The Voice

Our souls have
always been free,
we have walked the earth,
taken flight
through seamless thoughts,
but we are ruled by
a decree that binds us
to this world, now,
material heaven
and propagation,
the suffocation
of unending needs,
we have forgotten to be free;

“we are tied
until we rise
we are broken
until we are
put together,
we are silent
until we speak”

yet seldom
do we heed
the voice
that has guided us
for so long,
from inception
to death,
we forget to hear
the call,
and we succumb
as a race
to the tyranny
of others
who have forgotten too,
what it is to be human.

© SoulReserve 2017

(A poem inspired by John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’)


Clown Depot will NEVER use the “creepy/evil” clown thing.

No Pennywise, Joker, Gamzee, John Wayne Gacy, or any other evil clowns will be represented in the brand merchandise.

Clowns get a bad wrap nowadays, and I’m not about that. Clowns shouldn’t be seen as evil. They exist to bring joy and it’s fucked up how media depicts them.

anonymous asked:

Imma be real. The Tower book made me.... immensely uncormfortable, mostly due to the way they portrayed Nadia, Julian, and Asra treating Lucio. It gave me flashbacks to when people used to exclude me from groups and shit and knowing how that feels, thinking people want to be close with you and finding out they hate you.... and also how they acted reminded me of that phenomenon where a group will sort of collectively put another person down... I cringe every time. Ugh

(It was just as bad as Pity Party, maybe even worse.

Like, this was probably his worst nightmare. Coming back to nobody having missed him, having actively wanted him gone, even, with his things destroyed, his title and marriage dissolved, being told with glee that he’ll die forgotten and alone… If the people I thought were my friends did that to me, I honestly wouldn’t survive it, I’d straight up lose the will to live.

I get it that hating him is a joke and that he’s done horrible things, but still. If you take the comedic lens off of it, it’s purely sadism)

There’s someone having their worst day today, there’s someone having their best day today.

Someone is going through a tough trial, and someone is being blessed through the du’ā they made.

Someone lost something/someone today, and someone got something/ someone today.

There’s that person, laughing like never before, and then there’s another one, crying their eyes out.

Every single person is going through something, whether it be happiness or sadness, blessings or trials, every one of us went through something today.

The next day it might be the other way around.

The thing is, nothing and absolutely NOTHING lasts forever.

Give thanks to Allāh azza wa jal and try to be grateful through everything you’re/you’ll go through.