decorating the tree is kind of unofficial start of christmas in my family

YJ Christmas Headcanons

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(It’s still December 25th I’m not too late shhh) So on Instagram @gazelikestars and I were headcanoning and I’m really too lazy to reformat it rn so here’s the chat 

  • M'gann is so totally the one who gives crafts and homemade things for christmas or other holidays with little notes that say ‘made with love xoxo’ or a sweet little compliment. 
  • The Team all adores it So the team doesn’t all have really great families, right? So imagine their first Christmas together as their own family. Like M'gann being super excited and going way over the top, Wally eating all the popcorn from the strings, Supey just being really confused (and also upset once finding out the Kent’s are having a huge Christmas Clark didn’t invite him to) Listen I just have a lot of feelings about found families celebrating holidays 
  •  yesyesyES it’s a confusing time because half of them don’t know what Christmas is or have never celebrated it before, “you put FOOD on a TREE?” “You tape colorful paper onto a box???” “Why are you hanging socks up??”. Miss Martian dutifully hanging mistletoe everywhere because she saw it in some sitcom or other back on mars and didn’t exactly understand what it meant. 
  • Robin brings some of Alfred’s cookies with little bats made of icing on them and they all just can’t get enough. The whole Team participates in the making of Christmas dinner but most are eventually sent away for sneaking 'tastes’ *cough* kid flash *cough*. Robin decides to superglue a picture of himself onto the star on top of the tree. Speaking of the tree it’s hUGE, Miss M, Superboy and Kaldur went out and knocked down the biggest one they could find much to the alarm and amusement of their teammates “Y-you just can’t do that!” “Huh? Why not? You said we needed a tree." 
  • Oh my god yes. Robin would totally do shit like that too. They open a box of ornaments and they’re all Batman and Robin themed. Everyone just shrugs and moves onto the next box but those are Batman and Robin to. It’s all Batman and Robin. The team then all takes a trip to the local supermarket to buy more ornament and get into a bunch of shenanigans there. Arty sits in the cart and makes people push her. When Paula finds out that the team is having a Christmas dinner she makes a bûche de Noël and Arty is like super embarrassed her mom made her bring food 
  • ahhh yeSSS!! Someone developped an obsession with hot chocolate and marshmallows, it got so bad that when M'gann went to open the cupboards it all fell out and buried her. She strongly suspects Wally and Rob so she chases them around with a spoon (joke’s on her it was Kaldur). 
  • One of my favourite YJ fics actually has Kal trying hot chocolate for the first time 10/10 would recommend. Wally and Robin probably get Conner like 15 pairs of ugly Christmas socks because that’s the kind of meme loving fricks they are 
  • Yesss Rob probably tries to find the ugliest Christmas sweater he can. It’s got a 3D face of rudolph at the front with a nose that lights up and sings when you press it and a tail attatched at the back, Wally is in awe of his bravery. Superboy is surprisingly the most thoughtful with his gifts to the others, he gets hugs from them all which turns into a giant dogpile. 
  • After they fall into the dogpile no one probably moves and they just marathon bad Christmas movies. Everyone falls asleep like that. Red Tornado finds them first. "Human customs still elude me" 
  • M'gann never really celebrated Christmas on Mars, but the Martian festival of life takes place around the same time, so she adds some traditional Martian foods to the menu on Christmas Eve. This inspires Kal to add some decorations of his own, because it may be colder in Atlantis this time of year but that doesn’t mean it has to be any duller, so everyone always has extravagant lights everywhere. The Christmas tree in the cave super pretty and inspires Arty to try photography (she isn’t very good). Dick never had proper Christmas since he was always travelling, but the sense of family that year makes it feel more like the circus than the unofficial mission they took earlier that year did. More and more members of the team start adding their own holiday traditions and as the years go on they end up with a hybrid celebration better than any of them could have thought of when they stared the team 
  • Christmas dinners eventually got really fancy bc Supey was trolling buzzfeed and found out a bunch of different ways to fold napkins really nice like. Wally decided to try and one-up him, and they’ve had a competition going for four years now, napkins getting crazier every time
  • But the best thing to come out of all the years of celebration is the time they managed to get a photo of Roy in a Santa hat leaning against a doorframe under mistletoe w/o anyone else around, smiling as everyone else sat around the table. It gets passed around every December, which automatically make it Roy’s least favourite month of the year (at least, that’s what he says) 

mysugarcandies  asked:

AU in which Nathaniel and Castiel were bitter rivals in high school, and his youngest sister, Candy, is in a boarding school; she comes down to SA for Christmas with her boyfriend she's been talking about and it ends up being Castiel, an older (by like two years) musician who she met at a party or something? (I put too much thought into this. sorry)

You wonderful human, you. Gah this is an amazing idea and maybe it’s because I’m sleep deprived, but I am so psyched to write this that I scared my cat from jumping with excitement. Enjoy!

Nathaniel paced a bit up and down the living room by the front door as he waited anxiously. The Christmas decorations lit up the room in variations of green and red and despite it being a small house, the whole place was heavily themed for the holiday- all the way from the small Christmas tree with presents to the little stuffed elf that was sitting on the shelf staring at the occupants with a creepy, unfaltering eye. The only thing missing was family and knowing his parents and his older sister, he knew to only expect one (or rather two) visitors.

He felt the pressure on his chest from the sheer worry and he just couldn’t seem to stay still. He fidgeted with his neck tie, having gone all out to get dressed up for his little sister’s visit. Having not seen her since she had started college, he was more than excited to see her again. He couldn’t wait to see how she grown and hear about all she had learned and most of all, he couldn’t wait to see the boyfriend he had heard so much about.

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