Jack is so afraid of spiders I’m certain of this. When he’s down in Madison, Coach asks him to grab decorations from the shed, but he cannot because there’s a big hairy fucker perched on the box and there’s no way Jack’s going anywhere near that thing. So he finds Bitty in the kitchen who’s elbow deep in dough and casually asks if he can help him find a box in the shed, and refuses Bitty’s suggestion of getting Coach to help him (Jack’s desperately seeking Coach’s approval and refuses to show weakness around him) so eventually Bitty caves and Jack has to admit he knows where the box is, and it’s right in HellMonster Territory.
Bitty is trying very hard not laugh and doing a poor job of it. He stands on his tiptoes and casually brushes the spider away like it’s nothing and hauls the box down for Jack to bring Coach like the hero he is. Bitty’s halfway through asking for a thank you kiss before realizing Jack is already tearing out the door.
Jack spends the rest of the trip coming up with excuses to not go in the shed ever again.