decorative bedspreads

My dorm room at college at the beginning of last semester! It looks pretty similar right now (not as neat but still organized). Welcome to my lil home away from home :)

I really like the idea that the people in the car all represented aspects of Dean.  (And that three of the four were killed off.)  I’ve been kicking this around, because they were all tied to him in some way.  In addition to the personality stuff, Billy was dressed in kind of an inverted version of de-aged Dean’s clothes: white and red/orange ski vest over a blue hoodie and light grey henley versus blue coat over an orange hoodie and dark grey striped shirt.  (This may be a coincidence, but it caught my eye and I can’t stop thinking about it, so I’m posting it.)  Plus, Billy wanted to go to Taco Town—that sounds like a double entendre now;  I blame you, sandraugiga :)—and later we see Dean eating Mexican food in the cafeteria.

Kyle had a guitar in his room and what I think is the same bedspread as the room where Dean attempted to hook up with Shaylene.  (Plus all the other stuff mentioned here.)  I wonder if the Bedspread of Disrupted Hookups has ever appeared in any other eps.

Julie said she looked like a hag (OMG, 25!  Because that’s ancient.) after taking the selfie with Delilah in the car; Dean’s been referred to as too old several times this season, including at least once this episode, by Janet.

And of course there was Delilah, who wanted to be forgiven, but didn’t actually do anything about it until the end of the episode, after the vengeful spirit almost killed her.  She just covertly left flowers at the accident site.