The Functions & Feelings

Often there seems to be the idea that the Feeling Functions are the only ones that have anything to do with feelings - when they have rather to do with intra- and interpersonal, social processing and surely use the feelings of yourself & others as an ‘input’

Indeed, in the brain there is no such division between what gives you skills & what gives you the specific emotional reaction patters we call ‘personality’ . It’s more that every function comes with a certain mental state or ‘emotional climate’.

For example, Fi doms have high activity in an area associated with stating your own beliefs, but also with feelings of humility or at least self-reflection. (There are some very un-humble Fi doms but they usually still reflect on their own behavior alot. & I know many humble, generous Fi users. ), whereas Fe users have activity in a region that processes & interprets social feedback on a cognitive level but also plays a role in feeling embarassment. And all feelers have areas regarding to judging tone of voice & intention on a lot. 

An exeption might be Ti that ‘lies’ in rather isolated brain regions & may dampen impulses from deeper in the brain, though a few regions involved in Ti are also involved with humor - Which may explain why many a Ti-user’s first reaction to bad new might be to crack a dark joke or laugh at the absurdity before they switch over to full emotional processing later on. And, come to think of it,  why ENTPs and ESTPs are so very hilarious (combining two ‘funny’ functions, plus tert Fe which can be kinda ‘lighthearted’ at times.)

Extroverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Kinesthetic-spatial processing, crisis management, perceptiveness, adaptability, making an impression on people, facility for tool use including musical instruments

Mental State: ‘mobilized’, active, alert, in touch with insticts, attracion and repulsion to things

Emotional Climate: Energy, desire, will, relish in physical activity or presence, awareness of status, desire and force both physical and mental

Personality Traits: spontaneous, energetic, active, adventurous, realistic, present-focussed, often ‘sophisticated/mature’ relationship with the material where they greatly enjoy pleasing things but aren’t neccesary ‘bound’ to them and could just as easily lead a more bohemian life, sometimes but not always competitive, agressiv territorial or dominant, express feelings physically (through sex, punch wall when angry etc.)

Introverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Attention to detail, good memory, good at manual work & logistics,  anything that requires practice

Mental State: relaxed state of physical and mental comfort & focus, comparision of sensory stimuli, focus on prolonged state of activity, cozyness, convenience, quality

Emotional Climate:  feelings of comfort & discomfort, pleasant and unpleasant, familiar & unfamiliar - actually displays the  rigidness, stubborness and single-mindedness tseen as characteristicsonly when familiar ‘flow’ is disrupted

Personality Traits: discerning, pragmatic, hardy, cautious, reliable, loyal, down-to-earth, sometimes but not always slow to adapt, express care by physically providing/ taken care of you

Introverted Intuition

Associated Skills: Long-term planning, purposeful action, pattern dectection, prediction/vision, eye for potential, insight 

Mental State: reflective, sometimes wistful, ‘mystical’ state, zen like focus, ‘expert-like’

Emotional Climate: worry & anticipation, clarity & certainty

Personality Traits: Purposeful, philosophical, inert, contemplative, planning/preparedness, sense of purpose, lowkey idealistic, ambitious

Extroverted Intuition

Associated Skills: facility with language, inventiveness, creativity, ressourcefulness, speculation & extrapolation, abstract thought

Mental State: considering possibility & interconnection, high energy, high speed processing, ‘epiphany-like’,

Emotional Climate: Excitedness, enthusiam, playfulness, search, longing 

Personality Traits: open-minded, dreamy, eccentric, bubbly, poetic, mischievous

Extroverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Organization, management, leadership, methodical efficiency

Mental State: active but steady & purposeful, procedural energy, algorithmic action, identifying & removing ‘faults’.

Emotional Climate: criticism, comparision, control, power, confidence

Personality Traits: Cathegorical-consequential, straight priorities, decisive, industrious, hard-working, ambitious, results-oriented, pragmatic

Introverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Logical reasoning, problem solving 

Mental State: Detached Analysis, sorting, categorizing

Emotional Climate: Awe and fear, curiosity and confusion

Personality Traits: bold, independent, aloof, inquisitive

Introverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Artistic proficiency, interpersonal perceptiveness, authenticity

Mental State: Receptive LIstening, takiing in/absorbing surroundings

Emotional Climate: Like & dislike, priority sorting,  

Personality Traits: self-aware, sensitive, contemplative, ethical, creative, intense

Extroverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Social Proficiency, caretaking, servicing humans, persuasion

Mental State: Passion & Fervor, series of experienced moods

Emotional Climate: Approval or disapproval, embrassment or righteousness, cultivating appropiate atmospheres, mirroring others

Personality Traits: Usually a common sensey mature person with a passionate expressive side, emphatetic, generous, affectionate

(As the feeling functions  process, well, dynamic feelings, they’e the hardest to classify in a generalized manner here, too. Personality with F doms can depend a lot on enneagram, upbringing and/or social circle. Still, their conciousness is most likely full of “good/bad” statements and receptiveness to people)

Late Night Whispers (a Rafael Barba x Reader Fanfiction)

Happy Fluffy Rafí Friday!! I fell asleep to an episode of SVU last night on my couch, so it gave me inspiration to write a fluffy fic of the reader falling asleep to the sound of Rafí speaking to them in Spanish. ❤ Everyone enjoy the fluff!!

Note: I did do all of the Spanish myself. I am currently learning Spanish (so this was great homework for me, should I show it to my professor?) and this is probably not perfectly accurate Spanish, but I hope it is close enough.

Word count: 1122
Rating: Teen
Warnings: brief mention of a rapist, Rafí speaking in spanish (‘Cause get ready for that guys and gals).

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Seriously? (1/?)

Summary: After a bad hunt with The Winchesters, you find yourself parting ways after 3 years of hunting alongside the two  . The minute you’re on your own you make a new life, a life without the Winchesters . But what happeneds hen you’re forced back into each other’s lives ?

Warning: Swears, Dean being an ass .

Pairing: Dean x reader ( slightly ) , Sam x Reader

“ I didn’t need you to save me ! ” Dean barks at you as he finishes patching you up.
“ If I didn’t push you , you would have a lot more damage that I do Dean . So shut the hell up !” You yell back at the oldest Winchester .
“ You’re stupidity and recklessness is going to get you killed y/n , and I’m not sitting around to watch it happen. Me & Sam aren’t hunting with you anymore .“

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You nearly break at his words, before the tears can fall you turn around , grabbing your duffel off the motel bed .
“  Soyou can sacrifice yourself for everyone else , but when I do it you think it’s wrong ? Or is your ego just sore that you needed to be saved ?  When I walk out this door Dean , that’s it . Dont call don’t look for me . ” you shout . You rip the door open, nearly running into Sam as he returns with dinner. You don’t say a word as you walk past him. Leaving the Winchesters behind .

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Now :

   As much as you love hunting, it didn’t pay your bills. When you left the boys Bobby helped you find a house in a small town, along with a job as a receptionist at the local police station . It’s been 2 years and you love the life you’ve made here . You still hunt too, just not as much . Bobby comes to visit atleast once a month to make sure you’re doing alright . He really is a saint .

    You walk into the station , settling you things on your desk . Officer Michaels comes up to you, informing you that there was another murder last night . Huh, that’s two within 4 days. You come to find out this one died in almost as strange of way as the first . I’m going to have to call Bobby to help me look into this , just in case .

  As you’re about to go grab coffee from the break room Dectective Reagan stops you .

” Good morning Y/n, I’m going to need you to show these agents to the files they need in order to help on an investigation.“ You nod, letting him know you understand.

” Alright fellas, you’re in good hands. She’s my number one girl .“ He says with a wink , resulting in a blush dusting over your cheeks. You immediately go pale when you look at the two agents behind him . No fucking way

"Agent Banner , Agent Barton this is Miss y/n. ”

Dean and Sam stare at you in shock .

Good grief .

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Guys, gals, and gender nonconforming individuals, I’m writing a Les Mis Brooklyn 99 AU and I’m having issues deciding which to choose.

Irritating but talented Dectective Grantaire with overly hardworking (but terrible at cooking) Enjolras who is mad he won’t take his job seriously. While intimidating detective Eponine, (Diaz) who could beat the shit out of you, is dating the sweet adopted daughter of Captain Javert and Valjean. (But they don’t break up at the end)
Terrifying detective Enjolras (Diaz in this scenario) having extreme sexual tension with extremely paranoid Grantaire who just returned from working undercover. While uptight Feuilly is angry at Bahorel who threw away a law in career to fuck around as a detective.

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waht if mccree was a alawyer. do u think he would wear his hat to court. i bet hed act like whatshisface marshall froma ce attorney. jsut look up ace attorney and u should find him. u can literally delete this ask idc i just want u to think abt this. thi man was a dectective,,,, jsut lawyer cowman mccreee

idk about ace attorney but….

“Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself, yer honor!” Jesse McMatlock

PLL 7X19

- here we go last one to the finale

- this whole cop scene was worked up way to much


-can ezra SHUT THE FUCK UP 

- i still love mona, shes my number 1

- dectective goals = haleb

-wow the lost woods is now spencers and alisons 

- again shut the fuck up ezra

-”JENNA, SYDNEY, SANTA CLAUS” im fucking died 

- “your acting like your married” OMFG LOL, they are 

- i love mona, fuck this show 


-this bitch thinks she’s some amazing cop, literally fury did it all 

- its that scene omfg - lol its a dream why do that 

-HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA IM DYING this is the cutest shit ever, why did they ruin such a good friendship, spencers so cute fuck shes so happy for them

- IM SO CONFUSED WHY IS SHE A NERD AGAIN, is mona is mental again?

- charlotte was planning on fucking this town again, knew she was evil, mona helping her friends im dying, shes my favourite.


-omfg mona is crazy. omfg she nearly killed hanna and caleb held her after


- im actually shitting myself for the first time all season, aria has some logic for once 


- “tell the truth” -spencer, this is new for the girls 



- im crying again, i love mona so much

- oh fuck. 

- its all over, the game 

- that green screen was shocking 

im getting so upset idk what to do with myself 

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GOSH your art is fantastic! I was wondering if you'd be okay with maybe some fanfic of that M.E. Knock Out and Dectective Bumblebee?

Of course i’d be okay with that you’re always welcomed to write anything from my stuff, i myself can’t write jack but if you want go for it!

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do you know any good robstar fanfics?

ohhh ho ho have you come to the right person. my entire life is a robstar fanfic rec tbh. this is going to be such a long post bc i would major in robstar fanfiction if i could.

for starters, kryallaorchid is the goddess of robstar fanfiction. she has everything from cute and funny one shots to angsty, heart-wrenching stories. link (if you’re into smut, you have to read The Object bc it is lilterally the best robstar smut i swear.)


if you’re into funny and/or fluffy stories:

Ten Things I Hate About You - (Sometimes, he even felt like he hated her for making him feel this way about her… Reason Ten: Only you can make me feel like an idiot… “And just what is it so special that you have planned for me inside my bedroom?”)

Ah, Young Love - (Ahhh, love, hormones, and complete floundering is in the air at Titans’ Tower. What could possibly go right?)

Stammering, Stuttering, and Struggling - (And here he thought that after he and Starfire kissed in Tokyo, he could finally face his alien girlfriend without being reduced to a stuttering and blushing pile of traffic light colored teenage hormonal goo. For one of the world’s greatest detectives, this was rather dense of Robin.)

The SUPERmarket - (The cupboard is bare, so the Titans face their most trying battle yet: the supermarket. Will they come out alive, or will Starfire’s curiosity and Beast Boy’s love of tofu doom them all?)

if you’re into action and/or angsty stories:

Lost Without You - (Dick Grayson—literally—runs into a strange girl on a lonely road, and she whirls him into a run-for-your-life adventure that he had never believed possible. Full summary inside. RxS. Complete.)

The White Rose - (When head detective Lex Twain shows up at the tower entrance with a plea, the titans are hesitant. A murderer stalkes the streets of Jump city, targeting young women and the dectective needs bait: Starfire and Raven.)

au but fits into the action category: The Princess and The Detective - (Dick Grayson’s life takes a turn for the worst when a new serial killer, the Fairytale Felon, arises. While he searches for clues, he’s taken with the new gym instructor, Kory Anders, who may possibly be the killer’s next victim. Richard/Kory. AU.)

if you’re into AU stories:

Princes and Frogs - (Life’s hard enough for Kori Anders- navigating high school, trying to pass English, not to mention harboring a secret crush on her best friend’s older brother, the dreamy Richard Grayson. Oh yeah, and she just found out she’s the princess of a small European country called Tameran. What’s a girl to do?) 

Reach - (Starfire. Princess Koriand’r of the warrior-planet Tamaran. Thorn in the Titans’ sides since she appeared in Jump after her crash-landing in Gotham City. She’s a criminal, and the Titans have to bring her down. She knows that, of course, and it frustrates Robin to no end that she doesn’t seem to find them threatening. He’ll show her, one of these days.)

Temptations - (written by my best friend olivia holler) (When Richard Grayson continues his reckless behavior on missions, his boss pairs him up with a certain red head in hopes she’ll keep him in line. That is, if she doesn’t kill him first.) 

and my FAVORITE AU ROBSTAR STORY EVER (probably read it over ten times):

Strangers in the Night - (Richard Grayson gave up all hope of ever finding true love, but all that changed when he falls head over heels literally for a gorgeous redhead with green eyes. Too bad she’s his best friend’s fiancé. AU. RobStar. COMPLETE!)

if you’re into fluffy one shots:

A Moment of Shocking Clairty - (aka Three Times Robin Almost Kissed Starfire for the First Time and One Time That He Did. Winning entry for Kryalla Orchid and Star of Airdrie’s Rob/Star First Kiss Contest 2011.)

Beach Baby(ONESHOT. Star’s first time at the beach, Robin’s having a hard time dealing with Star’s bikini, Cyborg never left the dune buggy shop, BB’s waddling around as a seal, and Raven’s dealing with it all. RS)

Sweeter Than Chocolate - (ONE SHOT. With Starfire unable to sleep on the coldest night Jump City has seen in fifty years, Robin gives her a little something to warm her up. A story of passion, love, and hot chocolate. [Robin x Starfire])

i literally hate myself for the amount of times i’ve reread this one shot over and over again but i love it so much

Robin Kiss the Girl - (Great, Robin was arguing with a song, and the song was winning’. RobStar. The effects of one Disney movie, on one very hormone filled super hero? Not too pretty.)

i literally have eight pages of teen titan stories in my favorites, so if you want more of a certain kind, just message me! i hope this helps all my robstar lovers!

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Hey, it's adiocked. I don't know how my post ended up in the Sherlolly tag. Since I only tagged it with Adlock. Sorry it showed up there but I never tagged it with Sherlolly. I wouldn't do that. But thanks for blocking me I guess.

Look, there are ships & characters we all hate. I get that. But there are also ways to rail about those ships/characters without accidentally or intentionally tagging a ship.
I love the yacht. The yacht was my first ship when I first got into Sherlock. I screamed with happiness when his phone rang in TLD.
But, when I go into my Ships tag (&I was in my ship’s tag) & see hate & wank (which is a decent amount) I do an automatic block because it gets tiresome going in see about one’s fav pathologist and dectective & getting told she’s weak & abusive & whatever other B.S. is usually said. Sorry you got caught in the backlash.