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Industrial yet glamorous, old but new. Stainless steel mosaic tile is the perfect backsplash-turned-accent-wall in this glamorous kitchen. Pendant lighting suspended by black pipe mimics cage lights of the industrial-era to add vintage charm.

Decorating Tip

While waiting for folks to have a chance to submit their rooms and homes, I thought I’d share share a trick that some might not be aware of. This guide will allow you to place a <tabletop> item on surfaces that are not considered <tables>. (Alternately, if you’re into making things float, you can do that too.)

To do this trick you will need the <tabletop> item you wish to place. Plus something that is considered a <table>. (Which does include the riviera shelf. So you might need a spare wall partition as well.)

The rest behind the cut for length and being image heavy.

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freespiritwings-deactivated2016  asked:

I have an all white bedroom. Now I want to cover my ceiling with some white fabric and place some plants in to my room to afford a bohemian look Do you have any ideas? :)

Hi :) 

There are so many ways to hang up the fabric, you just need some hooks and white string once you’ve decided on the design you’re going for. Check this link for some tips. Here are some pictures for inspiration:

As for the plants, try IKEA they have great cheap ones. Maybe try something like below? (Just make sure to look after them well so bugs don’t come!)

Hope that helped! xo