieve a personal vision that deeply investigates character, it makes sense to choose as a delivery vehicle a genre where an investigation is already underway…You can probably tell I don’t give a shit about serial killers, and I certainly don’t care to engage in some sort of creative cultural competition for who can invent the most disgusting kind of serial killer. This is just a vehicle. You could have engaged the same obsessions in a doughnut shop. But the show probably wouldn’t have sold.
—  Creator of True Detective Nic Pizzolatto On the Vision Behind the Series.

Day 1 Noirvember: Hardboiled dectective.

I know it’s the second of November already but I only discovered the event last night so I did this one today instead. It’s a parody on this poster, of a Humphrey Bogart film called The Enforcer. The spanish version of the film poster had some really striking colours that I just needed to portray Nick Valentine!

Spoilers Law and Order : SVU Season 16

SVU’s new Season 16 recruit, Detective Carisi (Peter Scanavino), “fits into the group like a plaid jacket in a sea of tuxedos,” showrunner Warren Leight tells TVLine. The new Acting Commander, he will become a “project” for Olivia, as she will “strive to make the others accept him.” But Olivia will also be taking it easy a bit this season, and you have baby Noah to thank for that. “Last year, she took enormous risks in her pursuit of William Lewis; from now on, she’s aware there’s an infant at home entirely dependent on her.” Speaking of William Lewis, Leight says Olivia won’t have to stare down as many of her demons this season, though her new home situation will pose “a different kind of harrowing challenge.” Amaro will also face family problems, as he’ll have to deal with a “long-distance separation from his daughter. … It's SVU. Nothing ever comes easily.”

BONUS SPOILER | Leight says “we hope to meet Rollins’ mother” in Season 16, adding that she’ll “prove to be a real piece of work.”

RETURN DATE | Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c (NBC)