→ a mix for uchiha sasuke & haruno sakura


part i ; s a k u r a

01 | i waited for you, billie black
      don’t try to leave me here
      bloodlines don’t just disappear

02 | bedroom wall, banks
      i know you’re broken, darling

03 | i follow rivers, lykke li
      be the ocean, where i unravel
      be my only, be the water where i’m wading

04 | never gonna change, broods
      you’re pushing down on my shoulders
      and emptying my lungs
      in a moment, i’m older
      in a moment, you’ve won

05 | i never learn, lykke li
      there’s a storm, only love remains
      i’ve been stung by a star seed, honey
      he shone love like lightning, honey

06 | decorate, yuna
      i imagine what it’s like
      what if you might leave everything and come home?

07 | beside you, phildel
      in my simplified world,
      we’re a boy and a girl
      in my house on a hill,
      there is room for you still

part ii ; s a s u k e

08 | a case of you, james blake
      i remember that time you told me
      love was touching souls

09 | bloodstream, stateless
      i think i might have inhaled you
      i can feel you behind my eyes

10 | the blower’s daughter, damien rice
      i can’t take my eyes off of you,
      i can’t take my eyes off of you

11 | thinkin bout you, bastille
      yes, of course—
      i remember
      how could i forget?

12 | this tornado loves you, neko case
      i’m an owl on the sill in the evening
      but morning finds you still warm and breathing
      this tornado loves you
      what will make you believe me?

13 | magnetic north, aqualung
      you’re my compass, my magnetic north
      you keep this old ship on course

14 | our love comes back, james blake
      you know how we’ve grown

5:30am thundershower[listen] - grab your blanket, a hot chocolate, and your favorite sweatpants and mellow out

q - bang yongguk // 나보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을뿐 - n // i won’t let you go (darling) - hedley // 잊어야 한다는 마음으로 - 10cm // i can’t - 2pm // georgia on my mind - khalil fong // decorate - yuna // paper hearts - tori kelly // girlfriend - wonder girls // wonderful tonight - khalil fong // like a star (ft. jeongguk) - rap monster // clear day cloudy day - lunafly // autumn tree - milo greene // macaroni - perfume // let’s break up - seo in young // 커피를 마시고 (arpeggio version) - urban zakapa // something - rap monster // save room - john legend