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hey everyone! i’m sefa :)

i’m still doing what i can to make ends meet and pay my bills, and i’m trying to save up to start grad school next fall as well. if you’d like some pride merch and would like to help me out, consider checking out my redbubble, where there are gradient and squares pride products now available!

each pride flag (gay, lesbian, bi, and trans) has a large number of product options, ranging from various shirts and hoodies, to stationary, to home decor, to stickers and phone cases, and more!

enjoy a sleek and minimalist design while repping your pride colors :)

gay pride products

lesbian pride products

bi pride products

trans pride products

even if you can’t or don’t want to purchase any items, a reblog would be enormously appreciated!

anonymous asked:

Prompt: transboy!richie where its how every loser found out that richie was trans. It could be set whenever but modern au could be easier! It could be either richie telling some of them or some of them figuring it out themselves. Whatever you want. :)

i fucking LOVE THIS. i really hope i do this justice okay let’s go i went with the modern au

for those who asked to be tagged in all my work: @arielgirly@trashmouth-smashmouth@mzcescapie@somenates27, @reddiesballoons, @cawcawhawkeye, @richietoaster

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Tumblr community, I am asking for your help. If you could please reblog or like this post, it would mean more than you know, but let me explain:

I was accepted into my dream university just a few months ago but was unable to afford the tuition. Next fall, I will be attending a local college instead, but I can’t imagine giving up on what I’ve worked for since elementary school. I will be reapplying to my dream school next year with the hopes of getting accepted again and with a scholarship and more money in my pocket. 

To pay for college, I have created an online shop. It sells not only my art prints but also apparel, stationery, bags, home decor, and more with my designs printed on them. I just posted my artwork today, but I will be adding more designs and products soon and I will be taking design requests! I know that money isn’t so easy to come by, and really, reblogging or liking this post would help tremendously, but if you would like to browse through the few designs currently posted or to purchase from the site, you can click here to be directed to my shop (click on a portfolio, a design, and then a product):

Thank you for reading!

April 29, 2017