"You Kill Me (In a Good Way)" Éponine x Courf ((CLOSED))

Éponine walked into Courfeyrac’s apartment, a horrible combination of angry and worried, and terribly upset. She had told him not to go, that he would get his ass handed to him, and that he’d get injured. Did he listen? No, of course not! And now he was injured, although how badly, she didn’t know. He’d texted her and asked her to come over to help him deal with it. So she did.

She was worried. How could she not?

+decourfeyrocks "Big Bad World"

Éponine hummed as she walked to the cafe. She stopped by every few days, spent a little more on tea than she ought to, and sat at a table, reading, before she had to go to her minimum wage job for the day.
Éponine was not a shy person. Not usually.
Then again, baristas didn’t tend to tease her the way this one did. And okay, maybe he was part of the reason she stopped by.
Shut up.


 “I’m Jehan. Well, my name’s Jean but everyone calls me Jehan.”

I am spellbound under you.
I cannot explain what it is that you have done.
Do you know what you started?
Do you know the spell you have cast?
You knew that I fancied you,
And you have worked some unknown magic 
To make me bound to you.
I cannot pry myself from the thoughts you have awaken in me,
Nor can I patiently wait to see your face.
I am lusting after you,
That much is true.
But there is more than just human desire.
There are things about you that I admire
And truly find exhilarating and interesting.
When I am in your presence, I feel light and airy.
I finally feel the truth of attraction.
Do not let this steer you away,
For I am always dramatic in this setting.
Things may be rushing too fast, that I know,
However I cannot help but feel happy and free.
I like you.
You like me.
With you, while under your spell
I feel like a new man with new desire.
You have awakened a different side of me,
One I thought that would never be released.
This rebellion that roars loud like a lion.
Do you know the spell you have cast?
Do you now know what you have started?

"Sie Leibt Dich" ("She Loves You") +decourfeyrocks

Éponine woke one morning, expecting Courf’s body heat near her. He wasn’t, which confused her just a little. However, she was too tired to question it, so she sat up, rubbed her eyes, and got out of bed, throwing on a t-shirt and walking out into the front room of Courfeyrac’s apartment.


Éponine sat on the floor in the green room, picking at the cuffs of her fraying jeans. She made a comment in a conversation every once in a while, never actually participating actively in one. She was feeling off today,  partially because she’d opted not to spend her money on the pizza for the overnight rehearsal- a decision which she was greatly regretting. They were waiting for everyone else’s pizza to get there, and she was beginning to get hungry.

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