This stunning example of local colonial American furniture was most likely a gift from a Quaker family to their daughter on the occasion of her marriage. It’s known by the decoration at the bottom center of the piece that shows a fox reaching for a bunch of grapes, a scene from Aesop’s Fables that was particularly popular in the community.

“The Fox and the Grapes” High Chest of Drawers, 1765–75, made in the United States 

25/07/15 || This is the best way to keep memories. I’ve been doing those babies for over two years, and I keep them over my bed, so when I wake up I stare at them (they move a little bit because of the air that flows through the window) and think of all the good things I’ve lived in my life.
It was not my own idea. I was reading “The Wolves of Mercy Falls” and the main character, Sam, used to do this, so I copied him and, honestly, is amazing. It’s a great dorm/room decoration. It’s so fresh and cute!
I usually use receipts, movie tickets, …and I cut them in a square shape. Then I make these and hang them with tape. It’s so easy and pretty!