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DIY : A Garden in a lightbulb

Those are actually very easy to do. This DIY is not mine, but I’ll explain.

First, you will need to empty an old lightbulb.

→ Link to the video I’ve learnt from 

Then you will have to find the following :

  • Tiny rocks / gravel
  • Some sand
  • Some soil
  • Some moss (there are various types, you can have fun with that)
  • Different types of ivy / crawling plants / no flowers I think because those do not last long.
  • Pieces of tree bark / other types of decoration

The goal is to create a garden that can virtually last forever, like a small, self-sufficient ecosystem.

First, we need to ensure drainage. Add tiny rocks, then some sand.

Then add soil and moss. It makes for a nurturing environment.

→ Then, with tweezers, try adding those long-lasting plants. Not too much though. Those plants, along with moss, will create oxygen when exposed to light and carbon hydroxyde when in darkness. Thanks to this cycle, your garden will be nearly autonomous.

Spray some water and plug your lightbulb with cork. If water condensation on the sides gets too important, unplug the lightbulb for a while.

Your garden is now ready. Place it next to a window so that it gets enough lighting. You can hang it with transparent thread like I did or with thicker, rougher rope.

As you can see, it works with glass bottles as well !

Thank you for reading, please reblog with your results !


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Made from old photography lightbulbs that were forgotten and lost in an attic. The best materials to make new and interesting things from are the things that are neglected and unused.