You can now decorate your Christmas tree with felt vagina baubles

Nothing says Christmas joy quite like vaginas. Vaginas are brilliant. Just like Christmas, they bring delight, festive feelings, and the scent of roasted chestnuts.**Not really.We can’t think of anything more fittingly Christmas-y to deck your halls with than vagina and vulva themed decorations.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/10/21/you-can-now-decorate-your-christmas-tree-with-felt-vagina-baubles-6206855/#ixzz4NvVK8muq

“a rainbow array of happily jingling vulva.” 

Adorable crafts by Feltmelons, Canadian artist Suzanne McAleenan.


Ombre Punkins

That’s right, PUNKINS. That’s what I call pumpkins when I’m excited, and gosh darn it I’m excited! A couple of reasons: 1- IT’S FINALLY PUNKIN SEASON, & 2- these are my first ever mesh edit! I literally downloaded Blender and taught myself how to scale meshes just because I needed tiny pumpkins. I’ve been creating recolors for the Sims games for nearly 10 years and have never felt a need to mesh edit before this. THE POWER OF PUNKINS. Be proud of me though, okay? Yes, thank you.

So these pumpkins come in 3 shapes/sizes: the original large size, a tall and skinny one, and a short little blobby one. I enlarged the tall and small ones once to add more size variety in the preview pic. They all come in 18 swatches, including various ombre combinations from my autumn and Halloween palettes, as well as white, grey, and black swatches.




Shelf, Clock, Coolala!

I didn’t have any ideas for a cute title today, I apologize! But, quite simply, I made some quick recolors of the honeycomb shelving, clock, and Coolala bear from the Kids Room Stuff pack. KIDS ROOM STUFF IS REQUIRED. 

The honeycomb shelving and the clock come in 15 of @peacemaker-ic​‘s wood tones, and the clock also comes in 19 colors of @pixeldots​‘ Palette Compilation. The Coolala bear comes in 3 Totoro recolors, as suggested by @quiddity-jones​! It was SUCH an amazing idea; the mesh translated into a Totoro so well!! I’m really freaking excited about it, haha.

Also included is a half-size Coolala, mesh courtesy of @deeetron!! Now you can have super adorable Totoros on your shelves, tables, floors, everywhere! (The half-size Coolala has all the original swatches + the 3 Totoro recolors).