My submission for #DecTale by Neil Gaiman ( @Neilhimself  ) 4 #KeepMoving is a bit of a Departure from the others I’ve done.

The story is about a woman meeting her younger self. For some reason I got it into my head to do it with Paper Dolls. I finished the dolls and though maybe I’ll make a Backdrop or a Diorama for it. Nope. I ran out of my house and found that really sketchy looking abandoned house around the corner got as close to the ground as I could (yes of course people stared) and snapped this pic with my iPhone.

The real trick was keeping them from blowing away in the wind.

Pen + Ink w/ Watercolor on Cardstock Photographed w/ iPhone

inspired by the december tale from neil gaiman’s calendar of tales. It’s an amazing project and I’d really recommend everyone get involved!

out of all the stories I particularly connected with the idea of being able to hug your own younger self, and try to explain just how much better things are going to get.