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Queen of the Water (11)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: swearing, protective!bucky, FLUFF, cliffhanger 


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Her heart pounds against her chest as the car inches closer towards dangerous territory. Bucky had left the house two days ago to return the car he stole from her father and send her a plane for her to take to Romania. Her new life is nearly ten miles away. She swallows hard and rubs her hands against her floral skirt. She tugs on her cardigan and puffs a strand of hair out of her face. The car stops a few minutes later and she glances out the window. The first thing she notes is that the gate is too intimidating to climb over. It’s dangerously sharp at the ends and pokes at anyone who dares to attempt to enter the castle grounds. The seconds thing she notes is that the area surrounding the Palace is ginormous. There’s acres and acres of land and it’s beautiful against the orange sun setting in the horizon. The sky is painted with a beautiful sea of lavender, indigo, and fuchsia. She makes a mental note for Bucky to take her on top of the largest hill in the grounds and have an uninterrupted date.

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Yes, the bottoms should get some attention too!
From @stephenrosinipottery - Trimming and decorating the bottom of a mug. #edinboroceramics #pottery #ceramics #clay #potteryvideos #trimming #mug #stamping #texture

#potterymaking #wip #handmade #wheelthrowing #wheelthrown #art #craft #design #details #bottomsup #beautyiseverywhere

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2-piece orchid satin brocaded with large-scale floral stems in white, back-lacing boned bodice having blue satin and lace cap sleeve and neckline trim, decorated with a pattern of metallic cord bows having prong-set pastes, tiny sequins and clear beads, blue satin bows at shoulder, trained skirt having large pleats, the front appliqued with three diamante bow forms to either side of divided center.

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May 10 - Crack-y and/or smutty TaserTricks fic based off the song “Be My Escape” by Relient K, for @piccalily0510

Written by @amusewithaview

Darcy had never really been one for visual metaphors.  Her dreams were pretty straightforward: a cigar was always an actual cigar, and a penis was a penis (sadly, and strangely, her dreams generally featured more cigars than penises).  In hindsight, she really should have known that something was up when she started dreaming of airy halls and golden-gilt walls.  At first, she thought that she was just reliving her prom.  After all, prom had been held at the nicest hotel in the local area - the golden glow and molded trim decorating literally everything was a bit fancier than she remembered, but not totally out of place.

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Australian-made Sports shoes from the 1920s! All from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Top: Beach Shoes. Woman’s, orange rubber, [Barnet Glass], Australia, c1920. Pair of womens beach shoes, moulded construction, rounded toe, no heel. Shoes consist of flexible orange rubber bearing a textured wave pattern and moulded in one piece. Decorated with an applied orange and cream flower on the side of the vamp and cream trim around edges. Cream toe cap. Circular void cut out from top of vamp. Unlined. Sole of cream rubber.

Middle: Deck shoes and prize certificates made by Carubo in Australia, c. 1928.
These rubber-soled ‘ Carubo’ brand deck shoes were made by the Melbourne shoe manufacturer Goldings Pty Ltd, and were worn by an Australian woman when she travelled to Europe by ship in 1929. They were worn for playing deck sports.

Bottom: Made in Australia, c.1920, worn in competition in 1923. Pair of womens white tennis shoes with leather soles and applied rubber oversoles and pointed toes, shoes laces and lined with white leather. The vamp and toe is stitched with pierced decorative edge trim.

Woman’s Bonnet, 1875-1900

Plaited straw, velvet ribbon, twisted paper and wire flowers, and silk lining

“This elegant bonnet is known in French as a capote “toute en fleurs” or “all in bloom.” The bonnet reflects a common style from the late 1800s in Paris, and could be seen throughout the most popular fashion journals. Bonnets typically featured a wide array of artificial flowers as decorations. This example is trimmed with small, cream-colored blossoms that seem to bloom from the straw crown. Pale-blue velvet ribbons complete the effect.”

Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

St. Louis Art Museum


Now you see it, now you see it again Pt 14: A coat tale

Coats of the late 1920s tended to be simpler than the outfits worn underneath. They typically closed with just a single, large button or extravagant, feature tab and buckle, wrapped and fastened to one side. They had few decorations; trim was usually narrow side panels, sometimes with cording, self-fabric trim, or embroidery on the sides or back. Many had fur shawl collars. Belts were not required and were optional as an ornamental feature that usually did not go all the way around the coat. 

Phryne wears a black and white woven cheviot wool coat, with white panel inserts at the sides and back, as well as from elbow to cuff, accessorised with black and/or white. It makes appearances in both Series 1 and 2.

And what a tale this coat could tell.

In Raisins and Almonds a complex plot involves allegiances - adherence to causes and family relationships that are tested. Marriage is scrutinised from the perspective of those honouring the commitment despite physical and emotional distance.

Phryne is investigating the death of a young man, Saul Michaels, a supporter of the Zionist cause. She, with Simon Abrahams, visits Josi Stein, a fellow Zionist, at the Kadimah to learn the meaning of a hand-written classical Hebrew note on a page from a text, which might offer a clue to the mysterious death.  We see the coat, accessorised with black and white down to the shoes, including a rather extraordinary brooch of  yarn and miniature knitting needles:

Josi Stein has little interest in helping Phryne investigate his friend’s death and is more interested in keeping the document than providing a translation.

Phryne: Mr Stein, I’ve unearthed some evidence that may explain your friend’s death, but I need help to understand it. 

Josi: … Saul was a student of Kabbalah, religious philosophical teachings. It may be from one of his books. That is all I know. 

Phryne: And this handwritten annotation, do you know what that means? It looks like Old Hebrew. 

Josi: Perhaps I could translate, but I would need to refer to some texts. If I can study it… 

Phryne doesn’t fall for that ruse and takes herself to the dead man’s rooms above the shoe shop.  Whilst an apprentice to Chaim Abrahams the cobbler, the victim was also a student, so the room is part bedroom, part study, part chemistry lab.  The coat contrasts the bright yellow walls of the bed-sit as Phryne begins to see that there may be a link between the Hebrew text, the lab and the young man’s death.

But the discovery of something far more rudimentary in the room leads to a more immediate clue…

and a consequent confrontation with Miss Leigh, to this point the chief suspect in the case. 

Phryne: Were you having a dalliance with Saul? 

Miss Leigh: That is none of your business. 

Phryne: For goodness sake, woman, I’m trying to save you from the gallows! 

We see the bars of the cell shadowing the wall and across Phryne’s coat as Miss Leigh admits to being Saul’s lover, despite the fact that she knew he would return to his wife overseas once he was able.

Miss Leigh: Saul had more to lose than I. He had a wife in Poland. They married at 16, but when he left, she promised that she would wait for him until they could be together in the Holy Land.

And a seque  - to the coat, Phryne and our Jack as Miss Leigh’s circumstances, and Phryne’s urging of her innocence, lead ultimately to Jack’s own revelations. First, his knowledge of Science.

Jack: I doubt my Ancient Hebrew will impress you, but I studied enough science to recognise those symbols. This is the symbol for lead and the symbol for gold. He who could turn lead into gold could cure all disease and make men immortal, theoretically. But how does it help Miss Leigh? 

Phryne: She wouldn’t have killed him, Jack. She loved him. They were having an affair. 

Jack: He was married. 

Phryne: It happens. 

Jack: Well, there’s your motive. Miss Leigh wouldn’t be the first woman to kill in a jealous rage. 

Phryne: Miss Leigh doesn’t seem the type to rage. 

Then Phryne and the coat go off to find the translation of the annotation.

Phryne: I need your help with my investigations, Mr Abrahams. I understand that you can translate from Old Hebrew…

Mr B Abrahams:  This is mystical nonsense. 

Phryne: But it was important to Saul, and I suspect it has something to do with his death. 

Mr B Abrahams: Show me. ‘The invisible will become visible only through flames.' 

The man of honour is able to reveal the significance of the ‘mystical nonsense’, 

and whilst contemplating what to write to the distant widow, the most intimate of his reveals is divulged:

Jack: I went to war a newlywed. 

Phryne: But you came home. 

Jack: Not the man my wife married… 16 years ago. 

Phryne: War will do that to you. 

Jack: My wife’s been living with her sister for some time now. But a marriage is still a marriage, Miss Fisher. 

Phryne: Especially to a man of honour.

(I know, I know, she wasn’t actually wearing the coat in the last two pics but I just couldn’t stop myself it was required for context.)

And so to a favourite Ep for many of us: Dead Air.  

The coat appropriately reappears in an episode where Phryne’s outfits reflect the glamour of the radio stars of the 1920s.  Teemed again with the black French ‘cat-burglar’ beret, she also wears black gloves, and the coat supports a large cream cameo brooch to the lapel.

The radio station airs a popular series called The Polkinghorns with the main characters played by Jimmy and Hazel Creswick, her role winning Hazel an award.  

Playing parts is a motif throughout - Jack plays Archie, Phryne  plays a role or two, and Jimmy who plays Maurice Polkinghorn is really Harry. Uncovering who’s really who is critical to solving the murder.

It’s late in the ep that Phryne goes back to the radio station to flush out the killer by playing an old recording of a program associated with a past murder.  Sleazy Clarry continues to try his luck:

Phryne: Could you play this next? Special request. 

Clarry: Do I get one in return? 

Phryne: Save your breath, Clarry. Your charms are lost on me.

The recording of Twilight Melodies reveals Jimmy Creswick’s true identity, that of the former Harry Redpath, who is forced to show his hand (holding a gun).

Phryne: Louisa found you out, didn’t she, Harry? Remembered your voice from her time in Perth… You dragged her body outside. Clarence couldn’t hear any of it. Then you continued on to the awards night as if nothing had happened, and poor old Dodger saw it all. You realised he witnessed the murder, so you killed him too. 

Jimmy/Harry: You’re not moving until Hazel walks through that door. She defied me, and if I can’t have her, no-one will. I will kill her. And I’ll kill you too, Miss Fisher.

Phryne manages to clobber Jimmy/Harry and Jack arrives to make the arrest, his transformation from Archie back to DI complete.

And some teasing from Phryne:

Jack: Miss Fisher? 

Phryne: Hope you enjoyed the show, Jack. 

Jack: Constable, get him up. Harry Redpath, you’re under arrest for the murders of Guinevere Redpath, Louisa Singleton and John Lockhart. And the attempted murder of Hazel Creswick. 

Phryne: You took your time.

And so ends this coat’s tale, although the episode concludes with Phryne wearing a  stunningly sensuous evening gown that reflects the colours of the coat.  (And I need any excuse or feeble link to post that duet…).  It is chiffon and lace heavily sequinned and beaded with black and white pearls in intricate floral and fleurs de lys patterns. It swings and sways as she sashays into the room where Jack is at the piano.

Phryne and Jack celebrate a successful outcome (and an engagement) with a tinkle on the ivories while they plan their next move:

We’re all alone, no chaperone ♪ ♪ Can get our number ♪ ♪ The world’s in slumber ♪ ♪ Let’s misbehave

There’s something wild about you, child ♪ ♪ That’s so contagious ♪ ♪ Let’s be outrageous ♪ ♪ Let’s misbehave

You know my heart is true ♪ ♪ And you say you for me care ♪ ♪ Somebody’s sure to tell ♪ ♪ But what the heck do we care?

They say that bears have love affairs and even camels ♪ ♪ We’re merely mammals ♪ ♪ Let’s misbehave ♪ ♪ We’re merely mammals ♪ ♪ Let’s misbehave


dressing a galaxyPadme Amidala dressing gown

Padmé’s casual dressing gown features vintage embroidered trim, decorative sequins, and handcrafted beaded tassels. Underneath the robe is an underdress of white satin with an empire waist and a purple lace overlay. Rouleaux ribbon belts the underdress and in the center of the ribbon hangs an amethyst stone drop. The headdress is pewter while the matching hair bands feature Celtic knots.

Death By Diamonds and Pearls

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Summary: Modern AU: Kylo, looking for something new, gets a new job as a security detail. However his search for something new lands him as a security detail for none other than the royal family. Upon his assignment to one particular relative, Kylo learns to be careful what you wish for.

A/N: Okay, so aside from my Star Wars obsession haha I also love the show The Royals, so I decided to make it an AU based on it! You can imagine it being the royal family of any country you wish, doesn’t have to be British. Just like the title of the fic, there is a song with that title if you want to listen to it with this. Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to request more if you want it :)

Warnings: Drug use 

Kylo’s large frame attempted not to hunch over, trying to maintain a composed and stern appearance. His black tux he had chosen to wear was suddenly starting to feel noticeably too tight and uncomfortable. With how racked his nerves were however, he wasn’t quite certain if he was imagining it or it truly was misfitted. Below the table he was seated before, his feet folded over one another almost as some sort of relief from the stiff posture. A sort of familiarity and odd form of comfort to keep him from shifting in his chair too noticeably. Seeing how large he was in comparisson to the seat, any move he made would not only be visible but audible.

Releasing a deep breath of relief softly through the slightest opening between his lips, he anxiously stared across the table. Sitting before him at the long dark wood table was an older gentleman, his greying hair buzzcut with glasses hanging onto the bridge of his straight nose. His eyes were intently scanning the sheets of paper before him, supplied by Kylo, as if they were scripture. The lack of expression on his face and complete absence of audible approval or denial was surely making the silence in the room all the more dense.

Given the circumstances he was in, and all that was riding on this moment, Kylo was amazed he wasn’t visibly sweating bullets through his new suit. Having moved this far from home with a one way ticket, finishing school, with no friends and questionable housing in this new place, this mans opinion of Kylo’s resume had a lot resting on it. Typically Kylo wouldn’t have gone for a job like this, not being much of a people person, but given a deeper description he hoped with everything he had that they would accept him. Given his brooding appearance, his rather large and muscular build and his cold demeanor, he couldn’t see how anyone else would be more suited for this position than him.

Security guards weren’t supposed to be bubbly, surely not welcoming and endearing to those around them. What more could they possibly want from Kylo? Finally hearing the older man clear his throat, Kylo raised his brows in anticipation, folding his hands together.

“Well Mr…Ren. After reviewing your resume…”

Kylo released another subtle sigh through his nostrils, trying to hide his nerves once again. His heart was now audibly pumping between his ears.

“I see no reason why you wouldn’t be the perfect fit for this position.”

Kylo sighed softly with relief, trying not to appear too eager as the older man gave him a smile. 

“Consider yourself hired and the newest member of our security team.”

Kylo nodded, clearing his throat.

“Thank you sir.”

Standing from his seat, one that was rather ornate for an interview spot, the older man faintly gestured to him.

“Now that that’s settled, we can get you started. Hit the ground running. Let’s start your tour of the palace grounds, your living quarters and of course your sole assignment here at the palace.”

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