decorating tip


Hey everyone! So cute little witch tip for you today! If you have those really cool glass candle jar lids from Yankee Candle, pop the plastic ring off, do some macrame (Pinterest is a huge help here" and make a little wall hanger for your crystals!!!
I totally got this idea from seeing plant wall hangers, and I’m sure you could use that for those of you who grow your herbs, but for me, I chose to use my crystals lol! But if you do this, please make sure your macrame is better than mine, because I’d never done it before this and it kind of sucks lmao 😂

Happy Witching!!!

An organized desk can definitely freshen your workplace and give you a new perspective on things. Being an artist, maintaining a clean and tidy space is a challenge. However, it is important to remember to clean up your table to keep the creative juices flowing. It may not help much at first, but trust me, it’s better to look at a tidy space than a messy one. Plus, you have another thing to be proud of: YOU CLEANED IT!