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I’m always kind of surprised that in all those posts about, like, Target and Walmart being #liminalspaces, I never see anyone mention Ross, because it has that same cast-adrift-in-the-sea-of-time-and-terrible-fluorescent-lighting feel, but also some, like, legitimately weird and unnerving stock?

For instance:

This skull promised to make me King of All England. I mean, it also told me I would go mad and die within five years of taking the throne, but there are pros and cons to every Cursed Image. 

The red one wants you dead. (The blue one is indifferent to your fate.)

They have no eye sockets.

Sex Ed (TG/AP)

Will had been waiting in the classroom for 10 minutes for class to begin. The other students simply killed time through conversation, but Will was actually intrigued by this class and wanted it to start as soon as possible. The principal then walked in and announced to the class that the Sex Ed teacher would be a substitute teacher today as their regular teacher had fallen ill. The principal placed a textbook on the desk before leaving, telling the students it would only be another few minutes before the substitute teacher showed up. More time passed and Will continued to grow impatient. Eventually, he got up and walked towards the desk. The other students paid little attention to him, but as he opened the book and began to flip through it he felt a wave of lightheadedness overtake him. He leaned against the desk as he continued to flip through the book, looking at images of sexual acts and absorbing new information about the act of mating. He suddenly stopped on a page about female anatomy as he felt a tingle begin to spread across his body. With a lurch, he grabbed the desk and braced himself against it as he began to grow.

              He looked at his arms as they grew longer, cracking at the joints. His fingers elongated as his nails lengthened and became polished. His spine began to feel like a snake beneath his skin, slithering and shifting as it expanded upwards. His legs also lengthened with a crack, and soon he was standing at least a few inches taller than he was before. He watched himself grow slightly taller still as his sneakers morphed into a feminine pair of red heels. He felt his feet shift and grow to fill his new shoes, but as he looked down at his changing body he noticed that the rest of his clothes were beginning to morph. His jeans tightened as they began to transform into a pair of fishnet leggings. The skin beneath his new leggings became smooth and hairless as a tight, black skirt materialized around his waist. As the new garment completed itself, he felt a pressure beginning to build in his hips. With another loud crack, his hips jutted outwards, leaving him with a figure ready for childbearing.

              As he looked at his new hips, he began to notice how feminine his body was becoming. He looked back at the textbook laying open on the desk and began to piece together what was happening. He was becoming a woman, but he had no idea why. With another look at the textbook, he realized what was coming next. He felt his underwear transform into a tight fitting thong that pushed his member against his thighs. It was extremely uncomfortable for a moment, but a sudden pulse of pleasure came from his groin as it began to invert itself. He couldn’t help but moan as his member was swallowed up by the flesh between his legs. He looked at the diagram of the female reproductive system in the textbook as he felt his internal organs beginning to shift. An alien cavern opened up between his legs as a fertile womb materialized in his abdomen. He wanted to reach between his legs and touch his new sex, but he was afraid of losing his balance if he let go of the desk. His new clit began to tingle more as his thong rubbed against his moistening pussy lips. As new ovaries began to pump hormones through his system, he shot through puberty and began to have thoughts of fucking cute guys at the club. He tried to fight his new desires, but it wasn’t long before another wave of pleasure coursed through his body that came from his chest. His shirt began to change into a revealing red top as two breasts became visible beneath his changing clothes. He moaned in a deeper feminine voice as a new bra tickled his enlarging nipples. He looked down at his new top as it tightened around his growing breasts, pushing them together and revealing some alluring cleavage. By the time his breasts stopped growing, the only thing he could think of was a man groping his boobs and teasing his neck with kisses.

              He began to sweat profusely as thoughts of sex made him more excited. He wanted to fight his new thoughts, but the idea of a man overpowering him was becoming more and more alluring. He looked down at his new body again and began to appreciate how good he looked, but he also noticed strands of black hair beginning to enter his field of view. His scalp tingled as his hair grew past his shoulders. A wave of changes then overtook his face as it rapidly matured, leaving him with a face that would make any guy lust after him. His ears tickled as two earrings pierced his cartilage and weighed his earlobes down. Finally, a decorative necklace materialized and sat perfectly between his new boobs. With the physical changes finally slowing down, he let go of the desk and regained his balance. Walking in heels felt natural to him, and he noticed how much his hips swayed with each step now. He looked at the class, but it seemed that they were completely oblivious to his transformation. He curiously touched the necklace on his chest, but as his fingers made contact, a spark jumped between the necklace and his fingers and send a surge of new memories into his mind. He suddenly remembered getting his degree at university and meeting his boyfriend in college. He remembered taking education classes and applying for a job as a substitute teacher. He remembered learning about the sexual anatomy of men and women, and he had suddenly memorized everything in that textbook. The most powerful memories, however, were the new memories of her sexual adventures with all the cute boys that chased her through school.  

              With a sexy smirk, the new teacher turned around and began to draw on the chalkboard. As she finished writing her notes for the class, she turned around and called the class to attention. She felt a rush as the boys in the class began to ogle her body, and even though she had a boyfriend already, she was exhilarated by people lusting after her. She sat on the desk and opened her legs slightly, teasing the boys in the class with a brief view of her crotch before crossing her legs and pushing her cleavage forward. She knew the boys were drooling over her, but she had a job to do.

              “Alright class, pay attention. It’s time to open your books to chapter 1…” 

Funfetti Cake

A/N: Using this prompt from @fanficspromptsandfun: Person 1 stress bakes all the time, and Person 2 and Person 3 wake up to find them baking a cake. Instead of getting mad they all just eat cake at three am. 
Alex Summers x Reader x Warren Worthington III
LENGTH: 350 Words

You sighed, finally giving up on the prospect of sleep. Frowning, you turned to see that both Alex and Warren were still asleep. 

With a huff, you silently swung your legs over the side of the bed and padded down to the kitchen. When you got to the kitchen you breathed deeply, thankful that you hadn’t woken up the boys. 

Throwing your hair up into a bun, you climbed a chair and opened a cabinet. Smiling, you looked through the boxes of cake and cookie mixes until you found what you were looking for. Funfetti cake mix.

Hopping down from the chair you placed the box on the counter. Humming to yourself you pulled out a bowl, eggs, butter and water. Once everything was mixed you popped the cake pan into the oven and smiled at your work. You turned around to clean up the mess,

“JEsus Alex!” you yelped, surprised by your boyfriend standing in the kitchen. He laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

You shook your head, sitting on the chair you pulled out to stand on.

“Oh baby.” said Alex, putting his arms around you and holding you close. “I gotta say the one good thing about this is that we now have cake.”

You and Alex chatted and cuddled until the cake was out of the oven.

“Will you get the frosting cans for me?” you asked, turning over your shoulder.

Alex nodded, bringing you armfuls of decorating materials. 

The cake was finished and you sat back in awe of your project. Sure it was kinda… drippy, but it was three in the morning. 

“Where’d you guys go?” came a soft voice from behind you and Alex. 

Turning you noticed Warren, eyes half closed, bedhead, and halfway through a yawn, 

“I couldn’t sleep.” you said, shrugging.

“I realized that she wasn’t in bed so I went looking.” said Alex. “Why’re you up?”

“I got cold.” said Warren, pouting slightly. 

“Well here.” you said, taking out three forks. “Help us with this cake?”

Warren smiled and padded over to the two of you.

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Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine looking after Ghost whilst he’s missing and when Jon discovers it was you who took care of him, the two of you bond. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

could you do a Jon Snow imagine where the reader is introduced to Jon after Ghost’s disappearance (you know how Ghost was missing until the 5th episode of season 4)? so maybe she had been taking care of Ghost that whole while and he became attached to her, which is why Jon and the reader form a bond :p TY! idk if that made sense, I hope it did lol

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Common Magickal Tools & Their Uses

Athame - Fire - Traditionally, a black-handled blade (much like a dagger) used to invoke entities, cast circles, and channel energy. Modern uses include trimming herbs, cutting cords for knot magick, and carving symbols into candles.

Bell - Air - Traditionally silver in color; used for cleansing, banishing negative energy from a space, or designating the beginning and end of a spell.

Broom - Air - Crafted from wood and twigs or feathers; used for both physical and magickal cleansing.

Cauldron - Water - Traditionally cast-iron; commonly used for brewing potions, burning herbs/incense/oils, or even holding candles.

Candle - Fire - Traditionally placed on an altar to represent deities but can be used to represent intent or to channel a specific energy based on color or scent. 

Censer - Air - Used to hold and dispense burning incense.

Chalice - Water - Traditionally used to hold wine but can be used to hold any liquid to be consumed during a ritual or spell.

Pentacle - Earth - Commonly seen as the center-piece on some altars; said to give the space increased magickal energy.

Staff - Air - Can be crafted from wood, ivory, and various metals, and adorned with an orb or crystal at the top to accent its inherent power; used to direct/channel energy; a larger version of the wand.

Sword - Fire - The larger version of an athame; used to direct/channel energy on a greater scale.

Wand - Air - Can be crafted from any material and decorated with various crystals and metals to accent its power; used to direct/channel energy.

compiled from my personal grimoire - not for redistribution 

Damsel In Distress Pt.1 [Bodyguard!Jungkook]

Summary: It was Jungkook’s job to protect you. To keep you safe and away from the danger in the world. But you wished he was there to rescue the damsel in distress by love, not by obligations. 

Genre: Angst and fluff // three cups of cliche, beware

Words: 1.7 k

Parts: pt.1 ; pt.2 ; pt.3 ; pt.4 (coming soon…?) 

As the heir for the biggest enterprise in Korea with a mouth-watering amount of money that would come to your inheritance came some dangers. And so your father grew to worry about your safety and insisted on protection. And his solution had been bodyguards. Bodyguards that were contractually required to stay by your side every waking hour of the day.

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hello guys!!! this is part 3 of my english language masterposts all about narrative + descriptive essays to help you out, enjoy :]

  • consists of a series of events, either imaginary or based on your own experience, in a vivid descriptive style
  • may be written in the first person [I/we] or in the third person [he/she, etc] + often includes the thoughts, reactions etc of the main character[s], describing the action as if seen through their eyes.

a good narrative should consist of:

  • an introduction which sets the scene to create an interesting mood/atmosphere to make the reader want to continue reading, and/or begins dramatically to capture the reader’s attention [mystery/suspense]
  • a main body which develops the series of events clearly, gives vivid descriptions of the people/places involved etc..
  • a conclusion which completes the story perhaps in an unexpected way. may describe people’s feelings/reactions, the consequences of what happened etc…

points to consider:

  • before starting to write, consider a suitable story outline, then a detailed plot [use what, who, when, why, + how]
  • writing techniques include the use of vivid description of people, places, objects etc
  • narratives usually occur in the past therefore you should use a variety of past tenses [eg: past continuous sets the scene, past simple is used for main events, past perfect is used to describe an event before the main event[s]
  • consider the sequence of events + use time words such as: before, after, then, in the beginning, later, in the end, until, while etc…

1. describing people

should consist of:

  • an introduction giving brief information about who the person is, where/how you met them, how you heard about them etc…
  • a main body which may include descriptions of physical appearance, personality/behaviour, manner/mannerisms, and/or details of the person’s life/lifestyle [hobbies, interests, everyday activities etc…]
  • a conclusion in which you comment on why the person is of interest, express your feelings/opinions concerning the person, etc…
  • you may also be asked to explain why this person is successful/admirable/unusual
  • start each paragraph with a topic sentence which summarises the paragraph

points to consider:

  • to describe physical appearance, give details of a person’s height/build, age, facial features, hair, clothing etc…moving from general to specific
  • to describe personality + behaviour, support your description with examples of manner and mannerisms
  • to describe life, lifestyle + beliefs, you should talk about the person’s habits, interests, profession, daily routine, opinions, etc…
  • if the title of the essay asks you to describe a person related to the present [eg: a person who is unusual] describe the person in present tenses + vice versa with titles that mention the past
  • the use of descriptive vocabulary and a variety of linking words + structures make your writing more interesting so use them!!
  • make sure you interpret the task well, do not describe every aspect of a person + make sure to not ignore the key words

2. describing places/buildings

should consist of:

  • an introduction giving brief information about the name + location of the place/building stating the reason why you chose to write about it
  • a main body giving both general and specific details about the place [moving from general features to specific ones]. refer to landscape, buildings, landmarks etc.. to give the overall impression of the place then give a detailed description of surroundings
  • a conclusion in which your express your feelings/opinions concerning the subject + give a recommendation
  • you may also be asked to explain why a particular place is important for you

points to consider:

  • descriptions of places/buildings may include factual information such as age, size, colour, materials etc…, details relating to the senses to suggest mood/atmosphere + opinions/impressions of the place
  • each aspect should be presented in a separate paragraph with a clear topic sentence
  • present tenses are normally used when writing for a tourist brochure/magazine article. past tenses are used when describing a visit to a place/building. first + second conditionals [will/would] can be used when you describe your ideal city/house etc… + use the present when giving factual information about a place

3. describing objects

  • give accurate information concerning the size + weight, shape, pattern + decoration, colour, origin and material. you can give necessary information in separate sentences

4. describing festivals/events/ceremonies

should consist of:

  • an introduction in which you mention the name/type, time/date, place + reason for celebration
  • a main body where you describe preparations for the event + the event itself
  • a conclusion where you describe people’s feelings or comments on the event

points to consider:

  • when you describe annual events, present tense is used + style is formal
  • however, when giving an account of an event you witnessed or took part in, past tenses are used + style can be less formal. the passive is frequently used to describe preparations/activities which take place
  • use descriptive vocabulary to set the scene + describe the atmosphere

+ my masterposts:

hope this helps some more of you with your essays, my dears <3 let me know if i can help with anything else 

-helena xx

The Official List of Activities for the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll

This year’s Easter Egg Roll will take place at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago! Non-members are not actually allowed on the lawn or anywhere near the main property, so participating families should please meet in the back of the estate near the employee service entrance. It’s going to be a terrific day!

The Hunt

This year, instead of Easter eggs, kids will hunt for President Trump’s used golf balls! Any child who finds a golden golf ball can choose between a full scholarship to Trump University or an open cabinet position.

140-Character Zone

At 8AM, children will have free reign of the president’s Twitter account! Like any other day, there are no rules. Anything goes. At 8:30AM, Kellyanne will slap the phone out of your hand.

Spicer Storytime

Sean Spicer will tell a fantastic story about the administration having everything under control. Questions may only be asked by children with conservative parents. Please do not correct Spicer’s mispronunciations or overreact to Holocaust references.

Rock ’n’ Egg Roll Stage

Enjoy a special performance by the band from the 1–877-Kars-4-Kids commercial. Plus, rock out all day to unbiased coverage from Fox News!

Republican Obstacle Course

Make your way through a variety of fun drills! Climb over qualified democrats, dodge tough questions, jump through hoops for sexual predators, roll over on healthcare reform and more! For liability reasons, children on Obamacare cannot participate.

Marshmallow Wall

The fun is never-ending! Kids and adults can tap into their creative side and build their own mini version of the border wall — using only Peeps! If you are Mexican, this activity will cost $10.

Egg Roll Troll Patrol

Join the First Lady in anti-bullying efforts! Help Melania locate and remove anyone being a shitty little asshole. (Presidents excluded.)

MAGicAl Hat Decorating Station

Boys and girls will have a blast decorating these fun, festive, red trucker hats! Please note: No decorating materials will be provided and hats should remain in their original condition.

Spring Fashion Fun

In an effort to bring jobs back to America, Egg Roll participants can help manufacture and sew pieces from Ivanka’s new Spring collection! Only children with small and nimble fingers will be considered for this event.

Chocolate Bunny Eating Contest

With Michelle Obama gone, kids are free to stuff their fat faces with all kinds of delicious treats! (This year, we only have white chocolate.)

Face “Painting” Booth

This is actually just a chance to give Steve Bannon a facial. Please, scrub off as many layers as you can. Everyone’s a winner.

Drain the Swamp Challenge

Due to staffing cuts around the property, this is a unique opportunity for Egg Roll attendees to grab a skimmer and help clean out the Mar-a-Lago main pool! Thank you in advance.

Hide-and-Go-Seek Game

The president has hidden his tax returns! The first kid to find them will be DESTROYED. No exceptions.

Meet the Easter Bunny

Fake news. The Easter bunny will not be in attendance this year. (He voted for Hillary.)