decorative light switch cover

my room is finally done and all put together, it looks AMAZING!! i was too tired to finish the windows tho, gna give them one more coat tomorrow and go get my lamps and curtains. i’m saving my bedroom and bathroom doors for a next weekend project bc i am so exhausted 😩

i have to buy a new door for the bathroom and then put some cute molding on them both and paint, idk if i want to do black or a dusty pink? and then i want a decorative vent cover and light switch plate


There are so many different things you can use washi tape for and here are a few ideas! For those of you that aren’t familiar with washi tape its just a type of masking tape that originated in Japan and come in really cute prints, patterns & colors! It’s made of paper but is not as delicate as you would expect and the fun designs make it useful for so many different projects :)

you can tape little pieces onto some twine or yarn to make a fun banner:

you can make fun, personalized birthday cards:

you can decorate things like light switches..

or iphone chargers: 

you can make a fun cover for your keyboard:

and decorate candles to personalize them for a gift or to use as party favors for a bridal/baby shower: 

there’s tons of other uses for these fun, printed rolls of tape so i’ll add more as I find some!