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sliders y’all


Hey everyone! I have 5 Toyhouse codes left, and I’m giving them out for either art or a flat fee of $3. Here’s proof that I have them:

Any art style is perfectly fine by me. Whether you’re a pixel artist, a painter, someone who does caricatures, etc., I’m really not picky. I appreciate all art.

As for the $3 option, I’ll be accepting the payment through Ko-Fi and/or PayPal.

Contact me if you’re interested in a trade or just… interested in buying. I’ll respond as quickly as I can! :O I just wanna give these to people who want ‘em, so hmu.

[edit] ok my friend just asked me if i have a virus and if my blog was hijacked. 8l i don’t and it wasn’t. this post sounded kind of robotic buT I PROMISE IM HUMAN