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Tell Me You’re Mine

Summary: In the downtown suburbs of Seoul is a famous club where men go at night to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Its name is Heaven on Earth, and as Youngbae soon finds out, it is indeed where Angels are found.
But not all Angels are free for the choosing…

Type: Dark, Heavy on the smut, fluff and Angst. (But extra on the smut)

Trailer: Tell Me You’re Mine


Part 3

‘How much do you want, Angel?’ he asks as you slide your dress back on to go home, the sound of him flipping through notes behind you making you feel good- the icky feeling you used to get being long gone- and you turn back to face him with a smile, crawling across the bed to perch beside him where he was still lounged half under the covers.

'The usual is fine.’ you say, rubbing your thumb over his cheek where a small smudge of your lipstick had appeared, smiling gently at him when his eyes flicker to yours and anticipating what he wanted before he even made a move as you proceed to press your lips to his, humming quietly when his hand comes up to cradle your head.

'I went a little harsh on you so i’ll give you double.’ he murmurs when you pull away, handing the bills to you between two fingers and chuckling quietly at the delighted look on your face.

'Jiho should be downstairs waiting for you in the usual spot.’

It used to be bizarre to you how he would jump between dominant, to caring, to cold, but now it was more of an endearing quality to him- or at least as endearing as a man with everything in the world could be.

'Will I see you again next week?’ you ask as you slip back to the edge of the bed and begin to put your stilettoes back on, not hearing him come up behind you until his lips are pressing into your shoulder and his nose is skimming your neck.

'Of course…Did you forget what’s happening, Angel?’ he asks, a hint of offence in his voice and you quickly search your brain for any information about the date for that weekend, beginning to panic when you couldn’t remember, and hearing a small, dark chuckle in your ear when he realises you didn’t know.

'Its Seungri’s birthday, Angel…. I told him I’d rent out the club for him…’

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Christmas Time | Wu Yifan <3

-You can expect many dates on which you two will simply go out and admire the Christmas lights in your beautifully decorated city. Not much talking, just staying close and whilst enjoying each other’s company

-I’d imagine this tall bean would struggle a little with guessing what you’d like for Christmas so I’d suggest dropping large hints you know

-Not wanting to admit to it out loud, but he’d absolutely love the way your eyes would light up at the sight of a present you really liked because he knew he was doing it right

-Some nights would most definitely include you two sitting down with all the classic Christmas flicks and watching them one after another (Neither of you wanted to surrender and say you’re sleepy)

-Yifan would also initiate more skinship around this time of year because A. Warmth is key in the biting cold & B. You just put him in a softer and cuddlier mood whenever you’re excited about Christmas.

-You two will have the most perfect peaceful Christmas <3

 Hope you guys liked this :)

~Shazz xx