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counterpunches  asked:

I would like to hear the story of how you slept under the christmas tree

so i immigrated to the US at age 9, right, and one of the first things my family did was join the local Chinese church. as far as the whole “figuring out how to do things so we no longer have to live in the back shed of Uncle Joe’s* Magic Emporium” thing goes, it’s a pretty sound strategy! now we had people to teach my dad how to drive and give us old furniture and say “hey, Seattle is pretty rainy maybe you should rent an apartment-like space before either a) the shed roof caves in b) your daughter with the famously delicate constitution falls dramatically ill from a strain of black mold or possibly herpes”

*is not my uncle, that’s what his store was called. he sold magic gadgets and my dad knew him because???? possibly in a past life they ran a meth empire in Albuquerque, who knows

ANYWAY. thanks to the church i did not fall dramatically ill from black mold or possibly herpes, but there was an unforeseen factor in joining a Christian church, which was that they? were pretty hardcore? about Jesus?**

**in a nice “we build houses for the homeless” way, not in…the other way

given that we’d just immigrated and that China’s religious policy is worshiping Mao’s preserved corpse ehhhhh…let’s call it “freedom of atheism,” my family was decidedly not hardcore about Jesus. my parents mostly took the bemused “i guess Jesus is okay since he indirectly led to us living in a place suited for human habitation” route, but i



i was the first kid in my class to get her red scarf, okay, and when we sang the national anthem and saluted the flag every morning i fucking meant what i was singing. we almost didn’t come to America; my dad had more lucrative job offers in Germany and Belgium, but i put my foot down because everyone knows Europe is full of gross imperialists Dad, GOSH, and the Americans helped us fight off the Japanese.

so seeing all these fellow Chinese believing in THE CAPITALIST GOD was basically the worst thing to ever happen to my delicate psyche. my parents’ tacit approval was even worse: DID PATRIOTISM AND COMMUNISM MEAN NOTHING TO THEM? DIDN’T THEY KNOW THAT DOING NOTHING AGAINST OPPRESSION MADE THEM OPPRESSORS THEMSELVES??

clearly something needed to be done.

so because the church was pretty hardcore about Jesus, it was understandably also hardcore about Christmas. big party, massive intricately decorated REAL TREE, sleepover for the kids with presents in the morning—you name it. everyone was going to be there.


my plan:

  1. sleep UNDER the giant real Christmas tree: y’know, the one with real pointy needles reaching all the way down to the base? that sheds? with lots of pokey tinsel?
  2. catch Jesus in the act of depositing presents***: look. i’d seen like, ALL of Scooby Doo by this point. i knew Jesus was probably a real person, just not the Son of God.
  3. subdue Jesus so he’s still around when everyone else wakes up: CLEARLY VERY FEASIBLE, given that Jesus was a heavyset white dude who used superhuman agility and strength to deliver presents around the world overnight and possibly had reindeer minions and i weighed 70 pounds at most while sopping wet.
  4. (who is Santa Claus?? who cares)
  5. ????

***even if i didn’t believe in him, why was i slavishly devoted stopping a highly altruistic man who gave? people? presents? did i hate joy????

sure enough, at around 3 in the morning i heard soft boots approaching the tree. i reached out and snatched one of the Ankles of Jesus

—whereupon Youth Pastor Liao screamed “OH MY LORD” and kicked me in the face.

and THAT, dear friends, is how i spent my first Christmas in America with a concussion.

Chris Evans One Shot: Birthdays

A request from an anon who will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow! I had way too much fun writing this :)

Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy!


‘Chris, I’ve told you before, I don’t do birthdays. At least, not my own. It’s just not a big deal, it never was when I was growing up and I swear to god, it doesn’t bother me. You can’t miss what you never had, right?’

Chris couldn’t even comprehend what he was hearing, despite hearing it several times before. You were so casual about it, spouting this ridiculousness about your birthday not being important as you were filling the dishwasher. He had to come up with an idea and fast; it was only three days until the big day.

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.6.17

theme thursday: fun felt garlands + more

multicolored pom pom garland by nocturnalblue

for this first theme thursday of a new month, let’s focus on something super fun to decorate your home or office: felted garlands! there are tons of etsy sellers with creative, handmade ball garlands in every color you can imagine, like nocturnalblue from toronto. choose from her ready-made color combos or request your own perfect felted pom piece!

A Christmas Miracle part two

A little festive fun with Negan

Negan x wife number 6 (reader - Y/N)

4100 words

Warnings - Negan language, smutty goodness, sexy aesthetic NSFW

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[11.02.2016] // Our halloween!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Sorry for the belated post, but just now I had a good time to do it! The twins are sleeping now, and the kids went for the park with Jhonny for a playdate with their cousins!
Our halloween was AMAZING! We decided to do a little party for some close friends, and we stayed so happy with their presence and their kids presence too!
We decided for only invite Rain, Mia and Del, because it was going to be just a little party, we wasn’t planning in a very big thing. It was so simple.
We decided to do a cute and simple decoration for the party, my mother came here in day 30 and helped me to do the cookies and the cakes, also, I need to say a huge thank you for she and for Jhonny, because without their cook dotes, I would need to bought everything from the bakery loool
The kids helped us a lot too! They loved to help us with the decoration, and the twins helped sleeping in the most of the time while we was decorating it lol
The party was in the day 31, the kids was excited to meet their friends and I was too! I can’t wait to see my friends and show Jasminne and Chris for them!
Tbh, I was a bit apreensive with the reaction of the twins, but really, they was so calm! They didn’t stayed afraid of cried, they just loved them! But they passed the most of the party in their stroller, because they’re so lazy haha!

The kids had so much fun with their friends! I stayed very happy seeing them playing around! They was absolutely adorable together!

One thing that I loved was our fantasies! Really, I passed lot of time looking around for find the best, and I stayed in love with them! Also, the kids helped us to choose Minne and Chris’ fantasies, and I loved it. Was very good to see that them are very excited with their little sis and their little bro!

I loved to saw Alice and Louise again, but I can’t deal that they’re growing so fast! Today, they’re doing 10 months today! I’m feeling so old guys ;-;
I’m so glad to have these lil cats in my life <3

Also, we went with the kids for trick or treat arround the neighborhood! It was so cute, and they won so much candies! After it, we went to home and they past the rest of the party eating the candies and playing around!

Thank you so much @mimi-bennett @angelas-diary-blog @simmier93 @mamaandfourlittlecubs for join us! It wouldn’t be the same without you!
We loved so much your presences, and I can’t wait for another meet like this!

So guys, that was the post of today, I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a amazing day/night!