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- You find Bucky baking -

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You turned you key in the lock and instantly was met with the smell of something sweet. Following your nose you walked into the kitchen to find Bucky baking. He was wearing the Christmas sweater you had bought him bringing freshly made cookies out of the oven.

“Hey, baby” he said with a quick look over his shoulder.

“Hey you, what you got there?” you asked walking over to the tray of cookies.

“They’re for later” he teased, gently smacking your hand away when you tried to sneak one.

“But, you can help me decorate if you like?” he laughed, gesturing to the counter of decorative tools, icings and sprinkles.

You nodded, a grin spreading on your face. You couldn’t believe how far he’d come and your heart swelled with love.

Harry Charity

This is really embarassing but as I have some new furniture I had to tidy up and now I can’t find some of my sketchbooks. Sooo. Because I can’t find the sketchbook with the winnig drawing I made something new. It isn’t drawing but a practical thing. I bought these two cooking tools and decorated them with woodburning :) (Larry inspired). I really hope anyone won’t be disappointed.


Decorations Of Distaff

One of the best examples of the Slavic folk art is decoration of distaff, a tool used in spinning. Most common motifs are tree of life and various solar symbols. There are few examples witch hold whole calendar, symbolically engraved. This toll was related to goddess Mokoš, as she spins the tread of life on it. 

These examples are from Russia and Serbia.


A tribute to all of you magicians and witches.

The Book of Magic

The decoration is simplistic. The tools were heated and held over a candle to coat them in carbon in order to achieve this contrast of the tooling. Two sets of borders guard the central solar element. The sun is above the purpose of the book, engraved on the leather “Book of MAGIC”. The decoration isn’t meant to draw too much attention to itself but be assertive of the purpose of the book at the same time. Attention is drawn fiercely however when the grimoire is opened, revealing the crimson endpapers guarded by a golden border. A whole new world lays inside, waiting to be filled by your hand. 

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