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29 tricks to Profile People Around You

For the behavioral “deductionist” in all of us:

What pocket is the wallet carried in? (handedness)

What direction to the soles of the shoes tend to wear?

Overall condition of clothing vs. posture and personal carriage

Thumbs hanging out of pockets indicates confidence

Thumbs only in pockets indicates confidence and sometimes physical attraction

When was the last haircut (estimate)

Condition of fingernails, decor, cleanliness, length since trim

Willingness to make non-confrontational eye contact with strangers (Rate 1-8 from Ellipsis chart)

Which direction do the feet point in standing conversation?

Willingness to move out of the way of others (speed at which this takes place) (Using Ellipsis Social Weakness Chart)

Natural blink rate in conversation (increase or decrease when speaking)

Condition of shoe laces (have they been walked on)

Back of leg wrinkles (Length of seated time)

Are fidgeting gestures increased in public spaces or limited? (From Social Weakness Chart)

Legs crossed away from open part of room or toward nearest wall

Purse or shopping bags placed in contact with feet while seated or otherwise touching the body at all times

Notice permanence of facial wrinkles that have developed over their lifetime

Is the cell phone placed face down when seated in public?

If a watch is worn, is it set exactly to time, behind or deliberately set ahead?

Eyesight: Does the person adjust the distance of cell phone from face when using it?

Does the person break eye contact in order to swallow during conversation (Social Weakness Chart)

Care and handling of objects: How does the person treat their own things? Things of others?

If a tie is worn, how tight has it been made and is it adjusted to the right or left of center?

Are fingernails bitten, trimmed or left alone?

Does the person appear to regularly pick their cuticles? Is there evidence that they have JUST begun to do so?

Are notches on the belt indicative of weight loss or gain?

Are both shoes laced right/left, left/right (Do they match)?

What kind of wear/dirt appears on the rear cuffs of the pants?

Are scars or calluses more prevalent on one hand than the other?


Costume. 1865-1868. In satin black and coral color with decoration of application of trimmings (Museo del Traje. CIPE)  During the sixties of the 19TH century the inner garment par excellence to hollow skirt is released crinoline, which gives the female figure an oval silhouette against the previous circular. These two magnificent sets are limited within the prevailing international fashion since, in both cases, the colours and ornaments that are trimmed play combined with the uniqueness that, from then on, allows the emergence of chemical dyes and their use in the textile field.

(via Traje. 1865 - 1868.| Flickr)


So the Christine wardrobe in Japan is currently rather eclectic.

In some costumes they’ve kept the style from the original/early West End production, while in other costumes they’ve started copying Broadway. Here’s a photoset to show the various inspirations.

Elissa: sticking to the original West End skirts, with green skirts with alternately red and green tabs, and little decoration at the hem. But they’ve started making the aprons like the US ones.

Serafimo: going for newer US style, with blue/gold brocaded breeches with golden/black decorations, and a lace-rich shirt without embroidery.

Wishing dress: a defined US style, with straight apron, white-and-navy trims, no decorations on the faux vest, and white/blue appliquées at the collar.

Aminta costume: early UK style, with a flatter silhouette, big floral patterned front, spiral-lace deco on the stomacher, and big bows on the sleeves. Though newer dresses has been inspired rather than direct copies, and the newer ones also does embroidery instead of lace on the flounces, of course.

Wedding dress: going for the early UK style, with sparce lace in the skirt, bodices with a very pronounced basque, plus big lace fans over the bust.

UT burrito: Undertaker’s many layers

As we all know, Undertaker wears a crapton of layers. His button-down funeral robe, his heavy mourning coat, and whatever else he may be wearing as an undershirt. All together, that’s like 2 heavy layers, right?

But Wait…

Look closely-

you see that little white (sometimes shown as gray) lining of his shirt? It kinda looks like just a decorative trim, like on a Traditional Chinese robe (the type with a split high-neck collar).


that’s actually two separate shirts right there: his button down AND a white shirt of some sort underneath:

So in total (not counting the sash), Undertaker has three layers: His white shirt, his button down, and his coat, right?

Oh, but wait…

we need to to use the Undertaker figurine for a clear shot at this one. Take a closer look:

You see his button-down shirt? It’s actually split into TWO pieces. Apparently his high-collared black shirt is just that, and his button-down is a separate garment all together. Here is a diagram of all the layers we see UT wearing:

I find it odd that how in no other artwork of him we really get to see that there is a distinct separation between the black shirt and the button down. Even with the collar it only appears to be separate in official art or sometimes in the manga. I’m not sure if it’s always been that way or if Yana has decided to change it.

So in total from what we can see, Undertaker has 4 layers of shirts/coats. FOUR FRICKIN’ LAYERS.

1. His white undershirt

2. His black high-collar shirt

3. his button-down

4. his mourning coat

(its up to you whether or not you want to count the sash) So all in all, Undertaker is a burrito (or should I say, burr-hee-to) of layers upon heavy layers of clothing. Just imagine what it would be like for him to go out and stand in at a funeral in FOUR LAYERS of heavy black robes >_> no thanks.

(figure photos belong to kotobukiya)

Date: Start!

The messages Mars received after sealing the date with Port weren’t at all reassuring, if anything they just dug more doubts into them.

But that didn’t matter, they couldn’t go around looking like a nervous mess, but perhaps their Sunday best. Was it formal, casual, casual-formal, elegant, dressy…?

Mars picked up a soft blue, button up collared shirt, grey pants and their new favorite brown leather shoes. They picked up a small blue flower from the garden in their balcony, trimmed and decorated with a thin orange lace; curled their hair a bit, just a bit, skipped the MTT brand perfume, and just went to the place they had set for the date.

Mars stood by the entrance, holding their small flower between their index and thumb, and looked around with a mortified expression. This was their first date, with a cool skeleton, in a restaurant full of people. It wasn’t exactly their cup of tea, but, it would have been rude to deny Portalier’s offer, and Mars liked the guy, he was fun and all.
“Just go through it… He’s your friend already, so no big deal… Everyone’s too busy to stare at you… Shoot, should I have worn the dress instead? Oh gods..”