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My 2017 Desk Tour!! ✨

This has been highly requested for most of my time on studyblr so I finally thought I’d sit down and chat a little bit about my study space and the items in it for all of you curious creatures. I hope this answers some of your questions, or gives you some inspiration on how to spice up your own study space!! 

Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! 💗 I’m going to try my best to post once a week so be sure to subscribe if you’d like to see when I post. Thanks again for the love and constant support!! x


Easter holiday has arrived, meaning i got to stay in and prepare for upcoming exams 🙄
On the other hand the weather is beautiful, so i don’t mind a little biochemistry revision…. Also…. Am i the only student who grows coriander, rosemary, basil and mint in their student accommodation ?!😂

japan haul:

i visited japan a few weeks ago & i wanted to buy some stickers and notebooks there because most of the things there are much cheaper than in sg. so yeah, here’s a list of things I bought.

from muji;
• light toning water
• B6 grid notebook
• B5 set of 5 notebooks
• 0.38 blue pen
• 0.38 black pen
• sugarless tablets peach

random shops:
• 3 seasonal bamboo book marks
• 2 sets of post it tabs
• moomin stickers
• 2 packs of stickers
• 2 packs of FORON stickers.

ID #84566

Name: Maddie
Age: 15
Country: USA

I’ve wanted a pen pal for a while now, because I’d like to branch out, learn about other places, and also have something to look forward to. Some of my hobbies include baking, planning/managing events, and watching netflix(does that count as a hobby?). I also like dogs, plants, Lana Del Rey, coffee, cake decorating, makeup, mythology, volunteering, and painting(watercolor, but I’m not good at it). I’d really love to have a pen pal who shares some of my interests and doesn’t mind sending or receiving huge snail mail letters/packages.

Preferences: I’d prefer someone 15 or 16, and I’d prefer female but that I’m not too concerned with.

monsta x as students

requested by anon!


  • Not to be stereotypical, but he’d probably be the captain of some sports team like the football/basketball/swimming team or something like that.
  • People think he’s all brawns and no brain but he actually works very hard in his studies and people are surprised when he gets good grades???
  • Is the type of person to study while at the gym – like he would prop his textbook on a chair and read it while he works out or something dfjhbdf.
  • Slightly intimidating when you see him walking around the hallways because of his Broad Shoulders™, but then you see him walk up behind Hyungwon and knock him over with one shoulder and you realise he’s just a big goof.
  • Never brings his own stationary – keeps like one (1) pen in his trouser pockets at most but he normally just borrows Minhyuk’s.
  • Eats bread 25/8. Like no joke, you’d bump into him at the convenience store and see him buy like 80 packets of sweet bread.
  • Would hold the door for you even if you were a mile away.
  • Keeps forgetting to return his library books.
  • No one knows this but he actually does a lot of volunteer work in his free time, like helping to build houses for the homeless or at an animal clinic or something.
  • Very diplomatic and polite to all of his teachers, so they can’t even get mad at him when he forgets to do his homework sometimes because of training or some sports event have you sEEN THOSE CRINKLY EYES WHEN HE SMILES I’M- fine.

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