decorated pumpkin for halloween

pokemaniacgemini  asked:

More headcanons! Dark makes a low pitched rumbling sound in his chest (like half growl half purr) when he's being affectionate Anti is the only person who had ever heard that sound Anti likes to poke people. No reason other than its fun. They both occasionally like to go out together looking like Mark and Jack, just to make the septiplier fangirls flip out. Dark hates Halloween because of trick-or-treaters, but Anti loves it so Dark puts up with it

omg like dark usually ends up making that sound whenever anti’s stroking his hair or scratching at his scruff omg

i also feel like anti goes all out for halloween. with the decorations, lights, pumpkins and carvings, candy, everything. meanwhile dark just sits back and lets him have it because i mean halloween is anti’s holiday after all. he usually watches with an amused smile as anti scares the kids off wielding his knife and the blood on his neck lmao 💛