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Christmas Time | Wu Yifan <3

-You can expect many dates on which you two will simply go out and admire the Christmas lights in your beautifully decorated city. Not much talking, just staying close and whilst enjoying each other’s company

-I’d imagine this tall bean would struggle a little with guessing what you’d like for Christmas so I’d suggest dropping large hints you know

-Not wanting to admit to it out loud, but he’d absolutely love the way your eyes would light up at the sight of a present you really liked because he knew he was doing it right

-Some nights would most definitely include you two sitting down with all the classic Christmas flicks and watching them one after another (Neither of you wanted to surrender and say you’re sleepy)

-Yifan would also initiate more skinship around this time of year because A. Warmth is key in the biting cold & B. You just put him in a softer and cuddlier mood whenever you’re excited about Christmas.

-You two will have the most perfect peaceful Christmas <3

 Hope you guys liked this :)

~Shazz xx